Making out with indian classmate

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Hi, this is a story of a classmate of mine, Versha and me. I’m from a private Delhi school. This happened in class 12th summer vacations. Versha (18 years old) was on the shorter side, but what I can say is that she had an ass bigger and most importantly, tighter than any 23-year-old girl. Every guy in the class had fapped at least once to her hot butt.

Versha was a close friend but she already had a boyfriend. But since it was summer break, we were free, and his boyfriend was busy, so we talked day and night and became close. One fine day this just happened ~ Around 10 PM

Versha – Oye kahan hai ? Online aa
Me – Haan bta kya hua
Versha – Aisi bore hori thi. socha tere se hee dimaag maar lu thodi der, rajat to busy hai shayad
Me – Acha ok, main khud bhi bore hee hora hu.
After lots of talk. about ~ 3 AM
Me – vaise ek baat bolu ??
Versha – Bol
Me – Vo red waale suit mei tu ekdm faad lgti hai.

Versha – Acha ?? Bas ‘faad’, ya aur kuch bhi ??
Me – Aur kya sunna chahti h (laughing emojis)
Versha – Kuch bhi. jaisi lgti hu wahi bta (laughing emoji)
Me – Maal.

Versha – Achcha ji. (laughing again) . Aur jeans mei ??
Me – Bdia. lekin haa wo jo light blue waali h. usme to basssss. (laughing emojis)
Versha – (Laughing emojis again) Usme kya lgti hu vo bhi bta do ? (laughing emojis)
Me – Pucho mat bas. (laughung emojis)
Versha – Are bta na please. (laughing emojis)
Me – Hot ekdm. figure alag hee dikhti h. mad fuckable tbh (lot of laughing emojis)

Versha – (lots of same laughing emojis) Abhi to tune mujhe shorts mei nhi dekha tb teri ye haalat h. (wink emojis)
Me – (laughs) Acha ji.
Versha – Haan. btw, ‘mad fuckable’ haan. ye thoda zyada nhi ho gya, you know na I’ve a boyfriend (side eye emoji)
Me – Are take it as a compliment na.
Versha – Chal ok. koi ni. btw what do you like the most about me?
Me – See now you are inviting trouble (laughing emoji)

Versha – (Laughing emojis) Chal ab bta bhi de, itna sab bol dia h tune , ‘mad fuckable and all’ (emoji)
Me (hard af after hearing this) – Waist. patli itni pucho mat. aur gaand to bs. pure school mei kisi ki ni milegi (laughing emoji)
(I was scared that by using “gaand”, she would kill me, but i took a risk)
Versha – (Laughing emojis) Isliye dosti kri h na mere se, for my butt, right?
Me – (Laughing) Kind of. Vaise tujhe pta h, teri gaand to sochkr almost class ka har ldka mutthi maaar chuka hai (laughing emojis)

Versha – (laughing emojis) Mar jao.
Me – Maar do.
Versha – Aa ri hu, taiyar rho.
Me – (Heart emoji) Aa jao
Versha – Koi aakhri ichcha ?

Me – (laughing emoji) haa hai na . (laughing emoji again)
Versha – Kutte (laughing again). Acha btw. Agar aa gyi to kya kr loge ? Maar dungi tumhe.
Me – Aa to ja, fir btata hu kyakya kr dunga.
Versha – Tum kuch ni kr skte.
Me – Challenge deri hai ? Yahan aaja tb dekh lete hain kaun kya kr skta h kaun nhi
Versha – Aa gyi to kya kroge ? Answer me directly.

Me – I can’t. Tera bf hai already.
Versha – Acha agar nhi hota to kya kr lete ?
Me – Agar nhi hota to abtk to tu meri godi mei hoti :/
Versha – Pr hu to nhi na. so sad 🙁 Pehle hee try mar leta to kya pta sach mei hoti .
Me (super hard as a rock after this) – Yar maa chudaye rajat, tu mere se pat ja.

Versha – Nope, Can’t break his heart. Ab kuch ni ho skta (laughing emojis)
Me – Yaar. 🙁 🙁 Chal ek week k liye hee ban ja. please. jab tk wo busy h. tb tk hee sahi
Versha – Nope, but I can give you a free pass.
Me – Mtlb?
Versha – Mtlb, you can check me out anytime you want, in school. I wont feel bad.
Me – Chalo shuruaat to hui (laughing emojis)

Next day at school, I checked her out like a dog.
At night on chat,
Me – Bhenchod
Versha -Kyu gaali dera hai. (laughing emojis)
Me – Kyuki aaj jabse school se aaya hu 3 baar hila chuka hu aur ab tk khada hai.

Versha – (lots and lots of laughing emojis)
Me – Has le aur has le. Meri gaand fat ri h yahan aur tujhe hasi aari h.
Versha – Aaj to pehla hee din tha, kal k liye bhi energy bacha le.

Me- Haan ok na. chal ab sora hu. ek baar aur hilaakr
Versha – (Laughing emojis) Haa ok gn :* <3
Me – Aisi emojis bhejkr aur khada krwa de.
Versha – (Laughing emojis) Chalo ab bye. sojao hilaake (laughing again).
Hearing all this I jerked off once more.
This continued for a week. One day, near the washrooms, she was alone. I was behind her. She was wearing those black leggings and I can bet only an impotent wouldn’t notice her ass in those. I couldn’t take it, I just took my right hand, and from behind her, I pressed her right butt and then slapped the same lightly. She gave out an “ouch” and ran away.

Until I reached my home, my cock was hard and didn’t stand down for 1 second. I couldn’t wait to reach home and jack off. Soon, I pulled my shirt outside the trouser to hide the bulge in my trousers. I reached home and jacked off. Now I came back to consciousness and realized what I did. I groped Versha’s ass in plain daylight!

Me – Sorry Versha, yaar bas rok ni paya khud ko.
Versha – Koi ni. next time be more careful. koi dekh leta to.
These 2 lines were enough to make me cum thrice that night.
Next day, I accidentally left my zipper open. In the morning, I asked Versha to close it. This became our ceremony, I’d come to school with my zip open and Versha would close it every day. One day, at the lunch, I texted Versha to come to the last seat and have lunch with me. After eating lunch, everyone was busy in their own work, Rajat was sitting right in front of us. I took her left hand and kept it on my jeans above my dick.

Versha – Are you mad or what? Rajat aage hee baitha hai.
Me – Kuch mat kr bas just keep it here. nothing more.
Versha – Tu marwaayega yr. nhi
Me – Pleassssseee. bas rkh le aur kuch ni

Versha – Theek h theek h, chup to reh, rkha hua h
(After 10 minutes, lunch break bell rang)
Me – (Pinched Versha’s nips ) Chal ab jaa.
Versha (angry and blushing at same time) – Haan jaari hu. raaat ko dekhungi tujhe aaj.

Versha – Aisa kr . tu hee ban ja mera boyfriend (angry emoji).
Me- Maine to kaha hee tha, agar rajat na hota to tu meri godi mei hoti abtk to.
Versha – Yaar aise nhi chal skta. ye roz tere se chup chupk milna, zip lagana teri, almost aaj to pakad hee lia tha tera. :/

Me – Yr chodd de rajat ko. Mere saath reh na please.
Versha – Nhi ho skta aisa. 3 saal se saath hu uske.
Me – To fir mera kyu hilva rhi h ? Jaa uske paas. Sab mere saath krti h, aur gf uski h.
Versha – Vo aajkal busy rehta h. aur tu keh to aise rha h jaise tujhe maza ni aara.
Me – Yaar kahan aara hai, aadha khade lund p laat lgti h har baar. Ya to fir pura lele.
Versha – To seedha bol na . Chal bahar nikaal apna. aaj se tera mai hilwaungi. khush. SEX CHAT allowance h tujhe ab.

Me – (Heart Eyes emojis) Ok, please. Nikaal lia
Versha – Shuru kr hilana. Soch mera haath hai.
Me – Haa aage btao please
Versha – Beta mai sirf rajat ka hilwati hu. soch le ab tu kitna lucky hai :3
Me – Aree haa meri maa. ab bol bhi.
Versha – Hilata reh. Mera haath h wo. Think about my ass if suits you. And about my boobs which only rajat gets to press.

Me – Ahhh
Versha – Ho gya ? Jaau mai?
Me – Haan. acha sun. kal Sunday h. mere ghar aaja. Rajat ko kuch ni pta chalega . you dont have to break up with him. please aaja yr.
Versha(without delay) – Ok.

I WAS SHOCKED. I jacked off twice after that and slept.
—– Sunday

Versha came home. She was in a black spaghetti top and those blue jeans. As soon as she entered, I pulled her close and sat on the sofa and she was on my lap.
Me – Dekha, aa gyi na godi mei.
Versha – (Shyly) Haan ok. maan gyi tumhe
Me – Ab sharma mat, aaj to dekhti jaa bas kya kya hoga
Versha – (Shy again)

By now I was kissing her madly and slowly pressing her boobs. Her perfect ass was right above my dick and my dick was hurting in my lower. She got up from my lap, and I pushed her onto the wall and kissed her again. This continued for 20 minutes.

Me – aaj zip lagaani nhi, kholni hai.
Versha – Haan ok. Rajat ko pta lga to maar dega mujhe
Me – Rajat maa chudaaye,abhi tujhe kuch dikhata hu

Saying that I unzipped and Versha put her hand inside my zip and pulled out my cock. She was shocked. She stroked it for 15 minutes while I kissed her and pressed her boobs against the wall. I came after 15 minutes. I couldn’t get a chance to fuck her because well, she wanted to be a virgin and she was 18 back then.

Any female want to connect with me can
Mail: [email protected]
Telegram: @lucifersatan

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