My Wife My Life-5

The night is still not over for Rekha and she gets some more hot action from John, Charles & Vicky…..

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

The time was 2am and I went to John at the reception. On the way I met Vicky in the passage, he pushed me to the wall raising my skirt and pushing his erect cock thru his pants against my pussy. Now he was nicely kissing my neck and back.

I was impressed to see him hard again so soon. Since he was one of my best fuck buddies, I let him continue. He pushed one hand inside my frock cupping my left boob and other rubbing my naked pussy hard.

He said madam you seem to be ready for one more round of fucking. Can we go to your room? I said Vicky I also want your big cock inside me but right now please let me go. I will surely find a chance and call you.

He turned me around and kissed me. He knelt pushing his face under my frock and licked my pussy once more. He got up and left saying I will be waiting for you. I corrected my clothes and reached the reception.

John looked at me and said madam you are looking hotter than before. I asked him are you expecting any more guests tonight, he said no. I asked him would you mind joining me for a beer in my room?

He eagerly said yes. I said come after 5 minutes and I will leave the door unlocked. I went to my room and wore my clothes again without my bra. I sat on the bed opposite the couch waiting for him.

The beer arrived and he too same time. He locked the door after Vicky left and poured two glasses and gave one to me. We both said cheers clanking our glasses while Ramesh was sleeping sound.

My knees were folded and skirt up to my thighs while I sat on the bed. I was giving him direct view of my bare pussy and boobs clearly showing thru my chiffon top. I saw his eyes were glued there only.

I looked at his crotch and his cock was making a big tent. I was getting hornier by the minute and decided to make a direct offer to him. I asked John did you enjoy watching my husband fuck me in the bathroom?

He was shocked that I had found out. He paused and said madam I admit I saw you both because I could not resist seeing your hot naked body. Since then every time I see you I visualise you naked.

See my cock has been hard ever since pointing to his tent. I asked if you had a chance then what would you have done? He said I would have fucked you with or without your husband. I said show me your cock John.

He took a few moments to take in my direct invitation. Coming to his senses he said madam your husband is right here. I said you just said that you want to fuck me in front of him so why are you chickening out now?

He stood up and dropped his trousers and undies revealing an 8” long meaty cock. I moved closer to him and held his cock in my hands. I looked at John and said yours is so big, he said yes big in size and even bigger in pleasure.

I got really horny stroking it with my hands. John said please suck my cock Madam. I said call me Rekha, I licked his full length taking the tip in my mouth. I tried taking it deeper but he was so big I only managed a few inches.

He placed his hands on my head, I said don’t even think about it, I am new to this and am learning. He said ok and removed his hands, I continued sucking him for a few minutes. John pulled me up and undressed me.

He made me lie on the bed getting on top. He kissed me expertly on my lips then all over my face sucking my ear lobes. He went down on my neck then chest. He lifted my hands and licked my armpits.

He was sending shockwaves of pleasure thru my body. He came to my boobs gently squeezing them and sucking my nipples. My orgasm was building fast. He went further down to my navel and sucked it with his tongue.

After a few minutes he came to my pussy. He ate my pussy very expertly making me orgasm right then. He turned around bringing his cock in my face doing 69 while he continued eating my pussy and butt.

I was stroking his cock with my hands while taking the tip in my mouth. While I was sucking him, he occasionally pushed a little going deeper in my mouth. I didn’t stop him because he was not choking me like David.

Because of his momentary pushes I had more than half his cock in my mouth and I considered it a big achievement. During all this he had tongue fucked my ass and fingered it giving me even more pleasure.

He got off me taking one condom from the box I bought and put it on. He saw the two used condoms in the dustbin and looked at me, I said my hubby finished fucking me before I met you at the reception.

He said Rekha you really are something; I have never seen a woman with stamina like yours. He placed a pillow under my butt and mounted me. I told him to be gentle because he was so big.

He smiled and kissed me while he slowly pushing the tip of his cock inside. Because of good lubrication and my arousal, he entered without hurting. He waited for a few seconds and pushed little more.

He continued like this till he was half inside me. He looked at me, I said I am fine. He started fucking me slowly pushing little by little till he was fully inside me. He spread my legs raising my knees close to my shoulders and continued fucking.

He was going deeper inside me where no one had ever reached before. I was experiencing pleasures like crazy. John was now my best fuck buddy. He fucked me for over half an hour before cumming inside me.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had during this. He got off throwing the condom in the dustbin. He sat on the couch and asked me to join him. We had beer together sitting naked. He said I was the hottest woman he has ever been with.

I said I am also very happy and fully satisfied for the first time. I saw he was hard again, he said I want to fuck your ass now. I said I would love it but I don’t think I can take your big cock. He said don’t worry Rekha that is my problem not yours.

I got on my knees sucking his cock, I pushed myself and managed to take more than half his cock in my mouth. He said baby you are really getting good at this. A few times despite choking I took it in fully for a few seconds.

John said you are the first lady to achieve this. He asked me to get on the edge of the bed in doggy style. He made me grab my ass cheeks spreading them wide. He spat a lot of saliva on my butt hole putting on a condom.

He positioned his cock and slowly pushed. His tip was inside, I said stop it is hurting. He said consider this like losing your virginity and pushed a little more entering almost half inside. He stayed still for a minute and pulled out.

I felt relieved and released my hands. He put his mouth to my gaping hole and licked it nicely adding more saliva. He slowly pushed his cock inside my ass again. This time it did not hurt like before. He was more than half inside with the first push.

I said go for it now. He slowly pulled out till just his tip remained inside and pushed hard entering fully. I could feel his cock in my stomach now. He started fucking me slowly and over time increased his speed.

This was feeling great and I was fingering my pussy. I was on cloud nine getting fucked third time next to my sleeping husband. John hugged me from behind while continuing to fuck my ass. He was squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples with his fingers.

He went on for much longer this time before cumming in my ass. He pulled out throwing the condom in the dustbin and sat on the couch. I remained lying sideways on the bed relishing this amazing fuck session with John.

He said he had to leave now because he cannot leave the reception unattended for so long. I said ok and asked what time will his shift end in the morning. John said between 9-10am. I said ok, he got dressed and left after kissing me.

I saw the time it was 3.45am. I quickly finished the beer and even though I was tired I wanted to fuck Charles once more. I wanted to make my first night in Goa the craziest night of my life. I was hungry for more sex and my husband was busy sleeping.

I already had his permission to get outside cocks to satisfy me. I took a new black top with red bra and thong panty inside with a candy red skirt and went to the bar. I remembered to put two condoms in my pocket.

Very few people were there now and I found Charles near the DJ console. He was happy to see me, he said Rekha you are looking hotter than ever and we hugged and smooched like lovers in public. Charles asked me what I wanted, I kissed him and said what do you think.

He was very excited by my reply and we rushed to the same store room. I stripped completely sitting on the table. He kissed me and went straight for my boobs sucking them crazy. He made me lie on the table while eating my pussy.

He was driving me crazy with his mouth. He positioned his cock at my pussy. I stopped him saying I want to suck your cock. His eyes widened with excitement and he came close to my face and I took his entire length inside.

When I could suck John’s cock then this smaller cock was easy. Charles kept saying Rekha you are too good. After about five minutes he wanted to fuck my pussy, I gave him a condom. He pushed his full length inside me in one hard stroke fucking me furiously holding my thighs.

He was giving me loads of pleasure with his cock. After he fucked me for a really long time making me orgasm, I asked him if he would like to fuck my ass again. He excitedly said yes. I got off the table and bent on the table guiding his cock in my ass.

He resumed fucking me hard. He lasted longer than last time bringing me to another orgasm and he also came in my butt. He stayed inside me resting on top for a few minutes. Then he cleaned me with his kerchief pocketing it again smiling.

We got dressed and came back to the dance floor. The place was almost empty now. He asked me if I wanted another drink. I said no, I have had more than enough already. We again hugged and smooched once more and I headed back to my room.

My head was spinning with all the sex I had today with Ramesh and other men. I had never imagined I will ever do something like this. I never wanted to cheat on my husband, but after what Ramesh said after my confession changed everything.

I was nearing my room and saw Vicky waiting outside. I asked him what are you doing here, he said my work is over and I was waiting for you. I asked why, he held his hard cock over his trousers and said for this.

I said I am really tired and want to sleep. He begged madam please only once more. I opened the door and went inside. Vicky followed locking the door behind him. I told him to sit on the couch. I removed all my clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up.

I did not bother to close the door anymore. Vicky had removed all his clothes and was standing at the door stroking his cock. He asked madam why two more condoms in the dustbin? I looked at him and said what do you think.

He looked at Ramesh and said but sir is still sleeping. I said So? He gets up a few times in the night and fucks me and goes back to sleep. Vicky was grinning saying you are really very lucky madam. I said so are you.

I towelled coming to the room and drank some water. I lay on the bed next to Ramesh and Vicky lay next to me. We hugged and kissed playing with each other’s bodies for a while. Vicky asked madam can you suck my cock.

I said I don’t know but I can try. I got him in 69 position sucking his cock while he was eating my pussy and ass. I licked his cock from top to bottom and took his cockhead in my mouth. I was getting very good at this thanks to David, John and Charles.

I was easily taking more than half his length in my mouth. Vicky said madam you are the best. A few times I took his full length touching my throat. After sometime Vicky made me lie sideways facing Ramesh.

He lifted my leg slipping his in-between pushing his cock in my pussy. He hugged me from behind and this time he fucked me slowly. This was a new position for me but I was enjoying it, I thought Vicky would pick up speed soon but he did not.

I turned my face to him saying Vicky fuck me fast, it’s very late and I need to sleep. He started fondling my boobs while he continued fucking at a slow pace. Even thought I was tired, I was enjoying my young stud.

He pushed his cock in my ass and continued fucking. I was again very aroused and could not avoid moaning. I saw the time and it was 4.45am. we had been fucking for nearly forty minutes and Vicky had still not cum.

He pulled out and got me in doggy style and pushed his cock in my pussy. He increased his pace and I thought he was going to cum. Every few minutes he was switching between fucking my pussy and ass.

About fifteen minutes later he came in my ass. He got up and I rolled over to see him. He threw the condom in the dustbin, he put on his clothes and left closing the door. I was in no mood to get up and lock the door and slept naked.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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