Weekend Sex with my hot Colleague in Bangalore

Hello all readers of Indian sex stories, once again, it is praveen from Bangalore. Many readers have given me very positive comments. The support and encouragement of the readers would be greatly appreciated since it motivates writers such as myself to share the stories and present them in an engaging manner.

The story I am sharing today involves my colleague Ishita who is from a different team but still, we managed to become good friends as we used to travel by same office cab sometimes.

After exchanging phone numbers, we began our conversations with brief texts that quickly grew in length. It happened amid the Diwali festivities. I saw her for the first time wearing a black saree and a black blouse with a golden border that was backless. During the weekend, we decided to go to a pub and we had a few rounds of drinks.

Though I was hesitant to dance, Ishita wanted me to dance along with her. I approached her more closely with each step. She danced after putting her arm across my shoulder. I wrapped my hands over her hips and started to dance as well. The DJ started playing a scorching love tune out of nowhere. Her ass was pressed up against my crotch when she turned around.

After being a little taken aback, I began to love my colleague’s grinding. I didn’t want to pass up this chance. I pushed her in closer while maintaining my grip on her hips. I gave her a soft ass squeeze. I then reached to her waist and gave her a firm grip. We considered leaving the pub and going to her place because we were starting to lose control. We went to her room on my bike. Her breasts were caressing my back all the time.

I lost all control once we got to her room and locked the door. I pulled her hair back and pinned her to the wall. I took off her top and began to lick her neck and ears. I made her absolutely nude and ripped her bra and panty.

Ishita received a call from her parents when she was naked in front of me. She answered the phone and started talking. Meanwhile, I noticed strawberries on the table when I pushed her against the wall once more. I grabbed a couple with both hands and squeezed them over her breasts.

The juices from the strawberries began to pour, and I spread the smashed strawberries all over her body. I then began sucking her nipples. She gave out a moan. I took her other hand and kept it on her other breast, pressed it hard, and continued sucking her breast for the next few minutes.

She continued getting chills whenever I licked her nipples or neck. Her moans grew louder, and she couldn’t continue to converse with her parents. She ended the conversation and pressed my mouth against her nipples. She made me suck both of her breasts alternately.

After I finished sucking her breasts, she totally undressed me, and my hard cock smacked her face. She pressed my foreskin back and sucked the tip of my dick. She began taking my dick in and out. I went down and began massaging her boobs with one hand while keeping the other on her head.

My colleague looked at me while sucking my dick and began licking my balls. She licked my balls from bottom to top of my dick. Then she placed the tip of my dick in her mouth and began twirling her tongue around it. I started moaning loudly. She sucked my whole dick in her mouth.

I began thrusting my ass forward, pushing my dick deeper into her mouth. I could feel my dick on her neck. She took it out and began stroking it. Then I stopped her and told her I didn’t want to cum that soon. She took my hand as we walked to the bedroom, and I pushed her onto the bed.

I rubbed two of my fingers on her pussy, and she began moaning loudly. I pressed my lips on her neck, tasted it, then bit her hard on it. I left a mark on her neck. I then slid down and kissed her shoulder. I pushed her hand above her head and began licking her armpits.

The sweat and strawberry had produced a unique sense and drunkenness which I loved. I was about to move lower. She grabbed my head and dragged me back onto her other armpit. She began moaning loudly. I understood this was exciting her and exposing her weak place, so I kept doing it.

Meanwhile, I slid my fingers into her pussy and started fingering in a twisted manner. She became horny, drove her nails into my back, and began groaning. She yanked my head sharply towards her armpit. I began licking quickly as she arched her body.

Ishita had an orgasm and stopped moaning. After a few seconds, she was finished. She tried to catch her breath. I got on my knees and spread her leg. I placed my mouth on her pussy. I drank all of the fluids containing strawberry essence.

I began sucking her clit and repeatedly drove my finger into and out of her pussy. She was struggling to breathe since she had her orgasm, and I was once again pleasing her. She then pulled me up, kissed me, rolled me over, and landed on top of me. She took my dick in her hand and guided it into her pussy.

Ishita then grabbed my nipples and forced my mouth to her breast. I began sucking her nipples aggressively. I could feel heat spreading between us. After about 2 minutes, she began moving faster, closing her eyes, and dripping her fluids. She guided my lips to the other nipple.

She had stiffened and gripped me tightly as she cum. She then grabbed me, kissed me, and lay down to catch her breath. When she returned, I lied in the missionary position and placed the tip of my dick on her pussy. With a single push, I penetrated her and landed on top of her. My chest was pressing across her breast. I then grabbed her hands and placed them above her head. I began licking her armpits again. She bit my biceps because she was extremely horny.

I then began sucking her tits before moving up to lick her neck. I got near to her shoulder, licked, and kissed it. She moved a little. I then drew her off the bed and walked her to the wall. I forced her to bend so that her boobs touched the wall, then pushed my dick into her pussy. I started to fuck her hard. My balls were smacking her ass. Her breasts began rubbing against the wall, bringing both pain and pleasure.

Ishita began shouting at me to fuck her harder. I quickened my tempo and began to fuck her with all of my force, and we were making a lot of noise. After a few minutes, I was going to cum and informed her. She urged me to stop and went down on her knees. She began to suck my cock, and within a few seconds, all of my juices were in her mouth. Her mouth was completely soaked with my juices. I helped her get up and took her to the restroom to clean up.

After we finished cleaning, she came closer to me, kissed me, and hugged me for a while. I began sucking her boobs, and my dick was already erect, so we positioned ourselves in the 69 position. She began to suck my cock while I fingered her ass and licked her pussy.

After a few minutes, we both experienced orgasms together. We thoroughly cleaned each other by licking clean, kissed like there was no tomorrow, and slept cuddled together. In the morning, I felt a tingling sensation on my cock. When I woke up, my colleague Ishita was giving me a sloppy blowjob after my cock had become completely hard.

Ishita slid my dick into her pussy and began riding me in reverse cowgirl. I started rubbing her clit while she was riding me. After a few minutes, she had her orgasm, and I began increasing the speed and force of my push. After a while, I could feel pressure building up in my balls.

I quickly sprayed my juices into her pussy. She then fell on me, and we held and kissed for quite some time. Later, we cleaned ourselves. I spent the entire weekend at her house, we had many sex sessions and thoroughly liked it. It was a really unexpected encounter, and we met a few times before she relocated to another city.

That’s all for today and hope everyone enjoyed reading this story. Please feel free to drop your comments or feedback via Google chat or Gmail [email protected] or telegram @PraveenPandu

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