Servant is for Mom and mom is for son – Part-7

Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories. Servant is for Mom and Mom is for SonServant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part-2Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part 3Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son part-4Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part -5Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part-6

After having the intense sex, mom and me rested for sometime. I slept in my room and woke at 7pm, when I got out from my room, my brother was already home. Mom was sitting on the same deewan where I fucked her few hours ago & was watching TV, my brother sitting on the floor & was on a call with one of his friend

I got fresh and came into hall I sat beside my mom watching TV, my brother was still on a call, sitting beside mom I put my hands on her thighs and started rubbing her thighs. Mom got freaked out with my move and signalled me that my brother is here, I ignored her & continued rubbing her thighs and slowly moved my hand on to her pussy and whispered in her ear.

Me(Whisper): Mom he is on a call and he will look what’s happening behind him. Does it really matter if my brother your other son is here, we have fucked even when dad was around.

With devilish grin I looked into my mom’s eyes and my hand was moving above towards her pussy, she was wearing a ripped salwar, I was having access to her mound of pussy. My hand was covered under her kameez, mom opened her legs slightly in approval as a go ahead, I was gently rubbing her pussy with my fingers. My mom was breathing heavily, she wanted to moan but controlled her voice, I was getting expert in rubbing pussy.

Mom(Whisper): Now let me go, you are making me wet again. I don’t want give your brother any intuition of what we are doing.

Me(Whisper): Don’t worry mom he won’t suspect anything, I don’t want to leave your pussy unattended. Besides I want to taste your pussy juice, I haven’t tasted your pussy juice today. After I am completed with you I want you to come in my room at night I have surprise for you.

While speaking to mom I increased the pace of my fingers rubbing her pussy, mom was breathing heavily her boobs were heaving in excitement & scare of getting caught. As my fingers drove inside her pussy, mom had an orgasm. She was panting with excitement and pleasure of her orgasm, her pussy juices were all over my fingers.

Soon after her orgasm subsided, I removed my fingers from her pussy and mom corrected her dress. I took my fingers and inhaled the smell of her pussy juice, I started with licking my fingers and dipped my fingers in my mouth to have the taste of her pussy juice. I was sucking my fingers deep down my throat, I was licking & sucking each of my finger to the fullest. Mom was looking at me with the slutty mother look how her son is licking & sucking her pussy juice. I kept one of my finger untouched and my mom’s pussy juice was still coated onto that finger, as I stopped licking my fingers mom rose from deewan and went into kitchen.

My brother was still sitting on the floor and was speaking on phone, I went behind my mom to the kitchen and grabbed her from behind.

Mom: Had your nectar from your mother’s pussy, are you satisfied now. You made me scared, want if your brother had turned around.

Me: Yes mom I am happy now, but we know that we will never be fully satisfied. It’s my mother’s pussy nectar, it’s something that her son cannot be compare with anything. I have had some of your nectar left on my finger for you which I have saved for you, wanna taste your pussy juice from my finger.

I then took my finger near her mouth and inserted my mom’s pussy juice coated finger, mom sucked on my finger and cleaned all her pussy juice from my finger. I told mom that I am going out to my friend’s house and will return at night and left, on my way I ordered a shimmery night dress. It was an see through dress, probably like a night gown, which I wanted my mom to wear. I ordered the dres and it was getting delivered tomorrow, I placed an order with my friends adress and informed my friend that to collect the parcel if it arrives any earlier.

I returned home at 11.00 but the gate was locked, I knocked on the gate. My mom opened the gate, as soon as I entered in the house mom locked the gate, turned towards me and kissed my on lips as a welcome kiss.

Mom: Where have you been I was waiting for you, from the moment you told me there’s a surprise for me I am curiously waiting to get my surprise.

Me: Wait mom there’s still time for your surprise, by the way where is dad and brother.

Mom: Your dad and brother have already slept, I was awake and was waiting for you to return home to get my surprise. Now tell me what’s my surprise.

Me: Wait mom, you are getting too curious for your surprise, first give let me have dinner I am too hungry.

Mom: Ohhh my son is hungry, don’t worry your mom have a made your delicious food.

I got fresh and sat in the dining table, mom got the table ready and served me the food. Mom sat beside me, she was looking at me the whole time while I ate food. I completed my dinner, washed my hands locked my parents and brother door silently and came back to the dining table and sat beside mom. I tapped on my lap, mom understood my hint of what I wanted and she came and sat on my lap. I wrapped my arms around mom and kissed on her neck and lips.

Mom: Why you have locked the doors, what is the surprise.

Me: Mom you have to wait for your surprise, tomorrow you will get your surprise, now go and sleep tight.

Mom: Heyy son it’s not fair, first you made me excited and now you want me to wait. What is it why do you want me to wait?

Me: Yes I have planned a surprise for you but I want you to wait until tomorrow night to get your surprise, it’s best that you wait untill tomorrow.

Mom: Ohhh son you are making me curious what lies tomorrow, can’t you tell me what’s the surprise about.

Me: Please mom I am requesting you to wait till tomorrow, have patience untill tomorrow. The fruit of patience is sweeter, and don’t you dare do anything untill tomorrow. I want you to make sure that dad and brother sleeps tight tomorrow so that we should not be interrupted.

Mom: Son you are making me more curious with your words. I will do what you say I won’t ask you again, and as you say I wouldn’t do anything tomorrow.

I kissed mom on her lips for the last time before going to bed, I unlocked my brother’s door and went to my bedroom to sleep, mom went to her bedroom and slept.

Next morning I woke up got fresh, went to the kitchen kissed mom ate breakfast, I didn’t say a word to mom and left for the college.

After the college, I stayed with friend and the parcel arrived at around 7.30pm. I collected the parcel, took a medicine of viagra before going home and returned at 11.30pm after having dinner with my friends. When I reached home the gate was locked as usual I knocked at gate and mom rushed to open the gate. When I entered inside mom locked the gate and hugged me tightly and kissed me frantically, mom boobs was pressed on my chest. Mom’s lips was tightly pressed on my lips, due to her tight kissing I lost my breath. To catch my breath when I opened my mouth mom pushed her tongue inside my mouth, her tongue was rolling in my mouth, we engaged in a french kiss.

I was a bit shocked how my mom’s behaviour changed towards me drastically in few days, she was in no control and she started rolling her hands all over my body. I lost my control too and started pressing her ass, after sometime we stopped kissing and returned to our senses.

Mom: Where were you I have been waiting for you. Now tell me what is the surprise.

Me: Let’s go inside first mom, let me get freshened and then I will tell you.

Mom: Ok, go get fresh.

We came inside and I got fresh and asked my mom to come into my room when dad and my brother are asleep.

Mom: Everyone is asleep already, I gave them a dose of my insomnia drug. They are sleeping tight, thay won’t wake untill morning.

Me: Ok mom, but first tell me how was your day. What you have done today when I was not present. Have you done anything nasty with yourself or with our servant.

Mom: No,I haven’t done anything with myself or with our servant. I have been waiting only for you and my surprise.

Me: You are awesome mom, let’s make sure they are sleeping tight so we could have un interrupted precious night in my room.

Mom went to check on dad and I went to check my brother. I called my brother and moved him but he was not responding, to make sure I slapped him but still he wouldn’t wake.

After checking on my brother I went in my room and mom followed me in sometime.

Mom: Your dad is sleeping and won’t wake untill morning. Now tell me what’s the surprise.

Me: Great mom, my brother is also sleeping tight. Seems that your drug had worked on them.

Mom was gazing at me with anxious and I grabbed my bad and handed mom the parcel. She opened the parcel and looked at the gift I bought for her, mom’s face colour was changed looking at the dress.

Mom: Is this the surprise you were talking about.

I could not understand what mom saying, was she excited or pissed.

Me: Aren’t you happy mom, don’t you like my gift.

Mom: No son, it’s not like that, it’s just that I was hoping for something else.

Me: What were you hoping for mom?

Mom: I thought that you would surprise me with a naughty move or we will do something nasty tonight.

Me: Mom you are such a naughty slut women, yes there is another surprise which you are going to get tonight. That is the ultimate surprise you will get tonight, you have to unpack it though.

Saying the words I pointed my mom unto my pant and she understood what I was telling her. She quickly grabbed my cock and started rubbing her hand on my cock and was undoing my pant.

Me: Not yet mom, first show me how the dress looks on you I haven’t purchased such dress only to show you.

Mom started removing her dress, then I stopped and asked her to get changed outside and enter in my room only in this dress after changing. Mom still removed her clothes in my room, dropped all her clothing. She started by removing her Kameez, after removing her Kameez she stood infront of me in her Salwar and black bra. Her huge boobs were trying to release from the cupping oh her bra, the site of her standing infront of me in black bra and salwar on her fair toned skin was looking mesmerizing.

Mom then untied the knot of her salwar dropping her salwar on floor, she tossed the salwar from her legs and she stood there posing me in her black bra and panty. She moved her hands behind her back to undo her bra, she un-clipped her bra hooks freeing her huge melon boobs from the cups of her bra. She moved her bra straps from her shoulder in slow motion and freed her boobs completely from the grip of her bra. Mom was putting a show for me by playing with her boobs shaking her huge boobs for the tease licking her own nipples.

Mom: Want to taste your momma’s boobs son, want to drink your mom’s milk directly from her boobs.

I didn’t answered to her I was just enjoying the show she was putting for me. She was in the foreplay of pleasing herself , mom was only in her undies. Her labia was covered by her sheer balck panty, mom then tossed her fingers to the side of her panty and slowly pulled her panty down to her knees and to ankles. She tossed her panty aside by her legs and was standing naked infront of me. Mom was standing all naked infront of me, her shaved wet pussy lips were glistering by the reflection of light.

Mom took the gift cover and barred outside my room, before leaving the room she looked outside ensuring no one’s outside once before disappearing from my room. Mom then returned in my room with wrapped in the gift which I bought for her. Mom was wearing the red transparent nighty gown and was displaying herself to me, the nighty covered her body till her thighs. I could see her boobs through the transparent dress, she tied the knot of her dress which had an opening above her waist allowing her belly button visibly pop out and her pussy was open for the air.

Mom: How do I look? You are such naughty son, you got your mom such a slutty dres. I feel more shy in this dres rather than being naked infront of my son. But I must say you does have a fetish sense dressing, how to get a women like such a dress. Comeon say something son, your mom is waiting for your feedback.

Me: Mom you look amazing, I didn’t thought that you would look so good in this dress. Looking at you, looks like you were already prepared for my gift, you have shaved your pussy too and look at you, you are giving a competition to the hookers and slutty whores.

Mom: Ohhh wowww son you really feels so much of me that you are comparing me with a hooker and slutty whores. The minute you told me about the surprise I wanted myself to be ready and here I am with my shaved pussy for you.

Me: The game is not yet over mom, I want you to take a walk in hall in this dress and then we are going on a terrace in the same dress.

Mom: What? Are you mad, if your father or brother wakes then it will be a problem.

Me: Why are you worried mom, you told me that they are sleeping tight as you have dosed them with sleeping pills. So don’t worry and get going.

Mom: Ohhh yes I totally forgot about that, ok son as you wish, come lets go outside then.

Mom walked outside my room and I was following her behind, as we entered the hall, I sat on the deewan and mom started walking infront of me swaying her ass and showing her curves. She truly put up a great show while walking, then I showed her the way to terrace.
Mom started walking towards terrace, I stopped her and gave her a high heel sandle from rack, mom wore the sandle and continued towards the terrace. As mom was walking infront of me on stairs her dress lifted above her ass, barely covering her ass. Seeing her ass swing my cock started growing hard.

I stopped mom on way and pushed her on the wall started kissing and smooching her. Pressing her boobs above the sheer dress grabbing her ass and my lips were locked on mom’s lips.

Looking at mom in the transparent dress and mom swaying her ass made me crazy, this turn in event made me change my mind. Mom was rolling her hand on my trouser rubbing my cock above my pant, we broke the kiss and mom and me was gasping for air.

Me: Mom I can’t control myself let’s get back to my room, I don’t want to waste more time here. Let’s get to my room and make out what I have planned.

Mom: Ohhh sonnn thanks, actually it was even hard for me to control looking myself wearing this dress and walking is making me crazy too, let’s go and get started.

Mom lowered my trouser freeing my cock and stroked my cock, mom then hold my cock and pulled me taking me to my room. Mom rushed to my room holding my cock and as soon as we entered my room mom closed the door, I groped mom’s body. Mom was stroking my cock I started kissing her furiously on her lips, face and lowered my mouth to her boobs.

I pushed mom’s gown aside and started feeling her boobs which was already free from the cupping of her bra. My one hand was left boob and other hand on right boob, I started squeezing her boobs and licked her nipples. After few licks of her nipple I started sucking her boob as if trying to extract milk from her boob. Mom was moaning in low tone and was stroking my cock continuously. Mom was stroking my cock with one hand & her other hand was pulling my face on her boobs. I switched my mouth from right boob to the left boob and started sucking sucking the other boob harder biting her nipple. Mom was moaning and trying to control her moans of pleasure & ecstasy.

Me: Don’t hold on mom, let your moans escape from your mouth, I don’t want you to control today, nither am I going to control myself. Let’s get carried away in the sexual pleasure between a mother and son.

After listening my words a slight high toned moan escaped from mom’s mouth, and now she was all out to feel the pleasure. After sucking her boobs for few minutes I kissed mom on her lips.

Mom then went down to her knees & stroked my cock for few times and gulped my cock in her mouth. Mom wrapped her lips around my cock and was swirling her tongue on my cock, everytime mom suck my cock she was taking my cock deep in her mouth. With my right hand I caught my mom through her bun of hair and was pulling her head on my cock to give her a deep throat, with left hand I was playing with her boob.

I wanted to take the moments to a peek I sorted my both hands and hold mom’s head with both hands and pushed my cock deep in my mom’s throat. Mom was gagging on my cock, she was happily taking my cock deeper in her mouth deep down her throat. Now mom’s head was in my control, mom was holding me through waist and hips. I continued pumping and pushing my cock deep in her mouth getting a deep throat blowjob from my mom as I wanted.

After some more cock pumping into my mom mouth I removed cock my cock from my mom’s mouth, my cock was fully coated with my mom’s saliva. Saliva was dripping from my cock into the floor, I raised my mom from her knees and loosened her gown knot and removed the dress from her body and we locked our lips. We both opened our mouths pushing tongues into eachother mouth making the his more intense, after kissing for sometime I pushed mom onto the wall and got on my knees.

I started kissing and licking mom’s thighs and slowly moved towards her pussy, to get more space I pushed my mom’s left leg aside making more space for my mouth to access her pussy easily. I started with kissing on mom’s pussy and then slowly started licking her pussy. My tongue was rolling on my mom’s pussy, with my fingers I opened her pussy lips and licked her clitoris. While licking my mom’s pussy I looked at her, she was pressing her boob with one hand and with other hand on my head she was pulling me inside her pussy. Mom was moaning in pleasure, as I increased the speed of my tongue while licking mom’s pussy she would moan louder.

Mom: Aaahhh yeaaahhh shhhhh ,you really lick my your mom’s pussy with intensity my son. You make your momma proud, everytime you lick my pussy I feel like I am in heaven. With all my feelings flooding to the core of orgasm, keep licking your mom’s pussy son Aahhh shshhaahhh aahhh.

After licking my mom’s pussy for sometime I raised from my position and removed her dress making her completely naked. I took mom on near my bed & pushed my mom on bed, she left her body to fall freely on bed. Then I opened her legs and started kissing her thighs again after kissing her thighs I moved down to her pussy and opened her pussy lips. As I opened my mom’s pussy lips her pink flesh inside pussy was visible, I attacked my mom’s pussy and vigorously started licking her pussy. Mom was moaning loudly without any hesitation or fear, her moans were getting louder as I licked her pussy.

Now to make it more pleasurable I inserted my finger in her pussy and was licking mom’s pussy while fingering her pussy. I started with one finger and then inserted my second finger in her pussy, I was fucking her pussy with my two fingers and simultaneously licking her pussy while fingering. While fingering my mom’s pussy I looked at her face her one hand was in her hairs she pulling her hairs and with other hand she was pressing her boob, pinching her nipple and sometimes sucking her own nipple. As increased the speed of my fingers fucking & licking her pussy she moved her hands on head and started pulling me in her pussy.

Mom: Ahhh son lick my pussy faster, finger fuck your mom’s pussy faster and harder sonnnn Ahhhh if you continue like this I will cum soon ahhh yeahahh.

I increased the speed of my fingers, I was driving my fingers in and out of mom’s pussy faster now I lifted my face from mom’s pussy and replaced with my thumb. My two fingers were driving deep inside my mom’s pussy and with my thumb I was rubbing her clitoris.

Me: How do you feel mom, don’t control yourself tonight, tell me how your son is making you feel.

As the words released from my mouth mom started screaming and shouting, mom was near to orgasm and in getting the hint of her orgasm I pushed my fingers deep in her pussy and started rubbing her clitoris and again lowered my mouth on her pussy to lick her pussy.

Mom: Ahhh son you are becoming pro in satisfying your mom’s needs, I am cumming son aahhhh yeaahah you are better than any of them I have fucked. You are the best man to satisfy any women, I have wanted the satisfaction like this never knew that you would satisfy me. I never knew that my son was going to make me satisfied with pussy needs, I am proud of you son aaahahah aahahadhshh sbshhshs I anmmm cummminggg ahahahaha oohhhh.

Mom was panting with the pleasure and was pulling my face deep in her pussy as she would never let me go off her pussy. As mom was having an orgasm I started drinking juice from her pussy and removed my fingers from mom’s pussy and inserted them into mom’s mouth and made her lick her own juices. As soon as mom’s orgasm subsided mom was taking long breath for air and calmed down.

I lifted my face from her pussy and slide beside her on my bed and she removed my hand cleaned from her mouth and we started talking.

Mom: Ohhh son this was amazing I don’t know why it felt so extremely tremendous, but your fingers made me wear off today.

Me: Ohhh mom it was just a beginning of night, there is lot more to come tonight, now get down to the work and let’s put some real meat in your pussy.

A grin appered on mom’s face and mom got over me started kissing me and slowly she got down all the way licking & kissing my chest, stomach and then towards my cock. She planted two to three pecks of kiss on my cock and engulfed my cock completely in her mouth. Mom was taking my cock deep in her mouth and was gagging on my cock, and after some sucking of my cock mom removed my cock from her mouth. My cock was coated with her saliva nad some saliva was dripping down from her mouth on the bed.

Mom: Now come on son I have made your cock ready & wet for my pussy. My pussy is eagerly waiting to meet my son’s giant cock, how do you want to fuck your mom today on this special night.

Me: Mom I would like to take you ,means I would like to fuck you in my favourite position.

On hearing my favourite position mom immediately got on all fours in a doggy position and was swinging & swaying her ass in air. I got behind my mom and to get the best fucking position and seamless point of contact for my cock & her pussy mom lowered her front body and raised her ass. Now my cock was directly in touch with mom’s pussy, as I was about to penetrate my cock in my mom’s pussy she stopped me caught my cock and she herself guided my cock in her pussy. She placed the tip of my cock on her pussy entrance and with other hand she opened her pussy lips wider for my cock.

Mom: Now your cock is in the right position son, just give your a push and slide your cock in your mom’s needy pussy. Let me have the real meat, let your mom pussy get the real meat it wants from her son.

Mom was holding my cock on her pussy entrance and then while sliding my cock in her already wet pussy I lowered myself on mom’s body and caught her hairs and pulled her hairs towards me. As I plunged my cock deep in my mom’s pussy mom started howling, mom was screaming, howling and making intense sounds of pleasure while my cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. Hearing mom’s scream was making me push my cock harder in her pussy, I was so diverged with the intensity of mom’s moans that I increased the pace of my cock ramming her pussy.

To control my orgasm I decreased the speed of my cock ramming her pussy, I started heavy pushed of my cock in mom’s pussy, I took my cock out completely to the tip nad would push hard to the deepest of her pussy. As I was giving heavy and harder pushed in mom’s pussy, mom’s boobs were jiggling in to & fro motion, I continued the same pace of fucking her and stopped.

I wanted to see the expressions on mom’s face while I was fucking her, so suddenly I took my cock out of her pussy and rolled her on bed and now mom was lying on my bed with her back on bed and mom was facing me. I could see her face and body covered in sweat,I got down from the bed & took hold of her legs and pulled her to the enge of the bed. I made her lie in missionary positions nd made her legs in V shape and put my cock on the entrance of her pussy and made a harder push.

Mom just closed her eyes and was enjoying the feel of my cock in her pussy, I started ramming my cock in and out her pussy. Mom’s boobs were shaking & jiggling with every push I made, I left her legs and started pressing her boobs while fuking her. I took mom’s toe in mouth & started sucking her toe and kept fucking her pussy while pressing her boobs.

Mom: Ohhh sonnn you make me surprised everytime you fuck me, fuck me as you like son I am all yours I will keep fucking you, I will keep my pussy ready anytime you want to fuck your mother just don’t stop fucking your mother. I have never experienced such intense feel while fucking not our servant nor your father could make me feel so satisfied. Just keep ramming your cock in your mom’s pussy son I am about to cum. Hmmm aahahh yeheaahahah shshh aahahh ohhh sonnnn I am cummingggg aaahahhh.

Mom was already in the verge of orgasm, I could feel my mom’s pussy enveloping in my cock, her hot pussy juices started drooling on my cock making it more wet while I was still fucking her. The intense pressure and feel made me more wanting and I made few hard pushes and I was near to cum.

Me: Mom get ready for your surprise, I am near to cum, get down from the bed and get down on your knees for the gift I wanted to give you.

Mom didn’t wasted even a second, as I pulled my cock out of her pussy, mom got down from the bed and positioned herself on her knees. Mom was kneeling infront of me, mom was directly facing me, her face was just inches away from my cock.

Me: Now come on mom, get ready for your facial. I am gonna give you the precious cum facial tonight. You are gonna be young again with your son’s cum facial mom.

Saying so I started stroking my cock on my mom’s face and within few strokes my cum erupted from my cock and the first blow landed on mom’s left cheek, the second blow landed on her other cheek then her forehead & hairs and some landed on her nose, mouth and chin.

Mom started sucking my cock clean, she cleaned her pussy juices of my cock and few last drops from my cock dropped in her mouth. Mom then releeased my cleaned cock from her mouth and I was looking at my mom’s face, her face was covered with my jizz, her face was fully covered with my cum. The thick sperm started rolling down from her nose and dropped in her open mouth and she sucked my cum. The cum on her chin dropped on her tits and she started rubbing my cum on her tits.

Mom looked and winked at me with the grinning face, mom then smiled and was going to rub or clean my jizz of her face but I stopped her.

Me: Mom don’t clean it now let it dry for sometime.

Mom: Son I ma not going to clean the cum of my face, I just wanted to taste your cum, because I could not get to taste your cum fully today.

Then mom took some of my cum of her cheek with her finger and started sucking her cum coated finger.

Mom: Hmmm it tastes good son, your cum tastes good. I never thought that this was the surprise you were planning, rather I thought that when you were taking me to the terrace, I thought that you are gonna fuck me in open tonight on our terrace, you really surprised me with your cum facial.

Me: Ohhh mom I did not hut me Ming that I could fuck you on our terrace, but do not lower your hope we still have our chance. I promise you next time it will be our terrace. I will fuck you in the open on our terrace, as of now this was the plan and I want you to let that cum be on your face and let dry, I want your face to glow bright with your son’s cum facial.

Mom: Son it won’t be fair for my boobs if they don’t get to glow as my face so I am sharing some of your jizz from my face.

Mom then took some cum off her face and applied on her tits and tarted rubbing her boobs and rubbing my cum all over her boobs with both hands. After the cum was dried mom rubbed my cum all over her face started leaving my room naked. Watching mom act like a porn star my cock started growing and became harder again, mom looked at my cock and winked at me.

Mom: Looks like your cock needs my attention, haven’t you had enough of your mom today.

Me: You know mom my cock is never fully satisfied.

Mom: Ok wait for sometime and I will return and give your cock the attention it requires.

Mom left my room & went to bathroom, I walked behind her as she went into bathroom, I kept waiting for my mom outside the bathroom naked. Mom came out & the water was dripping off her pussy, the cum on her face was almost dried.

Mom: I thought that you would come inside bathroom and join me. But surprisingly you didn’t.

I did not had any intention of joining he din bathroom, so I waited outside. Mom came near me and started stroking my cock with her wet hand, she was totally open now. Mom pulled my by holding my cock and took me in my bedroom and got her knees infront of me and took my cock in her mouth. She started giving me heard again, she was rolling her tongue on my cock and was taking my cock deep in her mouth until her throat was full.

My cock was in full attention now, it was hard and mom continued the sucking of my cock. I then pulled mom and took her to my bed and pushed her on my bed, I then went round corner of the bed where my cock was directly above her mouth and I got down to her pussy. Her pussy was still wet due to water and I started licking her pussy, we were down to 69 position.

Mom was sucking my cock and I was licking her pussy. Mom then took my cock out of her mouth pulled me down to bed and she sat above my face settling herself and her pussy above my mouth. As she placed herself above my face I opened her pussy lips and started licking her pussy again, she was still on her knees and was pressing her boobs while I licked her pussy.

Mom was moaning again and this time she was moaning louder and deeper with intense feel. Mom then lowered her body and took my already hard cok in her mouth and started sucking my cock again. We both were enjoying the sucking and licking of our genitals in eachother mouth. Whil licking her pussy I looked at the clock it was 3am and we were still sucking each other. I moved mom from my face and hold her boob pinched and twisted her nipple. I asked mom to get up and I have her the dress and asked her to wear the dress. Mom could not understand what I wanted, but mom wore her dress without saying a word.

As soon as mom wore the dress I caught mom hold by her hand and we took her out of my bedroom and we went to the terrace.

Mom: Son wait, tell me something what you have in your mind.

Me: Just come with me mom, don’t say a word.

Mom came with me and as soon as we reached the terrace I pushed mom on to the wall started kissing and pressing her boobs. A loud hiss escaped from mom’s mouth she forgot that we were on terrace. Mom then controlled her scream and wrapped her arms around me and then down to my cock. Mom started stroking my cock and reverted me with the equal intense kisses. Mom covered her moans by locking her lips to my lips, with one hand I started removing her dress and with other hand I was still pressing and pinching her nipples.

I removed mom’s gown and now she was naked, I moved aback to look at my mom naked body at night, her face was shining bright with the light falling on her cum covered face and her body was glistening under the moon light.

I pushed my mom to her knees and inserted my cock in her mouth again to get my cock wet, mom started sucking my cock without any delay. My cock was going in and out of her mouth and I caught hold of her head and started mouth fucking her. I was getting aroused by her sucking and I wanted to fuck my mom hard so I lifted her& turned her around. I pushed my mom onto the wall making her boobs pressed to the wall and started slapping her ass cheeks. I hold my cock and positioned my cock between her ass cheeks and started pressing my cock in her pussy, my cock entered her pussy by penetrating through her pussy wall and my whole cock was inside my mom’s pussy again.

I pulled mom back on my cock making her slight bend for the comfortable and accurate fucking position. I started fucking my mom on our terrace under the moon light and then with my left hand I pressed her boob and with my right hand I hold her through neck. I started ramming my cock in my mom’s pussy harder, my cock was penetrating into her pussy deeper with every push I made. I was fucking my mom harder and roughly, mom was trying to control her moan and screams due to my rough fucking.

Mom: Ahhh son take me slow you are making me scream with your fucking cock, fuck me slow son I will not be able to control my moans for longer if you continue to fuck me hard like this.

I continued the rough fucking, I was fully thrusting my cock deep in my mom’s pussy and pressing her towards the wall and pinching he simultaneously pressing and pinching her nipple.

Me: Shut your mouth bitch and enjoy your son’s cok ramming your pussy, if you raise your moans then anyone can see you fucking your son. Be a good slutty mom and get your son’s cok deep in your pussy as you want and we both will be satisfied.

Mom was now in full control of me, I was drilling her pussy harder but she kept her voice low and kept moaning with the every push. I wanted to be more rough with her while fucking so released her neck and grabbed and pulled her hairs while strongly pressing her boob and pinching her nipple.

I removed my cock from my mom’s pussy and rotated her towards me and caught her nech and started kissing her forcibly and pulled her down to knees and inserted my wet cock in her mouth in swift motion, pushing all my cock deep down her throat. Mom started sucking my cock while I caught her head and kept pumping my cock in her mouth.

After some more cock sucking I removed my cock from her mouth and then grabbed her by her arms and pulled her up and kissed her. Then I grabbed mom’s dress and handed her & took mom down into our house and to my bedroom. Reaching into my bedroom I pushed mom down to my bed and she was watching me surprised manner.

Mom: What has gotten into you son, you are fucking me like a road side slut, you are making out roughly with me. I wanted to scream but I controlled myself as we were on terrace, how many surprises are you gonna give your momma today.

Me: I know mom you wanted to scream, so I got you back here in my bedroom, now you can scream and moan as you want while I fuck your brains out.

Now I pulled mom to the edge of the bed and opened her legs and settled my cock above her pussy and made a push. My cock penetrated into mom’s pussy deeper as I pushed and lowered my body, a slight moan escaped from mom’s mouth and I grabbed mom’s boob and started pressing them harder and pinching her nipples. With every push of my cock and pinch on her nipple mom started screaming and moaning. Mom kept biting her lower lips and started rubbing her pussy while I was fucking her, looking at mom made me wild I started slapping her boobs while my cock kept destroying her pussy. Mom started rubbing her pussy furiously as she was near to have orgasm again.

Mom: Ohhh sonn keep fucking Mee baaahahahahah yeaahah fuck your mom harder treat me like a whore, I am your slutty mom fuck me as you want make my pussy your cum bucket.

Listening to mom words I increased the speed of fucking her and I wanted to cum in her pussy.

Me: Ohhh mom you are such a good slut, you never disappoint me, you take your son’s cock like a good obedient slutty mom. You keep me satisfied all the time I fuck you, now get ready to have a balst of my cum in your pussy mom.

The talk between me and mom made the feeling more sensual and I grabbed her boobs and lowered myself on mom’s body and kissed my mom on her lips. I locked my lips on mom’s lips and kept fucking her until I started to feel my cock blast the load in my mom’s pussy. I gave my cock a last energetic push and diced my cock deep in my mom’s pussy until I was deep down her womb and started cumming.

I was cumming in mom’s pussy while my lips were locked in my mom’s lips and then I broke the kiss and lowered my head on her boob and bite her nipple. Making my mom scream while I kept pumping my cum load in my mom’s pussy. As I thrust the last push until my last drop of sperm was deposited into mom’s pussy I felt weak in knees and I let myself drop on my mom’s body. I was lying on mom’s body and she wrapped her hands around me pulling me more on herself. My chest was fully pressed on her boobs and my cock was still burry inside my mom’s pussy I kissed my mom on her lips for the last while I fucked number and then I slided from her body onto my bed beside her.

We both were gasping for air and silent for sometime, mom pulled herself up and got on her knees and sucked my cock clean while I was still resting on bed.

Me: Mom don’t suck me hard or else we will have to go one more round if my cock becomes hard again.

Mom sucked my cock clean and slided beside me while still stroking my cock. Mom was facing me while she was still stroking my cock and kissing me on my cheeks forehead and lips.

Mom: Ohh son you don’t how much I want this cock to become hard again I can get fucking from you are everytime your cock is hard. I am so satisfied everytime you fuck me, everytime I feel that your cock is drained your cock comes back to life. Sometimes you make me scare how much more you could fuck your mother, rather I also think what would happen to a girl if you fuck her right pussy.

Listening to my mom praising me and stroking my cock was making it harder to control and and my cock was coming back life and becoming harder with every stroke. She winked at me as my cock started growing and become hard with her stroking.

Me: Mom stop stroking my cock or else your gonna regret why you made my cock hard again.

Mom: Ohhh sonnn just looking at your cock I control my hands, my hands automatically grabs your cock and I start stroking. I was thinking how would you aunty bear your cock besides I have been fucking I am unable to hold myself. Your aunt who haven’t been fucked for years now how her pussy would respond when your cock penetrates her pussy.

Me: Speaking of aunt when is she going to visit I really and very badly wanna penetrate my cock in her tight pussy.

Mom: Your aunt will be visiting day after tomorrow, until then you can practice on your mom.

Me: Stop playing with my cock mom, I want to store my sperm for my aunt too, I don’t want to be felt dry when I fuck my aunt.

Mom gave few more strokes to my cock and she stopped stroking and left my cock, she layed herself on me & wrapped her arms around me and rested, I too wrapped my arms around her while kissing on forehead and pulled her tightly on my chest and and rested my hand on her right boob.

Me: It feels wonderful fucking you, I was just wondering how will it feel to fuck you infront of aunt and our servant. Then fucking you with two other men like a gang bang and then involving my aunt in the gang bang is just overwhelming.

Mom: Son you are such a naughty boy, I just don’t know if I should be fucking other men when you have beside me. It’s not like I don’t want to but I feel that you are satisfying your mom fully then want is the need of your mom getting fucked by other men.

Me: Mom I know that I can satisfy you but I want to explore the extra fun that we can have. Besides I want to fill all your holes at once, I want your pussy, your ass and your mouth to be filled at once and all three cocks going in and out like in a single motion.

Mom: ohhh sonnn don’t you think that it would be too much for me to have three cocks at once and I haven’t taken a cock in my ass in my whole life.

Me: Don’t worry mom I know your capability more than you, I know that you can handle all the three cocks at once without any problem. Also don’t worry about taking cock in your ass you are going to get a cock up in your ass in sometime, you have made my cock hard by stroking and rubbing, my cock needs to get drained and I will be draing my cock in your ass. Just get ready for the fun, you are going to get another surprise for tonight.

Mom: Oh no son I am not yet ready for it, let’s try it sometime later, I don’t want to ass get destroyed tonight, let me feel the pleasure you offered me today.

Me: Don’t worry mom, I will be slow and easy on your ass, just go and get your ass clean and ready for the fuck, if you want you can apply Vaseline in your ass.

Mom: Are you sure son you wanna fuck me in the ass.

Me: I am very sure mom to fuck you in the ass, what’s better for a son to have fuck his mom’s ass besides her pussy.

Mom kept silent for sometime and then she went out to the bathroom, she came back in sometime with a Vaseline bottle in her hand and her ass was wet with water as she cleaned her ass.

Mom: Ok son I am ready to have your cock in my ass, just make sure to be gentle and easy while fucking my ass. Your mom’s virgin ass is clean and ready for her son to fuck.

Me: Wow, that’s my girl now come here and get my cock wet and ready for your ass. Show me your tongues talent and make my cock ready and bring it back to life fully.

Mom came near me then crawled on bed & started sucking my cock like a pro mom was rolling her tongue onu cock while sucking which made the feel more crazy. After sucking my cock for some more time mom left some saliva on my cock and she went to doggy position and was wiggling her ass towards me as an invitation.

I took the Vaseline bottle from her and applied some Vaseline on her ass hole and while she moved her ass cheek aside giving me access to her ass hole. Mom’s asss hoke was fully exposed to me I took some Vaseline and applied it on my cock.

Now keeping aside the Vaseline bottle I positioned my cock above her ass hole and gave it a slight slow push making my cock head to insert into mom’s ass. Mom just hold her ass cheek apart and was moaning, I took a steep and gave my cock a further push making my cock to inset half it’s length into mom’s ass. Now I was half inside my mom’s virgin ass, mom was left her ass cheek and was now holding the bed sheet with her girth.

I took my slight out and then pushed my again in my mom’s ass burying my cock to its full length into mom’s virgin ass. I kept my cock inside mom’s ass for sometime and then started making to and fro motion into mom’s ass.

I was now fucking my mom’s virgin ass, my cock was sliding in and out easily into mom’s ass with the help of vaseline. I could feel the tight girth over my cock by mom’s tight ass hole and she was in pain. I could see the expressions on her face which was caused due to my cock in her ass. Mom’s ass was aching and so was my cock but I kept pushing my cock and pounding mom’s ass with slow and strong thrusts.

Mom: Aahahh son you are killing me, the pain is just unbearable I should have not tried this anal fucking, your cock is piercing me into two pieces through my ass. I should have known that it would pain so much, just don’t make any hard or strong push your cock could tear my ass into two pieces.

Me: Aahahh mom you are really are tight in your ass, I never thought that it would be so much tight, I may have not got to fuck your virgin pussy mom but here I am fucking your tight virgin ass. Just shut the fucking talk and take your son’s cock in your ass and enjoy the pain.

Mom: My dear son I want to enjoy too but the pain is just unbearable, I even hadn’t felt when my pussy virginity was broken, your cock is just too much for your mom.

I kept the slow fucking thrust until I my cock got used to my mom’s virgin ass and slowly increased the pace of fucking. Now my cock was sliding in and out of mom’s ass easily and mom too was enjoying the anal fuck. Mom slowly started moaning with my every push and was pushing her ass towards me to take my cock deeper with every thrust.

Mom: Hmmm sonnn now I know why womens get there ass fucked, the feeling of your cock sliding in and out of my ass is very different when you fuck my pussy. Just keep fucking your mom’s ass, sorry for complaining earlier. Now you have my third hole too, now you can fuck me in any of my hole when ever you want to.

Me: Yeaah mom I like it too, I am gonna keep fucking your ass until it’s huge. I will fuck you until you will be unable to walk properly, your ass hole really does feel different from your other holes.

Mom was now enjoying my every fucking push and was trying to take my cock deeper everytime. I caught hold of her ass cheeks and was riding her in anal postion and in between I was slapping her ass. I was giving her rough fuck by pushing my cock harder and and slapping her ass harder, i slapped her ass so hard that my finger prints were engraved on her ass. Mom was shouting and moaning due to the rough fuck, suddenly I stopped fucking her and pulled my cock out of her ass and got laid on my bed and just signalled my mom by showing my cock.

Mom understood what I wanted and she swiftly rolled up and changed the position, she came just above me and by holding my cock she took my cock in her ass. Now we were in a cow boy position, with my cock riding mom’s ass conveniently, my cock was now going deeper in my mom’s ass and I took hold of her boobs while mom was riding my cock. Mom was moving up and down on me, my cock sliding in and out of mom’s ass easily. I started pressing and pinching her nipples with both hands, making mom to shout and moan louder.

Mom: You are such a pervert son, you are fucking your mom’s ass and there is no guilt on your face, but I must accept the fact that I am enjoying it too. Thanks for introducing me to the anal world, you have made your mom a complete slut now.

Me: Ahhh mom I appreciate your words but i must say it would not have been possible if your had not accepted the anal fuck invitation. Now it will be easier for you to take cock in your mouth, pussy and ass. The day is not far when you will be riding three cocks at the same time, one in your ass, the other in your pussy and another in your mouth. All three fucking you at the same time in a foursome, you will be the real whore then. The cheap slut whore who is fucked by her servant his friend and your own son.

Talking dirty to mom was making slip to the edge of my orgasm and mom was already in the verge of cumming and suddenly mom started screaming my name reached her orgasm. Mom’s pussy juice was drooling out of her pussy and falling on my body then on the bed, mom collapsed on my chest but still my cock was buried inside mom’s ass and I kept fucking her.

I was near to cum then I grabbed mom’s ass and gave her some more hard strokes and I started pumping my jizz inside mom’s ass. I filled my mom’s ass with my cum and we relaxed for sometime with my cock still inside my mom’s ass.

I pulled my cock out of mom’s ass with a plunging noise and wrapped my arms around her pulling her more on my body.

I kissed mom on her lips and forehead and asked her not to wash any of her body part, she smiled looking at me and laid beside me.

After resting for some more time mom woke from my bed and started getting off from the bed, but I reluctantly pulled her in me again and wrapped my arms around her and rolled her on bed. I got on top of my mom and started smooching her giving her lips kiss and boobs sucking.

Me: Where are you going mom don’t leave so early you can go after sometime, just spend some more time with in my bed. I want to love you, kiss you suck your boobs some more before you are used by other men too.

Mom: Son I was not going any where I just thought to get dressed, but if you want me to stay I will be there for you always. You are the one who is pushing me to get used by other men too, I don’t want myself to be used by other men. Until you are beside me I don’t want any other men but you, I am fully satisfied by you, you cock makes my pussy fully satisfied and ripe. Now even my ass is satisfied by your cock then why shall I want other men, I will take other mens cock inside me only if you want me to.

Me: I really don’t wanna share you mom but I also want to fullfill my fantasy of fucking you with other men, to have threesome, foursome and a gang bang with you. I just can’t move my thought of sharing you with other men, I wanna watch you get fucked by other men while I fuck my aunt.

Mom: You are such a naughty boy son, I had never thought that you have hidden such fantasies inside you. After listening to your fantasies I too wanna get fucked by other men and have threesome or foursome. I want to get all my holes drilled by cocks at the same time, and I am sure that your aunt would like it too.

Mom and me kissed for some more time and then I left mom, she have a last kiss on my lips then woke to grab her dress, she wore her dress and left my room.

Me: Remember mom don’t wash your face now I want you to sleep beside dad with my dried jizz on your face , pussy and ass.

Mom: Don’t worry son I am not going to remove the facial cream that you have applied on my face, I wonder if you had cummed in my pussy so much when I could get pregnant then what would have happened. I would have become pregnant again with your child.

Me: I wonder about it too mom, but I am not so lucky to get you pregnant.

Mom: Don’t get sad son, if you want we can consult a doctor and if I have any chance to get pregnant again I would take that. But I want to know if you want impregnate your mother with you me child.

Me: Wow mom would you really do that for me, then I say we must go check doctor and should try then. I say we we may go tomorrow and consult a doctor on how to get your pregnant.

Mom: Ok son we shall see that, for now get some good sleep and we can speak about this in the morning. I would love to have your cock again in my pussy in the morning.

Me: Ok mom goodnight, let me rest so that my cock could be ready for your pussy in the morning.

Mom then wore her clothes grabbed the dress which I bought and left my room while saying me good night. I was exhausted with the long fuck and slept naked in my bed.

So dear readers what do you think lies in the future, what will happen in next story. Leave your feedback and comments.

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