Sedcuing a married woman in the apartment, part 1

Hi, I am Rocky. I am living in bangalore and  27 years of age, 5.9″ tall. I’m an athlete. So basically my body is well maintained.

Here, I would like to share one of my real-life and mixed-fiction stories with you. I’m from a traditional family, and we live in a small apartment that consists of six flats. Your family is located on the third floor. In my part, there is a family that’s from Kerala, and they are located on the 2nd floor. They are a very well-known family to us, especially in that apartment. There are a total of four members: husband and wife, with two kids: husband Kavin, who is 40+ years old, and wife Aswathy, who is 30+ years old, but she looks like she is 24 years old; she looks quite slim and boobs size 36D, similar to actress Amala, and her kids are 6 and 9 years old.

Kavin has his own shop; he is always busy in the shop, and Aswathy is the housewife; I like her very much. She is a very traditional woman; she won’t speak much. She is a very close friend of my mother, and her kids used to come to my flat and play computer games in my room. I was not too connected to her when we saw each other only greeting and nothing else. Every morning, I have the habit of running on the ground. After I complete my running, I warm up and relax in the park, which is inside the ground.

So when I go to the park to relax at nearly 7:00 a.m., I can see some people walking around in the park, and I can see her walking.She looked hot every morning. She used to wear a salwar and dupatta. She won’t expose her body, but only the dress itself. She looks very attractive.

One day, what happens? It’s my route to park time. When I entered the park, I saw her, and one of her kids playing in the park suddenly felt down, then ran quickly and took him up. He was bleeding from his head. I was shocked, and he was crying loudly. She came with tears in her face. and every person in the park around us,Then I took his arm and led him to a nearby hospital. I convinced her that nothing bad was happening and that everything would be fine. By the time her husband reached the hospital, and after a few minutes, he was shouting at her very badly. Then, after a week, she came to my home. At that time, she was speaking with my mom. When my mom went into the kitchen, I was there in the hall, and she thanked me for helping in the hospital.

Then, after a month, things get normal. Again, when I entered the park to relax, I saw her. She looked at me with a smiling face. then smiled back and said good morning to her after I also joined her to walk with her. At that time, she was wearing a black salwar. when we walk together without knowing our shoulders are getting touched. She said sorry, and I also apologized. Every morning, I used to go at the same time to communicate, and now we have a good bond with each other. Then she shared some personal things with me too.

Then, after a month, things get normal. Again, when I entered the park to relax, I saw her. She looked at me with a smiling face. then smiled back and said good morning to her after I also joined her to walk with her. At that time, she was wearing a black salwar. when we walk together without knowing our shoulders are getting touched. She said sorry, and I also apologized. Every morning, I used to go at the same time to communicate, and now we have a good bond with each other.

Then she shared some personal things with me too.I remember that she was wearing a blue saree with a matching blouse, and it was a rainy day. Everyone in the park was surprised when we started walking after a few minutes of rain. Then everyone finds a place to escape from the rain, and we two find a small place in the park that is quite hidden from people. that I was standing on her back, a little close to my body. Now I can see her blouse cleavage behind her. She was shivering and smiled on her face.

After a few minutes, she hit my dick with my ass, and due to the climate, my dick was getting hard. Slowly, she feels that, but we both act like nothing happened between usthen I can’t control myself. so slowly took my hand and placed it on our boobs from behind. She got shocked, quickly removed my hand, and ran away from me in the park. That day, I felt very bad about myself. Without her permission, I touched her private part. I felt guilty about myself and was getting scared about whether she was going to inform my mom. then I was very quick on the day I was completely in my room. getting scared of every moment, the next morning I didn’t go to the park, and I had not seen her for a complete week. After a week, it was around 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and I was on the terrace and reading some books.

She came to put dry clothes on the terrace. When I saw her, my heart rate increased automatically. Then she also saw me. I was quite silent about the fact that no one was on the terrace. When I went near her, I asked her for an apology; she didn’t say a single word to me; she went down. Then, the next morning, I went to the park again and met her and asked for her apology. She didn’t reply. I was quite disappointed. Then, the next morning, when I saw I didn’t ask anything, I was on my way, and someone was calling my name—surprisingly, it’s her. Then we walked together silently, and then she started speaking about that incident and what would happen if someone saw me in that situation. then I apologized for my act. Sorry, it happened without my knowledge because you were too hot on that day.

Suddenly, she laughed, and I said, I’m just a normal woman, mother of two kids, that’s it, then I said no, you’re maintaining your very hot, which is making me hard, and she laughed loudly. I was very happy that day. Then she asked me what you liked about me. I said everything—not only your body, but your behavior, kindness, and caring, which I like very much. Then she smiled a little bit, nodded our heads, and walked to the house. After that, we got close to each other. Then one day she came to my house with her kids; that day she wore the same saree that she was wearing that day in the park, and when my mom was there,

She was very general when speaking to her. At that time, her kids were fighting in my room. I was in that room with them, and she came to my room to get her kids from there with a smile. When she entered, I saw her boobs a little bit exposed. She was dragging her son; he was not leaving the chair. I was behind her. My cocks are getting hard. So I also joined in on that play of dragging from the chair. I was behind her while dragging my dick, which was hitting her ass and increasing into big size at that time. I was scared. She was noticed, but she didn’t react at that moment. Then I gained some confidence to push myself on her, then slowly took my hand placed on her boobs in front of his son, who was very busy with playing at the time; she didn’t say anything. Then I press our boobs over the blouse hidden from the saree. She slowly enjoyed it with a smile.

this act for the last 10 minutes; I was in heaven at that time. Then we heard my mom’s voice from outside, and she quickly adjusted her saree. Take our kids from there, then say bye to my mom and leave. That night, I texted her on WhatsApp. I texted about the incident and asked if you liked it. She replied, I don’t know and don’t remember anything, with a smile on WhatsApp. I understood completely. After a week, one day I was on the terrace. It was around 3 p.m., and I was reading some books. She came to put dry clothes in there. Especially at that time, no one will be there. She was on a red night when she saw me, and we laughed at each other.

Then, after a few minutes, I’ll look around to see if anyone sees us. Thank God, no one was there at that moment. Then I went near her, hugged her back, and dragged her into the entrance of the stairs. kissing her neck, she was trying to escape from me. I was holding very tightly and continuously kissing from behind. Then she calmed down. then pressed her boobs over the nighty; she was wearing a black bra. I put it in the wall from behind my dick, his hitting from shorts, the same holding her cups of boobs kissing on her neck. Then I turn her to my face and give her lips a kiss. She slowly cooperated with me. When I was kissing her lips, my hands were too busy with her ass to squeeze. While kissing my dick, point to her pussy; it’s getting huge. That time, she held my dick; her hand was not sufficient to hold my dick.

Then I slowly took my hand and opened her nighty zip a little bit. her milky boobs hanging in the black bra, then I kissed her boobs over the bra. She was starting to enjoy herself, then I took the left side boobs from the bra while pressing right, and then I started sucking her left boobs, starting very slowly, then gave her a little bit of her pink nipple. She suddenly sounded crazy and laughed, then I started sucking her boobs like a baby. Then I tasted ice cream. Then I took her right boobs and started sucking, so that when I held her left boobs, her pink nipple turned red. Then I slowly took up her nightie a little bit, removed her pants, and inserted my three fingers in her pussy; it was wet.

Then I slowly massaged her pussy lips with my finger. She was moaning, and I was kissing on her lips. Literally, we exchanged her saliva. Then I started increasing the speed of my fingering, and she was moaning. Then I slowly nailed it down. then I put her one leg on my shoulder and kissed her two times on her pussy lips; it’s completely wet. Then I attached my face to her pussycat and held her two boobs at the same time. Then she held my head tightly. Then I started licking her pussycat for a minute, and I stood up. Then I took my dick out. When she saw my dick, she was very happy. She hugged me and held my dick in her while I was trying to put her nail down. She kissed my dickens and started giving me a blowjob while giving blowjob i groped her boobs for a minute after she came up.

Then I inserted my dick in her pussycat, and I fucked in the standing position. that time, kissing on her lips while one hand is her boobs and another is on her ass. then increased the speed of fucking for five minutes. then she told me don’t release your cum in my pussy, so then I turned her back and inserted my dickey in her ass, hitting very hard. After three minutes, I held her two hands from behind and started increasing the speed, and she moaned like anything. after I released my cum into her ass while fingering in her pussycat. My hand was getting liquid from her pussy slowly, and then I removed my finger from her pussy.

Then we both sweated like we were bathing. After carefully watching around, she adjusted her nighty, took her bucket, and went down.Note: It’s the first part of my story.Horny, unsatisfied housewives and sexy young baby dolls can reach me anytime on my hangout/mail, [email protected], and on Telegram, kingcobra_s8.

Thank you.

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