My Wife My Life-10

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Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here ( My Wife My Life-9) so you can enjoy this better…

We fell asleep and woke up at 8am. Ramesh was sitting on the couch smiling at me while Vicky was still hugging me and sleeping, I removed the blanket and got up, I saw Ramesh was rubbing his morning wood.

I asked “darling do you want me to help you”? He said “I have been waiting for you to wake up”. He came to the bed and we hugged and kissed. We got into 69, I was giving him a blowjob while he ate my pussy.

I saw Vicky was still sleeping but his cock was hard also because of morning wood, I started stroking it with my hand while sucking Ramesh. After some time, I got on my knees sucking Vicky’s cock while Ramesh started fucking my pussy from behind.

I said “slow down darling, I want you to last longer”. He said “this scene where I am fucking you while you are giving someone a blowjob is too much for me, It’s driving me crazy “.

Soon Vicky woke up totally confused trying to make sense of what was going on while I continued sucking him. I said “good morning Vicky, are you ready to fuck me now “?

He was dazed but nodded yes. I climbed on his cock riding him in my pussy and looked at Ramesh who was stroking his cock. I said “darling you can also join”. Ramesh came behind me and pushed his cock in my butt.

This was my first ever DP and I was experiencing earthquakes of pleasure giving me an intense orgasm. I collapsed on Vicky while both continued fucking me. I took longer to recover, I made Ramesh to lie on the bed and got on his cock riding him.

I said “Vicky please fuck my ass now”. Vicky entered me from behind and resumed fucking me. I was having an out of the world experience today. I knew Ramesh would not last as long as Vicky and he came in my pussy soon.

I stopped riding him while Vicky continued for another ten minutes and came in my ass. I lay on the bed panting heavily with Ramesh while Vicky went to the bathroom and cleaned.

He came with a wet towel and cleaned all the cum flowing from both my holes. Vicky said “I am sorry madam, I did not use a condom this time“. I kissed him and said “its ok, you gave me the best time of my life”.

I looked at Ramesh, he said “thank you Vicky, this was unbelievably good. Till we are here please sleep here every night with us. From now on you don’t need to knock on the door anymore, feel free to just walk in and join us”.

Vicky was very happy and got dressed and left saying he will bring us our morning coffee. I looked at Ramesh’s cock and it was hard again, I started riding him and asked “darling you really meant everything you said to Vicky “?

He said “yes, I have had the best experience of my life today with him. I was able to experience what I only saw in porn movies “. Ramesh asked “so how was the night after you left”?

I told him about Sunil and Kumar and everything that happened. He got even more excited and began thrusting from below. He asked “do you want to try both of them together “?

I said “I never imagined sex with two men together could be so much fun, yes today I might try them both together “. Vicky walked in with the coffee while I was still riding Ramesh’s cock in my pussy.

I looked at him and said “Vicky are you ready to fuck me once more”? He removed his clothes and took a condom and entered my ass. Vicky began fucking me full speed like he usually does while I was riding Ramesh.

I was addicted to this double penetration sex now. Ramesh came in my pussy about fifteen minutes later and Vicky came after his full thirty minutes. I rolled off and lay on the bed and Vicky served us coffee.

He saw the cum flowing out of my pussy and cleaned with the wet towel. He said “John sir is at the reception so I need to go now”, he left and I looked at Ramesh. We finished our coffee and took a bath together where we had one more round of sex.

We came to the room and I asked “what plans for today “? He said “nothing for today, we can stay here and do some local sightseeing and step out early evening to shop for beachwear and go to the same beach and enjoy “.

We got dressed and went to have breakfast at the restaurant. I saw Sunil and Kumar were also there, they were frequently staring at me. I winked at them in front of Ramesh and they seemed embarrassed looking the other way.

After finishing my breakfast, I went to their table and said “my husband is leaving for some work soon, do you want to join me after that “? Both seemed struck by lightning, I said “I am coming to your room in 30minutes. Go get your cocks ready”.

Kumar said “you are talking to us in front of your husband”, I said “don’t worry about him, you just be ready “. I came back to my table and left with Ramesh, I said “I am going to their room in half an hour, do you also want to join”?

Ramesh said “you go ahead, I will wait for you here in the room”. We got inside our room and Vicky was cleaning it. Ramesh sat on the couch while I dressed in a bright red bodycon dress without underwear.

I asked Vicky to bring me a pitcher of beer and gulped it down quickly wanting to get high. I kissed Ramesh and left to their room, I knocked on the door and Kumar let me inside.

Sunil hugged me from behind kissing my neck while Kumar came from front smooching me. I said “order some Bacardi for me with coke so we can begin”. They were shocked seeing me taking the lead now.

They ordered only my drink as they already had stocks of theirs. Vicky entered with my drink and was shocked to see me here. I looked at him and kept quiet, he put the stuff on the table and left.

Kumar poured the drinks and we said cheers together going bottoms up. Sunil asked “what did you tell your husband when you came to our table “? I said “I told him I was joining you to keep myself busy while he was out finishing his work”.

He was about to ask me more questions when I interrupted him and asked “you want to do Q&A now? Drop your pants and show me what you got”? Both of them behaved like they were under my command and stood up removing their shorts.

I signalled them to come to me and took their cocks in my mouth alternating each. I lifted my butt and raised my dress to my waist showing that I was not wearing panties today.

After sucking them for a while I asked Sunil to lay on the bed wearing a condom. I got on top guiding his cock in my pussy and riding him. I looked at Kumar and asked “do you need a special invitation to join”?

He quickly put a condom and came close to me. I stroked his cock with my hand and said “stick it in my butt”. He was shocked listening to my instructions and came behind me.

I paused riding Sunil while Kumar pushed his cock in my butt and resumed fucking. Having two cocks ploughing both my holes was an incredible experience and I could not avoid moaning.

Both fucked me for nearly ten minutes before cumming inside me. Then they lay on the bed panting, I said “how can you cum so soon even before satisfying me”? I threw the condoms in the bin and started stroking both cocks also alternatively sucking them.

Kumar got hard first and I got on him riding his cock while I continued stroking Sunil’s cock. I called him closer and sucked him for some time making him hard too. He put a condom and pushed his cock in my butt.

I knew this being their second time they would surely last longer. After ten minutes I made them both switch and resumed. After a long while both of them released their cum inside me and I had my important pending orgasm.

I poured drinks for all and we sat sipping it. Kumar asked “where are you from”, I said the city where I was going to from here. Both of them jumped saying “we are from the same city, can we continue in future”?

I said “I am not sure what will happen when I get there but I have your numbers so I will call you when I get a chance“. Sunil said they were jewellery merchants and were here on business.

Kumar added “we really like you and if you continue with us, we will take care of you very nicely”. I was not having sex for money at all but pure self-satisfaction, But you all know rewards are the quickest way to a woman’s heart, so I gave in.

I was very happy that even before I got to the new city, I already had two men waiting to satisfy me. I was sitting in-between Kumar and Sunil and we finished two more rounds of drinking.

For some reason I was not getting high at all today. I held both their cocks and started stroking them. Both of them seemed perplexed when I started doing this. I said “guys how long does it take to get your cocks hard? I need another round of fucking now”.

I got up and pulled them both to the bed. I started sucking Sunil’s cock while I ordered Kumar to eat my pussy. Even after sucking Sunil for more than 5 minutes his cock did not get hard enough.

I switched positions and told Sunil to eat my pussy while I sucked Kumar’s cock. Kumar’s cock became hard after a while, I lay on the bed saying “Kumar fuck me with your cock now”.

Kumar used a condom and mounted me missionary style humping me slowly. While Kumar was fucking me I held Sunil’s cock stroking it hoping he would get hard too. Watching me have sex with Kumar was probably the trigger for Sunil and he started regaining his hardness.

Kumar got off to get a drink and Sunil took his place fucking my pussy. Having sex back to back was all that I wanted and I was sailing in oceans of pleasure. Every five minutes both took turns and about half hour later they both came in me.

They lay on the bed saying “this was the best time we ever had. We are leaving in a few hours and hope to get a call from you in future”. I said “I promise I will call you when I get a chance “ and went to the bathroom and cleaned.

I got dressed and went I was about to leave, Sunil put a diamond necklace around my neck and Kumar put a diamond bracelet on my right hand. I thanked them and went back to my room where Ramesh was waiting.

He opened the door and I hugged and kissed him. I was expecting him to ask about my new jewellery but instead he asked “how was it? Did you enjoy with both “? I said “yes I enjoyed with both, they gave me this as gift in return“.

I showed him my necklace and bracelet. He said “that’s an expensive gift. You must surely be really tired by now”? I said “just a little” rubbing his crotch.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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