The Great Sen Family : 19

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Rahamat was in a state of total shock at first and he smiled as he could realize that it was due to his Bouma’s sudden arousal. His DIL was now having sex with him in a cowgirl position! His penis was plunging up into her vagina and it felt so cool!

Then she started moaning really loud and her body was shaking like crazy! Just then, he felt liquid pouring out of her, all over her penis and onto his stomach. She was having an orgasm! It was so hot to watch, he almost had an orgasm himself! But not quite. Maybe if he didn’t have one just a
little bit ago, he could have.

After that, everything became way too slippery. He could barely feel anything while he tried to buck his hips up and plunge his penis into his Bouma’s vagina. Plus, she felt completely different than his wife.

Mainly because his wife’s cunt was a mature one and so much bigger. But his Bouma’s cunt had felt too much tight around his penis when he fucked her. With his wife, he still could feel great joy, but with Soma, it felt so much exciting…… actually, it was a completely different sensation.

Suddenly his cock slipped out of her. He tried to get it inside again, but it just kept slipping all over the place…… Shit!

However after a few seconds of struggling, his Bouma said softly, “Oh Baba…. It’s now too wet down there, isn’t it?”

When he nodded at her, she leaned closer to his face and whispered, “Well, why don’t we try this with a tighter hole, Baba?”

Rahamat had no idea what his Bouma meant, but he trusted her, as he nodded. “OK Bouma, as you say,” He said in a little innocent voice. Despite the fact that his cock had started juicing, his voice hadn’t changed yet.

Soma then reached between them and took hold of his thick cock. He gasped at her touch as pleasure resonated from within. It felt so good having her hand wrapped around it, for a second he forgot where he was.

When his Bouma lifted herself up, he focused on her again, his eyes zeroing on her buoyant boobs…. bouncing on her chest. She had let him suck one of her nipples! Just thinking about it again made his cock throb. He watched her shift forward a little and for a second he thought she was going to lean forward and put her boobs in his face again!

But then his Bouma leaned backward…. lowering herself slowly. He almost pouted until he felt his fat rod pressing into her again. She sank down slowly all the way and he plunged in fully. But it felt completely different than before. It felt really tight around his cock…. from all sides! And it was nowhere as slippery as it had been just a few seconds ago.

Rahamat found it hard to breathe all of a sudden, and he couldn’t help but started bucking his hips upward…. plunging himself into his Bouma’s pussy. Pulling down, then pushing up again, he moaned loudly. Down… then up, he repeated over and over, speeding up.

“Oooooh, that’s it my sweet Baba,” His Bouma cooed. “Fuck your Bouma’s ass,
my sweet dear!”

Her ass? Rahamat’s eyes opened wide in shock. Then she started rolling her hips…. helping him thrust deeper. His body started to shake. Being in his Bouma’s tight ass felt so much tighter than her pussy! It was tighter than his wife’s 48-years-old pussy too! His hips started thrusting faster and faster, until he was in a frenzy. He started fucking his Bouma’s ass in a renewed passion…. feeling pleasure envelope his fat cock completely.

That’s when, somewhere far away, he could hear loud moans, but they weren’t coming from inside the room he was in. What was that? It sounded like somebody else was fucking! He could understand easily, his son Rahim was fucking his wife Probhaboti again.

Naturally the moans only added to his arousal. Thrusting up hard, he heard the sound of his skin slapping against his Bouma’s ass. He pushed even harder, hearing the slap again. Harder! He was moving so fast, he felt lightheaded.

“Oh God Baba, you’re going to make your Bouma cum again!” Soma cried out and then her body fell forward in a fit of convulsions. Rahamat’s butt was moving like a machine as his cock pushed in and out of the younger woman’s asshole. He was straining, getting close. He couldn’t hold it!

“BO…. OUMAAAA….!” He cried out desperately as he thrust forward a final time.

Then he felt his penis spurting streams of his manly cum into his Bouma’s cunt. No! No…. her ass! Into his Bouma’s ass! Oh Man! Oh Man! Oh Man…. it felt so good! He was shaking violently, feeling himself continuing to ejaculate.

And then Rahamat was done. His entire body went limp at once and he felt his thick shaft slip right out of her butt-hole. Sucking in deep breaths of air, he couldn’t move. Then he felt something warm gushing out of her butt…. coating his cock. He couldn’t focus on anything. He just lay there breathing heavily. Soon he fell asleep beside his Bouma as she heard her breathing hard, too.

Losing consciousness, Rahamat could still hear moans coming from somewhere else in the house. Sure, it was that his son and his wife. Oh wow….. it’s fine…. father and son now really started swapping their wives.
—– —— —— ——- ——- ——- —— —— —— —–
Probhaboti now prided herself on running a sexually liberated household. She and her husband had never tried to hide anything from each other….. about their recent sexual escapades. She had even disclosed to her husband about her pregnancy. Basically, once she was confident her husband would understand why she was even talking about, she started sharing her knowledge with her stepson and Bouma.

And so, it didn’t really come as a surprise to her when she found herself in a house where everybody seemed to be fucking everyone. She knew her husband had fucked her DIL previous day. It was hot to think about. Now everyone of the family knew about their own escapade. She smiled wickedly as she had her ways.

It was exactly how she watched her Bouma and husband fucking just a little while ago. However before that incident, she herself had already seduced her stepson to fulfill her own dream. That seduction was so hot, she just had to go and observe it for herself! She didn’t know how her Bouma had lost her virginity first time, but she was fully aware that she had been having sex all the year….. either with her husband or with some directors or producers.

But she herself was fairly certain that she had never taken on a cock as big as her stepson…. and she was addicted with the pleasure she was getting from his massive cock! This implied, while she was attracted towards her stepson, her Bouma at the same time, was busy with her husband Rahamat and she was glad for this sudden reformation.

So oneday hearing some moans coming out from her Bouma’s room, she didn’t feel surprised as she moved towards her room very silently. She discovered that the door was open…. just far enough so that she could easily see the bed.

Soma had just climbed on top of her FIL. The older woman watched in joy as her Bouma managed to take her FIL’s fat cock into her well lubricated pregnant cunt. Unfortunately, her husband didn’t even make it all the way inside before he was cumming like a madman. Probhaboti almost giggled but didn’t want to get caught spying.
——– ——‐ ——– ———- ——— ——– ——- ——
After the deed was done, Probhaboti stepped into the bathroom near her Bouma’s room and waited until she heard her husband stumble past down the hall. Then she slipped into her Bouma’s room and shut the door behind her.

Soma was sitting on her bed, staring between her legs. She had a yellow Maxi on, and she was holding it up. Her twenty-eight yrs-old pregnant pussy was plainly on display. She walked in. Her Bouma looked up at her as she yanked her Maxi down….. looking slightly embarrassed.

The older woman laughed and then reached out….. yanking the dress up…. revealing her Bouma’s cunt once more. She could see a dribble of cum leaking from it.

“Did you enjoy fucking my husband, Bouma?” Probhaboti asked with a playful smile on her lips.

Soma squeaked and her cheeks turned red. But then she laughed and admitted, “Yeah. It was fun. Except…”

Frowning at her daughter-in-law, the older woman asked, “Except what?”

Her daughter-in-law sighed and then explained, “Your husband no doubt squirted enough sticky cream in me, but he was failed to give me the ultimate pleasure.”

“You mean you didn’t have an orgasm?” Probhaboti asked smilingly.

Soma nodded, “Yeah. I mean, no. I didn’t.”

Smiling, Probhaboti gently pushed her daughter-in-law backward on her bed until she was lying on her pillow. Then she rolled onto her stomach and shimmied between her legs. Looking up into her daughter-in-law, Probhaboti said softly, “Don’t worry, as your MIL, it’s my duty to keep you happy. So now I’m going to give you an orgasm which you deserve. OK?”

Biting her lip, her daughter-in-law nodded emphatically as she was grinning. The young actress’s mother-in-law didn’t waste any more time before going down on her.

And Soma didn’t hold back anything. Her moans immediately filled her bedroom as her mother-in-law devoured her sweet tasting cunt. The older woman knew what she was about giving oral sex to a female…. as she had gotten enough knowledge from her own DIL Parveen alias Mala. And now she wanted to experiment those upon her new DIL.

The taste of mixing cum…. leaking from her DIL’s cunt added an extra thrill to the experience for Probhaboti. She licked her DIL’s pussy expertly….. tickling her opening and lapping up the cum and pussy-juices as it flowed out of her…. then quickly working her way up between her pussy-lips to attack her hard clitoris.

In less than three minutes, Soma was writhing, moaning and breathing heavily in her own bed. Her MIL continued to devour her…. licking every trace of juice she could find. The two loads of cum still inside her… continued draining the entire time, which excited the older woman no end.

Probhaboti sucked and licked her way up and down, up and down, until she was satisfied. Then she worked her way up to her three months pregnant DIL’s protruding clit once more and focused her attack there…. until her DIL got a nice, violent release.

Probhaboti was pleased to discover that, as her DIL expelled her pussy-juices, more cum flooded out from her own cunt at the same time. She happily spent the next five minutes lapping up every drop that came out. By the time she was done, her DIL was writhing, begging her to stop. She lifted her head out of her crotch with a smile and then pushed herself off the bed.

Before leaving, Probhaboti leaned over and gave her young actress Bouma a tender kiss on her lips. “I hope that helps, sweetie,” she whispered.

“Mmmmmm,” was the only response Soma gave before her Sasurima ( mother-in-law ) disappeared from her room.

To be continued……

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