I let my bullies use my wife Part 2

Please read part 1 Bad friend gives Stella to horny boys Pt 1

It has been 3 days since the incident, when my bullies, Hunter and Chris, mouth fucked my beautiful wife in front of me. I haven’t seen them in the apartment since. Maybe they are busy with their work or something, as they work during the night and We work during the day.
Lilly was truly horrified by that experience. And wanted to move away from that building. But that thought have to be let go as Chris had already shared a video of them violating my wife’s mouth. Apparently, when I was busy looking down to the floor with humiliation, Chris managed to take a video of Hunter and Lilly. That was very humiliating. Lilly used to work as a kindergarten teacher. They threatened to share it with her colleagues as well as my college students and professors as well if we tried to get away from here. I guess we are stuck in this hell hole.
It was Saturday evening when we heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and to my dismay, it was Hunter, Chris and some other men I didn’t know.

Before I could say anything, Hunter pushed me to the side and welcomed himself inside. “Hello mate, these are our friends, Terry, Kevin, and Danny” They all walked past me saying nothing. Just staring at me. These guys were black guys. At least 6’3″, well-built, athletic body. They were carrying beer cases in their hands. “What.. what are you doing here?” I asked Hunter with a suspicious voice. “Guess what? Today is our day off and me and my mates thought, what place is better to have fun than our Jimmy boy’s flat” Hunter said with a grin on his face settling himself on the couch.

“So where’s your wife? won’t you introduce her to our friends?” Chris said opening the bear bottle with his hands. Before I could contemplate what was going on, Lilly came out of the bedroom to investigate what was going on. She was getting ready for our weekly date night. She just stood there stunned to see so many men in her living room. She looked amazing by the way. She was wearing a little black dress with a shimmer to the cloth. It was a form-fitting outfit complimenting her curves. The length was around 8 inches above her knees. With a little bit of cleavage on top, she was looking stunning. She caught everyone’s attention immediately

“Well, speak of the devil” Hunter stood up with a beer in one hand and went close to Lilly. With one hand behind her lower back, he escorted her close to the couch where everyone was sitting. He then introduced her, as if she was his property.
“Gentlemen this is Lilly, and she is here to entertain us and please us in any way we want,” Hunter said with authority over Lilly. What, she is my wife you cannot treat her like she is your sex slave. I thought in my head but didn’t have the guts to say anything.
“Isn’t it Jimmy?” Hunter turned to me and I was again looking down at the floor. I just nodded in agreement. “Well, what are we waiting for Lilly? start dancing for us.. come on” Hunter pushed her forward to the center of the circular sitting arrangement we had. “Oh yeah” and “That’s some fine meat” Were the comments coming from the new participants. Lilly’s eyes were already in tears. “Please, I’ll do anything for you both, but don’t ask me to be a sex slave for these Niggers” Yes, Lilly was raised in a very conservative family and they despised black people. Hunter sapped her head from behind. “Well too bad, now they are your masters and you need to obey them”. So she started to dance, or rather move left to right in one place. “Come on, you can do better than that.” Hunter came from behind and hit her on her ass with a huge smack. The trust was so hard she almost fell forward. She maintained her balance and started to dance shaking her butt and hair. They played some music and started to rub their crotches. I was still standing near the door watching all this. “Lift that dress up you mayonnaise monkey bitch” Kevin said in a scolding voice. Lilly lifted her dress to reveal her black lacy thongs. “Oh yeah now turn around for us” Terry joined in. She obeyed. “Now bend over and shake that booty” Lilly bent over and shook that ass, left and right. It was an amazing view. My dick was getting hard.

Her G string was up her ass and her ass checks were wobbling with her every move. “Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Danny said getting up to her. He playfully started to smack that ass. “Aaah… Aaah” I could hear Lilly say with his every smack. “Let me help you out of these thongs” Danny started to remove the tiny piece of cloth covering her pink pussy. Still bent over, Lilly was now exposing her pussy lips and her asshole for everyone’s gaze. “Damn, Nigger that’s some sweet ass pussy” Danny exclaimed. He couldn’t stop himself. He sat down and started to lick her pussy, while others laughed. “Boy, there is no stopping Danny when he sees an open pussy” Chris commented as everyone laughed. Suddenly they all rose up. Hunter took the head of Lilly and showed his dick in her mouth. While others were playing with their dicks and mauling her boobs and ass. Since she is still bent over, her boobs were hanging like ripe fruit to be plucked. Chris started to remove her clothes. So now my wife was completely naked in front of these sex-hungry strong muscular men. Danny made her pussy really wet. He stood up and undid his pants. “Don’t mind if I start the festivities,” Danny said with a huge grin on his face. “Go ahead fuck the bitch hard, let her feel the pain of a black dick” Kevin encouraged. By this time everyone was fully hard on and I could see their dick sizes. I thought Hunter and Chris were huge, but these new guys were porn start huge.

All had at least 10 inches, huge, veiny, thick dicks. I was happy it was not me taking that girthy dick in me. Lilly didn’t know what was coming for her pussy. She was now sucking Hunter’s dick and giving handjobs to Chris and Kevin. Danny spits on his hard dick and turned around to me, keeping a finger of silence on his lips with a cunning smile. Then he took a step back and aimed his dick towards Lilly’s moist, glistening pussy. And with one huge step forward and force, he shoved his whole dick inside her. Like till his balls touched her clit, deep. “ummmmmmmmmm” A huge cry came of Lilly’s mouth. She couldn’t scream as her mouth was full of Hunter’s dick and her saliva. They all laughed to see her in pain. Danny didn’t stop. He pulled his dick out again. Spread her legs a little more and bam, he went in inside her again. “ummmm…..ummm….ummm” Lilly muffled as Danny was throbbing his dick in and out of her. Danny started to smack her ass cheeks as he was thrusting forward each time. Making them red with his hand print. He continued for 10-12 mins, when Terry took the position. He too came in hard. Banging her pussy red. Terry didn’t take the comment from Lilly lightly when she referred to them as Nigger and suggested that she was above them to have sex with them. So he was rage fucking her. “So you white whore, do not want to be fucked by black men.. hnn? ” He started to slap her ass real hard with every fuck. “You pasty ass bitch, ” he gathered her hair into a clump and pulled her head back towards him. Chirs who was now fucking her mouth was really enjoying the new angle of her throat. Her makeup was all dripping down her cheeks. she was a complete mess of salvia and tears. Terry continued to hit her with one hand while pully her hair with another. He was really taking out his anger on her. Soon he got tired and was replaced by Kevin. They all took turns fucking her pussy. Hunter was the last to go at it. When he was done, he threw her to Terry.

“Have you ever fucked your wife up her ass, Jimmy?” Hunter asked are they all started to settle back on the couch. “uh.. no. I haven’t. She would never let me. She is a virgin there” I said rubbing my hands.
“Terry you seem to be charged up about all that Nigger stuff, why don’t you do the honors and rip the ass in half.” Hunter said.
Terry threw her on the couch on her belly. “Don’t mind if I do” Terry winked at others.. He placed a couch pillow under her belly lifting her ass up in the air. Lilly was exhausted by now. She still tried to take her hands back to her ass and say – “Not my ass, please, it will hurt. I’m a virgin and you have huge dicks.”
“Well, that’s that plan baby” Terry threw her hands away.
“At least lube it up” Lilly said in a faint voice.
Terry leaned forward to her ears and said. “Nope, a women’s cry turns me on”
Everyone laughed with dicks in there hands waiting for the event to begin.
Terry went back and placed his dick near my wife’s ass hole. He spread her butt cheeks to the side as he tried to slide his dick inside her dry asshole. It was not going in. “Come on Terry you can do it” Motivated Kevin. Terry’s dick was slipping each time when he was trying to enter slowly up her asshole. He got really frustrated. “Fuck it” Terry said and arched back. He came back with a big thrust and went inside Lilly’s asshole with full pace. “Aaahhhhhh….” A loud cry came out of Lilly’s mouth. “Oh yeah! Chris said. “We are on”
Terry continued to fuck her ass again and again. She was in pain. I could see blood on Terry’s dick. “Look, she is producing natural lube for Terry” Kevin pointed at Terry’s dick as it was covered in blood as they laughed. Chris who also enjoyed women suffer stood up and shoved his dick in her mouth. Soon Hunter tapped in Terry and fucked her ass. This continued for a while.

Then they lifted her into a new position. Terry was sitting on the couch, with Lilly in reverse cowgirl position. He placed his dick inside her asshole. Hunter was in front of her with his dick inside her pussy and Chris was on top of the couch with his dick in her mouth. While Kevin and Danny were getting a handjob. What a beautiful site. They all started fucking her vigorously, bouncing her up and down. Her skin was shining because of all the sweat from her body and all these men. Her boobs were bouncing all around. This continued for like 20mins. Hunter was the first to cum inside Lilly’s pussy. And the tread continued. They all took turns cumming inside her pussy. “Take my black seed you white trailer trash whore” Terry was the last one to release a huge load inside her vagina. She was exhausted and laid there on the couch like a rag doll.

“So boys didn’t I promise you a fun evening,” Hunter said putting his clothes back on. They all laughed and cheered as they took their beer and started to walk towards the door. “Let the cum stay inside that bitch you cuck simp” Terry instructed me, while grabbing my crotch.
“And do not have sex with her anymore because she is ours now” Hunter warned.
I nodded in agreement. Then they left. I rushed to Lilly and lifted her up. “Are you all right?” Her eyes were closed, she was too tired. Then she opened her eyes slowly and smiled.
“I’m fine… Actually more than fine. I never had so many orgasms in a single night.” She said as she stood up. Cum was oozing out of her vagina and dripping down her thighs. “You serious? They were hurting you” I said in astonishment. Without looking back placing her clothes on her shoulders, she was walking toward our bedroom. “You know what Jimmy I guess I like the pain while sex, I like when they treat me like a whore. And their huge dicks reached places inside my vagina where your tiny dick will never reach.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She paused at the bedroom door and looked back at me and said “By the way Jimmy, I think Hunter is right, we should not have sex anymore. Anyways, my pussy to so destroyed, your dick won’t be able to satisfy me anyways. Clean the couch and sleep there. I will now take a shower, touch myself thinking about Terry and his friends and go to sleep. Good night Jimmy”

That’s it. My life was officially over. One thing, one thing that was going for me, now wants to stay away from her. She lost all respect for me.

In the coming days, Hunter came to know that Lilly has submitted to him and his friends. He used to bring different people each time and fuck her in our house in front of me. I was so used to it that I was even assigned tasks. while they were fucking her. Like making dinner, preparing snacks, cleaning after them etc.
My life is now in the worse position it ever has been. Can it be worse? I’m sure Hunter will find a way to do so….

…. To be continued I let my bullies use my wife Part 3a

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