Twins find out, Now it’s three on one – Part 3

The twins had been terrorized by the mind-numbing lightning flashes and thunder. They had raced up the stairs for the comfort of Mom’s bed shortly after I had blown a huge load of cum in Mom’s pussy. I had barely got to the floor before they scrambled in under the covers. To my delight, after the storm had diminished, Mom and the twins had completed a three-way daisy chain and were in the process of recovering. Mom rolled to her stomach, hanging her head over the edge of the bed in the pitch blackness and started jerking me off. I thrusted my hips up as high as I could and Mom pushed her lips onto my glans and promptly received another loud of cum.

This last move, as amazing as it was, was not thought out properly because as Mom suggested that they return to their room, the twins both gave Mom kisses and sat up on the bed to leave. Then Julie said, “Mom? Why does your pussy taste like man-cum?” The air went out of my lungs. I was busted. I was the only man around. I felt the edge of the bed above me press down. I was completely under the bed, so I was sure whoever was looking over the edge couldn’t see me. I waited for Mom’s response. What could she possibly say to them to get herself and me out of this mess?

Mom’s response was to go on offense. I doubt that it would work in the long run but it thwarted the twin’s Q&A dead in its tracks. “How do you know about man-cum?” she asked. I was surprised by their reaction.

They both began hemming and hawing, trying to extricate themselves from this conversation and finally June jumped to the floor and said, “We’d better get back to our room. Come on Julie.” Julie wasn’t so inclined to drop it but after a half minute of silence, she got to the floor too. She leaned forward and kissed Mom. I could hear the smack of their lips.

Julie whispered, “We love you Mom.” They didn’t wait for a response. They hurried from the room and I heard their feet pounding back down the stairs. I stayed right where I was until Mom told me to come out. I climbed up on the bed. I could clearly see her in the brightening gloom. She wasn’t looking at me. She didn’t appear to be looking at anything. She was in deep thought. I figured we were fucked.

I sat completely still with my knees under me sitting back on my feet waiting for her to say something. She finally turned her attention to me and said, “You should get your clothes and go back to your room. Sorry Dex. I knew it was a risk but I wanted you so bad after that movie.”

I got off the bed and picked up my cum-stained tee shirt and shorts and headed for the door. I stopped and whispered, “Maybe they won’t say anything. They have a secret to keep too. We’ll be okay.”

Mom smiled, but it was forced. She whispered, “Let’s hope.” The door was open and I quietly crept down the hall to my room. I crawled into my bed and laid there wide awake as the sun rose. I knew the twins weren’t dumb enough to believe any explanation other than that Mom and I had sex last night before they came flying up the stairs to wind-up engaged in their own sexual tryst. It was logical to assume that they would figure we’d been going at it for the two days we were alone in the house. I knew Mom was probably laying in her bed working her way through the same thoughts. I believed that the twin’s own secret was the key to salvation and I intended to have a conversation with them about it tomorrow before Dad got home.

The power was still out and we were all eating cold cereal at the breakfast table. The air was blue. The twins wouldn’t look at me or Mom and we weren’t looking at them either. There was no attempt to start a conversation. Mom was visibly upset by the situation. I smiled at her and she forced one in response. The twins were doing their thing, communicating with looks and glances. Mom was picking at her cereal as she avoided eye-contact with all of us. She was dressed in her fluffy robe, like usual. The twins were dressed in their matching mid-calf terry-cloth robes. I wore a clean tee shirt and a pair of knee length nylon basketball trunks. I tolerated the twin’s nonsense until I finished eating and then slammed my fork down on the table startling everyone.

With a loud, stern voice, I said, “Enough of this shit.” June glared at me and then glanced at Julie as though she was looking for reinforcements. Julie just glanced over at me and then back down at the table. I knew already, that June was going to be the problem. I stared at her and she stared at me for several moments. I wanted her to place her cards on the table to see how she was going to play this, and she obliged.

With venom in her voice, June blurted out, “You’ve been having sex with Mom. Probably the whole time we were gone.” She tore her eyes from mine and looked for confirmation from Mom. Mom continued to pick at her bowl of cereal and didn’t even look at June. June turned her eyes back to me. I offered her nothing.

I looked into June’s eyes and calmly said, “What makes you think that?” There was no way she could say why she was so sure without revealing her own secret. June’s eyes pulled away from mine and she looked at Julie. I looked over at Julie too and she was shaking her head at June. Her eyes were saying, ‘Don’t go there.’

June dropped her eyes to her bowl and poked at her cereal with her spoon and mumbled, “I just know. Okay?”

I knew I couldn’t just let everyone walk away to stew in this. As soon as June and Julie worked out the facts that Mom’s kisses didn’t taste like man-cum when they burst into Mom’s bedroom but did when they were leaving meant that I had been there the whole time and already knew their secret. In her anger, June hadn’t even thought through everything yet. I opted to put all the cards on the table.

Mom was nervously tapping her spoon on the side of her bowl. I reached over and took it out of Mom’s hands and she looked up at me with a blank look in her eyes. She was in agony and I felt so bad for her. I looked at June and said, “You’re right. Mom and I had just finished when you two ran up-stairs last night.”

Mom looked at me and shook her head. “No. Dex. Don’t say anymore.” I put my hand on hers and gently squeezed it.

I continued, “You’d have to be morons to believe any other explanation. I know you’re not morons, so I confess. When we heard you pounding up the stairs, I rolled to the floor on Dad’s side. I was there the whole time. I heard it all and when you three were done, Mom reached down and jerked me off and let me cum in her mouth. I think that tells the story. I had a secret that wouldn’t have taken much to figure out and you two thought you had a secret, but you don’t. I was there. Mom had a secret that she has had a nagging desire to have sex with her children all these years and I heard you say that you had wanted to have sex with her for a while too. I’ve masturbated to my visions of Mom since I could get an erection. All of our dreams came true last night. You two are no more innocent than Mom or I.” Julie nodded and looked at June and then Mom, who still wasn’t looking up from her bowl.

Julie spoke at June, but it was meant for us all, “Dad can never know about this. Agreed?” June nodded and Julie continued with a grin on her face, “If we are careful, this can be the start of something wonderful.” She put her hand on Mom’s hand and leaned over and kissed her passionately. I was getting aroused. Mom came to life and kissed Julie back with equal passion as she looked over Julie’s shoulder at me. I was smiling and her eyes were too.

I looked at June. She was the hard nut to crack. She stared at me and then smiled as she said, “You’re still a pervert.” I smiled and nodded. She leaned over and kissed me passionately and I kissed her back. She giggled as she pulled back and said, “I guess I’m a pervert too.” I grinned at her and nodded. She looked around the table of grinning family and said, “I guess we’re all perverts.”

We all started laughing and I said, “I guess we are but that doesn’t make us all bad.” Everyone laughed again. As if to seal the deal, I said, “Dad will be home in a few hours. We don’t have much time.” Nothing more needed to be said. We all understood the implications of that statement and Mom stood up with her robe separated and a grin on her face and took Julie and June by the hands as they stood up too.

Mom said, “Dex. Lead the way, please.” I got up and headed up the stairs to Mom’s room with Mom, June and Julie following close behind. Once we were all on her bed, I left it for Mom to orchestrate the details. I had left out of my confession anything about the previous two days of nearly non-stop sex between Mom and me and I intended to leave it that way.

We all stripped naked and I couldn’t help gawking at the twin’s bodies. They seemed a little shy in front of me but they were gawking at my cock too. Mom said to me, “They have incredible bodies, don’t they?” I vigorously nodded but it was my cock bouncing out in front of me that said everything that needed to be said. Mom giggled and said, “I think that is a yes.” The twins giggled too. “He has a very big cock. It’s much bigger than your dildo.” I was glad she didn’t reveal the comparison with Dad’s cock. Mom maneuvered me onto my back with my cock flying like a flagpole. Mom positioned June on my right and Julie to my left. Mom positioned herself between my legs and dropped her lips to my glans and mouthed the words, “Thank you.” Then she pushed her lips down my shaft. I let out a groan as my head drove back into the pillow. Mom pushed down to her gag point and pulled back up taking huge suction. She repeated this a half-dozen times and then pulled off trailing a huge wad of foamy saliva. She smiled at June and then Julie and said, “He has a magnificent cock. You should try it.” The girls looked at each other. I knew they already had tried it but they didn’t know that I knew. Neither did Mom.

Julie bent forward and pushed her lips down over my glans and ran her tongue around the ridge. I groaned hard and pushed my hips upward. Mom said, “That’s how you can tell if he likes what you’re doing.” June smiled and I could see it in her eyes that she was amused by Mom’s running commentary on intricacies giving a man a blow job. I already knew that Julie was the more experienced of the two but I doubted that June was a novice.

Julie made sure Mom knew when she pushed her nose into my pubic hair and lashed my balls with her tongue. Mom mumbled, “Holy Shit, Julie. Maybe I need you to give me some lessons.” That got Julie laughing with my full cock in her mouth and she pulled back fast gagging and gasping for air. June took the opportunity to show her stuff and she was nearly able to deep throat my cock. She didn’t get as deep as Julie had but it was deeper than Mom could do. She took several deep dives and then Mom said, “Don’t make him cum. I’ve got plans for us all.” June slowly inched her way up my shaft and spit her saliva on my cock and rubbed it in with her hand.

The girls pulled back as Mom climbed her knees over my hips and settled them at my waist as she guided my cock to her pussy. She wasted no time with preliminaries. She screamed hard as she plunged herself down hard all the way to my balls. Julie and June giggled at what probably looked like agony on my face. I groaned hard and thrust my hips upward. Mom fucked me for several strokes and then stopped.

She guided Julie to place her knees on either side of my head, facing the headboard. When her pussy came in range, I flicked my tongue on her clitoris. Julie screamed and bent forward over my forehead and her hips fired forward and then back. Mom laughed and said, “He’s pretty good for a guy, huh?” Mom pulled June up to a standing position and maneuvered her so her legs straddled my chest between Mom and Julie with her ass touching Julie’s back. Mom pushed her lips to June’s pussy and began drilling her vagina with her tongue as she resumed her fucking motion on my cock. We were all moaning and groaning. As I lashed Julie’s pussy, I was thinking that this had worked out even better than I hoped. I wouldn’t have to fake the sleepwalking anymore.

After a few minutes, Mom was the first to explode into her orgasm as she screamed into June’s pussy. Her tongue never stopped and June was next. Julie was furiously grinding her sex on my face and I blew my load deep in Mom’s pussy. I had wanted to fuck her ass but that would probably have been too much too soon. Julie was going nuts as she grabbed my hair and rode my face like a wild stallion. It hurt but I was in heaven as I worked her clitoris and pussy. When Julie screamed out, “Rim my asshole.” I drove my tongue into her anus and she screamed as her orgasm took total control of her. She thrashed everywhere. She was rocking her hips forward and back on my face and from side to side. Before she was finished, she was grinding her hips around in circles on my face.

I couldn’t see the others past Julie’s body but I heard, June mutter, “Holy shit, Julie.”

Mom laughed and said, “Fuck girl. You’ve got it going on.” June laughed at Mom’s use of the phrase that was more current than her years.

My cock was still hard in Mom’s pussy and I flexed it hard to let her know. Mom quietly pulled herself off and repositioned so her anus was on the velvety knob. I knew what she was up to and I continued to attack Julie’s pussy with my tongue to distract her and June while Mom pushed herself down my shaft. From their position, they couldn’t see the difference in Mom’s position on my cock. I let her take full control. If I pushed up to hard and too fast, Mom would give herself away.

When Mom was finished pushing my cock fully into her bowels, she started fucking me again. June said, “Is he still hard, Mom? I want to see what he feels like.” Mom just ignored June’s request. Julie threw herself off my face and was watching Mom fucking my cock and she asked for her turn too. Mom ignored her too. She was frantically pulling herself up my shaft with her thighs and letting gravity drive her back down again.

Julie and June got so aroused watching Mom fuck my cock that they maneuvered themselves into a sixty-nine. Mom grinned down at me and I grinned back. Her fingers went to her pussy and began feverishly digging her fingers through her sex. She stopped and pushed her fingers behind her thighs so she could feel my cock sliding in and out of her ass.

I felt my balls tighten and pull up and then I launched my hips up and drove my cock as far into her hot bowels as it would go and groaned hard, “AAAAHHHHGGGGG” as shot after shot of pearly, white cum streamed up my shaft. Mom was grinning down at me as she furiously fucked my cock. Then her grin disappeared and was replaced by an open-mouthed groan of her own as a vaginal orgasm rocked through her. The twins were going nuts as they thrashed their pussies on the other’s face.

After they screamed through their orgasms, all became quiet as we all piled on top of each other and caressed each other’s bodies. June came up and kissed me and then pushed her right tit to my lips. I sucked her nipple between my lips encased teeth and gently bit on it. She groaned from the contact.

Julie and Mom were suckling on each other’s tits. June’s hand went to my softening cock and squeezed it hard to pay me back for biting her nipple. Mom pulled herself away from Julie’s tit and said, “We’d better get ourselves back together before your father gets home. I have to strip this bed and air out the room. I’m sure it reeks of sex. We all knew she was right but it took another five minutes before anybody made a move.

Mom showered in the bathroom across the hall and the twins went downstairs to shower in their bathroom. I wanted to get in with Mom, but she was right. It would be too risky. I showered after she was done and wouldn’t you know it; the hot water was gone before I could rinse off. The cold water worked wonders getting my hard-on to go soft. I had always wondered if that was just an old-wives tale or not.

Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Dad came through the door. Mom hurried to greet him with kisses and hugs. I came downstairs and we man-hugged. He said, “Are you ready to start your job on Monday?” I laughed and nodded.

The twins came out of their room and hugged and kissed Dad like he’d been gone for weeks. Julie grinned at me and pushed her tongue into her cheek, while Dad hugged June. I gave a knowing look to Julie. If she had been just teasing me before, she was sending me a serious signal now.

At the dinner table, the conversations were lively. The twins excitedly replayed their softball championship game. Mom and I just smiled at each other. This was the third time we had heard it. When the girls were done, Mom interjected with the plans for a party next Saturday to celebrate their victory and graduation. She said nothing about it being an all day and night affair. Mom said that she and the girls would be out shopping tomorrow and making whatever arrangements for the party that they could make on a Sunday. The twins reminded Dad that graduation was Friday. Tickets were scarce but we could all had one.

Dad announced that he was supposed to go on travel again starting Thursday but he was trying to get out of it or have someone go in his place. Mom just stared at him for several moments and then said, “Jarod? This is the girl’s graduation. You have to be there.” Dad again explained that he was working on it. The girls just sat there slack-jawed looking at Dad.

June spoke first, “Dad? This is important.” She never liked to show emotion but her eyes were awash in tears and she wiped them away before they could cascade down her cheeks.

Julie joined in, “You just have to be there. Please, Dad.” She glanced at June as she was wiping away her tears.

Dad looked from Mom to Julie to June and said, “I’ll find a way to be there. I promise.” June sniffled and her tear-filled eyes turned to a smile. Julie burst from her chair and threw her arms around Dad’s neck and kissed him several times on the cheek. June followed Julie’s lead and did the same on the other cheek. Mom was all smiles and she looked over at me and grinned. Her eyes were glistening with tears too.

Mom hadn’t had a night time sleepwalking episode for several days and I waited and watched in the dark that night. I figured that I’d at least hear some sounds of sex in their room since they had been apart several days, but I didn’t hear anything. I guess the phone sex had sufficiently satisfied Dad. I wondered if Mom could ever be satisfied. I had read that a woman was in her sexual peak at her age. Anyway, Mom never showed and I finally drifted off to sleep.

Sunday mornings were always Dad’s golfing tee times. He was heading out the door with his clubs when I came down stairs. He had invited me to go with him a few times before but I’m a terrible golfer and I always declined. At the door, he felt like he should explain why he wasn’t inviting me to play today. “I’d ask you to come today but I’ll be doing business on the course. Maybe next time?”

“No problem Dad. You can’t do business with a duffer like me along,” I said. He smiled and closed the door behind him.

Mom was in the kitchen fixing eggs and toast. She said, “Good morning Sweetie. Sleep well?” She must have noticed that my concentration was on watching Dad drop his clubs in the trunk and then climb behind the wheel. Mom said, “Lately, he whooshes in and whooshes back out again.” She said nothing more as she slid my plate in front of me and poured a big glass of orange juice. I grabbed the fork and started eating just as the twins bounded out of their room and down the hall to the kitchen area. They were dressed for the mall. Going to the mall was serious business for any teenage girl and the twins were no different. They would be on display to be judged by their peers. They were dressed elegantly but casually. They had carefully applied their makeup and fixed their hair. They were gorgeous and my dick tented my shorts.

Julie pushed herself up to me and kissed me on the lips as she gripped my hard cock through my shorts. She pulled back and giggled as she said, “Oooo, this is fun.” June was waiting for Julie to finish so she could do the same thing. Their excitement was catching. June lingered on my lips for several moments as she ran her hand up my thigh and into my shorts. I moaned on her lips as she stroked my cock twice and then pulled away. I would have expected that from Julie but not June. The family dynamics had changed a lot in the past couple days.

The twins were not done yet. They both went into the kitchen with Mom and pulled her robe aside and they each locked their lips on Mom’s tits as if they were trumpeting their new-found sexual freedom. Mom groaned hard from the attack and she gripped both of their heads with her arms and held them there as her eyes closed. Her mouth fell open in a moan and her head fell back as she savored the sensation.

The girls pulled away and extricated themselves from Mom’s arms and June said, “Hurry Mom. We’re ready to go.” Mom got herself back together and asked about breakfast. “We can get something at the food court at the mall. Hurry.” Mom smiled and pulled her robe back together again. She noticed that I was staring at her boobs as she pulled her robe together and she also noticed that I was rubbing my hard-on.

Mom moved out of the kitchen and kissed me on the way down the hall heading for the stairs. She had glanced down at the tent in my shorts and yelled back from the corner to the hall, “I won’t be long. Take care of your brother while you’re waiting. Okay? He seems to be in an awful state.”

Julie snickered and said, “No problem, Mom.”

As if they had already choreographed it, they both bent down and lifted the hem of their short skirts and revealed that neither of them was wearing panties of any kind. Not even thongs. They each spread their outer labia revealing their pink vaginas and then ran their index fingers along their inner folds and pushed their finger inside their pussies one knuckle deep. I pulled the left leg of my shorts up and started jacking on my granite-hard cock. They dropped their skirts and June pulled my plate and glass aside and patted the counter of the bar and motioned for me to climb up on it. Julie was grinning so hard I thought her face would split wide open. I stood up leaving my erection pointing straight out in front of me below the leg of my shorts. I pushed myself up on the bar and Julie put her hand on my chest to push me to my back. My cock was pulsing and bouncing every which way. My heart was hammering in my chest.

Julie came out of the kitchen and moved aside the barstools so she could stand next to the bar like June was in the kitchen. I lifted my hips thinking that they would want to pull my shorts down, but June pulled the leg of my shorts higher and reached under my cock and pulled my balls out. God, her hands were cold.

From each side of me, the twins leaned in and kissed their side of my glans before entwining their tongues on the sensitive bundle of nerves. I nearly sat straight up reacting to that. They both pushed their hands to my chest and held me down. As if on cue, they started down their side of my shaft flicking their tongues as they went. I lifted my head to watch this incredible sight.

At the base of my cock, the girls dropped down and sucked my balls into their mouths and batted them around with their tongues. I muttered, “Oh fuck.” June and Julie both giggled around my testicles and then took a suction and stretched my scrotum to the max and then let them slide out with a pop. They both giggled again. My head dropped hard to the counter with a bang as they flicked their tongues on my hairy ball sack.

I wanted so bad for them to share a blow job back and forth but they didn’t. They each wrapped their right hand around the shaft and started jerking me off in perfect synchrony. Julie thumbed my glans as they pulled up and June flicked her little finger on my ball sack when they came down. It didn’t take long before I was feeling the tension build. I tried to hold back to savor this experience for as long as I could. I watched them as they were watching each other over the top of my cock. I wished that I had a picture of this.

They didn’t seem to be aware of my pending climax. Their eyes were locked together and they leaned across my body and passionately kissed each other. When they broke their embrace, they mutually picked up the pace and I groaned hard in response as they grinned down at me. June said, “You can cum anytime. My arm is getting tired.” Good-old June was back. Now I wanted to hold back just to piss her off, but my efforts were for naught. I gritted my teeth and launched a high arc of cum two feet in the air and most of it landed on the counter with some landing on June’s powder-blue silk blouse right on her left tit. She squealed and released my cock as she quickly pulled back. Julie laughed and kept going. The second shot followed the first after a brief moment and it was just as powerful as the first. Julie had full control of my cock and she aimed it straight at June and it arced through the air and landed on June’s retreating leg as she screamed, “No.”

Julie’s hand was flailing up and down my shaft as I groaned out salvo number three. Julie aimed it straight up in the air and pushed her face in as it reached its apex and sucked most of it into her mouth. She did the same with number four and five. Cum covered her face where she had mistimed her attempts to snatch the cum from mid-air. June stood back against the opposite counter and watched. She giggled at the sight of Julie’s cum covered face.

Julie was waiting for more when the sixth shot just drooled out of the eye and started down my shaft to her flailing hand. She bent forward and pushed her lips all the way to the base with her nose in my pubic hair and then pulled back and licked my cock from top to bottom. She leaned back and pushed the remains of my deposit out on her lips and then sucked it back in.

June walked back to the bar and leaned across my body indicating that she wanted to share Julie’s load. They kissed and I watched in fascination as Julie pushed her cocktail of cum and saliva into June’s mouth. She didn’t keep any for herself and she pulled back and smacked her lips and stuck out her tongue and said, “Yep. That was you in Mom’s pussy.”

June burst out laughing while she was trying to swallow Julie’s gift and she started gagging and coughing. She finally swallowed the rest and said in a raspy voice, “Definitely.” June moved around the bar and licked as much of the cum from Julie’s face as she could find. My shorts and tee shirt were covered as was the bar countertop on the kitchen side. I sat up and moved back to my barstool and June returned my plate of cold eggs and toast. From almost all appearances, everything was just like it was when Mom left.

Julie went to the sink and wetted a paper towel to finish cleaning the cum from her face. She turned back toward us and said, “I have to redo my makeup. I’ll be right back.” She passed Mom in the hallway and told her that she would only be a moment.

Mom walked into the kitchen area to see me eating my breakfast and June leaning against the sink. June looked at the perplexed look on Mom’s face and said, “What’s wrong?”

Mom said, “I was expecting to see you three going at it and hoped that I could get in on the fun.”

June laughed and said, “No Mom. We were just waiting for you.” I covered as much of the cum spots on my shorts as I could and slid my plate over to cover the cum spots still on the counter to provide cover to June’s story. Mom looked at both of us. She was dressed elegantly, as always. Her hair was perfect and she had applied more makeup than usual. She was stunning.

It was clear that Mom wasn’t buying June’s story or my attempts to back her up. She walked around the end of the bar into the kitchen and up to June, who smiled at her. Mom lifted her hand and scooped the dollop of cum from June’s blouse and stuck her finger to her mouth. She savored the taste and then said simply, “I guess I missed all the fun.” June’s face turned red and her smile disappeared.

Julie appeared by the bar as Mom pushed her finger to her mouth and said, “What’s going on.”

I whispered, “June can tell you later. It’s no big deal.” Mom said nothing more as she picked up the wet sponge by the sink and carefully wiped at the spot of cum on June’s blouse until there was no evidence of a stain. The three of them headed for the garage.

Dad arrived home from his golf game before Mom and the twins and after putting his clubs away, he went to the kitchen and retrieved two beers and motioned for me to follow him out to the Sun Room. He had obviously had a few drinks already. He handed a beer to me and we popped the tabs at the same time. We tapped the cans together in kind of a unspoken toast and sat down in adjacent cushioned rattan chairs.

I figured that he wanted to talk about work and what my job would be for the summer. Instead, Dad wanted to know how Mom had been while he was away. My answers were just as vague as his questions. I could tell that he was trying to find out if Mom had had any sleepwalking episodes while he was gone, but he didn’t want to reveal that she had the affliction.

I could see that he was getting frustrated with my vague answers so he started asking more specific questions: Did Mom take naps during the day? How frequent were they? How long did she nap? Did she get out of bed at night? He was really uneasy asking that question because he knew she slept in the nude at night. I answered his questions as truthfully as I dared but didn’t elaborate. I actually hadn’t seen Mom out of bed at night, but I had seen her in her bed at night. I gave a slight smile to that thought.

Dad probably detected a little reticence to answer his questions because he was feeding me beer after beer to get me drunk so I’d provide more information than I was giving. I was getting buzzed but Dad was trashed. In the end, he just blurted out in slurred words that Mom has a problem with sleepwalking. I feigned ignorance and even asked what that was.

Now Dad was spilling his guts as he explained what Mom does in her sleep but he didn’t go into any of the sexual activities that I had witnessed. I was trying to find out how long this had been going on and Dad told me she had been sleepwalking off and on for several years and she still wasn’t aware that she was doing it. I didn’t reveal that I had witnessed the fruits of her affliction.

Mom was not happy to find Dad and I sitting in the sun-room with a dozen empty beer cans piled on the end tables. June and Julie poked their heads in the doorway just to get a glimpse at the stupid looks on our faces. They tittered and left Mom to properly admonish us. She was much harder on Dad than me even though he was kind of oblivious to her ire.

Mom was just getting cranked up when he passed out. That made her even more angry so she turned her venom on me. I just let her vent and after ten minutes she said, “Help me get your father up to bed.” He kind of came to, as we were bouncing from the stair railing to the wall. His arm was over my shoulders and Mom was trying to help in the confined space of the stairwell. He blathered something out that was incoherent but he was out when I laid him on the bed. I stood back while Mom undressed him and I helped her get him under the covers.

Mom looked at me closely in the hallway and asked if I was going to make it to dinner. I suppose that was in response to my obviously inebriated condition. I hesitated a few moments trying to clear the fog to give her an answer.

I opted for dinner and getting some food in me really helped. The twins kept looking at me and tittering which seemed to quell Mom’s anger toward me. Before we finished, I said, in a much more sober voice, “Sorry Mom. Dad wanted to talk when he got home.” Mom queried me on the subject of our talk but I just told her it was guy stuff. She sensed that that was bullshit but she didn’t press.

I went up to bed before Mom. The twins had gone to bed before me. Tomorrow was the start of the last week in high school for the twins and the start of my summer job. Mom would have the house to herself like usual. I could hear Dad’s thundering snoring and the constant rhythm was like a metronome. I was asleep before Mom even came up to bed.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep when my bladder decided it was time to relieve itself of all that beer. I pulled on my boxer briefs and staggered down the hall to the bathroom and sat on the toilet so I wouldn’t make so much noise or piss on the floor in the dark. I could still feel the effects of the alcohol but the fog was clearing. I thought I would piss forever but the stream finally diminished and stopped. I quickly washed my hands in the sink and decided not to flush the toilet.

I went to pull the bathroom door open and encountered a resistance. I pulled again and the resistance ended as the door sprang open toward me. Mom stood naked in the hallway with her hand out toward the bathroom door knob. She had that glazed look in her open eyes and my mind processed all of it instantly. She was sleepwalking again. She didn’t acknowledge that I was even standing there in front of her. My dick sure noticed though and it snapped to attention poking through the front gap of my boxers and my hand automatically went to it. I couldn’t sneak past her as she blocked the doorway. She couldn’t get in either even though she took a tentative step toward me like her path was clear.

I stepped back and to the open-door side and pushed my back to the wall, to let her pass. She staggered forward and as she passed me, her hip hit my hard-on and she stopped. She stood there for a few moments, seemingly contemplating what she had run into. I pulled my cock up to my stomach in hopes that she would just continue on her way. My heart was in my throat. Blood pounded through my ears. I was terrified of getting caught like this by Dad. If he woke and found Mom gone, he would be looking for her soon. I hoped that he was still too drunk to realize that she was gone.

Mom didn’t continue on her way. She reached down with her right hand searching for the obstruction. There was nowhere for me to go and her hand found my balls first. She seemed to recognize immediately what she had her hand on and she slid her fingers up my shaft and pulled it away from my stomach and out of my hand.

I was silently praying, ‘Please God. Let Dad sleep through this.’ I couldn’t hear the snoring anymore but I decided that it was because the blood roaring through my ears blocked it out. Mom didn’t turn toward me, she stayed facing the bathroom window as she ran her fingertips up over my glans. The streetlights out front illuminated her naked body. I stared at her standing totally still in profile and admired the projection of her large tits. My cock surged and pushed back against her fingers.

She chuckled in her throat and gripped my cock in a hand-shake fashion and started jerking on it. She was breathing normally but I sure wasn’t. I was horny and terrified all at the same time just like that moment a few days ago when Mom was looking up at me with my cock in her mouth after she had busted my sleepwalking scam.

Mom slowly turned to face me but I still don’t think she actually ‘saw’ me. She gripped my cock with both hands like my dick was a golf club. Then she leaned in and kissed me on the shoulder and then pressed her big tits to my lower chest before dragging them down my body. My head dropped back against the wall with a thud. When I felt her lips push on to my glans and continue down my shaft, I pulled my head off the wall to look down. She was looking back up at me with those glazed eyes. I groaned out all the air in my lungs. She held her position on my cock until she had to breathe and she pulled all the way off. ‘Fuck. I hope there’s more,’ I thought.

Mom put her hands on my thighs, and while still on her knees, she guided me backward, toward the window. I offered no resistance as it became apparent that she wanted me to sit down on the toilet. I sat down and sat back against the lid resting against the tank behind me. She positioned herself between my knees and spit on my cock. It was a pretty good shot in the sparse illumination of the streetlights. She rubbed the spit in with her two hands and then pushed her lips back on for one single trip down my shaft and back up again. I groaned but didn’t take my eyes off hers.

She pulled her lips off and scooched in closer to me and pulled me cock toward her and guided it between her tits. We hadn’t done this before. I was sure there were other things that Mom and I hadn’t got to yet. She used her thighs and legs to propel her torso up and down my shaft while lifting and dropping her tits. She lowered her chin to her chest and because of the high position of her tits, she was able to let my glans push between her lips as she pushed down. She pressed her tits together with the palms of her hands and curled her fingers over my shaft to keep it between her tits. The terrifying fear of being caught by Dad had dissipated as I was overwhelmed by the effects of the erotic vision before me. Mom was tit-fucking me as she slurped on my knob when it came in range.

Mom was tiring so I positioned myself forward on the toilet seat and started flexing my butt-cheeks, driving my cock between her tits. She slowed her movement and then stopped and let me take full control. I was getting awfully close and my mind blurred as I drove my cock faster through her tit-flesh.

Just as I let out a loud groan and launched my first salvo, which splashed off Mom’s chin, soaking both of us in hot, gooey cum, the door to Mom’s bedroom burst open. Dad appeared in the hallway. He stopped and looked left and right. I was committed and the second and third salvos of cum were deposited in Mom’s mouth. Dad disappeared to the right, apparently heading for the stairs. I couldn’t stop cumming. Mom had dropped back away from me and pushed her lips half-way down my shaft, taking more cum.

I found myself thinking, ‘Fuck. If I can just get off this toilet, I might be able to hide in the shower and I might just live another day.’ I was frantic. I put my palm on Mom’s forehead and pushed her off my cock just as another shot of cum streamed across her face. She giggled in reaction and tried to get her lips back on my cock again. I slid out from between her and the toilet and stood up. She stood up too.

I could hear Dad’s footsteps coming back down the hall and I slid open the shower door and pushed my body against the corner and slid the door shut again just as Dad rushed through the doorway into the bathroom. I could just make out forms through the frosted shower door. Dad didn’t speak but Mom mumbled, “There you are. I don’t think we were finished.” Her form came into view in front of Dad and she sank back to her knees. In what little illumination there was, I watched the form of Mom’s head bobbing on Dad’s hard-on. He was groaning and my dick was hard again. I didn’t dare move.

Mom pulled back and stood up and pulled Dad’s cock toward the toilet. Was she going to tit-fuck Dad too? I had to see. Quarter inch by quarter inch, I eased open the shower door as I could hear the sound of his dick sliding through Mom’s tits. Sure enough, Dad was perched on the edge of the toilet seat with his head tipped back like he was examining the ceiling. He was thrusting his cock between Mom’s tits. Her face was looking up at his. She whispered, “Cum on me Honey.” As if on command, Dad groaned hard as his head dropped down to watch. “Uuunnggaaahhh,” as his hips launched up. Mom giggled as his first shot blasted her on the chin and just like with me, she pushed her lips over his glans and jerked his remaining shots into her mouth. I heard her swallow hard and then she stood up and headed for the door like she had just come in to pee and she was finished. She didn’t walk across the hall to her room. She turned right, headed for the stairs. Dad pushed himself off the toilet and grabbed a hand-towel and wiped off his dick as he rushed after her. I stayed right where I was and listened.

Moment later, I heard them coming back down the hall. Dad was speaking softly, “No Maddy. We just did that.” I smiled to myself because Mom was apparently going after Dad’s cock again. I heard their door shut. I stayed right where I was until I heard Dad snoring again and then I quietly returned to my room after depositing my cum splattered boxer shorts in the hamper. My heart rate had returned to normal but I was still dizzy from holding my breath so I wouldn’t give myself away. The adrenaline had dissipated. It took a while to fall back asleep.

I was awakened by a kiss on the lips. I hadn’t opened my eyes but I knew that it was Mom. I knew the contours of her lips and her taste. My morning woody was tenting my bedding. She pressed her lips to mine again and I opened my eyes. She pulled back and said, “Wake up. Your father is getting ready for work and you’re riding with him.” She turned on the light on my night stand. When my vision cleared, I noticed dried cum in her cleavage. She hadn’t made any effort to keep her robe shut. I sat up and swung my feet to the floor as Mom stood up and retreated to the door.

I pulled on a clean pair of boxer shorts and found the bathroom door was shut, so I knocked and Dad said, “Come.” I smiled to myself at his use of that word. I pushed the door open and walked in. He was wearing his robe and shaving at the sink. I turned on the shower and quickly stripped off my shorts and stepped in thinking, ‘I just got out of here.’ Dad finished up while I was still in the shower and then I shaved and readied for the day. I wasn’t looking forward to today. I had no idea what I’d be doing for a job and I had a little anxiety. I don’t think Dad knew what my job would be either. At least I wouldn’t be working in his division.

I dressed in my suit as Dad had suggested. He always dressed in a suit for work. The sun was up but just barely. Mom came out of the kitchen with a bowl of scrambled eggs and a platter of toast and bacon as I came down the stairs. Dad was already seated at the table sipping a cup of coffee. As I slipped into my chair, Mom said, “Don’t expect this everyday but I wanted to give you a good breakfast on your first day.” From that statement, I concluded that Mom didn’t usually make a full breakfast for Dad before he went to work. She returned to the kitchen and came back with a cup of coffee for herself and me.

There was no conversation at the breakfast table like there was at the dinner table last night. That was fine with me. I was barely awake and I attacked the cup of coffee while Dad shoveled eggs onto his plate. Mom didn’t have a plate in front of her and when I pushed the bowl of eggs her way, she just waved them away. I dumped what Dad didn’t take in my plate. Mom had her elbows on the table sipping coffee. Her hair hadn’t been fixed yet and I smiled when I saw a dollop of dried cum in her hair above her left ear. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was mine or Dad’s.

It was a whirlwind of a day, meeting with every manager from top to bottom. The higher-ups just wanted to introduce themselves. The lower level managers wanted to know what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t say so, but it wasn’t working there.

I met Dad at the end of the day and we drove home in silence. I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get out of that suit and into comfier attire. The twins were already home and they were firing questions at me left and right about my first day. After they graduated on Friday, they would have a few weeks off before they started their internship there too. They had pleaded for the entire summer off before they started college in the fall. Dad wasn’t going for that and Mom didn’t even try to intercede on their behalf. Dad’s theory was that us kids had to pay for half of our education and he’d cover the other half. That way we would be invested in our own education and not just party and flunk-out.

That night, all was dark and quiet, I watched and waited for Mom to appear. I didn’t expect her to sleepwalk again so soon after last night, but if she did, I didn’t want to miss it. I fell asleep and woke up to the far-off banging noise again. This time, I knew exactly what it was and I got out of bed and pulled a pair of cotton shorts on and crept down the hall and down the stairs. The banging was louder and persistent. I moved to the twin’s bedroom door and listened. One of them was softly moaning and I could easily envision the other twin with the strap-on behind her in a doggy position.

I eased the door open and stuck my head into the gap. This time they were in June’s bed and she was on her back with her legs splayed wide while Julie was between her legs driving the dildo into June’s pussy. June was moaning softly with each thrust and they were both breathing hard.

I couldn’t see much because Julie’s back was to me and blocking June’s body except for her splayed legs. I stepped inside their room with my raging hard-on in my hand and moved to the side so I could see better and bumped into the edge of Julie’s bureau. I instantly stopped but I knew I was busted.

Without even looking back to see what caused the noise, Julie said, “Well, Dex. It took you long enough. We were thinking you wouldn’t come.” June lifted her head off her pillow so she could see me standing there in the dim light from the nightlight. I could see her ultra-white teeth gleaming in the dark.

I stood there by the door contemplating whether I should just go. In the end, I just laughed at that thought. I moved across the room and stood by June’s bed still stroking on my cock. Julie looked at my hand working my shaft and then looked up at me. She said, “Don’t you dare go wasting that. We have plans for it. This dildo is so boring since we ….. Well, since we saw your cock.” Julie reached out and wrapped her fingers around my shaft and I let her have it. She pulled the skin firmly down my shaft, stretching the skin on my glans. Julie looked back up at me and said, “We were using this dildo to practice our blow job skills but now we discover that it’s not long enough. Now, I guess we have to practice on you.” They both giggled and my cock hardened further. Julie went to work jerking me off.

June seemed satisfied to watch but she still had the dildo imbedded in her sex and Julie was easing it in and out of her. Her hip movement and her arm movement were completely out of synch and Julie handled it well. The old rub your tummy and pat your head thing came to mind.

June lifted her arms toward me and motioned with her hands for me to come to her. Julie released my cock and turned her concentration to fucking June with the dildo. June took my hand and pulled me toward her so that I had to climb on the bed and then place my knees in her armpits. She rested her arms on my thighs as she gripped my cock and pulled it down to her face. Julie was grinding her tits on my back as she resumed her previous fucking motion.

June licked up the length of my shaft and rolled her lips over the knob. She stroked the shaft as fast as she could as she watched the reaction on my face. I guess I didn’t disappoint her because she giggled. She didn’t push her head any further as she worked her tongue on my sensitive spot. I groaned and whispered, “Fuck, June. Right there. Oh Jesus.” She smiled around the knob on her lips and lashed her tongue faster.

My orgasm was on me before I even had a chance to try to hold it back. It caught June completely by surprise as she gagged on the first stream of cum launching into her mouth. The force of the shot and gravity sent the shot immediately down her throat. Her immediate reaction was to pull off my glans to cough the gooey gizz out of her throat. That was fine to address her immediate issue but shots two, three and four splattered across her face, hair and pillow. She was able to get her lips back on for the remaining shots. She was still coughing jizz from deep in her throat. She looked up at my face as though pleading for me to stop, like I had any control. She didn’t swallow or even try and I could tell from the horrified look on her tear streaked face that she couldn’t hold anymore.

Julie seemed to be oblivious to the situation as she continued to hump the dildo into June pussy and rub her tits on my back. Her erect nipples were like erasures rubbing on my back. Her hands were lazily working in the peaks and valleys of my abdominal and pectoral muscles.

June was like an oil well about to blow. Her eyes bulged. Her cheeks bulged. Her lips distended as she pulled back on my knob to make more room but she lost the battle and pulled off my cock just as she heaved her load with a huge cough. There was nothing I could do to get out of the way and I caught most of her expelled cum cocktail in the chest, where it splattered up into my face and over my shoulder into Julie’s face.

Julie pulled back immediately, pulling the dildo from June’s pussy and jumping to the floor. June coughed again but she had expelled everything on the first cough. She coughed a third time and came up on her elbows as the cum on her face drooled toward her chin. “Jesus Christ Dex. Are you trying to drown me? Fuck.” Julie was giggling behind me and June heard her. “Fuck you Julie, you didn’t just get cummed on from a firehose.” Julie got laughing and a little too loudly given the fact that Mom and Dad were less than a hundred feet away. June wiped her fingers through her face to see how bad the damage was and her eyes went wide again. “Holy shit, Dex. I’m covered. It’s everywhere.”

I felt compelled to say, “I’m sorry. I can’t control it once it starts.” Julie giggled again. I turned to look back at her. I could see the wetness of the cum and saliva on her face as it glistened in the dim illumination. She was using both hands to collect the jizz on her face and push it to her lips.

Julie moaned a long, “Mmmmmm,” and moved to the side of the bed. She unbuckled her strap-on dildo and stepped up on the bed using my shoulder to steady herself. She stepped over June’s head facing me and squatted. Her pussy dropped to June’s face who was forced back off her elbows. The slurping sound of June’s tongue in Julie’s pussy started immediately. Julie flinched and groaned as she bent forward and passionately kissed me on the lips before searching my face and chest for cum with her tongue. She found my nipples and sucked on them for much longer than it took to collect any stray cum.

When Julie was done, she whispered in my ear and I followed her directions by inching my way down June’s body and with my knees planted outside of hers, I guided my still erect cock into June’s pussy. She was sopping wet. She lifted her hips to invite me in and she groaned hard into Julie’s pussy as I slowly pushed my shaft all the way inside. I held it there until June started humping her hips up and down signaling me to go.

I looked at Julie before I started fucking June. She had a grin on her face that looked a bit eerie in the shadows of the single night light. She leaned forward to kiss me and groaned hard as the change in position on June’s face offered a new angle of her attack on Julie’s pussy. Her face was pinched as she pulled back from my lips. She whispered, “Fuck Dex. I hope you’ve got some more of that cock for me.” I grinned at her and nodded. She grinned too and started grinding her pussy on June’s face because June had stopped everything as she concentrated on my cock sliding in and out of her. She was mumbling into Julie’s pussy, “Oh my God. Julie. This is incredible. Way better than that dildo. It’s alive. I can feel it.” I flexed my hard cock in her and she groaned in response. “Oh fuck. I felt that.”

Julie rolled off June’s face and turned around to watch her facial contortions as she got closer to her orgasm. After my previous climax, I felt like I could go forever. I was fucking my sister’s tight pussy and I was delirious. I changed up my attack several times so it wouldn’t get monotonous. June went nuts when I started jack-hammering only my glans through her inner folds. She started to scream but she shoved her hand to her mouth to stifle it.

Julie surprised me when she climbed onto my back and pushed her body to mold with mine and then she started thrusting her hips along with mine as if to simulate that she was fucking June. The sensation of her erect nipples on my back drove me crazy and without any warning, I thrusted my cock deep in June and started fucking her in long deep full penetration strokes. June’s heavy breathing suddenly stopped and I realized that she was holding her breath as her orgasm was building higher and higher like a tsunami approaching the beach.

June was slamming her hips at me in synch with my full depth penetrations. Her mouth hung open to form an “O”. Her eyes were staring at the ceiling but not seeing anything. Her breath was caught in her throat. Her body went completely rigid under me. I continued slamming my cock into her with Julie simulating the same, perched on my back.

Then June started a low-pitched guttural groan deep in her throat and it built in pitch and power. June’s face turned down to look up at me. The visage on her face had a hint of terror in it. Through the building groan, she cried out, “Oh fuck. I’m gonna die.” Julie giggled into my back.

I bent forward and tucked my chin to my chest and sucked June’s left nipple between my lips and that was it for her. June’s hips launched upward lifting both me and Julie. She groaned out, “UUUUNNNGGGG-AAAAHHH,” as I felt her tight pussy grab my shaft. Mom’s orgasms were like a firm clench on my cock. This was a grab and release and grab and release over and over again. I slowed my pace to match her grabbing orgasm until she was done. She was like a blow-up doll that just sprang a big leak. She just collapsed back into the bed, completely spent. She was gasping for air and I released her left nipple, kissed her right one and started to pull my rock-hard cock from her pussy. Her pussy manually grabbed my cock like she didn’t want me to go as she grinned up at me. I bent down and kissed her as she grabbed my lower lip with her teeth so I couldn’t get away. I didn’t try to pull away from her and she giggled and released me. I kissed her again and she whispered, “Can we go again? You didn’t go; did you?”

Julie heard June’s whisper and she pulled herself up my body so she was looking down at June from my shoulder. She whispered, “No. You can’t go again. I haven’t got mine yet.” She rolled off my back onto her back beside June. I kissed June again and pulled back to my knees and knee-walked between Julie’s spread legs. June rolled on to her side to watch. Her fingers lazily pushed through her sopping wet sex.

As I was about to maneuver my cock to Julie’s pussy, she pulled herself out from under me and excitedly said, “I want it doggy style.” The vision of June fucking Julie doggy style with the dildo flashed through my mind. I got back up on my knees waiting for Julie to assume the position. Julie’s full attention was on my bouncing cock. I wrapped my fingers around my shaft. It was wet and sticky from June’s pussy. Then Julie turned and headed for the bathroom. She was in there for several seconds and June decided that this was an opportunity for her. She maneuvered her face to my cock and inhaled my cock. She pulled back off and giggled as she said, “I taste just like Julie.” She pushed on again just as Julie returned from the bathroom. She climbed up on her bed on her hands and knees and waggled her ass at me as she gave me a sultry look over her shoulder.

I pulled back from June’s lips, which gave a ‘pop’ as my glans came free. She giggled and then kissed the velvety crown as I moved off June’s bed and walked to Julie’s waiting ass. She looked back over her shoulder as I moved into position and she whispered, “Fuck me big brother.” She opened her legs a little wider and I guided my cock to her pussy. My plan was to tease her with my cock a little before getting down to business but she wasn’t having any of that as the moment we made contact, she pushed herself back at me, impaling herself on my shaft. She groaned hard and dropped to her elbows so she could watch herself getting fucked. June got off her bed and came over to get a better view but she couldn’t resist positioning her gooey pussy in Julie’s face and Julie didn’t disappoint.

Julie wanted to control the action so I just stood there with Julie’s pussy sliding on and off my cock. She changed up the penetration several times and she pushed her tongue into June’s pussy each time she pulled herself forward and off my cock.

After a minute or more, Julie stopped her motion and pushed herself up on her hands again. Without a word, she pulled herself off my cock and turned back to look at me. I was confused. What did she want now? Julie sucked her lower lip between her teeth and then said, “Fuck my ass like you did Mom’s that day.” I was surprised that Julie had realized that I was fucking Mom’s ass as she sat on my cock. There wasn’t much of a difference between fucking her pussy and then her ass in that position; but Julie had noticed.

Apparently, June had not noticed because now she said, “What do you mean, fuck your ass?” I was surprised that they hadn’t fucked each other’s asses with their dildo, but it turns out they never had. I followed Mom’s instructions and pushed my index finger to Julie’s anus. I was surprised to find that it was slick with petroleum jelly that she had obviously applied when she went to the bathroom. She had planned this from the moment she said she wanted to fuck doggy style. I pushed my index finger inside to the first knuckle and Julie moaned. June scrambled around so she could watch. She was strumming on her sex again.

I didn’t fuck Julie with my finger in keeping with Mom’s instructions. I just let her sphincter muscle become accustomed to its presence. She pushed back indicating she was ready for more. I was very careful and went very slow. June was getting impatient and she looked up at my face and motioned for me to go. My cock was softening from the extended time getting Julie ready. June noticed and she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and started jerking me off. My cock responded instantly.

Julie groaned as I pushed two fingers into her bowels to the last knuckle. She said, “June? Can you get the Vaseline from the bathroom and smear it on Dex’s cock?” June didn’t want to give up my cock but after a hesitation, she did as Julie requested.

With preparations made and a cock slick with Vaseline, I placed me glans on her anus and gently but firmly pushed forward. June reached in behind me and held my testicles. I eased my way inside Julie’s ass. She flinched several times and I stopped until she was ready and then I was fucking her ass and Julie was crazed. She was throwing her head from side to side as she added her own motions to the fuck. She was loving this more than Mom did. She muttered, “Oh my God, Dex. Your cock feels like a baseball bat up there. Oh fuck, I love this. June? Why haven’t we done this before?” I could tell that June wasn’t thinking that she had to try this.

Fuck, Julie’s ass was tight and hot. I gripped her hips and was pummeling her and she just wanted more. She had buried her face in her covers to muffle her screams. The pressure was incredible and I could feel my balls tighten. June did too and she giggled as she fondled them. I flexed my cock and Julie screamed from the new hardness. She was muttering, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” over and over again as my cock pulled out to the ridge and plunged back in again.

June lightly wrapped her fingers around my shaft letting it run through her fingers as I fucked Julie’s ass. I wanted to do this forever but I knew I was moments away from blowing another load. My balls were ready and my cock surged harder, which pulled another muffled scream from Julie before I groaned out, “YYYYUUNNGGG,” and drove myself as deep as I could and blew several long powerful ropes of cum.

June giggled as she could feel the cum explode up my shaft into Julie’s bowels. Julie’s muffled groan was clearly, “Oh my God. Give it to me Dex. Oh fuck. Yes. Yes.” I had launched three long bolts of cum when Julie’s sphincter grabbed my cock in a vice like grip and my thrusts came to an abrupt halt. Julie was screaming into her covers. Her sphincter was grabbing my cock in spasms and I was trying to finish my climax as she was in the middle of an anal orgasm.

Once I was done, I just let Julie scream through hers and I thought it would never end. As she slowed, I took the opportunity to slide my spent cock from her ass and she groaned hard when it came out. She was exhausted and she collapsed forward away from me. Her face was hanging off the far side of her bed gasping for air. I went down beside her also gasping for air, pulling my cock from June’s fingers as I went down.

June climbed onto my back and kissed me on the cheek and said, “My turn.” Between gasps, I just chuckled. There was no way. Between gasps, Julie said, “I think … he’s done. …. Next time.” I liked the sound of that.

June was not to be deterred. She rolled off me and pulled me onto my back and started furiously sucking on my flaccid dick, undeterred by where it had just come from. She quickly pulled back off though. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and said, “Yuck. Petroleum Jelly.” She grabbed my soft slick dick and started jerking on for all she was worth. It felt great. Her passion was catching and I hoped that she could get me back up again. She continued like that for five minutes or so before she gave up. Julie had crawled over against my side and placed her head on me chest to watch June feverishly working on my cock. The best she could do was get a semi-woody before she reluctantly released me and crawled her naked body up on mine. She kissed Julie on the way by and then kissed me passionately for several long moments.

In the silence of that kiss, we heard, “You girls get to sleep. It’s the middle of the night. Knock off the chatter.” It was Dad. His voice came from the top of the stairs. Thank God he hadn’t come down to deliver his angry message in person. My heart was going to explode out of my chest and I could feel June’s heart booming in hers. There was instant silence as June scrambled off my body and into her bed for fear that Dad would ensure that his message was heard by coming the rest of the way to their room. I scrambled off Julie’s bed as she was trying to get under her covers.

I was in limbo. I grabbed my boxer shorts and pulled them on and hurried to their bathroom and into their shower. I was hiding in the shower a lot lately. Our fears were confirmed. There was a loud knock on the bedroom door and then the door knob turned. I couldn’t tell if the door opened or not from my hiding spot. I heard him say, “You two get to sleep. Tomorrow is a school day and I have to work.” I prayed that he didn’t walk into the bedroom. It surely reeked of sex. I heard the door shut and then his footsteps up the stairs. I relaxed and stepped out of the shower. I heard the snickering under the covers as I walked back into the bedroom.

June whispered, “You can’t go upstairs now. Dad will catch you.” June yanked her covers aside and slid her feet to the floor before moving the short distance to Julie’s bed and pushed herself in beside her. Julie patted the bed between them and said, “There’s room. You can go back to your room after Dad falls asleep.” I slid under the sheets between the twins and they each grabbed their share of my flaccid cock. Their shares got bigger and they snickered as my cock grew back to full size. They didn’t do anything but hold it as they snuggled up to me. The sensation of their firm tits pressed against me on either side did nothing to relieve the hardness.

It wasn’t long before their breathing pattern told me they had fallen asleep. I didn’t know how long I would wait before going back to my room but as it turned out it didn’t matter because I fell asleep.

I woke to Mom’s voice and a gentle poke on the shoulder. I startled awake and was confused about where I was. Another poke in the shoulder and Mom’s voice said, “Your Dad is in the shower. You’d better get your ass back to your room before he’s done and comes looking for you.” Reality crashed in on me. I was lying between my naked twin sisters, who were starting to wake too. Mom was standing over us and when I opened my eyes, her robe was parted. The view of her tits and pubic hair caused my erection to form all over again and Mom saw the tent form on the covers.

She pulled her robe together and synched it tight and said in a stern voice, “Move it buster. We’ll talk about this situation later.” I climbed over June who couldn’t resist grabbing my hard cock on the way over her. She giggled and released me when she saw the angry look on Mom’s face. I had my boxers on but my cock was sticking straight out through the gap.

As I cautiously opened the door and looked out, I heard Mom chastising the twins in a gentle way indicating that she was obligated to be angry but her heart wasn’t in it. I turned back to the trio and sent them air-kisses before hurrying down the hall and up the stairs. I quietly passed the bathroom door as I heard the shower door slide open. I made it to my room and decided to just sit on my bed like I might be on any other day, waiting for my turn in the shower. I could feel the dried cum on my chest that Julie hadn’t adequately cleaned last night.

I watched as Mom came up the stairs. She smiled down the hall at me and tugged open her robe to flash me just as the bathroom door opened. Mom quickly closed her robe as Dad stuck his head out and announced to me that the shower was available. He pulled his head back and closed the door. He had never seen that Mom was standing just beyond the bathroom door. She grinned at me and opened her robe again. I stood up as my cock hardened and headed down the hall toward her. As I pushed myself up against her she gripped my cock, hand-shake style and jacked on it several times. We both knew there wasn’t time and she released me and walked past me with a sultry smile and I went into the bathroom.

I hadn’t thought about the fact that my cock was hard when I entered the bathroom. Dad was at the sink in his boxer shorts, shaving. He glanced at me and chuckled and return to the mirror as he said, “Oh for the days when I woke up with a woody every morning.” He went back to shaving and I climbed into the shower.

Mom had four bowls of cereal on the table when we came down dressed in suits again. Mom, still in her robe, said, “Don’t you two look nice?” She knew I wasn’t crazy about wearing a suit every day and she was expressing how much she liked the look.

Mom cradled a hot cup of coffee in her hands while Dad and I ate breakfast. We were nearly done when the twins came out of their room and walked into the dining room. I avoided eye contact with either of them and Mom snickered at my reaction. Dad looked at Mom but she stopped and offered no explanation for her snickering. Everyone at the table knew full well what the snicker meant except Dad. He let it go and pushed himself away from the table indicating that it was time to go. I finished and got up too.

As we headed toward the door, all three of them giggled and Mom said, “Have a great day.” We were halfway to work when Dad said, “I hope the girls didn’t keep you awake last night.” My heart went into overdrive. I was sure Dad could hear it pounding in my chest. I didn’t respond. Dad continued, “They were making an awful lot of noise down there. Did they wake you up? I laid there for a long time listening before I’d had enough and had to give them the word.”

I said, “Nope. I didn’t wake up. Must have slept right through it. I didn’t even hear you giving them the word.” My heart started to slow. I figured that he wasn’t just feeling me out, knowing full well what we were doing although I couldn’t imagine that he would have tolerated what we were doing at the time if he knew or even suspected.

He started questioning me about anything that I might have seen Mom doing that seemed odd. I realized that he was so drunk the other night that he didn’t remember telling me about Mom’s sleepwalking episodes. I didn’t let on that he’d said anything and just responded that I hadn’t noticed anything odd. I didn’t see him again until after closing time when he came to find me and drive back home. On the way home, Dad wanted to know how the job was going. I told him fine and didn’t reveal that the work was very boring. The dinner table was set for five when we walked in the front door. I went straight to my room to get out of the suit and into something comfortable.

The twins were in the family room playing video games against each other. They were very accomplished on video games. I didn’t bother playing them. I was a clumsy oaf. I sat down and watched in amazement at their skill and dexterity.

Without looking at me, Julie quietly said, “Did Dad question you about last night? Mom reamed us new ones after you guys left.” Julie burst out laughing when she realized what she had said.”

June giggled and interjected, “Yeah. She reamed me a new one. Julie already had a new one. I think Mom was just jealous that she wasn’t in on the action too.” Julie giggled and nodded and apparently lost concentration on the game as June threw up her hands and the wireless controller, yelling, “Yes. I won.”

Julie threw down her controller and yelled, “Shit.”

Mom was in the kitchen working on dinner and she yelled out, “Language girls.”

They both yelled out, “Sorry Mom,” and then giggled. Mom had heard way worse language from the twins than ‘shit’ and without comment. June leaned over toward me and said, “By the way. When are you going to ream me a new one?”

I glanced at Julie and said, “Next time.” Julie grinned and picked up her controller and they started a new game. I watched for a moment and then went into the kitchen and gave Mom a kiss. Her response was way too passionate and I pulled back and glared at her as I looked to see if Dad was around.

She smiled at me and whispered, “I can’t help it. I’ve masturbated twice today thinking about you guys last night. Julie says you fucked her ass.” I nodded and Mom waved a hand at her face as if to cool herself off. I could see that her nipples had hardened and were pushing hard on her bra and blouse.

Dad had changed and was coming down the stairs. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed a soda as he walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Mom’s slender waist and they kissed while I side-stepped them and returned to the family room. I glanced back and Dad’s hand had grabbed Mom’s ass. I heard her giggle and say, “The kids will see.”

That night, I waited to see if Mom would sleepwalk again. She didn’t, but I heard the distinct sounds of sex coming from their room. I thought it was odd that I hadn’t heard them before. I jerked off as I listened to them and when Dad groaned out his obvious orgasm, I launched into mine and shoved the tissues over my glans. I couldn’t tell if Mom had an orgasm or not. I had become accustomed to her orgasms and I had not heard any of that. All was completely quiet after and I drifted off to sleep.

Nothing of note happened on Wednesday, at work or at home. The twins were finalizing their party plans and that was about it.

Thursday morning started out as usual until the twins came out of their room dressed in their erotic micro-bikinis and semi-transparent beach cover-ups. Dad couldn’t take his eyes off them. Neither could I. My cock pushed hard on the zipper of my dress pants and I put my napkin in my lap to hide it. The twins kissed Mom and then Dad. His face was flushed red. Julie announced that they were going to a friend’s house before they went to the beach for the day and they were gone. Dad looked at Mom to make sure the skipping classes was sanctioned. Mom just nodded at him and said, “It’s their last day of classes. Everyone in the class is going.” Dad nodded at her and returned to his cereal. I was trying to get my hard-on to deflate and when Mom pushed her bare foot into my crotch and rubbed up and down the length of my shaft, all efforts were moot.

Mom lifted her coffee cup to her lips and glanced at me with an evil smile on her face. I glared back at her for only a moment. I normally would have pulled my suitcoat on after standing up but I couldn’t stand up in my condition. Dad pushed his chair back and stood up. He pulled his suitcoat on and said, “Well, we’d better get going. I hate to be late.” To Dad, fifteen minutes early was late. I pulled my suitcoat on as I remained seated and then buttoned the coat. Mom stifled a giggle as I struggled to hide my obvious erection.

Mom got up and kissed us both good-bye. Dad pushed open the storm door as Mom kissed me and grabbed my cock at the same time. Dad was headed for the car and didn’t see anything. Mom whispered, “I’ll think of this all day.” I pushed away from her and glared at her. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to get caught.

On the way home that night Dad told me that he was going to have to leave on business tonight. He had called Mom as soon as he knew. I asked about the twin’s graduation. He had promised to be there. He said, “It’s all worked out. I’ll do business tomorrow morning and then fly home for the graduation and then fly back. Mom’s not very happy about it but it’s the best I could do. As it is there will be a room full of people from various companies sitting around tomorrow afternoon waiting for me to get back. Thankfully, it’s only a two-hour flight and not cross country. We’ll have to work into the weekend to get it done. I should be home Saturday night or more likely Sunday morning.”

My dick hardened as I thought about all the possibilities. I was going to get another work-out for sure.

Mom was in fact not pleased when we got home. Dinner was on the table and Dad went up to pack as soon as he was done eating. The twins apparently had not been pre-briefed on Dad’s trip and they were very upset until it was revealed that Dad would fly home to attend the graduation. I could see their gears turning on the sexual possibilities.

The twins and Mom and I turned out at the front door to kiss and hug Dad as he left. He assured the girls that he would be at the graduation and he flapped his ticket so everyone would know he had it. We watched from the door as Dad drove away. Mom closed the door and turned off the porch light. It was dark as Dad left the driveway and we retreated to the family room and I turned on a table lamp at the end of the sofa.

We sat down to watch TV. The twins and I kept looking at each other in anticipation, but Mom was still pissed-off at Dad. She clearly wasn’t seeing the good with the bad. June and Julie had got into their terry-cloth robes after dinner and now they were sitting on the love-seat adjacent to me to my right. Mom sat to my left on the sofa. Julie was teasing me by easing her legs apart giving me brief glimpses of her sex. June had apparently gotten interested in whatever was on the TV and she was oblivious to Julie’s antics. Mom sat with her arms crossed under her boobs and her head hunched down into her neck with a sulk on her face. She was facing the TV but staring off into space. The air was blue and no one dared to start a conversation.

Julie broke June’s concentration on the TV show as she leaned over and whispered something to her. June smiled and nodded and they pushed themselves to their feet and walked in front of us heading for their room. Mom didn’t even register that they had left. She just stared off into space. I turned my body to face her. I studied her posture and the angry countenance on her face. There was no way I was going to risk her ire by interrupting her.

Several minutes later, the twins returned wearing their graduation caps and gowns. They had even put on high-heel stilettos that they planned to wear tomorrow. Their caps were canted perfectly on their heads. The caps and gowns were bright white. The tassels hanging from their caps were fire-engine red. The school colors; red and white. My gown, last year, had been red with a white tassel.

They stood side-by-side in front of Mom. She broke her reverie and forced a smile at the sight of her baby girls in their graduation gowns. She looked down at the floor and said, “You make me feel so old. Three beautiful children all grown up and ready to leave the nest.”

I said, “Mom, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life.” Mom forced another smile and looked at me. She pursed her lips and sent me an air-kiss and mouthed the words, ‘thank you’.

Tears burst from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. She muttered, “I wish your Dad thought so. I’m pretty sure he has someone else. She’s probably young and beautiful.”

The twins looked at each other and in unison said, “Well, if he does, he’s the stupidest man on the planet.” Mom wiped tears from her chin and force a smile and pushed herself up to sit straight.

She smiled at the girls and then smiled over at me and said, “Well, at least I have my new relationship with my wonderful children and I have no idea why I’m sitting here in a funk when we should be doing something much more fun.”

We all smiled at that and the twins yanked open their graduation gowns to reveal that they were completely naked underneath. They peeled off the gowns and carefully draped them over the back of the nearest chair and then laid their caps on top. They must have choreographed this whole scene because they turned back to face us and then in unison, they reached up and placed their hands on their side-boob and pushed their own tits together to form additional cleavage. Their boobs naturally had no space between them so they didn’t accomplish much with that move other than the sexual connotations.

Again, in choreographed movements, they ran their hands down over their flat stomach to their sex. They had recently trimmed their pubic hair, probably to accommodate their micro bikinis that they had worn today at the beach. They used both hands to separate their labia and then sensuously run an index finger over their glistening pink inner folds before making a spastic lunge up and forward when they touched their clitoris.

My cock was a steel pole before their hands released their boobs. It pushed out of the left leg of my shorts and I covered it with my hand as I dragged my fingernails over the velvety glans. Mom’s hands had lifted to her breasts and she was running her fingertips over her clothed nipples.

June broke from their routine and pointed at me and then lowered her finger to point at my lap. She grinned and turned around and bent forward as she separated her butt-cheeks with her fingers. She looked back at me and grinned. I got it and I smiled back and lifted my hand covering my cock to show her. She spun back around and launched herself across the space between us and landed hard in my lap with her knees on either side of my hips. I grabbed her hips to slow her descent and then placed the palms of my hands gently on her tits and palmed her long hard nipples.

Julie pulled the coffee table away from the sofa and knelt down beside Mom and they kissed passionately while Julie deftly unbuttoned Mom’s blouse. The heavy breathing had started already. I wondered if we would go upstairs of stay right here. I guess that depended on whether we thought we could make it upstairs. I couldn’t believe how fast the mood in the room had changed. Passions were high and June had buried her face in my neck and she was kissing me everywhere. I could tell that she was voting to stay right where she was.

I took a quick glance at Mom and Julie beside me. Mom’s chest was heaving with each urgent breath. Her tits were bulging out the top of her bra as Julie struggled with the front clasp. The tension applied by Mom’s heavy breathing made it difficult to open. When she succeeded, Mom’s breasts burst forward and Julie pulled her lips back from Mom’s and sucked on one nipple and then the other.

June was trying to raise herself out of my lap so she could get her hand on my cock that was positioned between her legs and was bobbing up and down on her naked sex. She had already soaked the cotton material of my shorts. I groaned when her fingers circled my circumference.

With Julie’s help, Mom maneuvered out of her blouse and bra and then started mauling Julie’s tits as Julie’s lips returned to Mom’s. Mom was still wearing a loose skirt and she was trying to get it pulled up around her waist. Julie broke their embrace and instead of helping Mom pull the skirt up, she yanked the skirt off over her feet. Mom lifted her hips once more and Julie yanked Mom’s bikini panties off.

Mom spread her legs and lifted her hips again to invite Julie between her legs and Julie dropped to her knees to bury her face in Mom’s sex. Mom groaned hard from Julie’s attack and lowered her hands to the back of Julie’s head. She didn’t need to hold Julie down. She wasn’t going anywhere. The sounds alone revealed that Julie was frantically tongue fucking Mom’s pussy. Mom’s eyes had closed and her mouth hung open as she moaned continuously from Julie’s aggressive attack. She pulled her hands back from Julie’s head and clamped her fingers tightly to her own tits. Rather than go to her nipples, she was mashing her tit flesh so hard I was sure it must hurt.

June had pushed her body down my thighs so she could get at my cock. She was jerking me off with both hands as she gazed into my eyes to watch my reaction. Suddenly, June said, “Fuck. Stay right where you are. I’ll be right back,” and she pulled off my thighs to her feet and ran toward the hall. I stood up and pulled my shorts off and then my tee shirt. We were all naked.

Julie’s face was buried between Mom’s thighs, slurping and licking and Mom was moaning. Julie glanced over Mom’s thigh toward me and then reached under Mom’s thigh and started jerking me off. Julie was better at sex than June, but I had already learned that even bad sex was great, not to say that June was bad. I slid closer to Mom to give Julie easier access, but also so I could lean over and kiss Mom. She opened her eyes when my chest touched her shoulder. She was in a sexual haze as revealed by the sultry look in her eyes. She latched onto my lips when I pushed them to hers.

Mom pulled her lips away and she spoke in a low-pitched demonic voice, “Oh shit, Julie, baby. Here I go.” The ‘go’ part was several octaves higher. Mom’s chest heaved up with her hands on her tits and then her torso collapsed and her hips launched up hard into Julie’s face. Julie rode with them and continued her tongue action.

June came running back around the corner from the hall carrying the jar of petroleum jelly. Her tits were so firm that they only jiggled slightly. Her nipples were still on high-beams. June stopped in the middle of the family room to watch Mom groan and gyrate through her orgasm. Julie didn’t retreat until Mom’s spasming pussy went still. June grinned at Julie’s soaking wet face.

June handed the jar to Julie and excitedly said, “Can you lube me up? I’m gonna fuck Dex’s cock like Mom did the other day.” Julie took the jar and giggled as June bent over at the waist presenting her spread butt-cheeks to her.

Mom seemed to be in a coma. She was gasping for air as her chest heaved but there was nothing else indicating that she was aware of anything.

June groaned hard when Julie pushed her jelly coated finger into her anus but then pushed back telling Julie to push in deeper. She did and June groaned harder. My attention moved to Mom. Her eyes were shut. Her lips were slightly parted revealing her white teeth. Air seethed between them as she continued to gasp for air. Her hands were still clamped to her tits but they were not moving. Her hips were static. I wondered what Mom was thinking about her baby girls. She had obviously assumed that neither of them had any experience with sex and she seemed anxious to teach them. She must know by now that Julie already has considerable experience and June is not a virgin but she is certainly a novice compared to Julie. I would guess that June’s experience was limited mostly to the strap-on dildo and blow jobs. She’s pretty good at sucking cock although Julie is better. Mom is the queen of blow jobs.

Julie was teasing June with the finger up her ass and June was so into it that she kind of forgot what she was here for. Julie pulled out and scooped up a glob and came over and put it on my glans and then motioned for June to rub it all in. She dropped between my knees and pulled the glob down over my shaft and then started jerking me off again.

Julie just stood back and watched to make sure June would be okay. I don’t know if she thought I’d be insensitive to June’s inevitable pain. June was my sister. Of course, I’d be sensitive to her pain. Besides, in this position, June had total control of how much cock she wanted. Still, Julie stood to the side as June climbed her legs over my thighs and planted her knees on the sofa cushions. My slick, bouncing cock was slapping up on her pussy again. Julie glared down at me mouthing the words, ‘don’t you hurt her’. I glared back at her and mouthed the words, ‘I won’t’.

Mom was starting to come out of her coma as she sat straight up on the sofa and looked up at Julie just standing there with her arms crossed under her boobs and a stern look on her face. She looked over at June and me as June gripped my slippery cock and guided it to her pussy for a preliminary fuck like I had done with Julie last night. She was taking all her cues from her more experienced sister. Mom turned in her seat and pulled her closest leg up on the sofa and then ran her hand between her legs to make sure she wasn’t leaking on the furniture.

I just sat there unmoving while June pushed herself down my shaft. There was no friction and aside from the pressure we both experienced, there was no sensation of fucking. I had fucked a former girlfriend with two condoms on once. She was terrified of getting pregnant and wouldn’t consent otherwise. This was kind of like that. There was little sensation on my part. I assumed it was the same for her. No wonder she had no interest in doing it again.

June was getting into it anyway and she groaned as the fattest part of my shaft pushed into her pussy. Julie kept her stern face because we hadn’t gotten to the part she was concerned about yet. Mom dipped her fingers into her sopping wet pussy and her breathing ramped back up again. June was gasping as she planted both hands on my chest and arched her lower back as she drove herself on and off my cock until she muttered, “Oh God. Yes. I’m cumming.” The moment she said it, I could feel her tight pussy clamping hard on my shaft. I watched the ever-changing visage on her face as she rocked her way through her climax. She’d had them before and she knew what this was.

Julie grinned down at Mom and Mom grinned back as she reached over and put a hand on June’s thigh and smiled at her when she reacted to her hand. I still hadn’t moved a muscle and I was nowhere near cumming. Several days ago, I probably would have already have cummed twice by now. I was definitely getting more comfortable and confidant.

When June had collected herself, she was anxious to get to part B. June lifted herself off my rock-hard cock and sat back on my knees. My cock dragged across her sensitive clitoris as it slapped back to my stomach. June lurched from the contact as Julie moved forward and smeared jelly over my cock again. My cock throbbed in Julie’s slippery hands. I could tell from the look in Julie’s eyes that she was anxious for her turn.

June grew impatient with Julie’s hand job and inched herself up my legs forcing Julie from my cock. I was breathing hard now. Julie dropped to her knees beside June and guided her to a position on my hips. Julie reached under June’s ass and pulled my cock back as June lowered herself slowly. I could tell from the look on her face that she was worried about the pain. Neither Mom nor Julie had displayed a lot of pain but June had probably heard about it from other friends. I smiled up at her and said, “Just go as slow as you want.” June gave me a forced smile and dropped her rosebud to my glans. She hesitated there for several moments as she gathered her courage. None of us urged her to continue. This was her choice. She could stop or go.

Julie held my cock in place waiting for June to push herself down. June still hesitated as though she were talking herself into it and then made her decision as if saying to herself, ‘fuck it, let’s go’. She gritted her teeth and pushed herself down hard and suddenly my glans was inside along with a few more inches.

Julie yelled, “June. No,” just as June let out a frightful scream and Mom sat up straight prepared to help any way she could. I let out a loud groan the moment that June pushed down. Jesus, the pressure and heat were incredible. June yanked herself off my cock and screamed again. Julie was already soothing June with her face pushed to June’s cheek. June was crying hard and was close to hysteria. Julie was kissing her and shushing her to settle June down. My cock had been throbbing hard but now it was deflating quickly. I was concerned for June. I had promised not to hurt her and I had. I felt bad even though it wasn’t my fault.

Julie helped her sister get out of my lap and then led her toward their room. June was still crying. Mom watched them go and then she turned her attention to me. She could see that I was upset. She inched over closer to me and pulled my face down to her chest and hugged me. Mom’s naked tits were in my face and I couldn’t resist suckling on the closest nipple. She moaned as I pulled her erect nipple between my lips and ran my tongue around it. I moved to the other nipple and Mom moaned again. She reached for my rapidly hardening cock and started jerking on it, while I suckled her nipples.

We were both breathing hard again as Mom pushed her hand down my shaft to my balls and then pulled back hard before repeating. After several strokes, it occurred to me that there was a message there when Mom pulled back hard. The message was ‘bring your cock over here’. I inched closer and Mom continued to pull hard on my cock. I looked up into her eyes. They were pleading for me to fuck her and I smiled and slid off the sofa and pulled my cock from her reluctant grip and maneuvered between her legs as she swiveled back around to a sitting position and lifted her ankles to my shoulders.

She started to pull her fingers to her mouth and then realized that her hand was covered with petroleum jelly. She gave me a sultry grin and touched her slick finger to the tip of my nose and whispered, “Fuck me Sweetie. Fuck your mother. I need your big cock.”

I teased her with just the glans; pushing it in and pulling it out several times. Mom groaned each time. I gripped my cock and pulled it up to rub the velvety softness on her clitoris and she lurched upward as she pulled me down with her legs. She whispered, “Don’t tease your mother, Dex.” Using just her hips, she found my cock and pivoted her pussy onto my glans. She smiled her sultry smile again and I pushed slowly and steadily until my balls pressed up against her ass. She used the tension in her legs to hold me there for several moments. She emitted a long guttural groan as she closed her eyes to savor the sensation.

Mom relaxed her legs and opened her eyes. They were crazed with lust and I started fucking her hard as my cock pulled out to the ridge of my glans and then plunged back in again. To change things up, I started pulling my cock all the way out until the tip of my glans was the only contact with her pussy and then plunge back in again. Mom liked that and she groaned each time. As my cock retreated from her, she’d pull hard with her legs to drive me inside deeper and faster.

Mom’s head was thrashing from side to side as she started mangling her tits with her hands again. After a few minutes, she mumbled through her gasps for air, “Oh Baby. Hurry. I’m gonna cum.”

The petroleum jelly had reduced the friction on my cock and I wasn’t ready to cum, no matter how hard I hurried. Mom forgot all about my climax as she was crushed by hers. She went spastic and I grabbed her hips to hold her on my cock. I wasn’t done and I kept thrusting it in and out. Her pussy was clenching on my cock and the sensation was pulling me closer to my orgasm. We were both gasping for oxygen.

I was hammering my cock into Mom’s pussy when Julie and June returned from their room. June seemed to be upset that Mom had ‘stolen’ her cock. Julie was calming her down. I ignored both of them as my balls tightened and I knew I was getting close. I gritted my teeth and groaned through them and then yelled out, ‘Oh fuck. Here I come. AAAUUUGGGGGHHHH.” I slammed my cock as deep into Mom’s pussy as I could, pushing Mom further back on the sofa. She still had her eyes shut and now a grin formed on her lips.

The first salvo of long powerful streams of cum exploded from my shaft into her pussy. She opened her eyes and said, “Cum on me Sweetie.” She pulled herself back and I pulled out and with the help of my hand poured more shots on her face and hair and then I aimed the rest on her tits, stomach and pubic hair. The last of my ejaculation drooled out the ‘eye’ and dropped to the carpet in front of the sofa. I was drained and I dropped back on my feet and took in the vision of my naked mother splayed wide on the sofa covered in my cum. I wish I had a photo of that.

Mom wasn’t done. She looked over at the twins and motioned for them to come sit closer. She scooped cum off her face and pushed her fingers past her lips. She repeated the motion and offered her fingers to Julie. Julie bent forward and sucked Mom’s fingers into her mouth. Mom repeated and June did the same. Mom motioned for the girls to clean her tits on down, while she wiped cum from her face and savored the taste. I chuckled to myself. I had tasted my own cum before and I wasn’t fond of it.

June and Julie moved onto the sofa on either side of Mom and attacked both of her tits at the same time. It wasn’t a competition and at one point, June and Julie were sharing the collected cum with each other in long passionate kisses before returning to the task at hand. Mom watched them closely and then joined in a three-way sharing of cum and kisses.

I was totally spent and my dick quickly softened to a flaccid state and laid unmoving on my left hip. My flaccid dick always went to the left side. I wore it down my left pant leg because it was more comfortable. I wondered if it always went to the left because I jerked off mostly with my right-hand. I would have to google it sometime.

Mom and the twins had finished licking up cum and they had finished their tongue duels and now they were cuddled together on the sofa with Mom in the middle. June’s back was facing me and I checked out every inch of her perfect ass. The twins had replaced Mom’s hands on her own tits with theirs. They made no attempt to get Mom sexually aroused again. They just cradled them in their hands. June’s head was cuddled into Mom’s neck on her left and Julie was the mirror opposite on her right. I was content to just watch them. Mom’s breathing had long since returned to normal as had mine.

Somewhere along the way, someone had muted the TV but it was still on and displaying the everchanging visuals of an old sit-com. I picked up the remote and contemplated unmuting but then opted to just turn the TV off. I was waiting for the twins to go to bed. I planned on sleeping with Mom tonight in her room. I was certain that she’d want another round at some point in the night or morning or both. My dick stirred at the thought.

As it turned out, the twins both fell asleep cuddled up on Mom’s shoulders. Mom seemed very content, so I pulled the comforter off the back of the loveseat and laid it over all three of them. June stirred and burrowed deeper into Mom’s neck. Neither Julie nor Mom moved a muscle. I went up to my room hoping that Mom would collect me when she came up to bed.

I woke to the brightening dawn disappointed that Mom hadn’t woke me up to come to her bed. She could have got into mine too, but she hadn’t.

I used the bathroom and showered the cum and petroleum jelly off me and then I quietly opened Mom’s bedroom door figuring that we could ‘rip off a piece’. She wasn’t in bed and hadn’t been. I dressed in shorts and tee shirt and went down stairs. She wasn’t on the sofa and neither were the twins. I quietly moved back to the girl’s bedroom door and pressed my ear to the door to listen. Nothing. I eased open their door and all three of them were in Julie’s queen-sized bed on their right sides spooned up to each other facing June’s bed. The covers were pushed down to their waists and Julie’s hand rested on Mom’s left breast as Mom’s hand rested on June’s. They were sound asleep.

I stepped back to the hallway and quietly closed their door and went to the kitchen. I turned on the Keurig Coffee Maker to heat the water. I went through all the efforts to get a coffee cup out of the cupboard and get dairy creamer from the refrigerator with making a sound and popped the pod in the machine and hit ‘go’ and all of my efforts to be quiet were thwarted by the loud groaning of the Keurig.

I hoped that the groan would be sufficiently muted by the kitchen wall and the twin’s bathroom walls so I wouldn’t wake them.

I collected the morning paper from the outside walkway and carried it and my coffee cup to the three-season room. I had no sooner set myself in a rattan chair when I decided a nice soak in the hot tub would be nice.

I stripped off my tee shirt and shorts and walked naked to the hot tub and lifted back the cover. I retrieved my cup and paper and lowered myself into the hot water. I didn’t turn on any of the jets. The gently circulating water was soothing as I opened the paper holding it above the surface. The metro section had a story on tonight’s high school graduation. I quickly scanned the article reading about the class of two hundred and twenty-three graduates. It would be held in the school’s new auditorium that had been completed more than a year ago. My class had been the first to graduate from it. When I saw June and Julie’s names, I read slower. Julie was named as the valedictorian and June was the salutatorian. Neither of the girls had mentioned this news. I wondered if they knew yet, but then I remembered that the valedictorian always gives a speech to the class. Julie would have to know so she could prepare.

This was an odd turn of events. Why wouldn’t they have said something. Given their competitiveness, June would be pissed about coming in second behind Julie and vice versa if it had been the other way around. June hadn’t displayed anything to indicate that she knew. Maybe, she didn’t know. Maybe, only Julie was informed so she could prepare for the ceremony and she hadn’t said anything to anyone else. June had a cynical nature and she could be vindictive but I doubted that she’d do anything in retribution to Julie. I moved on to the sports page.

Julie appeared in her robe with a cup of coffee in her hand. She handed me her cup and dropped her robe. She was naked underneath. She stepped up over the edge and sank down in the hot water with a sigh of contentment. She didn’t say a word and neither did I for several minutes. I folded the paper back to the metro section and handed it to her. She scanned it quickly and then dropped it on the ground.

I said, “Why didn’t you tell us that you were being honored tonight as the valedictorian?”

Julie looked down to the gentle swirling water and then, without looking up said, “I knew June would be pissed. I wanted to keep it from her as long as I could. She’ll find out soon enough, like from that article. She’ll be hurt. I don’t want to be responsible for hurting her.”

We talked back and forth about it but, in the end, she asked me not to tell June or Mom and she stood up in the water and bent way over the edge of the hot tub to grab the paper. Her rosebud and vagina were on display as she stretched down for it. My dick, which had hardened when she dropped her robe, was now at full size and I stroked it with my right hand as she pushed herself further until she was jack-knifed over the edge of the tub.

My first thought was to stand up and fuck her doggy style as her torso dangled over the edge. I discarded that thought. She might not appreciate such an aggressive move and I had always been respectful of the girls that I was with. I did stand up and sit on the edge with my cock bouncing in front of me like a divining rod.

When Julie had the paper in her hand, she pulled herself back into the water. She dunked the paper in the water and crumpled it up and threw it back on the ground. Then, she turned to me and a huge grin formed. Her eyes went from my bouncing cock to my eyes and back to my cock. She said, “It looks like he could use a little attention. Do you mind?”

I laughed at her question and the irony of it. She’s asking for permission and I was briefly contemplating the opposite. She didn’t wait for an answer as she stood up and pushed her hips through the hot water and knelt in one of the contoured seats and wrapped her fingers around my shaft as she gazed up into my eyes. What a beautiful sight to behold as she flicked her tongue out to the tip of my glans and then lashed her tongue all around my velvety crown as her eyes locked on mine with a look of pure lust.

I couldn’t pull my eyes from hers until she pushed her lips down my shaft and flicked the tip of her tongue on my balls. I groaned hard and my head snapped back so hard I almost toppled backward. Julie grabbed my knees to keep me from falling to the ground.

Julie dropped her eyes as she pushed her face forward and down. On the way back up my shaft, she tipped her head back dragging my glans along the roof of her mouth. The sensation was amazing. She tipped her head back down and pushed all the way to my balls again and then tipped her head back as she slowly pulled back up with her eyes locked back on mine. She picked up speed with the same motion but now she was just sucking on my glans as her lips pulled up past the ridge as she tipped her head back up to watch my reaction. Both hands were working the shaft as her extended upper lip slid over the ridge while she drilled the nerve bundle below the ‘eye’ with her tongue. She grinned around my knob, obviously amused by my facial contortions. I was in heaven and I didn’t want to ever come back.

I was building to climax when from over my shoulder came June’s voice yelling, “Julie. Don’t let him cum.” I turned to look and June and Mom were exiting the three-season room. They were in their robes and both had huge grins on their faces. Julie pulled her lips off my glans and slowed her hands to a stop. I had been so close and now my pending climax slowly disappeared.

Mom shed her robe and threw one leg over the edge of the tub and I offered my hand to pull her in. She was naked and my throbbing cock reacted to her gorgeous body. Julie sat down on the edge beside me as I helped June over the edge too. Mom and June submerged themselves to their necks to luxuriate in the hot water.

June reached up and gripped my cock and started jerking me off again and I immediately felt that familiar tension building through my body. My orgasm apparently hadn’t gone very far away. June giggled as my cock bobbed and pulled in her hand. The fact that my dick could move on its own always amused June. I manually flexed it and it lurched in her hand and startled her so that she pulled her hand back. Her eyes widened with the lurch and she laughed. Mom and Julie both seemed to be amused by June’s reaction to my hard flex.

Mom watched what June was doing and said, “I think this bad boy needs to be disciplined.” She grinned at me indicating that she was just messing with me. I couldn’t think of anything I’d done to warrant being disciplined. June and Julie both giggled. I was sure they could think of something. Mom looked at the girls and motioned them in for a face to face conference and they all three laughed and glanced up at me sitting on the edge of the hot tub as I slowly stroked my cock. All three of them grinned at me and I grinned back.

Mom came up out of the water and knelt in the contour seat below me and pushed her lips over my glans and a few inches down my shaft and started jerking me off with her right hand. She looked up into my eyes as she pulled her lips on and off my cock. June and Julie moved to either side of Mom on their knees and watched Mom work.

I groaned hard as my testicles tightened and Mom pulled back and off my shaft and released it from her hand. My cock bobbed and the twins giggled as Mom looked up at my face and pulled back from her place and June moved into it. Mom moved to June’s spot and gripped my balls and nodded at her. June pushed her lips on my glans and stroked my shaft with both hands while she rolled her tongue around on the nerve bundle. I moaned, “Oh fuck. June. Just like that.” June continued but her eyes moved to Mom, who let her go several more seconds and then, just as I was about to climax, Mom motioned her away and June immediately stopped with her mouth and hands and sat back on her feet. She giggled again as my cock was bouncing hard.

Now, I understood what the discipline was. They were all going to suck my cock but not let me cum. Julie took her turn and brought me right up to the crest of the building wave. I groaned and thought I had made it despite their efforts but Mom waved her off just as I was about to roll over the top. I hung there on the precipice for several seconds. I hated that feeling. I had a girlfriend who gave great blow jobs but as soon as she felt my orgasm approaching, she would pull off and watch. My climax would roll to the edge and while I was trying desperately to pull it back, cum would ooze out of my cock with no force and drool down my shaft. I grabbed my cock to finish myself off but Mom swatted it away and the smack of her fingertips on my glans eliminated any such sensation. The girls tittered.

They each went another round with Mom waving them off based on the tension in my balls and waiting a couple minutes before the next one moved into position. Mom and the girls pulled back for another conference and I could see the girls nodding and giggling. I figured that when I did blow, it would be a lot of cum.

When the conference ended, they got out of the hot tub. Mom laughed when she saw the look on my face. She said, “Don’t worry. We won’t leave you like that. I just don’t want you to cum in the water.” The girls moved over to a lounge chairs while Mom gave me her hand to help me down from the edge. She led me to a lounge chair and I laid down on it. My rigid cock was pointing at the sky for a moment and then slapped down on my stomach before bouncing up several inches. It bobbed up and down from there.

Mom got between my spread legs on the chair and June knelt on the grass to my left with her hands on my left thigh. Julie took the same position on my right. They each had sultry looks on their faces and I was pretty sure I could cum by just looking at the gorgeous faces and bodies surrounding me.

Mom bent forward and sank her lips as far down my shaft as she could and started a vigorous blow job. The twins moved their faces closer to Mom’s face. My climax built quickly and I was praying that she’d let me cum this time. I groaned hard and waited for her to pull off again. Then she did pull off but Julie pushed her lips down my shaft all the way to my balls without missing a beat. I groaned again and muttered, “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum.” My stomach muscles clamped tight as I humped up my hips. I never wanted to cum so bad as right then. June was moving closer and then Julie pulled up my shaft, kissed my glans with a grin on her face and June took her place on my cock as she frantically began bobbing her face nearly all the way to my balls.

Mom moved closer and sucked my ball-sack into her mouth and batted it around with her tongue. My lungs felt like they were in my throat. My heart was jack hammering. My head snapped from side to side and I yelled out, “YYYYUUNNNGGGG,” as my orgasm crested. It didn’t matter then if they did stop. I was gone. Cum exploded up my shaft into June’s mouth. She pulled back instantly, trying to make room in her mouth for more. I thought I’d blow my cum through the back of her head.

One salvo, and June’s mouth was full. Julie could tell from the look on June’s face and she moved her face right up to hers. June’s eyes went wide and she was forced off my glans and caught part of the next shot on her face before Julie pushed on. Her eyes went wide too, obviously surprised at the power and quantity of cum spewing from my cock. She took two shots; the difference being that she was swallowing as fast as she could. Mom readied her position as Julie extended her lips and pulled off. Mom quickly pushed her lips on and used her right hand to jerk me off. She took all the remaining shots swallowing several times.

When she was satisfied that I was done, she pulled her extended lips off my glans and let a huge quantity of pearly white, gooey cum escape the corners of her mouth and fall to my glans before drooling down my shaft to my balls. Julie and June both descended and wrapped their lips along the length of my shaft licking up the cum with their lips and tongues. What a sight to behold. I flexed my cock hard trying to squeeze more cum out but Mom had been correct. I was done.

I collapsed my head back hard against the chair while the girls pulled their lips up and down the sides of my shaft and then each one gave way to the other to allow a full descent down my shaft licking their tongues to clean me. Mom and I locked eyes; she was smiling. I smiled back at her.

Every muscle in my body had seized as I crested the wave and now every muscle went limp as I melted into the lounge chair. Julie was the last to have my cock in her mouth and she let it stay there as it steadily softened and finally, she just let it fall from her lips and then she sucked in my balls and licked any stray cum from them.

Mom got to her feet and came around behind my head and then leaned over me placing her big tits on my forehead as she tucked her chin in and kissed me upside-down. The twins got up and sat on the edge of my chair and when Mom pulled back, June pushed her tits down on my shoulder and kissed me too. Julie did the same when June was done. I was a puddle in the chair and I didn’t move for a long time.

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