The forgotten file

It had been almost a year since Mike had died, and Sue was quite relieved that the probate was finally completed. She was now a rich women, not that she wasn’t before it was just that now it was in her own right.

Twenty five years with Mike had not been plain sailing, he had been married to his company and although they had a massive house in the Hampshire green belt he had spent most of his working weeks here in his private apartment in London which meant any real loving sexual relationship had never really materialised.

Today she hoped was the last obstacle Sue had to endure, clearing and selling the apartment.

A task she hoped should have been made a lot easier by Mike’s partner David Dean. Last week David had promised to go to the apartment and clear all their company files and paperwork, Sue was relieved that David had been as good as his word.

The room Mike had used for his office looked completely empty, the long glass wall cupboard she remembered containing customers files and video cassettes had been removed completely. While the wall cupboard behind the desk stood open and empty save for a roll of thick padded blue plastic in the bottom corner.

Sue started her packing in the lounge, one or two ornaments she would be keeping, but most of the content would be staying for the next occupant. The bedroom was a little different all the bedding would need to be removed, Sue had already made arrangements for a local homeless charity to pick up everything, all she needed to do was pack it and move it all to the lobby.
It was while she was in the process of doing this that she opened the dressing table drawer, her heart sank what she recognised was one of the company folders and video’s that had been missed. She remembered seeing them in the glass cabinet dated and colour coded, but what she saw in the file wasn’t any business folder in fact it was truly amazing.

All it contained were photographs, some thirty or forty high definition photographs all large A4 shots, was this the same for all the other folders Sue thought. There staring back at her was her best friend and the wife of David Dean Mike’s partner. Sue didn’t realise her own breath was coming in gasps, this was a Pam she had never seen before, wearing enough make-up to sink a battle ship. A wide leather collar tight round her neck the words CUM SLUT embellished in silver lettering a chain led from each side of the collar leading to nipple rings large nipple rings that lifted Pam’s big tit from her tiny bra, her thighs wrapped in hold up stockings, and her feet in ridiculously high heels. Pam was lay on this very bed legs wide open everything on show including her broad smile, she moved from pose to pose always showing everything

Sue had to take a break she left the picture’s on the bed getting herself some iced water, sweat glistened brightly on her face and at the same time she realised her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was damp. Instead of the disgust that she thought she should feel it was total excitement tinged with disappointment that she had not known or been involved in anyway.

The next few pics were of both David and Mike using Pam, fucking her mouth cunt and fat tits. They pulled on her nipple chains stretched her piss flaps, Sweat and spunk adorned her friends body while lust showed on all their faces. Then the scene changed they were now in the lounge and Pam was in a different outfit on her knee’s a long fat black cock spreading her lips, Sue recognised Peter the company driver and she could understand the reason why Pam had such a wicked filthy smile. Peter’s cock was massive twice the size of Mike’s, god was 12” a good estimate.

After Peter the remainder of the pictures were just Pam fucking dildo’s, and stuffing a large selection of object in her mouth up her cunt and then up her bottom, Sue was shocked when she saw the anal display even felt embarrassed but mainly she was excited. Her panties were pulled to one side while her fingers stroked her sopping pussy. Her mind was racing wondering were the video could be it wasn’t in the case.

Her mind raced with this question before realising the obvious place was Mike’s computer he kept in the lounge, and there it was all shiny and bright ready to play. Sue sat and then hesitated fingers hovering over the control button, it was a full minute before she actually pressed the play button. It was easy to see after just a few minutes that the photographs had been taken direct from this video, and although she’d thought the pictures were hot and shocking the video was more than a step beyond. The movement and vocals turned it into true pornography.

She watched Pam her friend of many years dressed as and used like a complete slut, for forty minutes she watched as she was used by both her own husband Sue’s husband, and two of their employees both black and both big in every way. Every hole was used sometimes all three at once, while twice she had two cocks in her mouth and then her cunt at the same time. When she didn’t have a cock she used whatever they gave her electric toothbrushes vibrating in her cunt and arse then in her mouth to be cleaned, while three hammer shafts came next. She took two up her shitter then all three up her cunt, all the time she was begging for more, more cock more spunk give it me all, yes piss on me in my mouth Mike you perverted bastard. That’s when she realised what the blue plastic sheet was used for.

Sue came for the third time four fingers rammed up her sopping cunt, saliva drooling from her gaping mouth as she gasped for air…so entranced was she with the screen in front of her she didn’t hear the door opening. Neither of them knew who was more surprised, Sue or the black man who could see himself on screen his massive cock sliding into Pam’s piss soaked mouth.

Sue hadn’t thought what she looked like her massive 36c tits flapping free over her skimpy top, nipples like bullets hairy cunt flooded with juices dripping down both her wide open thighs. The effect it had on the newcomer was obvious his trousers tented beyond Sue’s belief, she was truly entranced. The time she’d been without sex took control she slid to the floor in front of this massive man her hands grasped at him pulling at belt and zip, she was a women possessed and when this complete stranger lowered his pants displaying a cock semi hard but fully 9 inches long and thick as a cucumber. Never in her life had Sue done anything like this, but the amount of times she’d had these filthy thoughts in resent years were countless.

Suck it you white slut, don’t need it licking ain’t no lollipop get it down your throat. Sue couldn’t believe it a man she had never met before was dragging her by her hair forcing his now rock hard prick past her luscious red lips and forcing it slowly into her throat, Sue gagged and spluttered spittle pouring from the corners of her mouth, but she was hanging onto the black cock in fact she gripped the stranger’s backside pulling him closer and deeper. All the while his black hands started to roam grabbing hold of her massive tits wringing her nipples between his fat fingers and squashing her flesh. He never stopped his vile tongue she became a slut, whore, slag and cum dump and Sue loved it.

Suddenly she noticed he had his mobile in his hand, videoing her rampant face full of black cock while inviting some unknown person to come join him. She felt slight disgust at herself but she also felt pleasure and excitement.

Less than five minutes later she sensed and then saw the second person, she recognized him straight away Peter she’d been in his car many times and he recognized her…. Well well well look at what we have here, she a good cock sucker Robbie said a teasing laughing Peter, he didn’t wait for a response, but simply moved behind admiring her near naked ass and cunt totally exposed while she continued to devour the massive black cock filling her throat.

She couldn’t see Peter but felt him behind her lifting her skirt to expose her further, without realising she opened her legs wider. She felt his black hands stroking her big ass cheeks she just wanted him to touch her for real do the things he’d done to Pam, what happened next both surprised and shocked her.

He started spanking her slapping her fat arse, ten, twenty times she lost count of how many times woosh woosh woosh they came down with speed turning her skin red tears coming to her eyes, Robbie laughing while holding her down forcing her not to struggle. Then it was finished once more the hands were stroking, sliding into her ass crack touching her private hole then moving into her cunt fat fingers like a fat cock opening her cunt lips, god she was desperate, this was just how Peter wanted her, this bitch was hotter than Pam ever was he’d enjoy training this one.

What do you want you fat arsed whore, you wanting some nigga cock… Sue was nodding round the cock in her mouth. Don’t want no nodding tell us… beg us you fucking white whore. Please please I need sex… sex you mean fucking…yes yes fuck me fuck me hard.

Peter was laughing with his friend as he wiped his fat bell end along the lips of a very wet cunt, he sensed the lust coming from the white slut before him her hips moving from side to side trying to push back onto his massive black cock. Peter kept teasing pushing slightly forward then pulling back, Sue pulled her mouth from the cock in her mouth…fuck me fuck me hard you bastard.

That what Peter was waiting for he rammed and rammed hard, eight inches of fat black meat disappeared up Sue’s cunt she gasped for air screaming was it pain or pleasure, whatever it was that black cock was going to give her more, pulling back he rammed forward once more this time every inch of his twelve inches were buried in Sue’s willing cunt….then he was fucking her pumping her fast and hard while his fat fingers started to stretch and enter her arsehole….Sue was in her own kind of heaven she new she must look such a slut a black cock fucking both her mouth and cunt….but what she didn’t understand was her feelings about what was happening to her ass and why did it excite her so much. No one had ever touched her there before and although she though how disgusting it was she remembered everything she’d seen on the video, how Pam had violated her own bottom, while men encouraged her with sheer filth…shove it up your shit hole fuck your arsehole.

Sue started to feel yet another orgasm building inside her eager body, Peter’s massive cock growing larger in her sopping cunt, while his fingers carried on exploring her arsehole…both men were close and ready to explode….and both men knew this wouldn’t be the end for their new found whore.

Swallow slut swallow that nigger spunk, rope after rope of thick creamy spunk hit the back of her throat, she tried in vain to swallow it all, just to much it dribbled from the corners of her mouth she coughed and spluttered has that black rod receded from her mouth. Then her minge felt the full force of Peters hot cum filling her belly causing her orgasms to start up rippling through her body as he filled her jet after jet hitting her so hard. As they both withdrew she collapsed in a heap.

Sue didn’t know how long here fucking had lasted, or how long she had lay on the carpeted floor.
Long enough for both men to have left, leaving her mouth full of the taste of spunk while her cunt poured with even more spunk trickling between her thighs and down her arse crack.
Sue threw herself into the shower before dressing and tidying the lounge ready for her to leave.
While she tidied the apartment her phone continued to bleep with messages, when she opened them up there she saw herself a dozen picture explicit picture showing everything filthy thing those big black men had done to her each one showed the total pleasure etched on her face. The final message was more an order.

On Sunday she must appear at her friends home, ready to experience further depraved sexual acts. You must reply to your black master or you will never see us again……it took little thought before her fingers typed furiously….her stomach turned over with excitement of what was to come.

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