Hot blonde resistant stepsister

During the first couple months of our parents being together I barley spoke to my stepsister, and I hatedd her brother, but one day we were out in our garage playing alcohol games with out parents.

It was me, and my stepdad, against my mom, and Georgia. We were playing cup pong with strong alochol, I can’t remember what it was exactly but I knew it was strong.

After a while the fame was almost over, and it was my turn for the final cup, and before I could bounce it my stepsister turned around, and started shaking her ass at me. Our parents didn’t think anything of it because they were to drunk. I thought of something though. ‘I want to use that ass for my own wants, and needs’.

That happened around 11 pm, and later that night she was partially drunk, and went to sleep in her room, right across from mine, 2 stories below the rest of our family. She’s 5’11, has small tits, but theyre still noticable in sports bras, which is what she wears to bed, along with small, tight, shorts that barley reach pass her ass, with no panties underneath, her ass is perfectly sized, nice light, white skin, and gorgeous blonde hair that went to her elbows, and he sometimes wore it in braids, which looked so pullable. She sleeps in full darkness, and is slow to awake, which is amazing. So that night when she went downstairs to sleep, I went down as well. She went in the shower before going to sleep, and I got a very good view from a hole in the wall right above.

After a couple hours she got out of the shower, and went in her room, she took some sleeping meds, heavy ones, which is a great mix with the alcohol. So after a couple minutes I slowly opened her door, which had creaked before, but I fixed that.

Then I sat on the ground, and tapped her foot to see if she was awake, she didn’t react so I turned on my flashlight, and her blanket covered only her chest, and a little of her face, so seeing this I walked over to her body, and she was laying towards a wall, facing away, with her ass facing towards me. I got on my knees, and started to take down her shorts, now before taking a few pictures. I saw her perfect ass, and grabbed it with one hand, and with the other I felt around with my finger, finding her clit, it was perfectly shaved, and I started playing with her.

After a few minutes she got wet as hell, and I took off my shorts, and took my hand off of her ass, and put it on my cock, and started slowly masturbating, then I wanted to get risky, it was in the moment, I grabbed her hand, and put it on my cock, and started using her hand to help me get off to her asleep body, but in that instant she woke up half hungover. “Wha- what the fuck” she said to me, looking down at her clit, and looking at her hand, she then almost screamed, but before she could do that I forced her down, and put my hand over her mouth.

“Shut up” I said to her as she tried to push me off. But she couldn’t, I took the rest of the blanket off of her, and held her down, taking off her bra next. “What’re you doing you pervert” she asked me, looking at I went to put my cock in her now soaking pussy. “You want to shake that ass, then I’ll grab it” I said to her, and right after that my cock was inside of her. And all of my fantasies about her had come true.

“Get off of me” she kept saying, as I slapped her across the face.

“You tease me in bikinis during the summer by bending over, doing stuff while looking at me, and you think you and your friends can just get away with it, not anymore” I said back to her, knowing that a week later her friends Mae, and Kam would be staying the night, two of her friends also with great bodies that I did stuff to that week later, but that’s a story for another time if you like, as long with a story about my cousin.

After all of her struggling she finally gave up, and she just stopped resisting, to which I started to thrust inside of her, slapping her ass, and calling her names, she tried pushing me off once more though, but she was also moaning with my cock in her, I then grabbed her hair, and pulled it as hard as I could, also removing me from her pussy, and putting my dick in her mouth, she took it good in the back of the throat, great gag reflex. After a little I was about to cum, and I didn’t want her to miss out, so I took my dick out of her mouth, pinned her arms down, made sure she knew she had no power by slapping her across the face, and then I put my dick in her pussy, and came right inside of her tight vagina. Then I recorded her squirming so I could jerk off to that whenever I wanted to, and told her if she tries to tell anyone, then I’d just say she forced me.

She hasnt told anyone since, and sometimes now I still go in her room, and fuck the shit out of her

If you want the stories about her friends, or one about my cousin, I’d be delighted to share

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