Servant is for Mom and mom is for son – Part-7

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Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories. Servant is for Mom and Mom is for SonServant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part-2Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part 3Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son part-4Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part -5Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part-6

After having the intense sex, mom and me rested for sometime. I slept in my room and woke at 7pm, when I got out from my room, my brother was already home. Mom was sitting on the same deewan where I fucked her few hours ago & was watching TV, my brother sitting on the floor & was on a call with one of his friend

I got fresh and came into hall I sat beside my mom watching TV, my brother was still on a call, sitting beside mom I put my hands on her thighs and started rubbing her thighs. Mom got freaked out with my move and signalled me that my brother is here, I ignored her & continued rubbing her thighs and slowly moved my hand on to her pussy and whispered in her ear.

Me(Whisper): Mom he is on a call and he will look what’s happening behind him. Does it really matter if my brother your other son is here, we have fucked even when dad was around.

With devilish grin I looked into my mom’s eyes and my hand was moving above towards her pussy, she was wearing a ripped salwar, I was having access to her mound of pussy. My hand was covered under her kameez, mom opened her legs slightly in approval as a go ahead, I was gently rubbing her pussy with my fingers. My mom was breathing heavily, she wanted to moan but controlled her voice, I was getting expert in rubbing pussy.

Mom(Whisper): Now let me go, you are making me wet again. I don’t want give your brother any intuition of what we are doing.

Me(Whisper): Don’t worry mom he won’t suspect anything, I don’t want to leave your pussy unattended. Besides I want to taste your pussy juice, I haven’t tasted your pussy juice today. After I am completed with you I want you to come in my room at night I have surprise for you.

While speaking to mom I increased the pace of my fingers rubbing her pussy, mom was breathing heavily her boobs were heaving in excitement & scare of getting caught. As my fingers drove inside her pussy, mom had an orgasm. She was panting with excitement and pleasure of her orgasm, her pussy juices were all over my fingers.

Soon after her orgasm subsided, I removed my fingers from her pussy and mom corrected her dress. I took my fingers and inhaled the smell of her pussy juice, I started with licking my fingers and dipped my fingers in my mouth to have the taste of her pussy juice. I was sucking my fingers deep down my throat, I was licking & sucking each of my finger to the fullest. Mom was looking at me with the slutty mother look how her son is licking & sucking her pussy juice. I kept one of my finger untouched and my mom’s pussy juice was still coated onto that finger, as I stopped licking my fingers mom rose from deewan and went into kitchen.

My brother was still sitting on the floor and was speaking on phone, I went behind my mom to the kitchen and grabbed her from behind.

Mom: Had your nectar from your mother’s pussy, are you satisfied now. You made me scared, want if your brother had turned around.

Me: Yes mom I am happy now, but we know that we will never be fully satisfied. It’s my mother’s pussy nectar, it’s something that her son cannot be compare with anything. I have had some of your nectar left on my finger for you which I have saved for you, wanna taste your pussy juice from my finger.

I then took my finger near her mouth and inserted my mom’s pussy juice coated finger, mom sucked on my finger and cleaned all her pussy juice from my finger. I told mom that I am going out to my friend’s house and will return at night and left, on my way I ordered a shimmery night dress. It was an see through dress, probably like a night gown, which I wanted my mom to wear. I ordered the dres and it was getting delivered tomorrow, I placed an order with my friends adress and informed my friend that to collect the parcel if it arrives any earlier.

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