Twins graduation and Celebration Sleep-Over – Part 4

Today was Friday and the twins have their graduation ceremony tonight. Dad had left on travel last night with a promise he would fly home for the ceremony and then he’d have to fly back to finish his job on Saturday and return home on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Mom and the twins had just finished sucking a huge load from my balls and I was laying in a heap in a lounge chair by the pool. Mom and the girls retrieved their robes and went back in the house. They had phone calls to make to ensure everything was confirmed for tomorrow’s party. I was curious about who they had invited. If they were in the twin’s class, they were only a year behind me in school and I would probably know them. June and Julie, both tens or even elevens, were far-and-away the most beautiful girls in their class but they hung around with others who I’d say were at least eights. Last year, I would have considered them to be out of my class. Not so now.

Mom was the party hostess. I was warned to just stay out of the way.

I lounged naked in the backyard, moving from the lounge chair to a float in the pool to the hot tub and back again. Around noon, Julie came outside with a beer in her hand. She was fully dressed. She handed over the beer and then sat down on the bottom of my chair. I dropped my legs over each side to make room. I popped the tab and waited for her to say something. She just looked into my eyes with an occasional glance down at my flaccid dick.

Julie was my favorite sister. In spite of my gonky, lack of coordination and being a science and math nerd in high school, Julie had always treated me with respect and her friends never made fun of me when she was around. By contrast, June was the opposite. She would lead the fun making; at least if Julie wasn’t there.

In high school, you’re not allowed to change anything about yourself. You are pre-defined. If you come into high school labeled a nerd, you’ll graduate labeled a nerd. Once in college though, you can change yourself. You’re starting fresh and you can project confidence, even if you don’t have it. I had learned that many people with tons of projected confidence had no good reason to have any at all. Lack of confidence was my problem back then. I made strides in that area during this past school year and now only a few weeks into summer break, thanks to Mom and the twins, I had a lot of confidence especially with women, even though I hadn’t been with many women other than Mom and June and Julie. I figured that those three would be the most beautiful women I’d ever run into so, I projected that confidence outward.

Julie had a serious look on her face as she spoke, “When was the last time you saw Mom sleepwalking.”

The last time was actually in the bathroom giving me and then Dad a tit job but I wasn’t about to relate that incident to Julie. After some thought, I said, “The night Dad fucked Mom outside of your bedroom door.”

Julie smiled as she reminisced about that night. “That was pretty hot wasn’t it? That was weeks ago. I’m concerned that she might sleepwalk tomorrow night during the party. With Dad gone, you’re the one who would have to stop her and guide her back to bed. What if she goes ‘all-whore’ with you like she did with Dad? June and I would find it very erotic, but I can only imagine what our friends would think.”

I contemplated her dilemma and smiled to myself as a thought ran through my mind. The thought became a plan forming in the evil recesses of my brain. What if I faked another sleepwalking session? My flaccid dick lazily lifted up from between my thighs and inched onto my left hip as possibilities formed. Julie watched it go and she grinned up at me.

It would be a win-win for me. If Mom sleepwalked, I’d be the white knight riding to the rescue and Mom would probably suck or fuck my cock or both. Although doing that in front of company would not be cool. If she didn’t sleepwalk, I could fake mine and who knows what would happen with seven hot babes gawking at my erection. At worst, either June or Julie would lead me back upstairs and put me back in bed and maybe even give me a blow job before returning to their party.

Julie looked at me and said, “What are you thinking right now, because it looks awful naughty?”

I laughed and said, “Oh nothing. I was just remembering that night by your door. It was pretty hot, wasn’t it?” Julie looked at me like she didn’t believe a word. I finished the beer and handed the empty can to her. She reached toward me like she was going to take the can but then pinched my glans between her thumb and index finger leaving indentations from her nails in the firm velvety flesh. She giggled as she took the can and got up.

When I came inside, no one was around. I went up to my room and found Mom in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her while she fussed with her hair and makeup. She looked at me standing naked in the doorway and glanced down to my semi-hard cock and said, “Yummy. That looks nice, but it will have to wait. We’re all getting ready for graduation. The shower is available. I’m almost done in here.”

As I adjusted the shower temperature, Mom retreated from the bathroom with a single quick tweak on my cock. She giggled as I jumped. Mom would finish getting ready in her room. A half hour later I was in my room getting into my suit. I was the last one to come downstairs. Mom was gorgeous as always in an elegant yet sexy outfit. The twins were particularly beautiful as they had applied a little more makeup than usual. They were already in the caps and gowns standing tall in their stiletto heels. When Mom was out of view, Julie pulled open a couple of the lower snaps of her gown and revealed that she was naked underneath. Little did I know that when the girls modeled the gowns the other night it was a true dry run. Julie was anything but dry now. Her sex glistened with wetness. She giggled as my dick pushed at my zipper. I didn’t try to hide it. In fact, I grabbed the crotch of my pants around my shaft and waggled it at her. She gave me a sultry smile and re-fastened the bottom snaps, just as Mom came around the corner. Julie didn’t get caught but I did. Mom looked from my crotch to my face and said, “Put that away buster. Maybe later.” I smoothed the front of my pants.

As we walked to the auditorium, Mom was hoping that Dad would already be there waiting for us. He wasn’t. Mom looked around but there were more than a thousand people funneling down to two people handing out programs of events at the double-door entrance. We each took one and I shoved mine in my jacket pocket. Julie caught my attention with a look and she whispered, “The shit is going to hit the fan just about now.”

She was right. June had opened her program and discovered that Julie was the valedictorian and she was in second place. She didn’t blow like Julie thought she would. Her eyes flooded with tears and when Julie tried to hug her, she pulled away and ran to the auditorium floor. Julie looked sadly back at me. Mom was oblivious and had a confused look as she looked at Julie and then me. Julie said, “I’d better go find her. She’s upset. I could see that Julie was upset too. I kissed and hugged Julie and she hurried after June.

We found our seats and Mom opened the program and then understood what was going on. Mom understood that the girls were competitive and there would have been hard feelings either way. Mom felt bad for June anyway.

I saw a guy that I knew making his way through the crowd. He had been in my class. We weren’t friends but he had been Julie’s boyfriend last year. I realized that I didn’t know if they had maintained their relationship or not. His name was Steve. Knowing now about Julie’s considerable experience with sex, I was certain that they had been sexually active last year and maybe this year too. Julie never talked about her boyfriends. Now, I attributed that to the probability that their relationship was purely physical.

Steve shook my hand and he said, “Hello,” to Mom as he shook her hand and held it several ticks too long as he checked her out from head to toe. I didn’t like the look on his face. I towered over him and Mom was considerably taller than him too. He told us that he had a sister in this graduating class. I didn’t know him well enough to remember that.

Steve said that it was nice to see us and then he moved two rows down to his seat with his parents. He looked back a few times to check out Mom. Mom saw him looking and she leaned over to me and whispered, “He’s a skeevy little bastard. I never liked him. I have never understood what Julie sees in him. She’s still dating the little shit. I don’t get it.” She shook her head as if a shiver ran through her.

Just then Dad showed up. He was in his suit and looking a little bedraggled. He took his seat on the other side of Mom and they kissed and hugged. Mom’s face revealed that she was pleased that Dad had made it. It was still a half-hour to showtime.

I scanned the floor where the graduates would be seated like they were in the bottom of a fishbowl. I saw June coming up the stairs toward us in her cap and gown and I wondered what was up. She wasn’t looking at us and then she maneuvered down the row where Steve and his parents sat. She moved in close to Steve and kissed him passionately. He kissed her back and gave an embarrassed glance at his parents who were watching. I heard Steve’s mother say, “Hello, Julie. How have you been? Congratulations on the valedictorian thing.” I could see Steve’s dad leaning forward as he checked out June. I couldn’t fault him for that. June said hello to the parents and then kissed Steve again.

Apparently, they all thought June was Julie and June was going along with it. I looked at Mom as she looked at me. Mom leaned over to me and whispered, “What is June up to?” I shrugged my shoulders.

June stood up and took Steve’s hand and pulled him up too. She said to his parents, “We’ll be right back,” and she pulled him to the isle and then turned upward. I turned to watch them go. At the top of the concourse, June bent down to his height and whispered in his ear. A huge grin formed on his face and he turned and walked to a door with a ‘Rest Rooms’ sign above it. He disappeared through the door. June stood where she was for a minute or two and then she headed for the door to the rest rooms too.

I knew that there would be girl’s and boy’s rest rooms inside. I got up and made my way to the aisle and turned up. I was curious as to what June was up to with Julie’s boyfriend. I pulled open the outer door to the rest rooms and stepped into the hallway. It was considerably quieter than the hustle and bustle out in the auditorium. I quietly moved to the men’s room door and listened. Nothing. I moved to the lady’s room door and I could hear a male voice say, “Jesus Julie. You’re the best cock-sucker in school.” I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a blow job and it didn’t sound like it was coming from a stall. They were at the sinks, in plain sight to anyone who came in. I couldn’t open the door to visually confirm what I already knew.

I was startled when I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. I pulled back from the door and snapped around. My heart was in my throat. It was Julie, dressed in cap and gown. She looked up at me and whispered, “Is June in there?” I just nodded. “Is she with Steve?” I hesitated and then nodded again. “That little shit. She thinks she’s paying me back for the valedictorian thing.” I had guessed the same thing. “What are they doing now?” I moved my curled fingers to my open lips and moved it in and out as I pushed my tongue into my cheek. Julie covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. I was surprised by that reaction.

I whispered, “He thinks June is you.” Julie nodded and giggled again.

From the lady’s room came a loud groan and Steve announced that he was going to cum. Julie raised a finger in the air and pushed past me slamming the door open just as Steve grabbed June’s head and held her in place as he fucked her face, launching his load. June’s eyes went wide as she was overloaded with cum and they went double wide when she saw Julie and me standing in the open door. June was gagging as she tried to get away from Steve’s cock. He seemed oblivious to our presence as he continued to pump his hips against June’s face.

Cum blew out of her nose and then spewed out the corners of her mouth. She was a mess. There was cum on the brim of her cap and down the front of her gown. When Steve was done, he became fully aware of our presence and he looked from Julie to June and back again. With them both in the room, he recognized the difference and he said simply, “Oh shit.” He released June’s head and she fell backward to her ass. She yelped when her bare ass landed on the cold tile floor.

Steve went into ‘it’s not my fault’ mode. Julie waved him off and said she knew. Steve was maneuvering for the door as he pushed his gooey and sticky cock back in his pants. I blocked his escape until Julie said he could go. Julie said, “Don’t call me again.” He didn’t plead his case or even slow down as he pushed past me.

Julie sat down on the floor beside June and leaned in and kissed her gently. June tentatively returned the kiss and finally lifted her eyes to look at Julie. She said, “I’m so sorry Julie. I don’t know what I was thinking. I just wanted to hurt you.”

Julie kissed her again and said, “I know. I suspected you were up to something when you left the floor. At first, I thought you were going up to hug Dad, but when you moved in on Steve, I knew exactly what you were doing. I had to decide if you wanted me to see you doing this or not.”

June mumbled, “I’m sorry. It was stupid. Can you forgive me?” Julie hugged June and then smiled and nodded.

I broke things up by announcing that the ceremony was about to start. Julie stood up and pulled June to her feet and examined the cum covered mess before her. She pulled out many paper towels and wet them in the sink and then meticulously wiped the cum from her gown and brim of her cap. It left obvious wet spots but they would dry soon enough.

Hand in hand they blew by me and out to the auditorium. They hurried down the aisle to the main floor and took their seats as their friends tittered about their tardiness. The twins were a year older than their friends and the difference in maturity was obvious as they composed themselves amidst all their giggling friends.

Dad had taken a promotion to an overseas position for a year when I was six and the twins were five. There were no English-speaking schools in the area and Mom and Dad decided to keep us out of school until we returned to the States. I lost a year in the first grade and the twins started Kindergarten at age six instead of five. It wasn’t long before school administrators recognized the twin’s aptitude and they proposed moving them a year ahead into my class. They objected because their friends would be left behind so Mom and Dad made the decision to leave them where they were and here they were, ranked first and second in their class.

Julie’s speech was kind of a cookie-cutter graduation speech: We’re adults now and we are heading full steam ahead into the world to make our future. She delivered it well and got a rousing round of applause. Mom and Dad were proud of their girls. After today, no one would ever care whether they were first of second in their class. They were going off to the same college in the fall and their rivalry would be renewed.

After the diplomas were passed out, the ceremony ended with the traditional tossing of the caps in the air. Dad said he had to get right back to the airport and he and Mom kissed and hugged and he patted me on the shoulder as he pushed his way against the exiting crowd toward the main floor. He found Julie and June in a crowd of hugging and kissing teens and gave them each a hug and a kiss. Then he was gone again.

Professional and family photographers were everywhere taking pictures of families and friends that they may never see again. Others would be life-long friends but those would be few. Mom and I waited for what seemed like hours. The twins were very popular with the boys and the girls. Everyone wanted photos with them. Mom and I finally moved down to the main floor to kind of move things along and they got the message. There were kisses and hugs galore. They were careful not to mention tomorrow’s party so that no one would get their feelings hurt because they weren’t invited.

On the way home, Julie called shotgun and June and I got in the back. It was dark. Mom and Julie were jabbering in the front seat and we were quiet in the back. Then June slid over next to me and whispered, “When I was sucking Julie’s boyfriend’s cock, I got really horny. I was going to fuck him but you guys ruined that plan. I sat through that entire ceremony with a soaking wet pussy squishing between my thighs. I’m really horny now and I want your cock. It’s nearly twice the size of Steve’s.”

In the passing streetlights and car headlights, I could see the pleading look in her eyes. Before I could even think of a response my cock had already decided. I reached down to my crotch to adjust the position. June put her hand on top of mine and moved it aside. She took the zipper and pulled it down slowly so it wouldn’t give us away. I was amused by that because we wouldn’t get very far before Mom and Julie knew what we were doing.

June and Julie were still in their gowns. They had thought it would be funny to reveal their nakedness under the gowns to their friends. They hadn’t considered that they were supposed to turn their caps and gowns in after the ceremony. They obviously couldn’t do that so they promised to deliver them to the school tomorrow morning.

June pushed her hand inside my pants and grinned at me when she discovered that I had gone commando. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and it throbbed in her hand. She looked up at my face and whispered, “I love how your cock moves around on its own.” She pulled my cock out in to the air, dropped her head down in my lap and inhaled my glans to her lips. I groaned softly hoping I wouldn’t alert Mom and Julie. They continued their conversation.

June pushed her lips nearly to the base and then stretched her lips out and pulled her lips into my pubic hair like an inch-worm moving down the stem of a flower. She held her position as long as she could and then she pulled up quickly leaving a huge wad of saliva behind. She grinned up at me as she used her right hand to rub it in to my shaft. Then she gripped my cock hard at the glans and pulled the skin tightly across the knob and shaft. I was hoping for another few deep dives with her mouth, but she was already pulling her gown aside so she could climb into my lap.

I stopped her and unbuckled my pants and lifted my hips to push my pants down to my knees. I didn’t want cum stains and her juices soiling them. June was on her knees beside me when I sat back down. At first, I thought she would throw her right leg over my lap and sit down facing me. But instead, she moved her naked ass onto my lap and pulled her left leg across me. I reached around her torso and clamped my fingers onto her breasts. She adjusted her position and lifted herself as she reached down between her thighs to find my hard cock slapping on her pussy. She used her fingers to guide me to the spot and then she drove herself down on my cock.

We both groaned as quietly as we could as she stopped at the bottom of my shaft. June whispered, “Oh fuck, Dex. Your cock in amazing. As quiet as we were trying to be, the insertion groans gave us away. June was pressing her back against my chest as she lifted her hips and dropped them with her legs. I was looking forward over June’s head at Mom’s reflection in the rearview mirror. Her attention was now alternating between the road to us in the backseat. She smiled back at me and I smiled at her reflection. June’s eyes were apparently closed as she pushed herself up and down my shaft. Her gown was completely separated and Mom could see my hands clamped onto June’s tits, tweaking her erect nipples with my index fingers and thumbs.

Julie was talking a blue streak about tomorrow’s party and hadn’t caught on to June and I fucking in the backseat yet. The rhythmic squishing noise gave us away and Julie snapped her head around to see June’s head thrashing from side to side. I grinned at her but she gave me back a scowl before looking at Mom who, at that moment was looking in the rearview mirror. I guess her plan was to complain to Mom to make us stop, but the sultry look on Mom’s face told her to not even bother. Julie pulled her legs into her seat and turned around to face us. Her gown separated and she drove her fingers down in her sex.

Oddly enough, Julie was the first to explode into her orgasm and Mom had three places to share her concentration. Mom said, “I guess you guys couldn’t wait until we got home. You’d better have something left for me.” She was looking straight at me when she said that. I figured that I could cum several times and still get up for Mom’s incredible body and I’d get a chance to prove it as June screamed out, “Oh my God. Dex. I’m cumming.” Her vaginal clenches pulled me over as I poured many shots of cum into her. My first shot drove her into another scream. I was driving my hips up under her to get maximum penetration. June screamed out again, “Fuck. You’re going to split me in half.”

Mom had moved her concentration to the rearview mirror to watch us and then she had to pull back to turn on to our street. As she made her way to our house, Mom loudly said, “Shit,” and she stopped in the middle of the road.

Julie was sitting in her seat with her eyes closed as she luxuriated in the sensation of her masturbating fingers. She looked forward where Mom was looking and said, “What’s wrong.”

Mom pointed toward our house as she said, “Your father’s car is in the driveway. He said he was going to fly right back to his negotiations. As usual, I’m gonna get fucked again.” We all laughed at her choice of language and Mom chuckled before saying, “Let me rephrase. I’m not gonna get fucked again.” We all laughed again. Mom said, “June, baby. Get yourself together okay. Clean your brother’s cock off so he won’t mess up his dress pants, and get those gowns pulled back together.”

June lifted herself off my hard cock and spun around and sank her lips down my shaft as she lashed her tongue around and around the shaft. I was at full size again. While June sucked on my cock, she pulled her gown together and refastened the snaps. Julie did the same. I struggled getting my pants up and under me with my huge erection thwarting every move. Mom slowly moved down the street to our driveway. She looked over at Julie and then in the mirror to be sure everyone was ready before she put the car in park and shut off the engine. Then she burst out laughing. We all joined her as all four doors came open. I stood up and finished getting my cock in place and buckled my belt.

Dad was in the family room watching the news on a twenty-four-hour cable news channel. Before Mom could start her inquisition, Dad said, “I decided to return first thing in the morning. I wouldn’t have been worth anything going back tonight.” Mom went over and sat in his lap and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Dad returned her kiss and stealthily lifted one hand to her breast. She moved her arm to block his attack and pulled her lips back and whispered, “The kids will see.” I had seen but I looked at the TV when Dad looked around to see if any of us had seen him molesting Mom’s tits.

The twins went to their room to get out of their gowns before Dad caught them naked underneath them. Mom got out of Dad’s lap and Dad stood up and grabbed his suitcoat from a dining room chair. He pulled out two envelops and placed them on the kitchen bar.

When the girls came out dressed in their terry-cloth robes their attention went to the envelope with their name on it and picked it up. They carried the envelopes to the family room hefting them like they were unusually heavy. Mom passed them on the way to the kitchen.

June and Julie opened their envelopes at the same time and pulled out celebration cards that I could see said something about graduation. June read hers aloud and Julie’s card was the same. They opened the cards and in unison and they both screamed in stereo. Mom hurried into the family room to see what had happened. Together, the twins pulled cash money from their cards. They counted off hundred-dollar bills as their eyes grew wider and wider with each one. They fanned out one thousand dollars and waved them in the air and then hugged each other as they jumped around together.

Julie peeled off from her embrace with June and leaped into Dad’s lap. June followed and did the same. They kissed and hugged Dad and he was very pleased with their reaction. When his lips came free, he said, “I’m so proud of you two. Finishing first and second in GPA is amazing. You worked hard and you earned it.

The girls were so excited that they bounced around the family room and pulled me up to join them. It looked to me like Mom was completely unaware of these gifts.

When things settled down it was getting late and I announced that I was going to bed. I carefully hung up my suit and went to the bathroom. I decided to take a shower tonight rather than tomorrow morning. I was stepping in as I heard Mom and Dad coming up the stairs. I couldn’t hear their words but it sounded like Mom was saying, “Stop that,” and then giggled. They went to their room and shut the door. I finished up in the bathroom and as I was leaving with a towel wrapped around my waist Mom was coming in. She was in her bath robe which she opened to tease me with her naked body. She whispered, “He’s leaving very early in the morning. Come in and see me when you wake up.” She winked and I went down the hall to my room.

Dad crossed the hall in his boxer shorts. Mom crossed back to her room and flashed me again before disappearing in her room. Dad crossed the hall a few minutes later and the hall light went out. All was completely quiet.

I fell asleep thinking about tomorrow morning. I didn’t know what time the party was starting. I woke in pitch dark. The streetlight out front usually lit up my room so I could see forms and shadows on the darkest of nights. It must have burned out or been broken. I had an eerie feeling that someone else was in the room. When I was little, I was certain that there were monsters in my room when I woke to the feeling that I had now. I lifted my head off the pillow and tried to use my peripheral vision which sees better in the dark to pick up any movement.

Then I heard the soft sound of skin on skin and I concentrated on where the sound was coming from, which wasn’t hard because it was right in front of me. I was listening hard to zero in on the location. Then I heard Dad say, “Maddy. Are you in the bathroom?” There was no reply and then the hall light came on. I would have been blinded by the bright light but I was shadowed by Mom’s naked body standing two feet in front of me diddling herself. Dad looked left toward the stairs and then to the right. He didn’t immediately realize that Mom was standing in my room in the dark. He checked the bathroom and then looked back toward my room. I dropped my head back to my pillow and pretended to be sound asleep. My dick was rock-hard and I wrapped my fingers around the shaft under the covers.

Dad hurried down the hall to my room. He was naked too. He came up behind Mom and whispered, “Maddy. Come back to bed.” Mom seemed totally unaware of his presence and she continue fingering her pussy. Dad put his hand on her shoulder and she stopped. She didn’t react other than to stop diddling herself. Dad put his hands on her slim waist and tried to guide her around to face the hall. She turned as he was guiding her and then she lowered herself to her knees and sucked Dad’s flaccid cock into her mouth. She slurped and sucked and Dad groaned as he tried to get her up and back to bed. Mom swatted his hands away and joined her blow job with a hand job. Dad groaned again and he relented and put his hands on either side of Mom’s head and began fucking her face. She awked and gagged a couple times but she stayed on his cock.

I watched them with fully open eyes kind of hoping that Dad would see me watching. After a couple minutes, Dad groaned and thrust his hips forward as he was obviously pumping his jizz into her mouth. When he was done, he eased his cock from her lips and tried to get her up but apparently, she was already in her bed in her mind and she wanted to lie down right there on the floor beside my bed. Dad was getting frustrated and softly muttered, “Come on Maddy. You can’t sleep here beside Dex’s bed in the nude.” He knelt down beside her and whispered, “Maddy. … Maddy. … Maddy. Get up. …Get up.”

The repeated directions seemed to have an effect and Mom pushed herself up to a sitting position and made a move like she was pulling the bedclothes off her. Then she got up and with Dad’s guidance she stumbled down the hall to the bathroom. I heard her pee and then she reappeared in that zombie walk, with Dad right behind her. They crossed the hall and the hall light went out.

I relived the vision of Mom, on her knees, two feet from me, in silhouette, sucking Dads cock as he fucked her face. I thought it was weird that he didn’t even look to see if I was awake. It didn’t take long for me to blow my load into a wad of tissues. I was sound asleep in minutes.

I must have slept hard because I didn’t wake before Dad left. When Mom came back upstairs, she came down the hall to my room and I woke me with her hand on my morning woody. What a way to wake up. I pulled back my covers and stood up. It was still very dark. Mom led me back to her room by my raging hard-on. Then she said, “I’ll be right back. I have to brush my teeth. My mouth tastes like cum for some reason.” I smiled to myself as I climbed in under her covers. She was back in two minutes and she discarded her robe and slid in beside me.

I couldn’t see a thing and with regard to Mom’s body; I wanted to see everything. I asked her to turn on the lamp on her night table. She did and the brightness was startling for a moment. I got up on my knees and maneuvered my thighs in under hers and pulled her butt-cheeks up on my thighs. I gazed down at her beautiful face, with that sultry look in her eyes, her big breasts, the contours of her body. She was an erotic sight to behold.

Mom seemed to get nervous with me just perched above her looking down. She said, “Dex, Baby. Don’t look too closely. Okay?”

I smiled and said, “Why? You’re beautiful.” She gave a nervous smile like she disagreed. I wasn’t put off. Everyone knows their own flaws and they get oddly consumed by them. Did Mom have some flaws? I suppose. If you looked at individual details you find flaws. She was forty-two. To me, her beauty was in the total package as a whole, not necessarily the details, although they were pretty nice. My cock was bouncing up and then slapping down on her sex. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.

She mumbled, “Your cock is perfect. I’m infatuated by it. It considerably larger than your father’s.” I’d seen Dad’s erect cock just last night up close and yes, my cock was larger, but not considerably larger. I flexed it as hard as I could and Mom watched the sudden movement with a grin on her face.

Her nipples were erect and long. Her sex glistened with sodden wetness as she anticipated the object of her desire, which continue to bounce in front of her. Her clitoris was erect and had pushed out from under the hood. Her juices bubbled around her exposed inner labia. Again, she muttered, “Don’t look too hard.” I ignored her request and she smiled up at me as if she was pleased that I had found no flaws, pleased that I thought she was beautiful.

Mom suddenly had tears in her eyes. The reflections of the table lamp in her eyes tipped me off first. She trembled as she said, “Make love to me Dex. I need someone to make love to me.” I didn’t ask why Dad wasn’t that someone. I had speculated about their sex life but I knew just about nothing about it.

I leaned forward and passionately kissed her on the lips. Mom accepted the gentle kiss and more tears formed and bubbled over the rims of her eyelids and flowed down her cheeks to her ears. I kissed my way down to her chin and neck and down to her breasts. She pressed her hands to her side-boob and pushed her tits up as if to offer them to me. I swirled my tongue around each nipple, hardening them further. She moaned and pushed her head back into the pillow as her chin came up.

Her hands left her breasts and ran down her body until they found my cock. I pulled my hips back so her thighs weren’t perched on mine but I held her legs against my hips and guided my hardness to her wetness. We both groaned as the thickness of my cock pushed inside her wet vagina. I eased the first few inches until the fattest part was inside her pussy and then fired my hips forward until my balls slapped on her ass. She groaned as I entered her and then she screamed as I slammed the rest inside. I pulled back out slowly as Mom gritted her teeth and seethed air into her lungs. I repeated this several times and then I pulled completely out of her and dragged the ridge of my glans over her clitoris and she groaned out, “Oh Jesus Dex. Yes. Yes. Do that.” I did the glans on the clitoris thing as Mom sucked her lower lip to her teeth and bit lightly as she sucked air in through her nose. She released her lip and her lips fell open as she gasped for oxygen. Her torso lifted and then collapsed as her hips started humping up and down as though she were searching for my cock.

I resumed my slow entry and hard finish and Mom sucked in a lungful of air and went completely rigid. I switched to long, deep, full penetration strokes and Mom grunted, “OH FUCK. I’M FUCKED. OH MY GOD, DEX. YES. YYYYYYEEEESSSSSS.” The long ‘yes’ was a loud scream that would have the neighbors calling the cops if we had any neighbors close enough.

Her pussy clenched hard on my cock as I pushed through. Her tightness was incredible. Her eyes went wide as she started bucking her hips up and down. I found her rhythm with mine and she screamed again. I thought that she might wake the twins but that could be a good thing.

I was so engrossed in her violent orgasm that I forgot about mine. Mom screamed out again, “OH GOD, DEX. FUCK ME FOREVER. JESUS. JESUS.” Her clenching pussy went on and on and then Mom yelled, “YES. I’M CUMMING AGAIN.” Her head was thrashing from side to side. She grabbed her tits and squeezed hard. Her hips continued to thrust up under me.

Her hands released her tits and shoved down to her sex. She placed her fingers along her outer labia so she could feel my cock plowing into her. Her head lifted and her eyes looked like they were pleading for me to never stop. I was tiring but I kept going. I could feel that sensation building in my loins. I was getting close and Mom must have felt the increased hardness in my cock, because she yelled out, “FUCK, DEX. GIVE IT TO ME. JESUS, GIVE IT TO ME.”

My orgasm crested like a tsunami and crushed me in its wake. Mom screamed as she felt the powerful bursts of cum in her vagina. She slammed her hips up at me and with eyes even wider, she proclaimed, “OH GOD. JUST LET ME DIE RIGHT NOW. I’M CUMMING AGAIN.”

My pulsing cock and her pulsing pussy were completely out of synch and our orgasms went on for much longer than usual. Cum poured out of me into her sex. She pulled me down to lay on her chest with her arms around my neck. She burst out crying. I didn’t know why and I didn’t ask. She sobbed several times as she clung her arms to my neck pulling her body off the bed to get as close to me as was possible. My hips continued to pump my cock into her until all semblances of my climax were gone. Then I dropped myself down into her and luxuriated in her gorgeous body. We kissed and fondled for a long time. The grayness of dawn had displaced the blackness around the curtains of her room. I reached over and turned out the lamp.

I started to roll off her to Dad’s side of the bed but she clamped her legs over mine and rolled with me until I was on my back and Mom was on top of me. She pushed her torso up on locked arms and playfully dragged her tits over my chest. My softening cock stayed right where it was. She smiled down at me as her vaginal muscle clamped on my cock. She only did that once and then she eased herself down on my body and went to sleep with my cock still buried in her sex.

I woke again to the sound of feet thundering up the stairs and down the hall. Mom’s bedroom door crashed open and June was yelling something about the music equipment had arrived already. Her yelling statement trailed off to a whisper when she saw Mom laying on top of me. Julie arrive moments later and said, “Yeh. It figures. Mom, you have to get up. It’s eight o’clock. Our friends will be here in an hour and contractors are arriving already to set up the yard for the party.” June just stood there gawking at Mom and I like we were food to a starving wolf. She had that look in her eyes like she was going to climb into Mom’s bed with us.

Julie noticed June’s countenance and reiterated her plea to Mom to get up. Mom kissed me and then rolled her pussy off my cock. June moved forward to climb on the bed but Julie grabbed her arm to stop her. They both had a stand-off of angry looks but Julie won and they ran from the room and thundered back down the stairs.

Mom got to her feet and stared down at my erect cock bobbing at the ceiling. She gently bit her lower lip and then pulled her robe on and left the room. I thought about jerking off but then I thought that I might need every bit of jizz I could summon before the next twenty-four hours was over.

I returned to my room to get some clean clothes and then went to the bathroom. Mom was just climbing into the shower. I joined her. We didn’t have sex but it was pretty close as she washed me and I washed her. She giggled and laughed as she tried to fend off my probing hands. We dried each other off and Mom left. I pulled on my clean clothes and checked myself in the mirror. I rubbed a hand over my face and decided that I should shave. After finishing up in the bathroom I walked across the hall to Mom’s room. She was sitting naked at her makeup table, just gazing at her reflection in the mirror, like she was in a trance.

My first thought was, ‘Oh fuck. Mom’s sleepwalking again.’ She didn’t have that glazed eye look and then she blinked and looked over at me in the reflection and smiled. She pursed her lips and sent me an air-kiss. I walked in behind her and bend down and looked at her reflection over her shoulder. I said, “Nice tits ma’am.” She giggled and pulled her eyes away from mine.

I went down stairs to find the house full of contractors setting up for the party. There were tons of balloons and a three-tiered punch bowl. I watched them set up some weird machine that became a chocolate fountain with pyramids of banana slices, strawberries and more exotic fruits.

More contractors were setting up a huge grill on the kitchen bar and a long table for the buffet. The pool was decked out in huge blow up swans, big enough for two people to sit on the back. Several more lounge chairs were being set up.

Mom appeared in her robe. Her hair was perfect, as was her makeup. The contractors stole glances at her and I heard one of the young guys say something about “MILF”. I chuckled to myself. My sentiments exactly.

When the twins came out dressed for the day, there wasn’t much getting done anymore. The company crew boss was a young woman and when she came outside to check on progress, she was pissed that the crew was standing around flirting with June and Julie. She read them the riot act and they were back to work. I ushered the twins inside.

A pretty young woman appeared dressed all in white with a tall stove-pipe white cotton hat on her head. She was obviously the chef and she started preparing a buffet breakfast on the grill on the kitchen bar with covered sterno-fueled covered hot plates on the table that stretched from the dining room into the family room. I was starving and rather than try to fix myself something amidst all these workers, I’d just wait for the buffet.

At nine o’clock the first of the ‘friends’ showed up. I remembered her from school, but I couldn’t place her name. She was shorter than the twins with long straight dark brown hair pulled back to a pony-tail on the top of her head. She had her bathing suit on under her clothes as evidenced by the bikini top tied behind her neck. I admired her body from across the room as June and Julie yelled, “Sophie,” as they all hugged and bounced up and down with excitement.

Sophie had big boobs. Bigger than June and Julie’s. Her proportions were perfect as I had remembered them. She was in the twin’s class. I hadn’t noticed her at graduation last night. I moved over closer to her under the guise of filling a plate with the breakfast buffet. Sophie formed a line behind me and said, “Hello, Dex. How is college?” I was shocked that she knew my name let alone the fact that I had gone to college.”

As I piled scrambled eggs on my plate, I said, “College is great. You’ll love it.”

She placed three sausages on her plate and said, “Oh. No. I’m not going to college. I mean, I’d love to go but my parents can’t afford it.” I was embarrassed that I had started this conversation. We sat down at the dining room table and chatted about a lot of things. I was surprised because Sophie had always been the snobby type who wouldn’t give a nerd like me the time of day.

As we were finishing eating, three more of the five arrived. Sophie excused herself and quickly moved across the room to the foyer to greet them. I remembered two of them but not the third. I had dated one. Her name was Sarah and I was pretty sure that she dated me only as a favor to June or Julie. It didn’t go anywhere and I didn’t get anywhere.

Sarah has an exotic face with huge eyes and long eyelashes. Her puffy lips enhance her look and maybe she had that done artificially. Her shapely, athletic body is capped off with very large breasts. I tried to touch them once during our third date and that was our last date. She is about the twin’s height and she played on all of their sports teams.

The other girl that I knew was Amber. I had never dated her but some of my friends had and they told me she was a freak. I didn’t put any stock in what they said. Teenage boys were notorious for augmenting their perceived sexual conquests. Just below the twins on the zero to ten scale came Amber. She was beautiful, with curly blonde hair, pug nose, big eyes and small firm tits. She was tiny at five-foot-tall and her tits looked perfect on her body.

Sophie made a point of introducing the third girl to me. Her name was Dianna but she asked me to call her Di, like Lady Di. I didn’t remember her at all from school and later found out that she had moved here in the middle of her senior year. It didn’t take long to find out that she was pretty enamored with herself. She tried to affect a British accent and did a pretty good job at it but she slipped every so often. She was one of those that talked about herself in the third person, and she only talked about herself.

Di was fairly attractive but of the four friends who had already arrived, she was at the bottom on a scale basis, which didn’t consider her personality. Still, I gave her a seven for face and body and an overall four when I considered her personality. I gravitated back to Sophie.

The last girl to arrive was Jazmeen or Jaz. She was June and Julie’s best friend growing up. They had been life-long friends and she lived down the street. Jaz was tall and lean and beautiful and I had jerked off to memories of her in a bathing suit in our pool many times. We never dated. She had been like another sister. I chuckled at that thought considering what my real sisters and I were doing now.

June and Julie came in from the backyard managing details and all the friends hugged and kissed. I just watched as I munched on a piece of bacon.

As the party got going, the street clothes came off to their bathing suits, they all wore bikinis and the friends were gushing about the twin’s new skimpy bikinis. I came out in my bathing suit and Julie pulled me aside and said, “No. You aren’t invited. Go away.”

Mom saw from inside what was going on and she came out and took my hand and said, “I need some help inside,” as she led me back in the house. She said, “This is the twin’s party so you need to be scarce, remember?” I nodded and started to turn away. Mom grabbed my arm and said, “I told you I need some help.” She had that sultry look in her eyes again. She pulled herself to me and she wrapped her arms around my back as she pushed her pubis against my right thigh. She stretched up for a kiss and I bent down to accept it.

Mom pushed her left hand down in my bathing suit and gripped my rapidly hardening cock. She chuckled and said, “You’re going to need this tool to give me the help I need.” I laughed and followed her up the stairs with my cock still in her hand.

She stripped my clothes off and then removed hers. She was already breathing hard in anticipation. When she spoke, it sounded like a demon speaking from deep in her chest. “Fuck my ass, please.” The twins had both run for lubrication. Mom did not. She hadn’t used any lubrication other than her pussy juices that first night together. I suspected that this was going to be how it was from now on. She would get me aside, when she felt the urge, and ask me to fuck her ass. I was more than glad to accommodate her needs.

She maneuvered me around so my back was to the bed and she pushed me down so I had to sit on the edge. I knew her next move was to drop to her knees and give me another of her fantastic blow jobs to get me super-hard. I disrupted her process and gripped her hips before she could squat and push my tongue into her sex. I flailed my tongue on her clitoris, eliciting a groan/scream combination and then pushed my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could.

Her reaction was to bend forward and wrap her arms around my head and press her tits to the top of my head. I worked her pussy until she had an orgasm, which was a bonus for her as she pulsed her hips at my face as I licked and slurped and drilled. When I finally pulled back, Mom laughed at my glistening face. I was wet from my eyes down to my chin. I was pleased with myself for giving Mom a little more than she had expected.

Mom grabbed my tee shirt and wiped my face dry. The she resumed her process and dropped herself to her knees and inhaled my semi-erect cock, which was fully erect by the time her lips made their attempt to deep throat me. She came up that same little bit short and gagged. She didn’t pull back like before. She extended her lips forward the remaining distance to my pubic hair and clamped her stretched lips at the base of my cock and pulled and pushed her way down. She held her position for a moment as tears filled her eyes to the brim. I smiled down at her and she tried to smile back with my cock in her throat and she gagged. She pulled back to the glans and started laughing. I laughed with her. She didn’t push all the way back on again as she opted for a fast-paced half-cock blow job as she tightly stretched the skin on my glans with her left hand.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, so I pulled myself away from her when I felt that familiar sensation. She didn’t fight it. She knew what I was doing. She stood up and pushed me to my back and I used my elbow and feet to scramble to the middle of the bed. Mom climbed on the bed and followed me until her knees straddled my waist. She dragged her big tits across my chest. Her nipples were like nails. Her face was flushed with lust as she quickly maneuvered my cock to her pussy. She was already gasping for air. She started mumbling, “Oh God, I need your cock. I need your cock.”

When she was satisfied that we were lined up to fuck her pussy, she seemed to realize that she was making that chant. She gave me kind of an embarrassed smile and then pushed herself down my shaft. We both groaned like we always did as my glans and then the fattest part of my cock push into her. Then she sighed like she was completely content.

She held herself in place at the base of my cock. She reached behind her and gripped my balls in her fingers. She giggled as they moved in her hand. When she started fucking me in full depth strokes, her pussy squished loudly as she pulled herself off and let gravity push her back on. I could feel her juices run down my shaft to my balls. The next logical stop was the bedclothes under me. She didn’t seem to care, so neither did I.

Mom was in her glory as she rocked her hips forward and then back as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her eyes were pinched shut as her mouth had opened to form an “O”. She let her head roll around on her neck as she rolled her hips around to change the sensation my cock was providing.

I was feeling that sensation too and I pushed my hips up into her. She opened her eyes to look down at me. Her eyes asked if I was going to cum. I just nodded as I whispered, “If you keep doing that.” She grinned and put her hands on my ripped abs and pushed herself up and off my cock. I sure hated to see her do that but I knew there was more to come, ‘so to speak’.

I waited to see how she wanted to do this last part. She had sat on it like she was positioned right now and I thought she was going to do that again. Then she pulled her body up and fell off to my side. She rolled over to face away from me and curled her legs up to almost a fetal position and pushed her ass back at me. I got the message and turned on my side and positioned myself low under her ass and positioned my cock at her anus. Just looking down there at her magnificent ass made my gooey cock harder.

Mom reached her hand back and gripped my slippery shaft to guide me to her opening and she lurched when my glans pushed against her anus. She didn’t hesitate as she immediately pushed herself back at me, applying more and more pressure until my glans slid inside her ass. She groaned hard from the intrusion and then muttered, “Oh fuck Dex. That’s incredible. Fuck me Baby.”

I eased my cock deeper in her bowels and then started driving my hips forward and back across the bedclothes. Mom shoved the meaty part of her hand below her thumb to her mouth and bit down to squelch her scream. Although there may have been an element of pain in her scream, she started driving her hips counter to mine as a constant groan erupted from her throat.

I could feel her fingers flailing in her pussy and then encircle my shaft as I pummeled her ass. Mom was whimpering, “Oh God. Oh Jesus. Oh God. Oh Jesus.” My body was beginning to push away from hers so I repositioned and gripped her left tit to hang on. I felt my cock harden further in her and she screamed into the palm of her hand. We were both gasping for oxygen.

I hoped that she was going to cum soon because I was. I wanted to wait for her like I usually did but I was so hot, I just went with whatever happened. I started pumping faster hoping that would push her over the top. She screamed again and yelled out, “Yes. Yes. Oh fuck, Dex. Hurrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy.”

I didn’t need to hurry. I was beyond any control as my balls pulled up tight and Mom groaned out, “OHH GGGAAAWWWDDDD. YEEESSSSSS,” as her sphincter muscle grabbed my cock with such force that I came to a grinding halt as cum boiled out of my balls and up my shaft. Mom shoved the bedclothes by her face into her mouth and let out a blood curdling scream as her body went rigid. Her anal orgasm lasted long past my ejaculation as she clamped hard on my cock. The effect was to keep my cock hard so I couldn’t pull it out of her. She seemed perfectly content to leave my cock imbedded in her ass.

We were both startled by the soft clapping of hands near her closet behind us. I turned my head to see June and Julie in their bikinis giving us a round of applause. Mom didn’t attempt to look. She knew who was there. At least she hoped it was only June and Julie. I looked past the twins and there was no one else behind them.

Neither Mom nor I moved as our breathing slowed. June and Julie came around to the window side of the bed and briefly looked out to see what their guests were doing. It sounded like they were playing volleyball.

The twins climbed up on the bed and grinned down at us. Julie said, “That looks fun.” June was less enthusiastic. Julie said, “Mom. When is the DJ supposed to be here? The equipment is just sitting there. We could use some music.”

June added, “And when does the bartender get here? We could use some drinks.” Mom answered June’s question first that the bartender wouldn’t arrive until after lunch. June frowned. Mom turned toward Julie and told her that the DJ should be there any moment.

As if on cue, the friends in the backyard yelled out, “Yay, the DJ is here.”

Satisfied that they had their answers, they piled off the bed and stood their looking down at us as Mom pulled herself off my hard cock. She groaned as she came off and slid her body to the edge of the bed and stood up. I rolled the other way onto my back and my cock slapped down on my stomach. June and Julie watched my cock and then looked at each other with smiles on their faces. I could almost read their minds. They both giggled and left Mom’s bedroom.

Mom went to the bathroom and I went to one of the three nearly floor to ceiling window looking out on the backyard where all the activity was. I pulled back the lace curtain so I could see. I scanned across the yard, examining each of the twin’s friends in their bikinis while I stroked my cock. I completed my scan and noticed that Sophia must have seen the curtains move and she was looking up at me. Nearly my entire body was visible in the window. She grinned up at me and raised her right hand giving me the universal sign for masturbating. I let the curtains fall back together and stepped back with a face flushed with embarrassment. I went to the bathroom and climbed into the shower with Mom. We hugged and kissed while she lathered up my dick and that action quickly turned into her jerking me off. I fondled her tits and rolled my index fingers over her nipples. She moaned on my lips.

I dried her off and she dried me, using the towel to continue jerking on my cock. I had to pull away from her as she chased me with the towel, like I had chased her once. There was always payback. We both went back to her room and dressed. A load feedback squelch came from the DJ’s equipment and then music started playing. It was loud and Mom hurried down the stairs. I watched through the lace curtain and Mom hurried over to the DJ and I could see her talking. The music quieted considerably to the complaints of the twins and their friends.

I was careful to stay out of the way for the rest of the day by staying on the periphery. The girls were having a good time as were the friends. I pretty much had a hard-on all day from watching seven beautiful girls in their skimpy bikinis as they danced on the wide concrete decking around the pool. When they started playing “Marco-Polo” in the pool, I went back inside wishing that I could go back in time and kill the person who invented that game.

Mom was in the family room reading a ‘People’ magazine. She laughed when she saw my erection tenting on my shorts. She said, “I don’t know why you insist on torturing yourself with those girls.” She flipped a few pages and put the magazine down on the coffee table. She motioned for me to come over and then patted the cushion next to her. I came over with zero embarrassment about my obvious tent.

Mom ran the palm of her hand over the top of my tent and said, “Oh my. You really are hard.” I nodded and watched to see what she was going to do next. She wrapped her fingers around my shorts-clad shaft and squeezed. My erection got harder as I let out a groan.

She grinned at me when my dick pushed back on her squeeze and released her grip. I prayed that she wasn’t done. She pulled my zipper down and reached inside my shorts and pulled out my erection. She smiled at me and I smiled back as my heart pounded in my chest. She reached in again and pulled my balls out past the zipper and she started slowly jerking me off. My head dropped back against the sofa as a groan escaped my throat. Mom giggled and increased her pace.

It wasn’t long before I mumbled, “Fuck, Mom. I’m gonna cum.” I didn’t have anything to catch the imminent arrival of my ejaculation and Mom didn’t seem to be making any move to get something. I pulled my head back from the sofa and looked down at Mom’s jack-hammering hand as she grinned at me. I could feel the pressure build and my balls tighten and at the last moment, Mom bent forward and pushed my glans between her lips. It wasn’t a moment too soon either. Her hand continued and she drank cum from my hose as she rhythmically gulped down my load. Not a drop escaped from her lips until she pulled off and pushed a big glob of cum out on her lips before sucking it back inside. A little cum drooled over her lower lip to her chin. She swallowed and showed me her vacant mouth. I grinned at her and she giggled as she wiped her lips and chin with the back of her hand.

Mom held my cock as it softened and then she pushed it back in my shorts and zipped me up. I got up and went to the kitchen to get a soda. The pretty chef was preparing for lunch and she smiled at me. She hadn’t been there when I came downstairs and I wondered if she had witnessed Mom’s hand job/blow job. She gave no indication that she had seen anything but she did obviously check out my package as I left the kitchen. I checked too to see what she had seen. The tent was gone, thank God.

Mom was looking through the People magazine again when I returned. I picked up a sports magazine and started flipping through it.

The chef stepped into the family room and announced to Mom that lunch was ready. Mom smiled and stood up and walked to the open doorway to the three-season room and announced that lunch was ready. Several minutes later the seven girls filed into the dining room wrapped in towels. Their hair was wet so they had come out of the pool. I waited until they had filed past the buffet platters before I got on the end of the line. Mom joined me and the chef and the DJ and another support guy came in behind Mom. The girls had found seats inside, so I went outside and sat in a lounge chair to eat. The DJ came out and returned to his equipment that was playing oldies songs. The extra support guy came out and sat down on the grass next to a pile of foam noodles. The chef came out and sat across from me at the picnic table. She made no move to talk to me but I kept seeing her looking over at me.

Julie came out without her food and motioned for me toward the hot tub. I left my plate on the picnic table and followed Julie. She quietly said, “I’m still worried that Mom will sleepwalk in the nude tonight. Did she do it last night.” I smiled and nodded expecting her to sigh in relief. Her eyes lit up and went wide. She said, “Oh my God. Spill the deets.”

I teased her by saying, “I shouldn’t say.” Julie glared at me and punched me hard in the chest. “Okay. Okay. When Dad got to her, she was standing naked a foot from my bed. I could sense that she was there from her breathing or something but I couldn’t see a thing until Dad turned on the hall light.”

Julie was grinning and nodding and said, “Did she do anything when Dad caught up to her?”

I smiled and hesitated. I knew this is what she wanted to hear and I teased her with the hesitation. She punched me again. That one hurt. She went to punch me again but I fended her hand away. “She did what she does. Honest to God. She dropped to inhale Dad’s cock. She was two feet from me. I laid there with my eyes wide open expecting that Dad would realize any moment that I was watching them. He never noticed. He was too busy jack-hammering his cock in her mouth. She can deep throat Dad but she can’t deep throat me, or I should say, she couldn’t but she did today.” Julie grinned and I said, “So, you shouldn’t have to worry about tonight.”

The look that passed over her face made me think that she was actually disappointed now that she seemed sure that Mom wouldn’t disrupt their sleepover.” She caught me looking down into her micro bikini top and punched me again before walking away. I returned to the picnic table and sat down across from the chef. She smiled at me and offered her right hand as she said, “Hi. I’m Fatima. I work for the company that your mother hired to put on this shin-dig.”

I shook her offered hand and said, “I’m Dex. The twin’s older brother. I’m home for the summer from college.” I don’t know why I felt compelled to say that, other than to let her know that I wasn’t a dead-beat son, with no future. She smiled and sucked her index finger and then her middle finger into her mouth before wiping her hand on her napkin.

Dianna, or as she preferred, Di or Lady Di or whatever, appeared from inside and walked up to the picnic table and without even excusing herself for breaking up our conversation, said, “The French fries are cold. Di can’t stand cold French fries. Di didn’t like the spices you put on the hamburgers either.”

Fatima stopped our conversation in mid-sentence and looked at ‘Lady Di’ with contempt in her eyes. Dianna stepped back from the table. Fatima stood up and excused herself. She turned, without addressing Di’s complaint, and went inside. Di looked uncomfortable, as though she didn’t know if she should follow Fatima or not. She looked at me and I looked at her until she finally turned on her heels and went back inside.

Several minutes later, Fatima sat back down across from me at the picnic table and resumed eating. I had finished mine. Sparks were flying in Fatima’s eyes. She was clearly angry and not because she had been interrupted from her lunch. I was sure that was a common occurrence. She looked up from her plate and studied me for a moment and then spoke, “I hate people like her. Snobby bitch.” She stopped talking and continued her assessing gaze.

I grinned and nodded my head and said, “It’s the first characteristic that I noticed when I met her this morning.” Fatima smiled with relief as though after making her initial comment, she would find out that Di was my girlfriend or something.

She said, “I should be used to dealing with people like her in this business. Girls like her called me “Fatty” when I was in high school.” She watched me check her out and smiled, “I’m not fat anymore but I was then. I suppose, given my name and my plus-sized dresses, “Fatty” was an appropriate nick-name. High school girls are the meanest people on the planet, especially girls like ‘Lady Di’ over there.” She added double finger air-quotes to her use of Dianna’s self-ascribed moniker.

I finished my assessment of her slim figure and looked back up at her grinning face. She twisted in her seat to give me different angles to check her out and then she wiped her fingers on her napkin and used her hands to push her ample tits together. She laughed at the look on my face and then her face flushed with embarrassment. I laughed too as my uncontrollable dick hardened in my shorts. I was thankful that her view was blocked by the picnic table.

We chatted a while longer until June and Julie and their friends came back outside. I told Fatima that I was supposed to make myself scarce and she giggled and said, “Me too.” My erection had disappeared, so I stood up and took our paper plates to the trash barrel. Fatima followed with the empty soda cans.

As we went back inside, it was hard not to notice that Sophie was now wearing June’s micro-bikini. Her body was similar to the twins except Sophie has huge tits and the micro-bikini top, which barely contained the twin’s tits, was totally not up to the task on Sophie. It was an accident waiting to happen and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. My erection was back in an instant and I bumped into Fatima, cock first, who had stopped to look too. Fatima glanced down to see what had poked her in the lower back. I pulled my gaze from Sophie to excuse myself for colliding with Fatima but she was gawking at my tented shorts. I said, “Sorry,” to her forehead.

She lifted her eyes to mine and I took note for the first time that they were almost black. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them. I hadn’t even noticed them while we chatted at the picnic table. Fatima broke the trance as she said, “For what?” Her eyes dropped back down to my crotch while I adjusted the position of my cock. She looked back up with those eyes again and smiled before muttering, “Nice. Very nice.” She gave me a very sultry smile and then turned back toward the kitchen.

I heard a splash and then a roar of laughter behind me and I tore my gaze from Fatima’s swaying ass to see what had happened. I was not surprised to see that Sophie had lost her bikini top in the pool. Amber had retrieved the top as she knelt at the edge of the pool and she was ignoring Sophie’s pleading for her to throw it back in. I could see where this was going. I went back to the picnic table to watch.

Sophie was getting angry as Amber teased her by holding the top just out of her reach and when Sophie jumped up to snatch it away from Amber, her big, round tits splashed out of the water and flopped up on her chest only to flop back down again when she plummeted back in the water. The girls were all chanting, “Sophie. Sophie. Sophie.” I ran the palm of my hand down the crotch of my shorts as I watched.

Sophie swam to the pool stairs and without hesitation she walked out of the pool. It was like in the movies when the big titted woman walks out of the water with tit flesh bobbing and jiggling in slow motion. Sophie ignored the fact that she was topless and headed directly for Amber who was laughing and waving the bikini top at her. Sophie lunged for the top as her tits went everywhere. Amber laughed and threw the top to Sarah and so it went until somehow, the top landed on the picnic table and I picked it up. Sophie ran over as I stood up. The others were urging me to throw the top but I held it well above Sophie’s reach while she put on an awesome display of bouncing tit-flesh as she jumped up to get it from me.

Then she changed her tactic. She walked in close to me and pushed her wet tits against my tee shirt and looked up into my eyes and then she grabbed my erection through my shorts. She grinned up at me as I bent over double in reaction. She snatched the micro-bikini top from my hand with her free hand and began rubbing my cock through my pants to the applause and roar of the others.

June came over and helped Sophie get back into the bikini top as Mom walked out in the yard and broke things up. Sophie released my cock and stood back and looked down at my tented erection. She looked back up and grinned at me. It seemed that everything she was thinking at that moment was written right there on her face and what I read there made me blush.

Mom took my hand and led me back inside to the hooting and hollering girls. Fatima was standing at the doorway watching as Mom led me past. Once inside, she turned around and got up in my face and said, “I told you to stay out of the way and then I see that you are the center of attention. I think you should just go to your room for the rest of the day.”

I felt that I had been improperly chastised, especially in front of Fatima, but I complied and went up the stairs to my room. I gave an embarrassed smile to Fatima as I went.

I don’t have a window to the backyard in my room so I went to Mom’s room and watched the festivities from there. The party really got risqué after the bartender arrived and the girls had downed a few drinks. Mom was taking a risk serving alcohol to minors but because they were spending the night she relented to the twin’s demands.

From my perch on the second floor, I watched as Jaz and Sarah went behind the hot tub and lit up a joint. From that distance, I could only tell it was a joint from the way they held it and passed it back and forth. No one ever smokes a joint holding it between their index and middle fingers like they would a cigarette. It became a three-way pass-around when June came over. She was wearing her own micro-bikini top again. They all stole glances to see if Mom was around.

The music had steadily gotten louder and Mom had not come out to get the DJ to turn the volume down like she had earlier. The girls were getting bombed and they were getting handsy with each other. Sophie and ‘Lady Di’ were in the hot tub and they had removed the other’s bikini tops under the water and then they were in a lip-lock as their hands were obviously caressing the other’s tits. My cock went instant hard. I had pulled a wing-backed arm chair over to the window so I could sit down. I watched the hot tubbers getting more passionate and I pulled up the leg of my shorts and began jerking myself off to the show. I had brought a towel knowing I would be doing this before long.

I noticed that other girls were watching Sophie and Dianna in the hot tub too so this was nothing new to this group of friends. It didn’t take long to shoot my load into the towel. After that, my eyelids slowly grew heavy and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I drifted off to sleep with my dick still in my hand.

When I returned to a semi-consciousness, I felt a pressure on the end of my dick. There was no movement, just an unusual pressure and I realized that I had been in an erotic dream and the details had already faded away leaving me with an erection and this unusual pressure. I ran my hand up my shaft and collided with an obstruction and that brought me the rest of the way to consciousness. Once there, I knew what the obstruction was and I smiled as I opened my eyes.

I had expected Mom’s lips to be locked on my glans but my eyes went wide open as Fatima’s lips smiled up at me around my hard cock. She pulled back and flicked her tongue on the ‘eye’ and she whispered, “Nice. Very nice.” I smiled down at her. I was a little disappointed that she was fully clothed. I was hoping to check out her once fatty figure further.

Fatima spread my legs and slid her body in closer and then pushed her mouth back on my cock and started in incredible blow job. Her black eyes captivated me again as she pushed her lips down my shaft about half-way and then pulled back up to the ridge and back down again. Her right hand was gripping the base to hold my cock in place while she sucked on it. I groaned out, “Oh fuck. You’re incredible.” Her eyes smiled as she kept up the same pace.

There was a roar of applause out in the yard but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from hers to see what it was. She changed her pace several times to push herself deeper on my shaft and then opened her mouth wide as she furiously drove her head up and down emitting an, “aaawwwkkk, aawwkkk” on every push. She reached up my shorts with her free hand and fondled my balls with her fingers. She pulled her lips up my shaft and slurped the following wad of saliva back in her mouth and said, “Cum for me, Dex,” as she pushed back on again. I groaned hard as I pushed my hips up to meet her descent.

I didn’t want to cum. I wanted to watch Fatima suck my cock for the rest of time, but that’s not how things work and I could feel my eruption coming on strong. Fatima felt it too and her eyes smiled at me as she started deep throating me with one finger wrapped around the base. Her ball fondling increased and moments later, I was groaning hard as I pumped stream after stream of cum into her mouth. She was an accomplished cock-sucker and she swallowed as I filled her up. Her black eyes went wide at first as she struggled to get that first swallow. Then she was okay.

When she was satisfied that I was done, she pulled her lips up my shaft and licked her tongue around the ridge. She licked her lips and plucked cum from the ‘eye’ with the tip of her tongue before pushing her lips down the shaft again licking me clean as she went.

I never got to see her naked body and she had nice tits too. After kissing me with her cum tasting lips she whispered, “You’re a nice guy. I think I could go for a guy like you.” She handed me a card and left the room. I just sat there reminiscing about her amazing blow job and then I looked at the card. It had her name and company name and the company phone number along with the company logo. I turned it over and she had written another phone number and the word ‘cell’ on the back. I smiled to myself and pushed her card into my pants pocket.

When my attention returned to the backyard, I noticed that the bartender was gone as were the bottles of booze. The damage was done though. All of the girls were dancing to the music on unsteady legs. Sophie was topless again and the others were tweaking her nipples as they danced past her. She was loving it as she lifted her boobs in her hands and pushed them toward the other girl’s faces. Dianna took every opportunity to kiss Sophie’s nipples as she staggered by.

I heard footsteps on the carpet and waited to see if Fatima had returned with other thoughts in mind. I had never put my cock back in my shorts and it was up again. Mom spoke from behind me and startled me a little. She said, “Have you been up here all afternoon jerking off?” Her hands came down on my shoulders as she kissed the top of my head.

I lifted my head as far back as I could and offered my lips to her and she kissed me. I said, “Duh? Have you seen what is going on out there? Of course, I’m sitting her jerking off.”

Mom looked out the window to the backyard and said, “Pretty hot isn’t it. I probably should have rethought the alcohol.” She giggled and I got a whiff of booze on her breath. “I’ve been watching from downstairs and I was getting pretty steamed up. That Sophie doesn’t mind flaunting her big tits, does she? Then I remembered that I had a tool up here to release the pressure.” She kissed me on the head again and then came around and dropped herself into my lap facing me with her knees on the arms of the chair. She encircled the back of my neck with her hands and leaned in and kissed me with considerable passion.

Still perched on the arms of the chair, she started unbuttoning her semi-transparent silk blouse. She pulled the tails of the blouse out of her flowing, pleated skirt while I worked on her front clasp bra. I had done this before and I was much quicker this time. She pulled back the bra and her blouse to fully expose her breasts. She ran her hands under her breasts and lifted them to her lips and kissed each nipple while she pushed them together to further enhance her already abundant cleavage. To say the least, my cock was ready for action again as it was bouncing up and slapping on her sex and then slapping back down on my stomach. Mom moaned every time my cock rebounded off her clitoris.

She lifted her skirt to show me that she wasn’t wearing any panties and the sight of my cock autonomously slapping on her pussy hardened it further. My eyes went back to her boobs when she dropped her skirt.

With no preliminaries, Mom reached between her legs and guided my cock to her vagina and groaned hard as she pushed herself on. With her knees perched on the chair arms she couldn’t drop herself any further down my shaft than the glans so she fucked that for several strokes. We had done that before and I knew she like it. She leaned forward and pressed her forehead against mine and whispered, “Do that knob-fuck thing, Dex.”

I joined the action by rapidly driving my glans in and out of her pussy. She let out a short scream and then shoved her hand to her mouth. She muttered around her hand, “Oh Jesus. I’m so horny. Fuck me hard, Baby.” I did and she screamed into her hand again and again.

The look on her face, when she exploded into her orgasm, was purely erotic and mine followed close behind. I wasn’t certain that she would ever stop. She clenched on my spasming cock long after I had shot my last salvo. Afterward, we sat forehead to forehead for at least two minutes unmoving except for our chests heaving to suck in oxygen. Once she got enough air, she started muttering, “Oh Jesus. That was amazing. Thank you, Baby. With the girl’s antics, I really needed that.”

Out in the yard, there was a commotion and Mom pulled back to see what was going on now. She pivoted into my lap pulling my spent cock from her pussy. Dianna and Sophie had become the center of their inebriated celebration. They were writhing around in the grass. They were both naked and kissing and grabbing each other everywhere they could reach. The others were cheering and urging them on. It wasn’t very long before they had maneuvered themselves into a sixty-nine and then the fireworks really took off. The other girls were either fingering themselves or someone else as bikini tops were pulled up over tits and bottoms pulled aside in the crotch. Dianna and Sophie pushed each other higher and higher. Grunts and groans came from everywhere

Mom looked at me and said, “Oh dear. I should go break that up.” She didn’t move though, as we continued watching. Mom looked back at me and we both said in unison, “Nah.” We laughed as Mom began fondling my cock again and I wasn’t surprised that it slowly reacted to her attention.

Dianna and Sophie both detonated into their orgasms together and the cheers went up. The DJ hadn’t come out from behind his station but he was stretching up to see as much as he could and he was jerking himself off. None of the girls even noticed as some had to sit down on the grass to finish themselves off. I wished that I had a video of this.

Mom let go of my cock and said, “I guess I have to break this up, as much as I hate to.” She looked down at my cock pointing up at her face as she climbed out of my lap. She pointed at it and said, “Later?” as though she were talking directly to it and not me.

I grinned and nodded as I said, “Anytime.” I could hear Mom’s footsteps going down the stairs. Moments later, Mom appeared in the backyard. In her haste, she had forgot to redo her bra and button up her blouse. She noticed at the same instant that I did and she turned back toward the house fumbling her hands on her chest. I couldn’t tell if any of the girls caught her or not. They were pretty much totally involved with the Dianna and Sophie thing, which was breaking up when Mom first appeared.

By the time Mom made her second attempt to break things up, they had already broken up. The DJ was hurrying to get his dick back in his pants and many of the girls had jumped into the pool to hide their disarray. Mom turned in circles looking for a target but all was in order. She motioned for June and Julie to follow her inside. I could see the smirk on their faces when Mom turned back toward the house. They fixed an innocent smile on their faces and went inside.

They appeared minutes later giggling face to face as they gathered the others around. Words were spoken but I couldn’t hear them. Then they all laughed. They were all back in their bathing suits again and drying off from the pool. Several of them went inside. Dianna and Sophie renewed their passion in the hot tub in spite of what was a warning passed from Mom to the twins to the others. God only knows how the twins had tempered Mom’s warning.

I was watching the hot tub and slowly stroking my cock when I heard a noise at the doorway. Without looking, I said, “Back for another round? I’ve got it right here waiting for you.”

A new voice from over my shoulder said, “Where is the bathroom? There’s a line downstairs.” My head snapped around as I pulled my cock to my stomach and covered it with my hand. It was Amber. She was staring at my lap.

I said, “It’s across the hall,” and I pointed that way with my covering hand before I realized what I was doing. My cock leaped up off my stomach and bobbed in the air. I quickly pulled my pointing hand back and pulled my cock back to my stomach. My face felt like it was on fire with embarrassment. She made no urgent move to leave and she didn’t say anything else until she got back to the doorway.

She stopped and said over her shoulder, “That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” She giggled as she closed the door to the bathroom.

I muttered to myself, “Well, that was embarrassing.” I got out of the chair and closed Mom’s bedroom door and returned to the chair. Moments later, the bedroom door opened and Amber stuck her head in and said, “I don’t know why you and I didn’t get together when you were in school. Call me sometime.” She closed the door and I heard her going down the stairs.

Then I heard thundering footsteps coming up the stairs. It had to be either Julie or June. No one sounded like a herd of elephants like them. The door burst open and Julie ran in and launched herself into my lap like Mom had. She grabbed my cock away from my hand and said, “So, big brother I hope you’ve had a good time jerking off to my friends. Their crazy hot, don’t you think?” I smiled at her but didn’t answer her question. One of her tits had popped out from under her top when she dropped into my lap. She didn’t notice but I did and my cock hardened in her hand. She gripped it harder in response.

She pulled her face to mine and whispered in my ear, “Amber says you have the biggest dick she’s ever seen and she wants me to fix you guys up. I was surprised that you two hadn’t already hooked up. She did all your friends when she did her ‘tour of the nerds’ last year.” I just smiled at her as she started jacking on my hard cock. She looked down and said, “Did Amber see it like that?” I nodded. “Well, no wonder.” She leaned in and kissed me on the lips and then released my cock and pulled herself out of my lap. Then she noticed that her tit was free and she pulled her bikini top over it and ran from the room.

My cock was throbbing from her attention. I was hoping that she would finish me off. My hand returned to my shaft and I was just getting back up to speed when the door burst open again. It was like Mom’s room had become Grand Central Station. June rushed over and dropped to her knees between mine. She grabbed my cock from me and resumed my motion. She looked up at me with a grin on her face and said, “Julie told me how she had left you. What a meany she is.” She said nothing else as she pushed her lips almost to the base and then extended her lips and pulled herself the rest of the way down. She gagged and pulled back to the ridge and sucked back a wad of saliva.

She smiled up at me as she sucked my cock until I blew my load in her mouth. She had pulled back to the ridge in anticipation and she was getting better at swallowing. When I was done, she popped her lips off my knob and kissed it before springing to her feet and ran from the room pulling the door shut as she left. I heard her bounding down the stairs. My cock was wet from June’s mouth as it slowly softened.

My plan for fake sleepwalking was planned for tonight. I’d had no plans for the sex I’d already had today. Getting fucked by Mom and then a big surprise blow job from Fatima and then Julie and June’s tag-team hand job/blow job.

I fell back asleep and was awakened by Mom saying that dinner was on. She didn’t stay. I came down the stairs to find Amber gawking at me. Her gaze went from my face to my crotch and I turned red with embarrassment again. She grinned at me and lifted her hand to her face with her fingers curled into a fist except for her thumb at her ear and her little finger at her mouth in the international signal, “Call me”. I smiled at her and hurried past. I saw Fatima with a smile on her face following me across the room to the buffet trays on the dining room table. I’m sure my face got even redder. I could feel the heat.

Everyone was eating inside wherever they found a place to sit. I started to go outside to the picnic table again but I stopped when I realized that Amber was getting up to follow me. I stopped and Amber nearly ran into my back. I turned and smiled at her and then found a single seat at the end of the bar. The upside and downside of that spot was that Fatima was stationed in the kitchen only a foot or two from where I was sitting. She was grinning at me and had maneuvered her position so she could check out my crotch. It wasn’t going to be difficult for everyone else to know exactly what she was doing.

I turned to face only her and gave her a look to stop and she started working at the grill again and ignored me. Unfortunately, Mom caught our exchange and motioned for me to come around the corner to the hall outside the twin’s room. She moved in close and whispered, “Have you been fucking the help today?”

She wasn’t pissed off and I answered honestly, “No. Mom.” She looked from one of my eyes to the other and back again trying to discern if I was lying. Since I technically wasn’t lying, I was able to survive her scrutiny. She kissed me on the lips and walked past me without another word. I followed her back to my seat.

The sun was low on the horizon and it would be setting soon. The DJ had packed up his gear and left. The girls were beginning to sober up and some had already changed into their pajamas. Others were in their street clothes and I suspected that their night clothes were not appropriate attire at this time.

I wondered what would be the best time to pull off my sleepwalking prank. It should be late after Mom had gone to sleep. I had all night.

After dinner, Fatima was cleaning her grill and packing everything out to her van in the driveway. I offered to help her and she readily accepted. Once in the van, she launched herself at me and locked her lips on mine and pushed her hip into my groin. She broke our embrace and said, “Call me, please.” I just smiled and nodded. We went back in for another load. All loaded up, she got behind the wheel and started the engine. I stood by her window and smiled as she drove off.

The party was down to Mom, me and the girls. I was still on warning to stay away from the girls but that was getting harder to accomplish because the girls were making a point to not stay away from me. They were looking at me with sultry smiles and stealing glances at my crotch. Apparently Amber was a big mouth and she had relayed what she had seen to the others. Now they were all curious.

Mom noticed what was going on and she pulled me aside and suggested that I go back to my room and stay there. I was okay with that. I still had my plan to execute later.

I watched TV in my room until it was my usual bedtime and I turned off the TV and the lights. I closed my door and climbed in under the covers. My cock had a perpetual hardness as I anticipated my plan. I was almost asleep when I heard my doorknob turn. Whoever it was was trying hard to make a covert entry. The door eased open but they hadn’t turned on the hall light so I couldn’t see who it was. The darkened form moved a step into my room and stopped as they realized that their feet compressing the carpet fibers made a distinct noise. My cock grew harder and my hand went to it.

Then the hall light went on and the person was in silhouette, backlit by the hall light. I heard a single muffled, “shit”. I still couldn’t make out who it was. Mom’s face appeared above the top step and she raised her hand and motioned for the person to come back toward her. The girl turned to her right to retreat from my room and from the size of her bust, it could only have been Sophie. She moved back to the hall and closed my door as gently as she had opened it. I saw the hall light go out under my door and I thought to myself as I envisioned my hands and lips on her huge tits and then my cock sliding between her globes, “Damn it Mom. You’re going to pay for this.”

I woke when Mom came upstairs and used the bathroom before retreating to her room. She did it all in the dark. I half expected that she would drag me into her room so I could ‘help her with my special tool’. I was disappointed when she didn’t. It would have been a big risk, so I wasn’t surprised.

I planned to wait an hour and a half and then I dozed off in the middle before waking with a start concerned that I had blown up my plan before I even got it started. I checked the digital clock on my bureau and was relieved that I was still on schedule. My cock was throbbing hard. My heart was racing. Blood was coursing through my ears so loud that I was sure it would give me away. I had to be perfectly relaxed like I would be if I just walked downstairs to watch TV.

I stood up and I could feel the tension in my torso. I shrugged my shoulder many times to relax. I used a flashlight on my night table to practice my ‘creepy eye’ sleepwalking look. It had fooled the twins before. I was sure I could pull this off again.

Judging from how the girls were acting when I had been banished to my room, I doubted any of them would be inclined to call me on my ruse anyway. My heart was slowing and the booming sound in my ears was gone. I didn’t have to worry about my dick. It knew its role and it was bobbing up and down above the horizontal urging me to get on with it.

I slowly turned my door knob and pulled the door back. It was dark in the upstairs hallway but I could see light filtering up from downstairs. I could already hear the girls laughing and cheering. They were having a good time. I was pleased that the day had gone so well for June and Julie. They had fretted about it for a week. Everyone seemed to have had a great time. I could tell that Mom was frazzled and I expected that she would sleep like a log.

I slowed down by Mom’s door and even walked past on the sides of my feet so diminish the sounds of the carpet fibers being compress under my weight. At the top of the stairs, I looked down at my cock and whispered, “Are you ready, buddy.” I chuckled to myself as my cock jumped up several inches before settling back to the same level. I started down the stairs in my ‘creepy eye’ look and unsteady ‘zombie’ walk. I heard some activity in the twin’s bedroom and I resolved to walk on by with my goal being first the kitchen and the refrigerator and then the family room. If the TV was on, I’d pick up the remote control and click it off and sit down like I had just turned it on.

There was laughter in the twins’ room and just as I approached their room looking straight ahead, Jaz popped through the door heading for the kitchen and family room beyond. The hall light wasn’t on and Jaz hadn’t seen me in the dark at first but then she realized there had been movement and she stopped and looked back. I kept right on going like she wasn’t even there.

Jaz was startled and she jumped a foot and let out a scream before she could get a hand to her mouth. I zombie walked ahead and passed the twin’s bedroom door. Julie nearly collided with me when she responded to Jaz’s scream and she came up short of her doorway. In the darkened hallway, I doubt if Jaz had realized that I was naked. When she recognized me, she gasped the air from her lungs and said, “Jesus, Dex. You scared the shit out of me.” I kept going undeterred.

Julie came into the hallway behind me and hurried up beside me. I could see her in my peripheral vision try to look up into my face as I staggered on. Jaz was moving backward as I moved toward her. She was confused and said, “Dex. What the fuck? Are you okay?” Julie spoke softly, “June. Dex is sleepwalking again. You won’t believe the hard-on he has.”

Jaz was already in the light filtering in from the family room and another step and I would be in the light too. Jaz had heard Julie say that I was sleepwalking but it hadn’t registered in her mind. Then I stepped to the corner of the dark hall and Jaz’s hand went back to her mouth as she yelled, “Holy fuck.” She was staring at my bouncing cock. June moved past me being very careful not to touch me. She shushed Jaz and said, “Keep it down Jaz. He’s sleepwalking. Don’t wake him up. Jaz moved past the kitchen entrance and I turned toward the refrigerator. Jaz flipped up the light switch for the kitchen. She muttered, “Oh my God. Look at that thing.

June went by me and ushered Jaz into the family room. I could hear the commotion starting in there as Jaz explained what she had seen. June explained what was happening and reiterating basically what I had told them about Mom’s sleepwalking episodes. She cautioned everyone to avoid waking me up. There was no telling what I’d do if that happened. Julie moved into the kitchen behind me and she checked my eyes when I turned around. She seemed satisfied that they looked the same as the last time.

Julie decided to hold her position in front of me to see if I would stop because she was in the way. I had already worked through this tactic and I popped the top on the soda and walked forward like she wasn’t there. She stepped to the side at the last moment before I collided with her.

As I came out of the kitchen, I zombie walked to the left heading for the family room. All of the girls had congregated by the bar. I could see them all in my peripheral vision. I could hear them all jabbering about my cock. Their secondary interest was the sleepwalking itself. I heard Sarah saying, “What is sleepwalking? Is that a thing?” Dianna and Amber were explaining the condition to Sarah.

My cock was harder than when I hit the top of the stairs. The TV was on one of the music channels. The audio was turned down so it was just background music. I picked up the remote and clicked the power button. The TV went black but I acted like it had just come on. I acted like I was clicking through channels. I set the remote down and sat back on the middle cushion of the sofa. I started stroking my erection while all seven of the girls crowded around gawking at me.

Sophie was having a tough time believing that I wasn’t scamming them and she yanked her thigh length tee shirt over her head and stepped between me and the TV. I saw it coming and I prepared to give her no reaction. She got none. She still wasn’t satisfied as she dropped her hands to her sex and spread her outer labia exposing her pink vagina. She got no reaction. I took a sip of my soda. When I yawned, Sophie was pissed. She’d probably never had a guy yawn when she was showing him her tits and pussy. The other girls snickered at the snub.

Julie said, “He doesn’t see anything. He’s oblivious to our presence.”

Sarah asked, “What happens if we touch him?”

Before there was an answer to Sarah’s question, Amber said, “Yeh. What if we touch his dick?” All of the girls snickered as they looked to Julie for an answer. I chuckled as though I was watching a comedy. It had worked before and had actually covered up a real chuckle when the twins were trying to get a response from me.

Julie looked at me when I chuckled and said, “He must think he’s watching something funny on TV.” The twins had seen all of this before but I understood that they obviously couldn’t reveal that they had seen me doing this before and her answer to the what happens if they touch my dick question was just as obtuse.

June interrupted Julie as she was clearly struggling with how to proceed without giving away the fact that they had sucked and fucked their big brother the last time they saw me sleepwalking. June said, “I don’t know what will happen.” Even though she knew full well what would happen. Nothing. She looked to each of her friends and said, “Who wants to see.”

I chuckled when I saw five hands shoot into the air. Like before, the previous chuckles masked this real one. Sophie pulled the coffee table away from the couch as they all moved onto the sofa or beside my legs being careful not to touch me. I wasn’t surprised that Sophie was the first to reach out and put finger on the tip of my glans. She left it there and I stopped stroking my cock and pulled my hand back. I heard Dianna say. Jesus Julie. You’ve had the biggest cock in school living right here with you.”

Julie whispered, “Yeah. Who knew?” Sophie was the only one so far with the guts to touch me and she went further by gripping my shaft just below the glans. She didn’t grip it hard but then she slowly started a hand job. I let out an uncontrolled groan and Sophie stopped and everyone was holding their breath. Sophie seemed satisfied that I was still asleep and she resumed her hand job as the others leaned in closer. Amber whispered, “Kiss it Sophie.” The others all nodded but they made no move to do anything.

Sophie pushed herself lower between my knees and lifted my cock toward her face. She was gripping my cock harder and she planted her lips on my glans. Everyone held their breath waiting to see what I’d do. I did nothing. I had nothing to replace what I had said to the twins that first time when I said something like, ‘Oh Mom. Suck it.’ I couldn’t go there. I was trying to think of something that would speed things up.

Jazmeen said, “I’ve spent much of my life in this house and I never suspected Dex had a cock like that. Let me get my lips on that.” She moved off the sofa and nudged Dianna out of the way by my knees. Dianna moved to Jaz’s spot on the sofa beside me. She was enamored by my ripped abs and she ran her fingers over the peak and valleys and then continued down to my pubic hair.

Jaz leaned in close to Sophie’s face and Sophie reluctantly pulled her lips off my glans and aimed it at Jaz’s face. She didn’t even hesitate. She pushed her lips on and continued half way down my shaft. I groaned again as Jaz stopped and waited. Nothing more. She continued sucking my cock. Things were picking up and I was thrilled with how things were going.

June and Julie were sitting on the periphery of the group. I knew it must be driving them crazy not to be involved but I understood that they didn’t want the whole world to know that they were fucking and sucking their brother and I was certain that if any of these girls found out, the world would now soon after.

The twins apparently couldn’t stand it anymore and they maneuvered into a sixty-nine in the middle of the family room floor. They would satisfy their lust with each other, which apparently wasn’t a revelation with this crowd.

Jaz ramped up her blow job and Sarah reached in and wrapped her fingers around the base of the shaft that Jaz couldn’t inhale. Jaz looked up from my cock and smiled at Sarah. I groaned out again and this time nobody paid any attention.

I decided to push it a little as I flicked my tongue out of my mouth and muttered, “Uuuummmm. I love your pussy.” That brought everything to a halt. They all looked up at my face. Jaz stopped with my cock still in her mouth and Sarah still held my cock. I kept on flicking my tongue like I was working on a pussy. The girls looked from one to another before Jaz continued sucking on my cock while Sarah jerked me off.

Sophie, ever the adventurous one, stepped up on the sofa and straddled my body. I didn’t move toward her pussy. I continued flicking my tongue waiting for her to come to me. She was dragging her index finger through her sex as I stared straight ahead. Her pussy was soaking wet and glistened in the light. She had already stripped naked and now one, by one, they all did the same in anticipation of getting some of this. My cock surged in Jaz’s mouth but she didn’t correlate the surge with her friends stripping.

I could hear June and Julie beginning to groan as they approached their orgasms. That drew some attention from the others but now they were jockeying for some cock. Sophie realized that she had to make a move if she wanted my tongue in her pussy and she eased herself forward to let my tongue flick on her clitoris. She snatched her hips back and groaned. I muttered, “Mmmmm. I love your pussy.”

Dianna snickered and said, “Yeah, me too.” That brought a round of unrestrained laughter from the others. Di’s face went red as she realized that she had said that out loud. Sophie pushed her hips forward again and I dragged my tongue down through her pussy and she moved in closer. I drilled my tongue into her pussy and she moaned loudly. She lost her balance and tried to pull back so she wouldn’t touch me but instead she pitched forward toward me. She had no choice but to put her hand on my head to steady herself. She cringed and everyone sucked in a lungful of air and held it to see what I’d do. I flicked my tongue up to Sophie’s clitoris and she moaned out, “Oh fuck ladies. I’ve never had a guy eat my pussy for shit, but he’s good. Even in his sleep.”

It now appeared to the girls that they could do anything to me and I wouldn’t wake up and now they all wanted to get their mouths and hands on my cock. Jaz was pushed aside and Dianna pushed her lips on. I was a little surprised that someone as consumed with herself as ‘Lady Di’ had bothered to acquire the skill of deep throating. Apparently, it surprised everyone else too as they all gawked at Dianna’s cock work. Jaz said, “Fuck, who would have thought.”

Dianna’s work was getting to me and I could feel my balls tighten. I didn’t want to cum yet, especially in Dianna’s mouth and I began counting backward. It had worked well before. It helped that I had Sophie’s pussy to distract me too. I increased my tongue thrusts and Sophie was now holding on to my hair thrusting her hips at me. She let out a loud groan and she flooded my mouth with her orgasm. The others giggled as they watched Sophie grinding her pussy on my lips and tongue. She was obviously unconcerned about waking me up.

Sophie’s legs buckled but she caught herself and then collapsed off to my right, landing on top of Jaz who tried hard to break her fall. Amber scrambled up to straddle my hips with her feet and she wasted no time pushing her pussy to my lips. I went to work on her, but my tongue was getting tired and I had to dial it back a little. I sucked her erect clitoris to my lips and then pulled it inside my mouth. Amber buckled right away and Jaz put her hand up to Amber’s ass to hold her up. Sophie had curled up in a fetal position behind Jaz as she pulsed through the remainder of her orgasm. I worked Amber’s clit inside my mouth until she groaned hard into her orgasm. She pulled her clit from my lips and stepped away to my left.

Dianna continued her assault on my cock and I was losing the battle quickly. At this point I think the girls were wanting to see what would happen if I blew my load, regardless of where it went. Jaz said, “I wonder if we can fuck him without waking him up.” I knew that was the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question that some of them were asking.

It was pretty clear that they were all into lesbian sex but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them had never had sex with a guy. There would be some of those that had no immediate plans to engage in it now. Whatever. I’d take what I could get.

I lost the battle and I groaned as I humped up my hips and my first salvo exploded into Dianna’s mouth. She was caught totally by surprise. I doubted that Dianna was the type to allow any guy to cum in her mouth. She immediately pulled off and backed away as she gagged on the cum in her mouth. Her eyes were wide with disgust. Now, no one knew what to do with my cum spewing cock. I fought off the urge to grab it and finish myself off as I was sure that would blow my cover. Sarah was the logical choice to do something because she had my cock in her hand jerking me off. She didn’t disappoint as she dropped her lips to my glans and got a blast in the face for her troubles. They all were amused except for Sarah. She shoved her lips over my glans in mid shot and received two strong blasts, she pulled the closest body to her, which was Jaz, down to take her place as she yanked her head back with cum blowing out of her mouth onto Dianna’s tits. Di totally forgot about the one command, “Don’t wake him up” and she let out a scream that would wake the dead.

Julie and June had finished their session and they both shushed Dianna in unison. The other’s raised their index fingers to their lips and shushed too. Dianna stuffed the meaty part of the heel of her hand to her mouth and cringed as she stared down at the spray of cum across her entire chest. I couldn’t help smiling when I saw cum dripping off Dianna’s erect nipples. I had successfully maintained my ‘creepy eye’ look and no one was the wiser.

Sophie had recovered from her orgasm and she was watching what was going on and she jumped off the sofa and timed her descent onto my cock after the third and fourth shots arced into the air landing on Dianna’s face and shoulders. She fingered the cum from her eye and said, “Oh come-on. Why me.” Everyone laughed. I was sure everyone was thinking, ‘who better’.

Sophie took the remaining three shots and swallowed as she received them. She grinned at the others as they looked on in awe at Sophie’s exploits. She pulled off and flicked the remaining cum from the ‘eye’ and then showed a mouth full of cum to the others. Jaz was on her knees to my right and she bowed with extended arms like ancient natives bowing to their gods and she said, “We are not worthy.” Everyone burst out laughing as Sophie pushed her mouthful of cum out on her lips and then sucked it back in and swallowed it in one big gulp.

My cock had not softened one bit and Amber was the first to notice. She said, “Holy shit guys. He’s just as hard as before. I thought guys could only cum once and then they went soft.”

Sarah said, “Ya. That’s what I thought too.” No one stepped up with any information to refute their statements. I flexed my cock hard to emphasize the fact that my cock had not softened contrary to their beliefs.

I don’t know if Sophie was thinking that she had done something wrong when she finished me off and that was why I hadn’t gone soft. Whatever the reason, she was determined to put my cock down for the count and she got up and maneuvered her knees to the outside of mine and guided her sopping wet pussy to my bobbing cock. Sarah saw what Sophie was thinking and she gripped my cock and held it tight as Sophie pushed herself all the way to the bottom of my shaft. She groaned as my glans entered and then again when the fattest part of my cock pushed inside her. She was already breathing hard. I hadn’t moved. The girls gave no concern about waking me anymore. I was an inanimate object to them now. I was basically a living dildo and I could tell that most of them wanted a shot at me.

With one ejaculation down, I knew I could last a long time now and I savored the sensation of Sophies pussy fucking my cock. She was obviously savoring it too as she groaned every time her pussy slid past the fat part. Jaz had put her face down close to watch my cock slide in and out of Sophie’s pussy.

Sophie’s efforts to get me off once and for all failed as she groaned into her second orgasm. She kept up her motion until her pussy stopped clenching and then at the urging of the others, she reluctantly pulled herself off.

Jaz was quick to get herself in position and she pushed herself on to duplicate groans. She got into a rhythm and she was a great fuck. I groaned as she slid past the fat part. She groaned at the same time and then she started rocking her hips forward and back instead of lifting her hips up and down. Her torso didn’t move at all as the small of her back arched to provide the momentum. Her mouth fell open as her eyes closed and then she was done too. Her orgasm was huge compared to Sophie’s and the other girls watched in amazement. Jaz finished her orgasm with no more fucking motion. Then she slid back off my knees and Dianna was there to catch her.

Amber gripped my cock and said, “It’s just as hard. Who wants to go now?” June and Julie sat together on the loveseat watching their friends. They knew all about my ability to keep an erection even after cumming but they were offering no recommendations and no one expected them to.

Dianna raised her hands to decline. She was still wiping cum off her tits and face and she still wasn’t very happy about it.

They all looked at Amber but she declined saying, “That’s way too big for me. No way.” The attention turned to Sarah. She had been watching everything and now she said, “I can’t believe I dated Dex a few times. I had no idea he was packing that equipment. He made a pass and I dumped him. She turned to look at Julie and said, “You should have told me.”

Julie held up her hands to her shoulder level and shrugged. She said, “Who knew. There’s no reason why I should have known.” Then she grinned and looked over at my bouncing cock as she said, “It is pretty impressive isn’t it?”

Sara chuckled and looked down at my cock again and said, “You think?” Everyone laughed. Sarah stood up and moved her knees outside mine and leaned forward and dropped her weight to my thighs. I loved her tits and I wanted so bad to touch them like on our last date. Sarah inched forward until her pussy was in reach of my bouncing cock. She hesitated a moment and then moved forward and guided my cock into her pussy. She groaned as my glans pushed inside and then again like the others. She sat down and reached around to fondle my balls. My cock lurched in her pussy and she groaned again. No one was checking on my status anymore but I kept up the ‘creepy eye’ thing. I flexed my cock and Sarah flinched and said, “Fuck. He can make it even bigger.”

Sarah went to work on my cock and the others were getting as close to our union as they could. Sarah was getting to me and I could feel my balls tighten up. Sarah didn’t seem to know what that meant any more than she knew what the flexing was about. I was going to get her by surprise but not until she had hers first. I started rocking my hips up and down and I muttered, “Oh fuck, Baby. I love your pussy.” No one paid any attention to my mutterings. They could mean anything. Sarah took it to heart though and she started pummeling her pussy onto my cock and it wasn’t long before I felt her pussy clenching hard on my shaft. Her eyes went glassy and her mouth fell open in one long groan.

I was hurrying then to catch up and cum streamed up my shaft into her pussy and Sarah screamed loudly, “Oh my God. Fuck. Yes. I got him. Oh fuck. That’s incredible. Oh Jesus.” She continued to fuck my cock until her spasms ended and she was satisfied that I was done. She lifted herself off my cock and cum drooled out of her pussy as she fell back to the floor on her back with her legs splayed wide.

Both June and Julie moved off the loveseat and said, “At least I’d like to see what he tastes like,” and they shoved their face into Sarah’s pussy at the same time. Julie slurped up cum gushing from her pussy and then June took her place. They had tasted a lot of my cum but they had to keep up the charade, so they both smacked their tongues on their lips and agreed that it wasn’t bad.

I was done and my cock slowly softened and everyone seemed pleased that the rules of nature were restored. I didn’t move as they all moved out of the way to let June and Julie in to see how they could get me back to bed.

June lifted my left hand and Julie grabbed my right. Together, they pulled me to the front of the seat. From there I stood up and headed for the kitchen. I went to climb up on the bar and the girls snickered. Julie and June steered me away from the bar and guided me down the hall past their room. I staggered up the stairs with my hands gripping their bare asses. They giggled as they tried to keep my hands off them. We stumbled together down the hall to my room.

Mom opened her door just after I had stumbled past. She said, “What’s going on?” I silently thought, ‘Shit. We shouldn’t have made so much noise.’

Julie said, “Sorry Mom. Dex was sleepwalking and we’re trying to get him back in bed. I kept on going while the twins gave their explanation.

Mom said, “He’s naked and so are you. What’s going on?”

Julie said, “We were asleep in bed and he showed up standing by our beds like this. We were just trying to get him back to bed without waking him up.”

June jumped in with a meak, “Yeah.”

Mom knew my sleepwalking was a ruse but she had no idea what had happened downstairs and the twins were working hard to extricate themselves and their friends from any wrong doing. I climbed into bed and listened to the conversation in the dark at Mom’s bedroom door.

Mom had apparently heard enough. I knew I was in the shit. I hoped that the twins were okay. Mom dismissed the twins and they hurried down the stairs. Mom waited for the twins to disappear and then she came down the hall to my room and said, “Okay. Knock it off. What have you done?” I thought briefly about pretending to be sound asleep but I figured that would just piss her off more.

I sat up and faced the doorway. I could just barely make out her form in the dark. I confessed that I tried the fake sleepwalking ruse on the twins. I thought it best to leave out the friends like June and July had done in their response to Mom’s earlier questions. I followed Julie’s tale and said that I had gone down the stairs to the twin’s room. They were asleep and I pulled back the covers on Julie’s bed and climbed in beside her. She freaked out and woke June. Then they guided me back to bed and woke you up in the process. Sorry Mom. I thought the twins would do some sex thing with me before bringing me back to bed, but they didn’t.

Mom said, “Why would you think of such a thing and why would the girls want to perform something sexual with you if they think you’re asleep? Where did you get such a stupid idea?” She continued, “You probably could have walked into their bedroom on any other night and just asked for sex and you probably would have got it. I don’t get it. What were you thinking?”

I spoke before I thought my answer through and said, “Because that’s what you do when you’re sleepwalking. That’s where I got the idea.” I knew as soon as I said it that I should have pretended to be asleep.

Mom said, “What are you talking about. I don’t sleepwalk.”

I was in it now. There are two schools of thought: one is, if you’ve dug yourself into a hole, stop digging. The other is, if you find yourself walking through hell, keep going. I had already dug my hole so deep that I was soon to be in hell. I kept going.

“Mom, you do sleepwalk. I don’t know for how long you’ve been doing it, but I’ve seen you several times since I’ve been home.”

Mom said, “No way. That’s not possible. I’d remember.”

I explained what I’d read on the internet but she was indignant that I’d think she wouldn’t have some clue. Then she decided to play it differently. “So, if I did sleepwalk, what do I do, when I’m doing it. Who brings me back to bed like the twins did tonight?”

I definitely didn’t want to go here but I had to keep going. “Dad has been your savior when he’s home and I have a couple of times when he’s not.” I hoped that she’d forget about the what do I do part of her questions, but she didn’t. It made sense to her that Dad would come and guide her back to bed and that I would if Dad wasn’t there. She asked again, “What do I do when I sleepwalk?”

I whined, “Come on Mom. You do stuff and you never remember the next morning.” She asked the question again wanting specifics. She wasn’t going to let this bone go and I said, “Okay. Okay. You have sex with whomever stops you and guides you back to bed.” I knew that wouldn’t go over well, so while she gathered herself to burst out laughing, I continued, “Seriously, Mom. That’s what you do. Every time that I’ve witnessed it. The twins witnessed it one night outside their room. First you fucked Dad in a standing doggy position pressed against the wall by the twin’s door. They heard the commotion and opened their door and watched. Then you pushed Dad against the opposite wall and lifted yourself onto his cock. Your always naked and Dad always catches up to with an erection, I guess because he knows he’s going to get sex from you. I’m not making this up Mom. Ask the twins tomorrow after their friends leave.

She was quiet for several moments and the dead air time was making me nervous. She finally said, “It’s not possible that I wouldn’t remember something like having sex in the hall.”

I was on a run then and I couldn’t shut up. “You give great blow jobs too. I’ve heard Dad say, “Maddy, why can’t you give blow jobs like that when you’re not sleepwalking.”

She said simply, “No way.”

I continued. “Do you remember this morning, when you came to take me back to your room. You said, “I’ve got to brush my teeth first because my mouth tastes like cum.” She didn’t respond, but I knew she remembered. “That was because Dad came in your mouth as you were on your knees sucking him off two feet from me in my bed. I watched the whole thing. Dad was so into the sex that he didn’t even look to see if I was awake.

Mom moved her hand to her face and said, “Oh my God. Way in the back of my mind I remember that. Oh my God. This is terrible.” She stepped back to my door and said, “Oh my God,” once more and hurried back to her room. I felt awful and I had left out her sleepwalking sex with me. I decided that at least that was a good move on my part. Lord knows, I’d fucked it up in every other way possible. At least Mom only had to deal with having sex with her own husband while she prowled the halls at night. From her reaction, she seemed least concerned with the fact that she was apparently doing these things and more concerned that she didn’t know and didn’t remember.

I thought I could help her with that by showing her the research I had collected. It was a common affliction after all. I fell asleep thinking about what was the best way to salvage anything from this disaster.

I had had an emotionally exhausting night and slept later than I planned. I checked in Mom’s room as I walked by and she wasn’t there. I made a pit-stop in the bathroom. I had dried cum all over my thighs. I thought back to the moment that happened and decided that it had to have been after Dianna’s amazing deepthroat followed by her inability to swallow. I smiled when the thought concluded with ‘Lady Di’ getting bombarded with cum. The others had been so delighted with that turn of events, especially after she was the only one who could deep throat. I took a quick shower and came down the stairs in my usual comfort clothes.

The chattering among seven girls suddenly stopped and all eyes were on me. June could see that Mom would pick up on this reaction to my appearance and know that last night had in fact included all of them, she continued the conversation hoping the others would pick up on their faux pas. Thankfully, they did and the period of silence was only for a few moments. Mom was busy in the kitchen and apparently hadn’t noticed.

In spite of the renewed chatter, all eyes were on me as I came into the dining room. The girls were all dressed in their street clothes. I stopped at the end of the table and looked from face to face staring at me. I said, “What?” I looked behind me as if they may be looking past me to something else. I said, “What?” again and Julie burst out laughing which immediately brought the same reaction from everyone else. I looked down to make sure I had pants on. I should have got an academy award for that performance alone let alone last night.

I sat down at the end of the table and stretched out to grab a donut from a box of a dozen. Only two were left. June kept up the chatter and the others followed suit. They must have been exhausted too. They had likely been up most of the night. At least I got a few hours of sleep.

Afterward I went upstairs and got into my bathing suit and skirted the crowd heading to the hot tub. I slid into the swirling hot water and had no sooner let out a contented sigh when Sarah walked over. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She umm’ed and ahh’ed for a few moments and then said, “We only dated a couple times, didn’t we?” I held up three fingers. She smiled and continued, “I suppose that I was the one who ended it?”

I smiled and said, “No big deal. I knew you were only doing June or Julie a favor by agreeing to date their dorky brother.” Sara grimaced at how I had put it. I continued, “If I recall, it was ‘give the geek a break week’.” She grimaced again and an uncomfortable smile formed on her face.

Sarah started hemming and hawing again before she stumbled to the point of this conversation, “Do you think we could, umm, pick up where we left off?” She was looking everywhere but at me. She started examining her fingernails. I let her stew in her agony for several moments as if I were contemplating her question. I just couldn’t believe that a woman could be so shallow as to want to date a guy that she had already dumped, just because she discovered he had a big dick; because she had learned nothing new about me since we were dating other than that fact.

I looked at her forcing her to look at me. I said, “Well. I knew you were only dating me as a favor to my sisters and I admit I thought it was cool dating one of the hot girls in school.” She grinned and gave me that ‘I am pretty cool’ look. I continued, “But, the best part of dating you was when you dumped me. I felt real again. I had felt as phony as I thought you were.” Sarah cringed as if I’d stabbed her with a knife. I watched her as she was so completely not in control of the situation and I knew she didn’t like it at all. “What I do wish about us though…” She smiled as though I was going to give her hope. Not hope that we could start dating again, but hope that she could regain control of the situation. “I wish that you had let me touch your tit. They are spectacular.” I grinned at her as she yanked her eyes up to meet mine.

She returned my grin with a frown and a nod as the words, “I should have” stuck in her throat. She turned to leave but she stopped and turned around after one step. She was examining her fingernails again as she said, “I don’t know why I reacted that way. Lord knows, every other guy has had their way with them. I know why guys want to date me. I’m pretty and sexy and I have these big balloons. You were a nerd’s nerd. You were so far below my social status; at least in my eyes. I agreed to date you to curry favor with June and Julie because I felt they were above me in the social pecking order. I’m so sorry Dex. I was an ass-hole and I’m still an ass-hole, but maybe I can make myself into a different person when I go away to college this fall. It has helped you. A year ago, you weren’t the confident guy that girls flock to like cats to catnip. Look at you now. The ugly duckling has become a swan.” I smiled and flushed a little with embarrassment. She smiled too and turned back around and walked back to the house without looking back.

After getting overheated in the hot tub, I wrapped a towel around my waist and returned to party. It wasn’t long before the party started winding down and the girls all started a round of kisses and hugs, between the girls and each of their friends and then Mom and then me. I was a little embarrassed and feigned even more when they each hugged and kissed me and whispered, “Thanks Dex,” or, “You made this the best party ever,” or, “This party will go down in history.” I acted like I had no clue what they were talking about. After all, I had just stayed out of the way like I was told.

As they left one by one, tears popped and they gave each other one last tight hug for fear that they wouldn’t see each other again. Like Julie had said in her graduation speech, they were heading off to their each and separate future. The uncertainties could be toxic or intoxicating but either way, they were standing in their way and had to be dealt with sooner or later.

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