I let my bullies use my wife Part 3a

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… Continued from (I let my bullies use my wife – part 2)

Part 3a

My wife was getting fucked regularly by strangers. She has changed completely. She loved the way they treated her…like a whore. There were usually 3 to 4 men fucking my wife, whenever they choose to visit. That was like at least 4 times a week. She stopped having sex with me completely. Strangely she was happy. She used to sing songs, make meals for me, and have regular conversations and jokes as if nights didn’t exist the way they did. Hunter was becoming more scarce now. He used to send his friends. He last visited a couple of weeks ago and said. “You know what, your wife has submitted to me, that does not give me the same pleasure to watch you get humiliated.” Saying this he ripped my pants off. And kneed my balls hard. I was laying there on the floor in a fetal position while he walked over me. “Dave take care of his ass as well.” He instructed Dave, who I guess was a bisexual guy. Yes, he rammed my ass hard. So now whenever any Bi sexual guy used to come to use my wife’s body, they used to tear my ass as well.

Life was a pain in the ass for me now. Like literally. Anyways our marriage anniversary was approaching soon. And it happened that my stepmom Helen (39) and my mother-in-law Susie (44) were going to visit us. My stepmom and my mother-in-law were sisters and they were close. My father met Helen at my marriage. He said it was love at first sight. Helen is 5’2 with 36DD boobs and a fine round ass. She is a redhead too. A little chubby in the middle, but not much loose skin. She liked to maintain the stereotype of stepmom. She never had children of her own.
Susie was also a stereotype, but of a good, church-going housewife. She was 5’ with 36D boobs. I guess women in this family were well endowed with boobs.
Our anniversary fell on a Saturday. Weekend. I was afraid it might coincide with Hunter’s entourage. So I visited him on Friday.
“Hey Hunter, Can we talk?” I said there standing at his front door.
“Hey, Jimmy. That’s new. You never actually visited our flat ever, right? Come on in” Hunter was just wearing boxers and holding a glass of drink in his hand. “So what can I do for you?” He said standing behind the breakfast counter of his Kitchen.
“Well, you know, Lilly and I are going to celebrate our first marriage anniversary this Saturday, so…..” Before I could finish, Hunter busted into laughter. “Dude that’s so sad, you couldn’t even have your lovely wife for yourself for even a year.” He continued laughing.
“.. I know right,” I just wanted to be accepted by him and not beaten up. So I mocked myself. “I was here to ask you a favor… If you don’t mind” I said sheepishly.
“Come on go ahead…” He said emptying his glass.
“Well, My stepmom and my mother-in-law are visiting us tomorrow so it would be great if you cannot send someone to fuck my wife for this weekend… It’s just for the weekend.. they will leave first thing on Monday morning I promise.” I said trying to finish as quickly as possible and leave.
“Hmm.. Stepmom you say, and you mother-in-law. In that case, I have to say, Jimmy, I will keep your request and make sure no one fucks your wife for the next two days.” Hunter said refilling his glass.
“Thank you.. Thank you, Hunter.. I’ll leave now… Thanks” I turned around and started to leave in excitement.
“Jimmy” Hunter called from behind. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
I turned around facing him “Hmm.. what do you mean?” I asked with surprise.
“Well, Chris and I are now like your family, aren’t we? After all, we too have been inside your wife so many times. Won’t you invite us to your happy family occasion?” Hunter said still looking at his glass as he spun it around in circles.
I was not sure what to do. I didn’t plan for this. “Well, Hunter… I thought it might be a little awkward, in front of my family. But since you are helping me out.. I guess it’s fine Chris and you can show up.” I said with a smile.
“Well then, we will make sure we are there on time.” Hunter lifted his glass in the air and confirmed the same.

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