My First real experience bottom to cockold – Part 1

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This is my first story.. Real incident.

Part -1

I’m Mohseen 24 year guy, fair looking , soft in nature.. 5’6” height and 58kg weight …have small small gay experience during studies period…. Now working as a fresher….

My relative sister-like cousin sister at my native… Faleel 32 years live with her husband Shameer 38 years… He is doing business, agriculture, farming in his native….in their native all relative home next to next….

One time when we visited, all gathered in one house for dinner and started to sleep their itself.. due to less space my sister husband said , let’s we go and stay in our house..will be free… I said ok and we both went and we settled to sleep in his bed…

He started conversation slowly…

Shameer :- Have you watched porn videos recently ?

Me: No no bhaiya….. y u asking like this?

Shameer : why you fearing like a girl…? Be bold man …
And started hugged me tight…

Me:- No bhaiya not feared…just said

Shameer:- why u getting shivered while hugging…actually you are very soft Mohseen… like your sister…. Your sister have boobs but u don’t have that’s it….

Mohseen:- bhaiya … I shouted…

(He gave me strong got into fear)

Shameer: Just be silent … I thought to be soft with you but you bastard shouting….If you shout I will ruin ur life… and put blame on about your cock size to everyone…. (He noted me many times during bath in family trip like water falls etc…mine very small cock..around 1.5” normal and 3 “ on errect- when I heated it – I felt like defeated)

Me: Bhaiya please don’t do that…
Sha: then obey my words…
Me : bhaiya please
(Handed over me few dresses )
Sha: take this dress and change in toilet and come out..
I was shocked while checking the dress , it was my sisters – bra , panty and night gown ..

Me: bhaiya please leave me..
Sha: Holded my throat tight and more talk.. I’m going to fulfill my fantasy through you which ur sister not doing…

I got afraid by his way of speech and anger… I went in and removed my dress and wired bra first time in my life then panty and gown and came out….

Sha: what a bitch you are… u exactly looking like ur sister as I saw her first…. Wow…. The way I want treat u like bitch which I can’t do with ur sister… u r going to full fill my fantasy bitch…. Come sit on my lap…

I sat on his lap , he slowly touched my neck and feeler my body slowly, his breath on my neck did very man handling , I was shaking… I was very humilated there… he slowly rounded on my nipple area and pinched on tip… I was started shouting.. he slapped me on nipple… then I calm down… then he slowly removed her dress…while moving his hand on my navel and my private parts and laughed….he started sucking my nipple slowly and little faster then harder… I don’t know how I started mourning…. He said in my ears… “ ur sister suppose to born as a boy and u spoke to born as girl, she is just a wood in bed no reaction, but u making me horny bitch”

He told me to remove his brief…in aroused condition I was shocked when I was watched first time closely around 7”… more than double of my size… fully erected and clean shaved…. While I watched and shocked suddenly I got a press from my head …cock went directly inside my mouth… he was jerking in and out … I was just simple trying to breath… he gave me a strong slap on my face and said you bitch… suck the cock… and go deep…. I got tears on my eyes and started sucking…. He said my sister never allowed him for oral and anal … he going to tear me today… I got shivering on hearing this…. He went deep on my throat …. And in 15 mins he ejaculated deep inside and told to swallow… I obeyed…I was eagerly waiting for his tongue to play with my nipple….

I slowly went near him and pressed my boobs and asked him to play in shame full ness…. He laughed loud and said again… see I said na ur are suppose to be a girl ….if u need , u need to obey me what ever I do hereafter… I said sure…. Sure…
Sha:- I’m gonna make you as my horny dirty bitch …
Me;- ok please do it … please taste my nipple
Sha:- will you do wat ever I ask… will do allow me to fuck ur asss
Me:- ya sure…
Sha:- will you come and wear this dresses when ever I say
Me: ya

(Submissive , bdsm, dirty slut, formation continues in next chapter-2)

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