Mom forced to confront her sleepwalking – Part 5

The twin’s sleepover celebration party was a huge success for everyone. June and Julie said nothing of my sleepwalking episode that was the high-point for their guests. I wasn’t supposed to remember any of it and Mom didn’t know anything other than what the twins had said and I backed up. Mom was pissed that I had tried my fake sleepwalking on the girls.

After the ‘friends’ had gone, it was very quiet around the house. The girls were exhausted and they went to their rooms and crawled into their beds. Mom was futzing around in the kitchen cleaning up from the party. She hadn’t said a word to me since I came downstairs. I sat down on a barstool and said, “Good morning Mom.” She turned from the sink and focused a laser-beam glare at me. She was silent but I could see the steam building. I started fiddling with my fingers and examining my fingernails. I could feel her eyes boring in on me. I figured that she must have figured it out already. Had the twins thrown me to the wolves, or wolf?

She finally spoke, “I know what you did last night with your fake sleepwalking. The girl’s story made no sense to me and then you backed it up. You used your dumb-assed fake sleepwalking to fool all the girls into having sex with you, figuring that you wouldn’t remember anyway. I hope you didn’t have sex with your sisters in front of their friends. That kind of information would be on Facebook before they left the party.” She came over to the bar and shoved her thumbnail into my chin and lifted my face to look at her.

“Honest Mom; I didn’t have sex with June or Julie. They stayed right out of it other than to warn the others not to wake me up. They never knew I was faking it and they still don’t. I confess on the rest though. Sorry, Mom. I saw an opportunity, so I took it. I know it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. It’s just that some of those girls treated me badly in school. I wanted to get a little payback.”

Mom chuckled and responded, “Yeah right, some payback. I bet they had as much fun as you did.” The angry look on her face morphed into a grin. “What am I going to do with you? I’ve turned you into a sex crazed monster.” She leaned forward to place her elbows on the bar and said, “Where is the little monster anyway?” My dick was completely flaccid while Mom reamed me for last night. Now that she seemed interested in its status, plus the display of her tits in her gapped open robe, my dick quickly tented my shorts. Mom watched and looked up at my face with a grin and said, “There he is.” I burst out laughing as she reached across the bar and put her hand on the top of my tent and ran her palm over it. It pulsed a few times from the contact.

I leaned forward and kissed Mom passionately on her pursed lips. She responded with equal passion and we were soon mauling each other. I reached into her parted robe and cupped my fingers under her breasts and thumbed her hard nipples. She moaned into my mouth as her tongue attacked mine.

When she pulled back from my lips she gasped for air and hung her head to watch my hands working on her tits. When she looked back up at my face, everything I needed to know was right there in her lust filled eyes. She pulled her lower lip between her teeth and gently nibbled on it. Her obvious passion was driving me higher and I pulled my shorts down in the front and my granite hard cock sprang out and slapped up on my stomach and then flopped back down to Mom’s waiting hand. She gripped it hard and slowly began stroking it from the tip of my knob to my balls. Neither of us had said anything. We were communicating with our eyes. I had a brief thought about how the twins seemed to communicate with their eyes and other gestures. That thought evaporated in a brief moment.

Mom released my cock and stood up pulling her tits from my hand. She separated her robe further and cupped her own tits and lifted each one the short distance to her lips and she kissed each nipple. Her eyes were on fire as she lifted her gaze to my eyes.

Mom pushed her hips against the bar and then to my amazement, her entire body started throbbing. Her eyes closed and she groaned hard around the nipple on her lips at the moment. She confirmed what I had already recognized, as she muttered, “I’m cumming, Dex. Oh my gggaaawwddd.”

In my limited sexual experience, I’d never seen anything like this. I’d never even heard of it. She was cumming without even touching her sex. She folded slightly onto the bar trying to grind her sex on the countertop. She wasn’t tall enough to reach it but the motion was there. I sat there with my hand stroking my cock as I watched her in total awe.

When her orgasm had washed through her, she stepped back to put her ass against the edge of the sink. Her robe was completely wide open and now her hands slid down over her flat stomach to her sex and began rubbing the heel of one hand over her pubic mound. She pulsed each time it passed gently over her sensitive clitoris. Then her hand stopped and she gave me kind of an embarrassed smile and said, “Sorry, Dex. That wasn’t my plan. I just got so hot, I thought I’d explode.” She giggled and continued, “I guess I did explode. Wow. That hasn’t happened since I was just dating your father.” Her face and chest were flushed red.

She grabbed one hand to her left breast. She was still gasping for air. She looked at my face and I was shocked to see that look of pure lust in her eyes again. She mumbled out, “Every nerve in my body is tingling.” I watched with concern. She was acting strangely. I got off the barstool and pushed my semi-erection down in my shorts and stepped around the bar to the kitchen. Mom watched me coming and she reached out to me. I grabbed her around her waist as she started to slide down the cupboards.

“Mom! Are you okay?” She smiled and nodded. I helped her to a barstool and set her down. “Mom. What’s wrong. You don’t look like you’re okay.” Mom sucked in another lungful of air and waved me off. I wouldn’t be put off and said, “Mom, I’m getting you up to bed.” She didn’t argue and I helped her up the stairs and down the hall to her room. She hadn’t made her bed yet so it was ready to receive her. I pulled off her robe and stood by as she climbed into bed and pulled the covers over her.

I sat in the wingback chair near the windows and watched over her until her breathing had become normal again. Then she smiled over at me and said, “Whew, I don’t know what came over me. I had that spontaneous orgasm that was – well, it was – so hard. It just crushed me. Then I just felt all tingly like every nerve was plugged into a wall socket. I couldn’t get my breath.” She patted Dad’s side of the bed signaling me to come over. I pushed myself out of the chair and crawled over next to her on top of the covers.

Mom said, “I feel great now. Just lay here with me for a while.” I put my head down on the edge of her pillow and kissed her on the cheek.

“Jesus Mom, you scared the shit out of me. Are you sure you’re okay?” She nodded and kissed me on the lips. She went quiet after that and then drifted off to sleep. I eased off the bed and left her room and closed the door behind me.

I went downstairs and stopped at the twin’s closed bedroom door. I could hear them talking so I knocked twice and opened the door. Julie said, “Speak of the devil. We were just talking about you.”

June continued, “You seemed to be a big hit at the party yesterday. All of our friends commented on how much you had changed in just one year of college. Now, they’re asking us to fix them up with you.”

I knew they wouldn’t mention anything about last night, which was probably the genesis of the friend’s comments. I obviously couldn’t say anything about that, so I said, “Oh sure. You’re just teasing me. Most of those girls treated me like I had leprosy last year.”

Julie laughed and said, “Well, your leprosy got cured last night.” June shot Julie a scathing glare and Julie cringed and looked away.

I smiled and said, “Why, what happened last night?”

Julie quickly responded, “Umm Nothing. I meant yesterday.” I knew Julie had slipped up big-time but I let it go. Julie quickly continued, “Amber was telling the others that she caught you jerking off upstairs. She was really going on about the size of your dick. Biggest she’d ever seen, she said.” June smiled at Julie. She was pleased with Julie’s big save. It was quick thinking on Julie’s part.

I grinned and said, “Yes, she did catch me jerking off. I thought it was Mom coming back for another round.”

June scowled and said, “How many times did you and Mom get it on yesterday, anyway?” I just held up two fingers and she wasn’t buying that at all. Julie flexed her index finger at June and they both got up and June followed Julie to the bathroom and closed the door. I crept over to the door and pressed my ear against it. Julie was saying how bummed she was about missing out on the sex last night. June clarified that there was no way they could join in. Julie agreed. Then June said, “Well, we have him all to ourselves now.” Julie giggled and I moved back to sit on the edge of Julie’s bed.

When they came back in the room, they were both naked and my dick went instantly hard. Julie pushed me back on the bed and yanked my nylon shorts down my legs and over my bare feet. June stripped off my tee shirt and we were all naked. I crab-walked up Julie’s bed as the twins watched that motion cause my steel rod to flag from side to side.

I had no preferences so I laid there propped up on my elbows waiting for them to decide how they wanted to take me. June glanced at Julie and said, “You know what? Amber is correct. It is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” Julie giggled and nodded. My cock was throbbing up and down. I was horny when Mom had stopped jerking me off at the bar and I was horny now.

June and Julie apparently had decided to tease me as they turned to each other standing beside the bed and moved into a sensual lip-lock as they fondled each other tits. I knew they were horny too but they just wanted to fuck with me. Their nipples were erect and their pussies were soaked. June’s hand went to Julie’s sex and Julie did the same to June’s. Still in their passionate kisses, they giggled into each other’s mouths. They were stealing glances at me to see what I would do.

I let them play out their teasing roles for a few moments and then I rolled my feet out of Julie’s bed and stood up behind Julie. She knew I was coming but she renewed her passionate kisses with June. I reached my right hand and arm between them and lifted Julie up and pulled her body against mine. She squealed and squirmed until I pushed my insanely hard cock into her pussy from behind. There were no preliminaries. Julies’ eyes must have gone wide and June mirrored the look. Julie’s feet were several inches off the floor and she flailed to regain some control. I had total control and I rocked my hips back, pulling back my cock and then I rocked them forward, driving my cock deep in her pussy. She screeched for a moment and then the shock of my move was over and she was groaning with pleasure as she searched for some place to put her feet. She discovered that she could put her feet back against my legs and push her hips away from me and then let herself fall back onto my cock. Our combined efforts made for a very enjoyable fuck for both of us.

June grinned at the turn of events and knelt down and pushed her face into Julie’s pussy. She knew that Julie’s clitoris would be available as I pushed my cock into her from behind. June flicked her tongue on Julie’s clit and Julie let out a scream.

Julie’s head was thrashing from side to side as she groaned out in synch with our strokes, “AAAHHH AAHH AHHH.” The groans from my fucking motion were interrupted by, “AAAIIEE’s” when June dragged her tongue over Julie’s clitoris. I could feel June’s tongue dragging along the underside of my cock with each stroke. Julie was getting it from both of us and she didn’t last very long. I buried my lips into her neck and she screamed again and yelled out, “OH MY GGGAAWWWDDD. HERE I GOOOOO.”

I could feel her clenching pussy on my rock-hard dick. I didn’t stop and moments later I could feel her juices running down my ball-sack. June was loudly licking and sucking Julie’s juices and Julie was going nuts. Julie lifted her legs out in front of her and draped them over June’s shoulders and used them to pull June’s face into her pussy. June came willingly. Then June was in position to lick Julie’s juices from my balls. I could have easily exploded into my orgasm right then but I still had one more sister to satisfy so I quietly muttered, “Jesus,” and started counting.

When Julie had settled down, I lifted her off my cock and lowered her body to the edge of her bed. June still had Julie’s legs on her shoulders, so she turned her position so she could still suck Julie’s juices when I came out. Julie looked up at my swinging cock. She knew I hadn’t cummed and she was pleased that June would get hers too.

June pulled back from Julie’s sex and Julie pushed herself up on her bed and dropped her legs from June’s shoulders. She giggled at the sight of June’s soaking wet face. June wiped her face with the back of her forearm and stood up. She looked at my bouncing cock and grinned at Julie and said, “You left me some.” Julie grinned back and ran her hands down over her taut and slender body to her sex. She pulled her wet fingers to her mouth and pushed each one deep into her mouth and sucked them clean.

I looked at June’s rock-hard nipples. She had that sultry look in her eyes. I said, “Do you want it like that or front to?” She hesitated a moment as she decided. Then she moved forward and pressed her firm tits against my lower chest. I reached down and grabbed her butt-cheeks and lifted her up along my body. Her body compressed my cock to my stomach as her tits slid up my chest until her parted legs slid past it and then it bobbed back out like a divining rod aiming directly at her pussy. June’s eyes went wide with surprise to find out my cock was perfectly lined up for insertion. I slowly lowered her onto my cock. She made one adjustment with her hips and placed her hands on my shoulders to assist my lift and she wrapped her long legs around behind me and locked her ankles. As she slid on, she pulled with her legs to impale herself on my cock as deep as she could and held herself right there.

She groaned hard and we kissed. Then she turned to Julie and said, “Can you rim my ass-hole. I still want him to fuck my ass when I get the courage. It feels so good to have a tongue there, but I’m afraid of the pain. I’ve tried the dildo and that hurts and he’s way bigger than that.” Julie grinned and nodded as she moved around behind June and went to her knees. When June groaned from Julie’s tongue on her rosebud, I started fucking her in earnest. I held her up with my hands under her upper thighs. She was counter thrusting my motion and our hips slapped together over and over again. June’s mouth hung open and her eyes were wild. We were both gasping for air. I couldn’t tell from our motions which groans were from my cock and which came from Julie’s continued tongue action in June’s ass. I knew June was getting close and I hurried to catch up. I wanted our orgasms to happen close together. Hers could drive mine and mine could drive hers. June’s body was getting rigid and then without warning, June screamed hard. I looked around June’s body and saw a grinning Julie looking up at me with two fingers pushed deep in June’s ass. She had timed her insertion as June’s orgasm started and she couldn’t stop it now. She was flailing everywhere on my chest and cock and I joined her as she screamed again when the first salvo exploded into her pussy. I wished that I had a picture of the expressions on her face. She was groaning out a constant stream of, “OHHH’s and AHHH’s” as she humped her pussy on my spurting cock.

She collapsed her head to my shoulder and gasped for air for a long time. Julie had left her fingers in June’s ass until that moment. She eased her fingers out and June groaned in my ear. My cock was spent and it slowly went soft. Without me lifting June off my cock she couldn’t get off until it was soft enough that she just slid off. She released her legs and stood unsteadily on the floor.

She turned around and the twin’s launched themselves together in a passionate embrace. Then June pulled back and loudly said, “Oh my gawwddd Julie, that was incredible.” They both pulled me into their embrace and I wrapped my arms around their shoulders and held them tight.

The door burst open and when Mom saw us standing naked, in a huddle between the girl’s beds, she just shook her head. I expected that we were in trouble again but Mom said, “God damn it. I missed it again.” The girls laughed but Mom cut them off and said, “Your father could be home anytime. Jesus, you guys were making an awful lot of noise. You woke me from a dead sleep. Now get yourselves together. We’ve got to stop taking these risks.” She pulled back into the hallway and closed the door behind her.

I broke our union and grabbed up my nylon shorts and cotton tee shirt. I pulled them on but both girls dropped to their knees and took turns sucking my cock in and popping it off their lips. I let them go and groaned hard as each of them sucked me as deep as they could.

I helped them up and kissed them both before slowly opening the door and checking to see if the way was clear. The twins were already in their bathroom before I closed their door. I went upstairs and turned into the bathroom as Mom was coming out. She grinned and opened her robe and shook her tits at me and then looked to see the automatic response in my shorts. She didn’t attempt anything sexual and she pulled her robe together and went to her room exaggerating the motion of her ass. She looked back to see if I was watching. I was. I closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower.

I dressed in the same clothes and went downstairs. The twins must have showered together because they were coming out of their room as I walked by and we nearly collided. They laughed and took up positions on either side of me and reached up the back of my shorts and cupped my hanging balls. I jumped a foot and they giggled and hurried past me to the kitchen.

The girls went to the kitchen and announced that they were making grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. They even offered to make one for me. That was a first. Mom came down dressed for the day and sat down on a barstool next to mine. She looked at me with an odd look on her face. Julie asked Mom if she wanted a sandwich too and she accepted the offer.

Mom hopped her stool slightly closer to mine and reached her hand into the top of my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my flaccid dick. In spite of the recent activity, it didn’t stay that way long. She pulled my hardening cock out and started jerking me off. I put my arms on the countertop and Mom smiled and nodded her head. Julie was leaning against the sink asking Mom if she had got any sleep last night. June was doing the cooking at the stovetop. Mom’s upper body offered no hint of what she was doing and now I knew why she had made such a deal out of videoing us before. I smiled at Mom and she said, “After the interruption, I slept like a log. I went back for a nap when you girls did.” She never missed a beat and Julie was looking right at us and she didn’t give any indication that she was suspicious of anything. Mom raised her free hand and said, “I almost forgot. I’ll be right back.” She released my cock and stepped down off her stool and walked toward the hall. My cock was bouncing in the air. I was disappointed to be left in this condition.

I saw movement to my left and I glanced that way. Mom was on her hands and knees coming around the corner from the hallway to the kitchen. She lifted one hand to her face and put her index finger to her lips. I looked back to the kitchen and June was turning over the spatula to Julie. As they exchanged places. June was saying something about us making it a point to include Mom in our trysts whenever that was possible. Mom came to a stop at my stool and pushed herself up under the lip of the bar and sucked her lips onto my hard cock. I remembered what she had said that I needed to be less obvious. I was trying, but that was harder than it sounded. I kept up a running discussion with the twins as they made lunch. They gave no indication that they suspected anything suspicious.

Mom was easing her mouth up and down my shaft so there wouldn’t be any slurping or sucking noises that would give us away. It wasn’t really a big deal that we pull one over on the girls. They would have been glad to join in. The sense of stealth heightened the experience for both of us.

I asked June for a soda and she pulled open the refrigerator and pulled one out. She came over to the bar and set it down in front of me and then she bent down and put her elbows on the counter and said, “When we were at the softball tournament, you and Mom were here alone for two days. Were you guys fucking and sucking those two whole days.” She was looking from one of my eyes to the other looking for anything that would trip me up.

Mom heard her question and she lightly bit my glans. I thought, ‘Yes, Mom. I know. Don’t tell her anything.’ Without hesitation I said, “The night of the thunderstorm was our first time. She was sleepwalking again and I saw her come out in the hall and just stand there. I was concerned for her safety so I got out of bed and put my hand on her shoulder like Dad did. She stopped just like she did when Dad touched her. She was naked and I admit that I had a monster hard-on and she wrapped her fingers around it. She called me Honey, so she thought I was Dad. She started to do what she always does as she knelt down and kissed my knob. I was scared to death. I pulled her back up to her feet and guided her back to her bed. She wouldn’t let go of my hard-on and I was so horny. I couldn’t help it. I had just blown my load when you guys came thundering up the stair. The explosion of thunder was a shock and it woke her up. She was pretty confused about why I was in her bed and she pushed me off the edge of the bed and I hid beside the bed. I had no idea what she was thinking. We hadn’t had any chance to discuss what had happened.”

June had watched my eyes and I thought I had done a pretty good job with that bull-shit story. I was sure there would be holes in the story broad enough to drive a truck through but June seemed to buy it at least for the moment. Mom sucked my balls into her mouth and lashed them with her tongue. I couldn’t look down to see her face or I’d have broken eye contact with June and she might be suspicious.

Mom eased my balls out of her mouth and then she lashed her tongue up the underside of my cock and rolled her lips over the glans and pushed herself down my shaft. She didn’t jerk me off because that made noise.

June, smiled and moved back against the sink as Julie was shoveling the sandwiches onto a paper towel. I took a sip off the soda can. I was getting close to blowing my load and I was afraid I couldn’t ejaculate without making some kind of noise. Instead, I caught my groan in my throat and held my breath as cum rocketed up my shaft into Mom’s mouth. She accepted it all and swallowed carefully. When she was sure that I was done. She pulled off and then licked my shaft and balls and pinched my glans and moved back toward the hall on her hands and knees.

I reached down and pulled the stretchy waistband of my shorts up over my softening dick. The twins had been totally oblivious. I smiled to myself and thought, ‘Mom, you are a crazy risk taker.’ Then it occurred to me that maybe she gets off on the risk. That could be a problem if she keeps doing that.

Moments later, Mom reappeared at the bar and took her seat. Julie pushed a plate of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches between us and we all took one. June pushed a bowl of potato chips onto the bar and we ate without further conversation. Mom kept glancing over at me with a smile. She had a small glob of cum on her chin. I pointed to the same spot on my chin and she got the message. She nonchalantly used her napkin and wiped it away. She smiled back at me.

The ever-observant Julie noticed Mom’s glances and between bites said, “What are you two up to?” as she came around the bar to see if something was going on that she couldn’t see over the bar. Nothing was going on, at least not at that moment.

Mom chuckled and said, “Honest. Nothing is going on.”

We all heard the front door push open and bang against the wall as Dad struggled his briefcase and suitcase into the foyer. Mom looked at Julie and said, “You’d better make another sandwich for your father.” Julie turned back to the refrigerator and turned on the stovetop.

We all left our sandwiches unfinished and went to the foyer to greet Dad. He looked absolutely beat. He was dressed in casual clothes instead of his suit. June and Mom hugged and kissed him. I just got a hug. With Mom’s arm around his back and his around hers, we went to the kitchen. Dad was thrilled with the Ham and Cheese and explained that all he’d had to eat was vending machine food and airline snacks, but he smelled like alcohol. He went directly to the refrigerator and pulled out a couple beers and hugged and kissed Julie and then sat down on a barstool beside Mom and we all finished our lunch. I figured Dad was going to push one of the beers in front of me but he drank both of them. He guzzled the first one and took his time with the second.

After lunch, Dad fell asleep on the sofa watching the ballgame. He was snoring quite loudly so June took the opportunity to change the channel on the TV. Dad stopped snoring and grumbled out, “I was watching that.” June grumbled and changed back to the ballgame.

Then June whispered for all of us to hear, “Let’s get into our bathing suits and go outside. It beats looking at each other in here.” Julie giggled and got up and the girls headed for their room. Mom looked down at Dad on the sofa and then up at me and pushed her tongue in and out of her cheek. She didn’t use the hand signal that often accompanied the tongue action. I grinned at her and motioned with my head to join the twins.

We left Dad ‘watching the ballgame’ and went upstairs to change. I had no thoughts of even giving Mom a look of sexual interest. Not with Dad in the house. Mom, on the other hand, had exactly those thoughts in her head.

I grabbed my bathing suit and thought that I’d better piss, so I headed for the bathroom. The door was closed, so I knocked once and Mom said, “Come in.” I pushed the door open and Mom was standing at the sink totally naked. Her bathing suit was on the countertop. She was fingering her pussy and breathing very hard.

She turned her body toward me and spread her labia as she spread her legs and said in a groan, “Finish me off?” I couldn’t believe her. It didn’t phase her that Dad was right downstairs. He could be coming down the hall at that moment. I stepped back in the hall to check. My boner was tenting my nylon shorts and without underwear on, there wasn’t much resistance. ‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘This is insane. What am I doing?’ Mom was staring at the tent in my shorts as she sensuously ran her tongue around her lips and sucked her lower lip between her teeth and groaned as her fingers continued deep in her pussy. “I’m almost there Dex. It won’t take long.” She rocked her hips forward as her fingers came out of her pussy and dragged upward and around each side of her clitoris. She groaned again. I looked down at her pink inner folds bubbling her juices.

I closed the door and locked it and went to my knees in front on Mom. I turned her body and pushed her ass back against the counter and she lifted one leg up and placed her foot on the toilet seat. She was still holding her outer labia apart and I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. She went rigid but made no noise. I began flicking my tongue in and out of her and changed it up by flicking on her clitoris and then back to her anus. She softly groaned at those excursions. She was correct that her orgasm wasn’t far off. In no more that a minute, her upper body pulsed back as her hips fired into my face. Then her hips launched back away from me as her torso came forward. She released her labia and used both hands to grab her tits as she seemed to hang on for dear life. Jesus Christ, this woman, my mother, fired my passions. My cock was so hard, I was sure that if I just touched it there would be a mess between Mom’s legs.

Mom continued pulsing her hips and torso as her mouth hung open gasping for air. She pushed my face away and groaned, “No more. Oh my gawwddd. No more.” I couldn’t stand it anymore and I shoved my right hand into my shorts and pulled out my cock and squeezed it as hard as I could. My orgasm was on its way and it seemed to be starting at my toes. I swung my ass up onto the toilet seat forcing Mom to remove her foot. I just squeezed trying to stop the inevitable. Mom saw the look in my eyes and she immediately dropped to her knees and put her hand on mine and whispered, “Give it to me baby.” I released my grip and Mom took my throbbing cock in both hands and pushed her lips over my glans and started jerking me off with both hands counter-rotating. The thought that Dad was in the house was no longer in my brain.

Mom was drilling her tongue into the ‘spot’ and suddenly her mouth was full of cum. She kept up the hand job and accepted my load and swallowed as she needed to. I just kept on cumming long powerful streams of hot gooey jizz. I thought I’d never stop and then she pulled her lips off my glans and aimed my cock down at her tits. The last couple shots filled up her cleavage and I could see it drooling out between her tits and down to her navel. She wiped my cock on her left nipple and then her right. She grinned up at me and said, “Thank you Dex. I got so hot sucking your cock under the bar. The girls never caught-on did they?” I just shook my head as it was my turn to suck air into my lungs.

Mom put the heels of her palms on each of her side-boobs and pushed her tits together and cum squished out. She smiled up at me and said, “Mmmm. Protein. It’s good for the skin.” I grinned down at her. She leaned forward again and sucked my gooey cock in and pushed herself down the shaft as far as she could. She was getting closer to pushing it into her throat and she gagged as she tried. She tried again with the same results and then she pulled up lashing her tongue around the shaft to clean me off.

Mom ran her tongue around her lips and stood up. She grabbed her sexy bikini top and said, “Help me get into this while I hold your cum between my tits. I just shook my head at her brazenness. I did as she asked.

When she was into her bikini top, she maneuvered her tits around while she checked her image in the mirror. When she was satisfied, she used a facecloth to wipe off any cum that was visible. She turned to me and said, “Well, what do you think?” I just grinned at her as I checked out her cleavage. She pushed her tits together and smiled as she said, “I can feel it squishing around.” She inhaled deeply and said, “The odor is getting me hot again.”

Dad’s presence invaded my brain again and I suggested that she shouldn’t do this, “Dad can smell too you know.” She just grinned at me and steadied herself against me while she pulled her bikini bottom on. She adjusted the patch barely covering her pubic hair.

She inhaled again and ‘mmmm’d’ and said, “I’ll see you poolside.” She cupped my balls in my shorts and turned and left. I had come in the bathroom to piss and had never got to it. I relieved myself and then changed into my bathing suit.

When I turned around to leave, Dad was standing in the doorway. My heart stopped. He said, “Did everything go okay at the twin’s party?” I nodded. He smiled and continued, “That’s good. Um, did anything unusual happen?” I must have had a confused look on my face because he said, “With your mother. Did she do anything unusual. I worry about her.”

I knew he was drilling me for information about Mom’s sleepwalking and I responded, “No. Nothing unusual. Mom is Mom.” I smiled. He did too.

Dad got more specific and said, “You haven’t seen her up wandering the house in the dark at night?”

I said, “No Dad. Does she do that?”

Dad continued, “She was a sleepwalker as a child and they say it can carry into adulthood. I just worry about her doing that.” Well, what do you know? Mom was a child sleepwalker. That explained a lot. Dad was on a roll as he continued, “The twins were both sleepwalkers too when they were very young. As far as I know, they don’t do that anymore. They never knew and I’ve never said anything about it to them or you or even your mother. Don’t tell them, okay?” I nodded and he turned to leave and then stopped and turned back to me and said, “If you see your mother sleepwalking at night, come wake me up so I can get her back to bed safe.”

I said, “Sure Dad. What does she do when she walks, anyway?”

He pondered about how to answer that question and he finally said, “Just usual stuff.” He smiled more to himself than to me and he went back downstairs to his ballgame. I smiled to myself and thought, ‘yeah right, Dad. Just usual stuff.’ I went out to the pool thinking, ‘He doesn’t even know about her day-time sleepwalking episodes. Why would he; he’s at work. He thinks she just does it at night.’

Mom and the twins were laying in lounge chairs luxuriating in the early summer sun. It was hot and I knew from experience that the sun was hot. I walked over and asked if anyone wanted sunscreen. Three hands went up. Julie said, “Do me first.” I chuckled as I looked down at the three flimsy and tiny pieces of material and a whole lot of sexy body. I knelt in the grass between her chair and June’s and squirted sunscreen into my left hand and rubbed both hands together and started on her stomach. I avoided her big diamond stud belly-button piercing. I was sure it was one of those cheap knock-off diamonds but it was radiating the colors of the rainbow as I rubbed the cream into her skin. She watched my every move with a sultry smile on her face. Mom and June were watching too.

With Dad here, I was careful with my hands around the fleshy part of Julie’s boobs. If he wasn’t here, I’d have been mauling them to Julie’s glee by then. I lathered up both legs and was careful again between her thighs. She kept tilting her hips up at me and then she’d giggle as I’d glance toward the windows to the family room.

I was going to move on to June but Julie turned over and asked me to do her back. From this side it looked like she was naked. The transparent threads that held the bikini in place were nearly invisible. If Dad looked out the window, he’d think she was naked from that distance. It made me nervous and I quickly applied the sunscreen avoiding her ass, just in case. Julie pushed her ass up at me and mumbled, “Don’t forget my butt.” I quickly smeared cream across her perfect ass-cheeks and my dick did what it does; it started to push on my bathing suit.

Both June and Mom noticed and they giggled at my predicament. I turned on my knees and asked who was next. Mom motioned toward June and whispered, “Are you getting a little aroused by all these tits and asses waiting for the sensual touch of your hands?”

I turned around beside June and whispered, “Mom. You’re not helping.” She giggled and turned her face up to the sun. June moaned softly throughout my application of sunscreen. She wasn’t helping either. My cock was a steel pole tenting my bathing suit by the time I finished June’s front. She turned over and presented her perfect ass to me like she wanted me to fuck her. I pushed her hips down and she giggled.

When I was done with June, I knee-walked around her chair to Mom’s chair. Mom looked at me and then at the aroused condition in my suit. She just grinned and laid her head back on her chair and said, “Don’t miss any spot. I don’t want some weird shaped sunburn.” I positioned myself between the family room windows and Mom’s body hoping to block Dad’s view if he should look out.

I started on Mom’s shoulders and her hand fell off the edge of her chair into my lap. I said, “Jesus Mom. Do you want to get caught?” She grinned but didn’t respond to my question. Instead, she ran her fingers to my thigh and inside my bathing suit. I groaned as I moved my cream covered hands down to the fleshy part of her tits. She giggled at my discomfort. My heart was jack-hammering in my chest. I was having trouble breathing. It was just like that first time with her.

I didn’t spend any time on her exposed chest and started to move down to her stomach but she pulled my hand back to her chest with her free hand. She pulled one tit out of her bikini top and said, “You missed a spot.” I was dying and she was grinning. I quickly ran my hands over her exposed tit and pulled her bikini top back in place. She did the same on the other tit and I quickly smeared sunscreen over her nipple. She giggled as I pulled that half of her bikini top up. She squeezed my cock in my suit and I groaned and nearly doubled over. She giggled again and the twins did too. They knew exactly what Mom was doing, even if they couldn’t see anything. Mom said, “Is the cum between my tits all dried?”

I said, “Some is but there is still a lot that isn’t.” Mom grinned and inhaled deeply and she threw me an air-kiss as I moved down to her stomach. She reached down and pulled her bikini bottom an inch lower and her pubic hair was showing. She whispered, “Don’t miss a spot.” I nodded and pushed my fingers down to the edge of her bikini bottom and she lifted her hips up as my fingers went through the edge of her pubic hair. There wasn’t much there. She had shaved it all off except for a narrow strip down just above her sex.

I moved on to her legs and she parted her thighs so I could get sunscreen between them. I quickly realized that Mom was using my hard cock as a feedback system to tell me when she thought I was missing a spot. She’d squeeze my cock with her fingers if I quickly moved past a spot like between her thighs up close to her pussy. I repositioned myself as I moved down her legs.

When I finished up her toes, she released my cock and I thought I was done. Then Mom dropped the back of her chair and rolled over on her stomach facing me and the house. I started on her calves, kind of giving her a massage with the slippery sunscreen. She moaned as I moved up to the back of her thighs. I was a little too careful at the top of her thighs and she reached up to grip my throbbing cock again. She squeezed it hard and said, “I definitely don’t want to burn there. Don’t worry. He’s not looking out the window.” I lathered up my hands and pushed my fingers up under the edge of her bikini bottom and she parted her legs to allow my fingers to move down the top of her thighs. She moaned again as I ran my fingers less than an inch from her pussy. She reached behind her with her free hand and pulled the top of her bikini bottom down an inch to the top of her butt-crack and I smeared the cream and rubbed it in.

I teased her by pushing my fingers down in her suit and around her rosebud. Her eyes went wide. She wasn’t expecting that. It was my turn to chuckle and she shoved her thumbnail into my glans. I worked up her back and she told me to unhook her top. I was reluctant, but I did as she asked. I bypassed her side-boob and she squeezed my cock hard. I flexed my cock as hard as I could to push back at her and she giggled again. I ran my hands along the soft tit-flesh and then up to her shoulders. I was done.

Dad hadn’t come running out yelling, ‘what the fuck are you doing Dex.’ I was going to live another day. I knee-walked back from Mom’s hand and then around her chair to mine and eased myself up into it being careful to minimize the view of my raging-hard erection. I dropped the back of the chair and rolled onto my stomach and let out a sigh of relief. Mom giggled with my sigh. My previous sunburn had turned to a tan and I was good to go for the summer without sunscreen. I hated the greasy feel on my skin.

The next morning, I was in my suit sitting at the dining room table sipping on my coffee cup. Mom was in the kitchen and Dad was coming down the stairs. He went to the kitchen and I heard Mom laugh and softly say, “Jarod, Dex is right there. Stop it.” She giggled again. I could easily envision Dad groping Mom’s naked body under her robe. When Dad came around the corner to the dining room, he had an obvious erection. He was pulling on it to adjust the position. He said, “Are you ready to go. I can’t be late today.”

I finished my coffee and yelled out, “Bye Mom. See you tonight.” She hurried out of the kitchen and kissed and hugged Dad as he grabbed her ass outside her robe. He was obviously feeling frisky this morning. She wiggled away from him and hugged and kissed me too. You’d have thought we were going off to war or something.

The twins had not made an appearance. They were out of school now on two weeks of vacation before all four of us would be going off to work at Dad’s company.

It was another boring day and I kept daydreaming about what Mom and the girls were doing and my imagination was having the expected results on my dick. I was adjusting my erection in my pants when a woman appeared at the open door of my office. She was a very attractive brunette with a smoking hot body. It was impossible to look past her big breasts. She was of average height. She was dressed elegantly in very high heels. She walked over to my desk and stuck out her right hand and said, “Hello, Dex. I’m Sylvia. I’m your father’s secretary. He asked me to stop by and ask you if you could meet him for lunch.” I stood up and shook her offered hand. I completely forgot about the erection that had formed in my pants before Sylvia came in and it certainly didn’t go anywhere but harder looking at her.

I hesitated as I was still taking in the vision standing before me. She was smiling as I released her hand. She glanced quickly at my crotch and smiled a little broader. I stumbled out, “Su … Sure. I’m not too busy. What time?”

Sylvia looked up to my face and said, “Um. Can you come to his office at noon? He may be delayed a few minutes if he’s in the middle of a phone call.” I nodded and she turned around to leave. Her ass was as fantastic as the rest of her. I thought, ‘Dad. You old dog, you. Mom had her pegged correctly.’ That didn’t mean that the rest of her assumptions about Dad having a sexual relationship with her were correct.

I stayed standing as I watched her walk away. I looked down at my crotch to see what she had glanced down at and I let out a loud groan and said out loud, “Oh fuck. You’ve got to be kidding me.” My dress pants were tented out in front of me pushing the zipper to the limit. I pushed my hard cock to my left hip and the tent was gone but the contour remained. I sat down hard in my chair.

Sylvia had stopped to chat with the secretary stationed in a ‘bullpen’ area outside the offices of our group. Her head motions indicated that she was talking to her about me. She laughed and glanced back at me and then left the area. I followed her swaying hips until she was out of sight. I cursed my dick for embarrassing me again, like it was a separate, self-controlled entity; which of course, it essentially was. I returned to my boring job and day-dreaming about Sylvia now.

Dad wasn’t tied up in a phone call when I arrived at his office and Sylvia greeted me with a big smile and said, “Hello, Dex. He should be right with you.” I sat down in a chair by Sylvia’s desk because she was having that effect on me again. I cursed my dick again. I looked around Sylvia’s office at the artwork she had hanging on her wood-paneled walls. It was as tasteful as she looked.

Sylvia had gone back to typing on her computer and then she said, “You can go in now.” I door to the left of Sylvia’s desk opened and Dad appeared and invited me into his office. It had the same cherry wood paneling. It was huge with a wall of floor to ceiling glass windows looking out at the river. His office furniture was also cherry and the decorating definitely had a woman’s touch. I whistled as I turned a complete 360 degrees. A door to the right of his desk was a private bathroom. Dad was a big wheel to have all these benefits.

Dad grabbed his coat and pulled it on as he said, “You ready?” I just nodded and followed him back out to his outer office occupied by Sylvia. He told her he’d be back in a couple hours and she smiled and told him he didn’t have anything until two-thirty.

He took me to a fancy restaurant with linen tablecloths and napkins folded like origami into peacocks. Fine china and crystal stemware adorned the tables. Dad must frequent the place because the Maître ‘D knew him by name. The restaurant was busy with a business lunch crowd. Men and women alike were dressed in business suits. Dad introduced me to a few people on the way to our table.

Dad had a scotch ‘neat’ and I learned that ‘neat’ meant ‘with no ice or other garnishments’. I had a soda ‘un-neat’. After the waiter took our orders, Dad hemmed and hawed around why he invited me to lunch. After a few sips of his scotch, she jumped right in. “I wanted to talk to you about your mother’s sleepwalking affliction. She doesn’t know anything about it.” I knew he was wrong because I had blurted out that she walked in her sleep, in self-defense of my ill-conceived fake sleepwalking attempts. Initially, she didn’t believe me, but when I told her some of the things she did while sleepwalking, she had a vague feeling that she remembered some of them like déjà vu. I didn’t let on that I had told Mom anything about her affliction. I did think it was odd that Mom had not attempted to engage me any further on the topic.

Dad said, “I’m concerned for her safety in that condition. Sometimes she gets all the way downstairs before I chase her down and guide her back to bed. I’ve been thinking that I should tell her or wake her in one of her episodes. They seem to be getting more frequent and I have no idea what she does during the day if she takes a nap.” I knew that Mom had sleepwalking sessions during the day. The troubling part to me was why did she want to engage in sex with whomever interrupted her. Dad quizzed me again about whether I had seen her sleepwalking. I knew he was trying to find out if I had seen them having sex in the hallway or even right beside my bed. I lied and said that I hadn’t noticed anything.

The conversation stopped, while the waiters delivered our meals and when they left, Dad continued, “I think she should see a specialist. I have no idea where to look. I could have Sylvia research it and get me a name but it’s kind of embarrassing and personal. I was wondering if you could find a specialist in the area. You’re pretty good on a computer. Everything is on the web these days.”

I nodded and swallowed a bite of my meal and said, “Sure Dad. I can do that for you. You know that getting her to see a specialist will be a problem.” He nodded as he pulled his fork from his lips. “I agree that she should see someone. You should tell her what she is doing. It sounds dangerous; just going up and down stairs in her sleep. What does she do downstairs anyway?”

Dad’s face flushed a little and he took a long sip on his scotch and held up his glass to the waiter across the room to order another. He cleared his throat and ummed a couple times as he considered how to answer my question. Then he said, “Well, the furthest she has got before I caught up with her was at the twin’s bedroom door. She was just standing there facing their door. She didn’t attempt to open it. She was just standing there. I put my hand on her shoulder and she turned to me and then she ‘umm’, well… She ‘umm’. I guided her back upstairs and back into bed. I don’t think he even realized that he was squirming in his seat.

I smiled as I knew what all the ‘umm’s’ and hesitations were about. He certainly wasn’t going to tell me that she dropped to her knees and gave him a blowjob in the dark hallway or fucked him leaning against the wall. The last thing I wanted to do was tell him I knew and had witnessed it several times. I said, “I’ll research it and get a list of names and phone numbers for you.”

We finished our lunch, talking about the twin’s party and I had to be very careful there as well as I explained that I was told to stay away by Mom and the twins. Then, to my surprise, Dad brought up the twin’s new micro-bikinis. He said, “Those new bathing suits the twins were wearing yesterday are barely suitable for the back yard. I’m sure your mother bought them for them. I hope they weren’t wearing them when they went to the beach last week.” He had a far away look on his face and I could imagine that he was visualizing the girls in those bikinis in his mind. I know I was and I had that familiar sensation in my groin. Dad squirmed in his chair again and then quickly changed the subject to work.

While we were both squirming in our chairs, I brought up the subject of Sylvia, “Your secretary, Sylvia, is a very attractive woman. How did you wrangle getting her? All the other secretaries around seem to be ready for retirement.”

Dad took a sip off his second scotch and smiled. “She is beautiful, isn’t she? All my colleagues are jealous.” He smiled again and took another sip. “She a year out of college and she’s very competent. Quick mind. She keeps me heading in the right direction.” His eyes seemed to drift off as he absent-mindedly swirled the remaining scotch in his glass.

I don’t know why I told him of Mom’s concerns about him having an affair with Sylvia. I guess I just thought we were bonding or I just needed to fill the dead air when he seemed to drift away. That brought him back. He scoffed at the idea and said, “Sylvia is beautiful and smart and my colleagues all think the same thing, but your mother is still the most beautiful woman in the world to me.” I wanted to say it, but I just thought it, ‘She is to me too.’ I just nodded.

I suggested that he should invite Mom to his office for lunch one day and she could meet Sylvia and then have a discussion between the two of them over lunch. Mom had already pegged Sylvia as some gorgeous young thing. Her imagination was maybe taking her someplace that wasn’t true. I couldn’t tell if Dad was telling the truth or not about his relationship with Sylvia. I assumed Mom would be better at seeing the truth. It seemed that wives could always tell.

The waiter came by to ask Dad if he wanted another drink and he declined. He paid the bill and we went back to work.

At home that night, dinner conversation centered around what the twins and Mom had done to entertain themselves on the twin’s first day of freedom. They had spent the day shopping at every mall in the area. It sounded exhausting to me. Dad had always paid attention to the interests of his kids and he paid rapt attention to the twins as they excitedly listed off the things they had bought with Daddy’s extravagant graduation gifts. They both still called him Daddy, in cooing little girl voices, when they wanted something. Otherwise it was ‘Dad’. They never called Mom, Mommy anymore. Mom just smiled at the twin’s excitement.

I laid there in my bed, after all the lights were out and everyone was in bed. I could hear Dad snoring through their closed door. He could really ‘saw some wood’. I was trying to stay awake to see if Mom would appear. I’d had several erections but I hadn’t jacked off all day and I was ready.

In spite of my efforts, I drifted off and was startled awake by a warm pressure on my dick. I pulled back the covers and in the gloom of the apparently repaired streetlight out front, I could see blonde curls spread across my lap as one of the twin’s heads bobbed up and down on my cock. I let out a groan and pushed my hips up for more. The resulting gag told me that it was June because Julie could deep throat my cock. Her face appeared as she pulled back and off my cock to clear her throat. She kissed my glans and then moved up the bed and kissed me while her hand started jerking me off. Then she whispered, “We need your help downstairs. Can you come? Right now?” She kissed me again and increased the tempo of her hand. I groaned again and she released my cock and said, “Sorry. Don’t cum. We need that too.”

I had no idea what June had in mind but I was sure it included Julie as well. Regardless, I was all in and I pulled back the covers and stood up. June had a grip on my hard cock pulling me to the door but I stopped her and pulled her hand off and went back to my bed and pulled on my boxer shorts and stuffed a pillow down to my sleeping position and pulled the covers back up. If Mom or Dad got up and noticed the exposed white sheets in the gloom, they would wonder where I was. That would not be good.

As I returned to June, I could see her bright white teeth smiling at me. She whispered, “Good thinking.” We crept almost silently down the hall. In the stillness of the night, the carpet under our feet made our passing anything but stealthy.

The twin’s bedroom door was half open when she dragged me by my cock, poking through the gap, to her room. Julie was in her bed with the covers pushed off to the foot of her bed. She was moaning and sucking in air. In the dim light from the LED nightlight, I could see that her legs were spread and her knees were up. She was driving something in and out of her pussy. It must have been the dildo but it could have been just her fingers. She looked at us as we came in and June silently shut the door. June pulled me over to Julie’s bed and said, “You have to help. She’s really horny and keeps insisting that she wants to try two cocks at once. All we have is the one dildo.” She stopped talking and we both stood there watching Julie roll through an orgasm. She was whimpering as her body racked. She didn’t stop driving that black dildo in and out of her pussy as the loose plastic fasteners on the straps clinked against each other.

June apparently thought that she needed to stroke my cock to keep me hard. Watching Julie fuck herself was all that was needed. It didn’t take long to work up a plan: June would put on the strap-on dildo and get on her back with Julie in the middle of the sandwich facing June. Julie was listening and kept whimpering, “Hurry”.

June pulled the dildo from Julie’s hand and Julie kept right on going with her fingers and groaned her way through another orgasm. I whispered to June, “How many orgasms has she had anyway?” She just shrugged her shoulders and I noticed that her nipples were long and hard. She was almost as horny as Julie and I was right there with them.

While June strapped on the dildo, I grabbed the footboard of Julie’s bed and pulled a couple inches toward me. We didn’t need her headboard banging on the wall to wake up Dad. The thought of what he would do if he walked in on the three of us doing what we were about to do; well, I pushed that thought away quickly.

June’s dildo was more than adequately lubed up with Julie’s vaginal juices and she stepped to the edge of the bed. She was already breathing erratically. Julie reluctantly pulled her hand from her sex and stood up. June laid down in Julie’s place with her legs together and held the dildo in place as Julie climbed back on the bed and maneuvered her knees to June’s waist and started to sit back. She quickly found the dildo and guided her pussy back onto it and groaned hard as she pushed herself down. June lifted her head as Julie let herself lean forward. She kissed Julie passionately and fondled her tits until their tits were pressed together. As twins, their tits laid perfectly together. They were the same size and in the same exact place. June started humping up her hips, driving the dildo in and out as Julie whimpered her way through another orgasm. I had never seen anything like it. Julie was experiencing orgasms on top of orgasms. They were less than a minute apart and some were only seconds apart. I had lost count, since I came in.

The jar of petroleum jelly was on the night table between their beds and even though Julie hadn’t mentioned it, I scooped out a generous amount and wiped it on my cock and ran my hand up and down the length a few times. Jesus, I was hard.

I climbed up on Julie’s bed and stared down at Julie’s incredible ass being presented to me. She broke the embrace with June and looked back at me and said, “Fuck my ass.” I could see the lust on her face, even in the dark. She was bobbing her ass up and down fucking June’s dildo as I moved into position finding a place for my knees inside Julie’s legs and outside of June’s. I gripped my cock and guided it to Julie’s anus. She flinched and groaned the moment I touched it. Then she stopped humping the dildo and pushed her ass back me. There was a day, not long ago, that I would have cum already from just imagining this scenario.

I pushed my glans inside to a muffled groan. Julie had pulled the edge of her pillow to her mouth. I stopped there and let her adjust to the invader. Then Julie pushed her legs back and laid out flat on June’s body with her legs straight out beside June’s. Julie was pinned between us. She couldn’t move.

Julie pulled the pillow from her mouth and whispered, “Give me more.” June gave her more at the same time as I did and Julie buried her head in the pillow again and I could feel that she was having another orgasm. I eased my cock deeper figuring I’d stop if she flinched again. She didn’t and I pushed my balls up to the black dildo sliding in and out of Julie’s pussy. Julie was gasping for air and muttered, “Oh Jesus. That’s incredible. I’m filled up.” Then she groaned, “Fuck, your cock is huge, Dex. Fuck my ass.” I did as she requested and June and I got in synch fucking in and out at the same time. I could feel the silicone dildo pressing against my cock and when June and I got out of synch, that was an amazing sensation.

Julie rolled through a series of vaginal orgasms with her head buried in the pillow. She reached her right hand down between her and June to her sex to feel the dildo pushing in and out of her pussy and then reached further and I felt her fingers take positions on either side of my cock as it slid in and out of her ass. I could feel each of her orgasms pulsing and throbbing.

June was gasping for oxygen too from the weight on her and the exertion of thrusting her hips up and down driving the dildo in and out of Julie’s pussy. I wondered if she could feel anything that was going on through the dildo. I couldn’t see how. I had a strong grip on Julie’s hips as I felt my climax approaching and increased my tempo. I could feel her sphincter tightening and I knew she was about to have an anal orgasm. I smiled to myself thinking that I hoped it would finish off this insane string of vaginal orgasms.

Julie was pushing back at me so hard that June’s dildo came out of her pussy and all frantic attempts to get it back in failed. We were so entwined with each other that no one could reach it and my furious thrusts prevented Julie from finding it with her pussy. She gave up trying when she screamed hard into the pillow and her ass clamped down hard on my cock. My thrusts were slowed considerably but it didn’t matter. I was groaning and humping myself into her, as cum rocketed into Julie’s bowels. She screamed into the pillow with every salvo. After the dildo had fallen out of her pussy, Julie started thrusting her ass at me. As I pumped my load, she went still and groaned as she received less powerful shots, which seemed to go on and on. Then we all went still. We were all gasping for air. I slowly pulled my cock from Julie’s ass and fell over beside the girls. I ran my hand down Julie’s back and up the slope of her perfect ass and down between her legs. Her anus was gaping wide open to the size of my erect cock and it was still pulsing.

I teased her a little as I whispered, “I bet you could park your car in your ass-hole right now.” She reached her hand back to her ass and pushed her index finger into where she thought her rosebud should be and then groaned and elbowed me. June giggled underneath her. Julie rolled off of June and had to lift her right leg over the black dildo to lay on her back to the other side of June from me. We all continued gasping for air.

Between gasps, June said, “What about me?” No one said a word as our breathing was just beginning to recover. After another minute, Julie swung her feet to the floor and went to the bathroom. I whispered to June, “She sure is walking funny.” June broke out laughing and then squelched it with the back of her hand. Julie was gone for a few minutes and then returned to my side of the bed and began scrubbing my semi-erect dick with a soapy washcloth. Then she washed it again with a non-soapy washcloth and pushed her lips down the entire length, which she had no trouble with since it wasn’t near as hard as it could get. She continued her blow job until my glans pushed into her throat. I was hard again.

Julie pulled off and moved up and whispered, “There you go. It’s June’s turn.”

I turned to her and whispered, “Anal?”

Julie shook her head and whispered, “She’s given up on that. She says it’s too painful.”

June whispered, “I’m right here. I can hear you two.” She rolled onto her side facing me and grabbed up my rigid cock and started stroking it in full ridge to balls strokes. She stretched over and kissed me with considerable passion. Then she rolled over on top of me sitting on my stomach. She leaned down and presented her tits to my lips. My cock was slapping in her butt-crack and she started lifting and lowering her hips so her butt-crack slid up and down my shaft.

I sucked her hard nipples between my lips and nibbled on them as she groaned. She was reluctant to pull her tits away but it was necessary to position her sex on mine. She pushed her sex down past my cock letting the glans drag through her pussy and along her clitoris. She moved further down and looked down at my cock sticking up. She giggled and started jerking on it and said, “Hey Julie. Look. I’m jerking myself off.” It looked just like she had her own dick and was jacking her fist on it. Julie looked down and giggled. June slid herself back up over my cock and Julie reached between us and guided it to June’s pussy. She was sopping wet and there was little resistance as she pushed her pussy down my shaft. We were both holding our breaths until she dropped to my balls. We both chuckled when we became aware of our breathing. I reached up and ran my palms very lightly across her nipples and she moaned from the contact. She grabbed my hands to hold them in place.

I rocked my hips back into the bed pulling my cock from her. She groaned hard and lifted herself up to the ridge and then dropped herself back down again. Julie pulled my hand closest to her from June’s tit and she pushed her head in and suckled on it. I used the distraction to slam my hips up hard into June’s pussy and her eyes opened and went wide as she groaned out, “Fuck. Yes. Oh my gawd.”

We fucked each other with Julie clutching her lips to June’s nipple until June exploded into her orgasm. She shoved her hand to her face and groaned hard into her palm. She groaned several more times as her climax rolled through her. I felt my orgasm too, but it seemed so far away. I knew I couldn’t catch up with June’s orgasm, so I made other plans.

June pushed her pussy all the way down on my cock and swiveled her hips and rotated them around in a circle. June let out a contented “Mmmmm”. Julie pulled back from June’s breast and they kissed. I flexed my cock and June groaned into Julie’s mouth before pulling back and she said, “What are you doing to make your cock seem harder or bigger or something? It’s maddening. I like it.”

I said, “I just flex some muscles that I know from experience do that. I guess it’s like the muscles you use to clamp your vaginal muscles.” June thought about that and she manually flexed her vaginal muscles on my hard cock. “yeah. Like that.” Let’s do it together. I flexed my dick and she felt it and flexed her vaginal muscles. Her eyes went wide.

“Jesus. I’ll bet we could get each other off just doing that,” she said. She pulled herself up and off my cock and fell to the bed on the opposite side from Julie. My gooey cock slapped down on stomach and promptly bobbed back up a few inches and bounced an inch or two up and down from there.

Julie wrapped her fingers around my shaft and squeezed. She said, “Fuck, Dex. Your still so hard. You didn’t get off?” I shook my head. Julie grinned at June and said, “Well, sister of mine, we still have some work to do.” June scrambled up on her side and pushed her lips down my shaft. Julie gripped my cock tight at June’s gag point and pulled the skin on my glans down my shaft as tight as she could. June worked her blow job for almost two minutes before she had to come up for air. Julie took over for her and she went all the way down my shaft to push her throat onto the glans. I groaned hard before remembering where I was and I pushed my hand over my mouth. Julie giggled with her mouth full of cock and she let out a cough and had to pull back.

June was ready to go and she resumed her blow job. My balls were telling me I was close and my stomach muscles tightened and I had an uncontrollable urge to push my hips up. That motion pushed more cock than June could handle into her mouth and she gagged and pulled back dragging a huge glob of saliva along behind. She coughed the saliva onto my glans and both girls used their hands to spread it down my shaft. I was thrashing my head from side to side and Julie said, “He’s going to cum.

Both girls pivoted around to face me and resumed their hand job as my orgasm seemed to start at my toes and a groan from deep inside followed cum up my shaft. No one was there to catch it so it was just going to go wherever it went. I slammed my head back in Julie’s pillow and cum fired out. Julie and June were still jerking me off and the first shot splattered across Julie’s chest. The second shot splattered on June’s chest. They aimed my cock back and forth, making sure that both of their tits and faces were covered. They started giggling as they ran their free hand through the cum.

Julie leaned in and timed her approach and pushed her lips all the way down my shaft and I shot a less powerful salvo directly into her throat. She heaved and gagged but she stayed right there and on the next shot she knew how to handle it better. She took whatever I had left directly down her throat. I didn’t even know that was possible. With no more shots, Julie pulled up my shaft and licked all around the shaft and then pulled her lips to the tip of my glans and drilled her tongue into the ‘eye’.

Julie pulled off and pushed her lips toward June and they kissed as Julie pushed whatever cum she had left in her mouth into June’s mouth and June readily accepted it with an “mmmm”.

My heart stopped and both girls had a horrified look on their faces as their doorknob suddenly turned without any attempt to be silent. We stayed right where we were, unmoving. My cock had started its decline after covering the twins with cum. It didn’t take long to become completely soft. Nothing more happened at the door as we stared unblinking at the knob. Then there was another half turn of the doorknob but the door didn’t open again. I decided to make the move and I crawled down Julie’s bed and got to my feet and quietly went into their bathroom. I didn’t go all the way back to the shower. I was curious as to what was happening, so I closed the bathroom door halfway and looked out from the gap.

The doorknob fluttered again and this time the door popped open but then nothing more happened for several seconds. Then the door pushed inward. The girls had scrambled into their own beds and pretended that they were asleep.

Mom was standing dead still in the open doorway. She was naked. She took one step into the bedroom and stopped again. I heard Dad, not so quietly, coming down the stairs. He was muttering as though to himself, “Maddy. No. No. Not the girls.” He had said that same exact thing that night that he caught up to Mom at the girl’s door. I thought to myself, ‘Guess what, Dad. She made it little further tonight.’

Mom was in the process of taking another step toward the girl’s beds when Dad hurried in behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. He was naked too. I couldn’t tell if he even looked to see if the twins were awake. I knew they weren’t going to miss this show if it went like all the other times that Mom was sleepwalking. They stayed hunkered down like they were asleep, but I knew they were watching.

Mom was at the foot of June’s bed when Dad caught up to her. Like before, she stopped in her tracks. She didn’t turn around though. She pushed one hand to her left breast and tweaked her erect nipple and the right hand went to her sex. She was already aroused as evidenced by the squishing noise. Dad stood there. He apparently wasn’t sure how to proceed. Mom had always turned to him when he touched her shoulder.

Dad put his hands on her hips and tried to turn her around so he could get her back in the hallway and up the stairs. Mom was not cooperating though and she shrugged his hands away and took another step into the space between the girl’s beds. Dad stepped around Mom and took up a position blocking any further advance on Mom’s part. She responded like she didn’t even see him and she bumped into him kind of hard. He had to take a step back from the collision and Dad’s bare ass was a foot from the girl’s faces. He stepped back to block Mom’s advance again and when she was going to collide with him again, he took her upper arms in his hands and stopped her. She seemed completely confused and she tried to step to the side to go around the obstruction that must have been something other than Dad in her dream. Dad held her in place and he quietly said, “Maddy. Maddy. Wake up Maddy. You have to wake up.” He shook her gently and repeated his words a little louder.

Now it was completely logical that the twins would wake up and they both sat up as if to see what was going on. Julie sleepily said, “Dad? What’s going on?”

June said, “Dad, you’re naked and so is Mom. What are you guys doing?” Dad’s worst nightmare was coming to reality and he shook Mom hard and then she appeared to be really awake. A frightened shriek escaped from her lungs and she pulled her arms from Dad’s grip and started flailing at him. He fended her off but she got in some blows. It was almost comical to see Mom fighting off her attacker whom she didn’t realize was her husband. Dad yelled out, “Maddy. Stop it.” He pulled her into his arms and she started crying and that turned to sobs. Dad got Mom turned around and he moved her forcefully into the hallway. June and Julie were looking at each other, trying to stifle their giggles. Dad came back and pulled the twin’s door closed saying, “Sorry girls. Mom was sleepwalking. It’s no big-deal except for the nudity. Sorry about that.” We can talk tomorrow.” He closed the door again and I could hear Mom wailing as he moved her up the stairs. I could hear Dad saying, “Settle down Maddy. You’ll wake Dex.” I hoped that Dad didn’t go down to my room to check on me and find out that I’m not there. There was nothing I could do about it from where I was.

I came out of the bathroom and the girls were laughing quietly. June said, “Dad’s got a nice ass.” Julie giggled and nodded. June continued, “I couldn’t see his dick. Did you see it?” Julie shook her head. June looked over at me coming back to the bed and asked, “Is Dad hung as well as you?” I knew the answer to her question, but guys don’t talk about other guys dicks. I just shrugged my shoulders.

I couldn’t go upstairs until I was sure they were back to sleep. I had told Mom that she was sleepwalking but she didn’t seem to believe me. I worried about her state of mind right now as she was confronted by her reality. Maybe she would agree to see someone now.

Julie’s bed was soaked with cum and their chests were still covered. June jumped out of bed and pulled out two wife-beater tee shirts and threw one to Julie. They carefully pulled them over their heads and pulled them out over their tits as if to avoid disturbing the cum on their tits. They both ran their palms over their nipples and wet spots appeared on their tee shirts. I smiled as I thought, ‘Mom wanted to leave my cum between her tits and now the twins were doing the same thing. What was that all about?’ We all climbed into June’s bed and cuddled up together. Julie pulled the neckline of the tee shirt out and buried her face and inhaled. I didn’t get the allure. I thought the odor of cum was a little pungent. I struggled to stay awake but I didn’t want Mom to find me down here in bed with the twins like she had once already, especially after tonight. She’d know that I was here for the show too. It wasn’t long before both girls were snorting and poofing, so they were clearly sound asleep.

An hour later, I pushed myself out of their grasp to the bottom of the bed. The girls both stirred and then cuddled up with each other as though I had created a vacuum that sucked them in to take my place. I slowly crept up the stairs to the bathroom and relieved myself and washed the splattered cum from my chest and face. I chuckled to myself and wondered why the twins were protecting their cum-baths.

I returned to my bed but I couldn’t get to sleep. I was worried about Mom and her state of mind. I could see why the internet articles advised against waking the sleepwalker but I understood why Dad did what he did. From his comments on two occasions about ‘No. Not the girls’, he apparently knew about Mom’s desires to have sex with the twins. If Mom had been sleepwalking for several years, I could understand his concern about Mom making sexual advances toward the twins at ages thirteen or fourteen while sleepwalking. If Mom found that out, she’d be devastated.

My mind was awash in thoughts but I finally drifted off to sleep and woke with Mom squatting by my bed, nudging my shoulder with one hand and jerking on my morning woody under the covers with the other. I came up on my elbows and Mom kissed me quickly and said, “Time to get up. The shit hit the fan last night. You were right. I have been sleepwalking and your father woke me in the girl’s room last night. It was a startling experience. I’m sorry I didn’t really believe you when you told me before. Your Dad says you are searching the internet for some sleepwalking expert. I guess since I did that as a kid, I shouldn’t have dismissed the possibility as an adult.

I pushed the covers down to my thighs because I was going to cum soon and Mom wasn’t paying any attention to where it was going to go. I groaned to remind her of what she was doing to me. Without missing a beat, Mom pushed her lips to my crown just in time to catch my load of jizz. She continued the hand job until I was done and she pulled her lips back and licked the cum from the ‘eye’ and then licked around her lips. “Mmmmm.” She pushed herself up and pulled her robe together and synched the tie around her waist. She said, “No time for a shower. Your Dad is running late. Hurry.” I pulled my feet to the floor and stood up and caught her at the door and pulled her back out of sight of the hallway. I knew she was upset and distracted. I pulled her to me and hugged her open robed body to mine. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Then she whispered, “This is terrible. The things I’ve done. I made your father tell me each and every one and what I did.” She giggled then and said, “At least your father was enjoying himself. I guess we’ve been having a better sex life than I thought.” She giggled again and pulled back. I let her go and she went down the hall and down the stairs.

Dad was already at the table eating his cereal when I sat down. My cereal bowl was in my spot and Dad said, “Hurry up. I’m late and you know how I hate being late.” I nodded and grabbed my coffee cup and drank down half of it in one gulp. I wolfed down my cereal to catch up with Dad. Mom gave us both a kiss and a hug and then Dad gave her another more passionate kiss and pulled her hips into him by her ass under her robe. She didn’t object like she usually does.

I smiled at Mom’s red face as I followed Dad through the front door. She grinned at me and stood watching in the open door until we were out of sight.

Dad didn’t say a word about last night because he didn’t know I knew anything about it. I knew it was embarrassing for him to be caught naked by his daughters. He would be heartened to know that they only saw his naked butt. He may have showed up with a hard-on, anticipating the usual blow job or fuck as soon as he got Mom out of the twin’s room, but that was gone quickly when his plan turned to shit. I obviously couldn’t tell him any of that.

He did ask if I’d had a chance to look into potential sleepwalking experts. I hadn’t and he asked me to concentrate on that today on company time. He was always a company man so this was obviously his number one priority. He asked me to set up a time to review my research. I told him I’d get right on it and I did as soon as my ass hit my office chair.

By eleven o’clock, I’d discovered that there were big names in this medical specialty, but none of them were even remotely close to us. The internet ranked medical doctors now on a zero to five scale and I put together an excel chart with name, phone number, location and ranking for Dad to review. He loved excel charts.

I was about to call Dad’s office to set up a meeting when my phone rang. I answered it on the first ring. It was Julie. She asked if Dad had said anything about last night. My answer was an obvious no. She went on to say that Mom and she and June had been talking about it all morning. She said, “Mom’s kind of all over the place about this. First, she’s upset about it and then she isn’t. We told her to lighten up. If she hadn’t been doing that, we wouldn’t be doing what we all are now. We assured her that she had never made a sexual advance on us when we were younger. She was relieved about that. She said that she’s had that desire for a long time and she was terrified that she had acted on it during one of her sleepwalking forays. Dad told her after they got back in bed last night that he was afraid for what she’d do whenever she got downstairs. She was really relieved that she hadn’t. We lied and assured her that the first we knew of her sleepwalking was last night.”

I responded, “I have worried about her state of mind. I had told her that she was doing that and she didn’t believe me. She couldn’t imagine not remembering it.”

Julie said, “It is kind of hard to imagine, huh?”

“It is. Mom was pretty upset last night after Dad was forced to wake her. I guess the internet was right. It’s not a good idea to wake a sleepwalker if you can avoid it.” I said.

“What does Dad plan on doing about this?” she said.

“I’ve just finished researching specialists in the field. I was about to call to set a meeting with him to discuss the data. I hope Mom agrees to see someone.”

Julia made a quick attempt at talking dirty but got laughing so hard she couldn’t continue. I laughed too and the conversation ended.

I called Dad’s office and Sylvia answered. We exchanged greetings and I explained that Dad had asked me to set up a meeting when I had finished doing some research. I didn’t explain what the research was regarding. I could picture her sitting at her desk with the phone to her gorgeous face. I was getting aroused as I imagined the her sitting on the erection that had developed in my pants.

I could hear her pecking away on her computer and she said, “How is two-thirty?”

I said, “That will be fine. It shouldn’t take very long.” I hung up after she did. I tried to remember if Sylvia was wearing a wedding band or engagement ring. I couldn’t remember. I would have to check when I went to Dad’s office. I didn’t think I had any kind of a chance with her and then I chastised myself for that trip back to my life with no confidence. Sylvia was gorgeous but no more so than June or Julie or Mom for that matter.

I worked my regular job until my appointment with Dad. I walked into Sylvia’s office at exactly two-thirty. She smiled and said, “Like father like son. He is always so prompt.” I smiled back and made note that her fingers were all ringless. She offered me a seat and said, “He’s on the phone. He should be done soon.” She must have been watching the light on her phone because a few minutes later, she said, “You can go in, Dex.” She gave me a smile and I caught her glance down at the front of my pants. She saw that she had got caught and she looked away with an embarrassed flush on her face.

I gave Dad a copy of the excel spreadsheet and he sat back in his chair and reviewed the data for a few minutes. He asked for my recommendation and I looked at my copy. I had anticipated that he would ask. He rarely made command decisions without asking for recommendation. I had highlighted my recommendation and I told him. He was quiet for a few moments and then said, “Based on the data here, I agree. It’s good that it’s a woman. Your mother will feel more comfortable with a woman.” I smiled and nodded. That was my feeling as well. The meeting was over and we both got up and Dad walked me to the door. He said, “Regular time after work?” I smiled and nodded.

I intentionally made an adjustment to my dick as I walked by Sylvia’s desk. She glanced but wouldn’t look back up at my face. I said, “Nice to see you again, Sylvia.” Then she had to look up at me.

She grinned at me and said, “Nice to see you too Dex. Your meeting was short and succinct, just what he likes.” I nodded and walked out of her office. On the way back to my office, I thought, ‘It feels good to have an encounter with a gorgeous woman and leave her feeling embarrassed instead of me.’ I had a little bounce in my step when I got back to work.

On the way home, Dad said, “I called that specialist to make an appointment. We got lucky; someone had just cancelled an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to take the afternoon off and take her. You’ll have to take your car tomorrow.”

Mom wasn’t thrilled with the appointment. She was still embarrassed by what had happened last night but no one mentioned that. I spent much of the evening in the hot tub with the twins wearing their skimpy bikinis. We talked about their day with Mom. Their impression was that Mom had resigned herself to seeing someone and the fact that the someone was a woman would be good. It was very disconcerting having people tell her what she had done while sleepwalking and almost all of it was sexual in nature and she didn’t remember any of it. Julie said that Mom was concerned that because her first response to someone invading her trance-like sleepwalking was to perform a sexual act on that person, she must have a sex related problem, and that may be driving her renewed sleepwalking problem. I could attest to the fact that she was insatiable. June responded to Julie’s last statement with her hand and tongue giving the sign for a blow job. Julie and I both laughed, but the situation wasn’t funny.

Dad and Mom had stayed inside discussing the specialist and what the internet had to say about her. I had given Dad a full dossier on Doctor Issabella Jaffrey on the way home from work. Dr. Jaffrey is thirty-eight and based on her photo on the internet, is particularly attractive. Her internet score was 4.7 out of 5. That was the highest score for someone reasonably local on my spreadsheet. Dr. Jaffrey is an internist and had a subspecialty in sleep disorders and sexual disfunction. When we came inside, Mom and Dad were sitting on the sofa kissing. They stopped as soon as we appeared. It was late and everyone went to bed.

I laid there thinking for a long time. Mom and Dad seemed to be closer and more touchy-feely than before. Mom seemed to be shaken by this experience and she was clinging to Dad for some support. I knew from my research on sleepwalking that stress was a big driver and Mom had a lot of stress since last night. I wondered if it would trigger another one this soon. I laid awake for two hours to see. She didn’t appear but there were definite sounds of copulation coming from their room and I jerked off into a wad of tissues as I imagined myself in Dad’s position.

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