Unexpected sex with my aunty

Unexpected sex with my aunty

I’m  srujan 24 from Mysore, I would like to share my recent encounter with my hot this real story aunty her name is Shilpa who is 36 years old with dick raising perfect size 36-34-36. She is like a model and maintains her figure even today. Any person who would see her will definitely feel like to fuck her at least once in their life time. So without wasting much time let’s come to the story.

The heroine of this story is the owner of the house who stays on the first floor and I stay on the second floor in a single room. Since day 1 I came here I had a feeling
on her and even she used to talk nicely and keep smiling whenever she saw me. We use to talk very often whenever she comes to dry clothes or for any other work. I used to
think about her very often and jerk. As the day passed my interest for her kept increasing but didn’t get any chance to get her into bed.

But one day her hubby went to native and I was very happy knowing this and my dirty mind was already telling me to utilize this time. She was all alone and as usual she came up
to dry clothes and I without knowing anything asked her and she said no one at home and she is all alone. I was happy inside and told her she can call me if she needs any help.

She smiled and said definitely and she went off. For my luck it started raining heavily in the evening and there was no power. My heroine was all alone and at around 8:30 pm
I get a call from her telling if I can come down and stay with her till power comes off. I happily agreed and went down.

She again invited me with her killing smile and offered to take a seat on the sofa. We started casual conversation and I wanted to try luck so I said can we play a game until
power comes feeling very bored. She agreed and asked what game we would play. I said this game is simple but whoever loses the game should be ready to do what the winner tells no matter what. She thought for a second and said OK . Now I already won 50% of my chances to have sex with her.

We started playing the card game it went for around 30 minutes and finally I won. Now she asks me what’s the task I was scared of inside but makes myself strong and says you need to have fun with me. She was shocked hearing this and I was scared about how she would respond. Then I saw a different kind of smile on her face and that was telling me that she is interested. She slowly came close to me
whispered in my ears let’s go to the bedroom. I never imagined it would be so easy to get her in bed. She closely held my hand and took it to her bedroom.

She said the weather was awesome and it was the right time to experience the cold. Me without wasting much time grabbed her and started kissing her lip. She was responding very nicely and it went for around
15 minutes. Then I slowly started kissing on her forehead, then kissing and licking her neck and ears by this time she was heavily breathing and was in a high mood. She was wearing nighty I was very eager to enjoy those melons. While I was doing lip kiss I slowly grabbed those big tits and was pressing gently. She used to moan ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh slowly darling we have the whole night to enjoy. Hearing this made
me more horny. By this time my huge tool was literally trying to jump out of my shorts. Sorry forgot to mention my gun size is 4 inch thick and hard bullet.

After kissing her and licking her for a few minutes I slowly removed her night wow what sight it was she was wearing a red color bra and black color panty. Those melons were so huge it was not fitting into her bra and was trying to pop out of it. I slowly again started kissing on her neck and now she removed my t-shirt and started kissing and licking all over my upper body. Trust me that was the best feeling.

Even today whenever we get a chance we spend time together and enjoy it the most. Hope you all liked my story and if any women or girls from Mysore are interested in private body massage or other
encounters please feel free to ping me on hangouts or write an email Matthew123.123@gmailCom  at  I will share my second experience with my hot aunty in the next story and please free to ping or email me will be waiting for your response. If you liked this story please feel free to comment or provide your feedback.


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