My Wife My Life-9

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Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here My Wife My Life -8 so you can enjoy this better…

I put a few condoms in my pocket and said “darling don’t be surprised if I come back with someone to enjoy on this bed”. He said “don’t worry, I am too sleepy and I wouldn’t know even if you actually did it”.

I closed the door and went towards the bar, I met Vicky on the way and he hugged me, I said “you be ready at 4am and we will enjoy again like last night”. I reached the bar and good music was playing.

I went to Charles who gave me a beer. This time I stood with my back pressed against his chest intentionally while he hugged me from behind grinding his crotch against my ass under the pretext of dancing.

I told him about Henry and Dhana and he got very furious. I told him to keep quiet for now because henry was the main troublemaker, Charles promised to deal with him after the bar closes.

He asked “what about Dhana”, I said “he is a nice man, I like him”. There was some fight at a table and Charles had to rush with the two bouncers to sort out while I stood there sipping my beer and enjoying the music.

Two men came and stood very close to me. They seemed in their early thirties about six foot tall. They smiled at me and I smiled back. I saw Charles was still busy sorting out the fight which had aggravated.

Both the men introduced themselves as Kumar and Sunil and were in Goa on business. I didn’t talk much with them but they kept trying to talk with me. Kumar asked “are you with Charles”?

I said “not exactly, he is just my friend”. Sunil said “well looking at both of you dancing looked like you two were more than just friends”. I didn’t respond and continued looking at the dance floor sipping my drink.

Sunil came behind me saying “we would love to be your friends too if you can dance with us the same way”. I could smell his perfume and looked sideways. He was touching his body with mine from behind while Kumar stood even closer by my side.

On my other side was a wall and I was sandwiched between them. I took a step away from them without saying anything. A few minutes later both of them again stepped closer to me switching places, now Kumar was behind me and Sunil was next to me.

Sunil placed his left hand around my waist while Kumar placed his right arm around me from behind pressing his body to mine. I said “please leave me alone, I am here to just have a good time”.

They did not remove their hands and I felt Kumar’s cock pushing in my butt thru my skirt. He felt big for sure and started swaying his body with mine in sync with the music.

When I lifted my pint to sip he kissed my neck on the left side and Sunil kissed on the right side. Their actions were arousing me and making me weak. Both continued kissing my neck while Kumar slipped his hand under my top squeezing my boobs.

I tried stepping away but could not because both of them had a firm grip on me. I said “please stop what you are doing” removing Kumar’s hand. Sunil said “baby all we need is a dance with you, nothing more”.

The dance floor was overcrowded now. Kumar released his grip on me and Sunil held my hand pulling me to the far end of the dance floor. I wanted to stop but my arousal had clouded my judgement.

We reached the other end going thru the crowd during which I was groped countless times, my pussy was touched many times, my boobs were squeezed hard, my butt cheeks were squeezed and this got me even more aroused.

I looked around to see if I could spot Charles or Dhana but I could not find them. We were at the far end of the dance floor with a few dim lights creating a perfect dark corner for doing naughty things.

I looked around and saw couples having sex in the dark corners and understood what was coming next for me. They pulled me to a dark corner with Kumar standing behind me and Sunil in front.

I was too aroused to stop them now, Sunil kissed my lips while he opened my top squeezing my boobs hard. Kumar raised my skirt dry humping me from behind slipping his hand inside my skirt rubbing my pussy.

Sunil placed my hand on his crotch rubbing his erection over his pants and I instinctively held it. He asked “do you like it”? I said “yes it feels good”, he said “this will feel even better inside you, where are you staying babe”?

I said “in this hotel”. He said “we are also staying in this same hotel, shall we go to our room”? I nodded yes, I corrected my clothes and walked between them to their room on the 3rd floor.

We entered the room and Sunil locked the door while Kumar jumped on me. Sunil also joined and within seconds all my clothes were on the floor. They made me lie on the double bed and squeezed and sucked my boobs like animals.

I said “stop. You are both hurting me, please be gentle if you want to enjoy”. They both stopped, Sunil smooched me while Kumar removed his clothes. I saw Kumar had a fat 7inch cock, he came on the bed kneeling near my face.

Sunil removed his clothes revealing an 8inch cock with decent girth. Kumar asked me to suck him, I started giving Kumar a blowjob while he played with my boobs and pinched my nipples.

Sunil opened my legs and got busy eating my pussy. After some time both switched places with Sunil giving his cock in my mouth while Kumar was getting ready to push his cock in my pussy using a condom.

I said “Please be gentle because you are very big”. He didn’t seem to care and continued pushing inside with hard strokes. My pussy felt stretched but did not hurt like when John fucked me.

Soon Kumar was fucking like a machine in full speed triggering waves after waves of pleasure thru my body while Sunil continued sucking my nipples. Kumar stopped after a long while and told Sunil to take over.

I thought he had cum but no, he sat in his chair having a drink while Sunil now fucked me. Sunil was also good exactly like Kumar with similar stamina. After some time, Kumar finished his drink and got up and switched places while Sunil went and had another drink.

Kumar stopped and got me on my knees and entered my pussy from behind. Again after some time they switched places again and now Sunil pushed his cock in my butt.

Thankfully because of lubrication from my pussy he entered without hurting stretching my ass like never before. Quickly my pain was replaced with pleasure making me moan, they switched places again and Kumar was fucking my ass now.

Getting fucked by two men in both my holes was very thrilling and gave me multiple orgasms. Kumar came in my ass and Sunil took his position and he also came soon after.

I collapsed on the bed panting heavily. I looked at them and it seemed like they were not done yet because they were again stroking their cocks while sipping their drinks. I saw the time, it was 3.50am, we had been fucking me for over forty minutes.

I said “I have to go now, it is very late and my husband is going to be looking for me”, Sunil said “who will look for you so late in the night”? I said “I was supposed to be back by 3 so I have to go”.

Sunil said “forget your husband, tonight we are your husbands and you will be here till morning”. I said “I need to go, please understand. I will come again tomorrow morning if you want”.

They discussed between themselves and said “ok, you can go but how do we find you”? I said “give me your numbers and I will call you when I get a chance”. I saved their numbers on my mobile and went to the bathroom with my clothes.

I got dressed and left from there going to my room as it was nearly 4am. As expected Vicky was waiting and we got inside and locked the door. I removed my clothes and lay on the bed.

Vicky asked me to suck him first, I got in 69 sucking his cock while he ate my pussy. After a few minutes, he came on top pushing his cock in my pussy. He fucked me nice and slow this time.

I was expecting him to go full speed as usual but he did not. I looked at Ramesh and felt he was awake and watching but did not care. I was thoroughly enjoying Vicky knowing even when he is in a hurry he lasts very long.

So I wanted to see how long he would last when going slow. He kept giving me one orgasm after another but he still did not cum. I saw it was 4.45 and asked “are you going to cum”?

Vicky said “not yet madam”, I said “I want you to fuck my ass now”. I flipped over and he got on top pushing his cock in my ass and resumed fucking. He was doing good and I was enjoying too.

After a long time, he came in my ass and we turned and lay sideways panting. He said “madam I will go now” and got up. I held his hand and said “you will go and sleep now right”?

He said “yes”, I said “sleep here with me”. He asked “what if sir wakes up in the morning”? I said “he knows about us anyway, today evening also he purposely came late after shopping because he knew we would be busy having sex, so relax and sleep. Nothing will happen”.

Vicky was putting on his clothes, I said “sleep without your clothes, it will be easier in the morning”. I pulled the blanket over us and slept sideways facing Ramesh and Vicky cuddling me from behind.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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