My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 4

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I went to my bathroom and jerked off again. I was very happy that I was able to eat her pussy and ass. Neetu too enjoyed it and wanted it more often. Surely lady luck was shining on me bringing my fantasy closer to reality.

I put the hall camera on live, she was talking to Raja on the phone saying “darling come quickly, I want to enjoy with you again”. The door bell rang within 10 minutes and she ran to the door. I switched to the entrance room cameras, when Neetu opened the door Raja froze looking at her.

She pulled him inside closing the door and both locked in a smooch. After the kiss he was still digesting her sexiness and said “dear, you read my mind. I always fantasised you dressed like this and you made my fantasy come true”.

He was dressed in a bright printed pant shirt and she was already rubing his crotch. She took his hand and went to her bedroom and sat on the bed. I switched to her two bedroom cameras to continue watching.

Raja said “your son was going to be at home all day, how did you manage to send him out”? She said “darling he is still at home busy working in his room on the second floor”. Raja stood up in shock saying “are you mad calling me home while he is around “?

She said “darling don’t worry, he will only come when I call him for lunch, so we have 2 hours to enjoy”. She unzipped his pant taking out his semi erect cock which was still quite big. She pushed him on the bed and knelt between his legs sucking his cock.

Neetu was deep throating his big cock and he was soon fully erect. She pulled her panties to the side getting on top and started riding his cock in her pussy. She said “Raja since you left today morning my pussy has been on fire longing for your cock”.

While she was riding him he held her waist thrusting from below. He said “dear you should have let me fuck you much earlier, how much we could have enjoyed all these years”. Neetu said “forget the past and fuck me now”.

He tried to unbutton her top and she herself removed it. He said “your big bouncing boobs are driving me crazy”, he cupped them over her bra pulling her towards him. He tried to open her bra and with some effort managed to remove it.

He was sucking her nipples while she continued jumping on his cock. After a long while he stopped and lay her down. He removed all his clothes and knelt between her legs. He put his mouth to her pussy eating her while his hands massaged her boobs.

Neetu was moaning loudly and he tried to cover her mouth to silence her. She removed his hand and said “don’t worry, no one can hear us”. He continued eating her for a long while and she trembled like crazy with another orgasm.

He mounted her pushing his cock in her pussy saying “the door is open, your son is around and I am fucking you, this is so thrilling”. She said “fuck me harder with your cock”. He went full speed fucking her for a long time.

He got her on her knees pushing his cock in her pussy from behind. He resumed fucking her with powerful strokes rocking her body with every stroke. Her big boobs were swinging like pendulums in rhythm with his thrusts.

He continued for another ten minutes saying “dear I am going to cum”. She said “darling cum in my mouth”. They switched positions and he pushed his cock in her mouth. This time too he released a big load which she swallowed without spilling a drop.

Neetu made him lie on her bed and got in 69 making him eat her pussy while she started sucking his cock again. Raja said “dear, don’t you want some rest before doing again”. Neetu said “we have less than 1.5hrs left and I am not satisfied yet”.

I was surprised seeing her so eager for more without rest. I knew Raja can do three times back to back like he did this morning. But this was his second time today in a gap of four hours so I was curious. Neetu continued sucking his cock while Raja was tongue fucking her ass.

He said “dear you seem to have specially prepared for me”. She paused sucking and asked “why darling”. He said “today morning when I fucked you there was lots of hair on your pussy and ass. Now they are shining clean, even your legs are looking so sexy”.

Neetu said “thank you darling, I wanted to make it very special for you. You are the first person with whom I ever enjoyed. I always thought my husband was great in bed, compared to you, he was nothing. I want to forever enjoy with you”.

Raja flipped her on her tummy and spat generous amount of saliva in her butt hole fingering it. He joined her legs together getting on top and pushed his cock in her butt hole. Neetu said “Raja your big cock feels wonderful in my ass”.

He said “your ass is also out of this world. I cannot ever enjoy enough of it. I have fucked so many women in the ass and they are nowhere close compared to yours”. He tried cupping her boobs but because she was on her chest and his hands were big, he found it difficult.

Neetu raised her chest resting herself on her elbows and that gave him enough room to cup her boobs. He was kneading them while fucking her butt and Neetu started moaning again. He was kissing and licking her full upper back, behind her neck and her earlobes at the same time.

In-between she frequently turned her face sideways and they kissed. After a long while Raja increased his force fucking her butt and she was moaning much louder now. She said “yes, fuck me hard darling, you are the first person to fuck my butt and it feels like heaven”.

They had been fucking for almost twenty minutes when he came in her ass and collapsed on her. After a few minutes he rolled over lying by her side. Neetu got up and sat collecting his cum flowing out of her ass and licked it all.

They rested for sometime fondling each other’s bodies. Neetu asked “how much time do you have for me today darling”? He said “I am free till 3pm, after which I need to go for evening deliveries. Why”?

She said “good, stay back for lunch. Then we can enjoy again after lunch”. He asked “what about your son? He will also come for lunch right, how can I be here when he comes”? Neetu said “don’t worry about him darling, I will manage. You just do as I say”.

I had no idea what she was planning but one thing was clear, she was not done with him yet. I decided to wait and watch when the time comes. She was stroking his cock and he got hard again.

Neetu knelt between his legs sucking his cock. After sometime he said “lets go to the hall, I want to fuck you there”. While they went, I switched cameras. He made her bend over the sofa headrest and pushed his cock in her ass fucking her again.

Neetu said “darling my pussy also needs your cock”. He said “I love fucking your ass much more than your pussy”. He held her hips and fucked her so hard that her feet were no longer touching the ground.

Neetu was moaning loud and soon orgasmed while he continued. After fucking for another twenty minutes he said “I am going to cum darling”, she said “go ahead”. He continued thrusting hard in her butt and released his cum inside and she too orgasmed same time.

They were tired now but managed to go to her bedroom and lay on the bed. After resting for sometime both went to the bathroom and cleaned. They came to the bedroom and Neetu realised it was 1.40pm.

Neetu said “get dressed quickly, I need to get lunch ready. You be sitting in the hall, when my son comes I will introduce you as my friend and I invited you for lunch”. Both got dressed and she corrected her makeup and seated him on the sofa.

She went to the kitchen to get lunch ready. Raja was still very restless rubbing his crotch and went to the kitchen. He hugged her from behind grinding his crotch against her butt dry humping her.

He said “darling I want to fuck you in the kitchen while you prepare lunch”. She tried pushing him away saying “I already told you before, please control yourself till we finish lunch”. He was too strong for her to resist.

He said “sorry darling I cannot wait till then”. He quickly unzipped his pant and pulled down her panties pushing his cock in her butt. Neetu screamed but he covered her mouth with his hand fucking her.

He was rocking her with powerful upward thrusts and she soon stopped resisting. She said “you have twenty minutes, make it fast”. He held her hips fucking her full speed while she tried to do whatever little work on the kitchen counter.

Her hornyness took over soon and she was fully enjoying with him. She was trying to work but could not do anything because of the cock humping her butt and shaking her body. Her next orgasm was building again now.

She said “fuck me faster Raja”, Another ten minutes later he said “I am going to cum darling” letting go of her. She got on her knees, sucking his cock and he flooded her mouth with his cum. She sucked him clean and said “now go and sit in the hall while I prepare lunch”.

He zipped up and left and she corrected her clothes preparing lunch. She called me on the phone saying “I have asked him to stay to have lunch with us, hope you understand”? I asked “did something happen between you both”.

She said “yes. We had lots of sex and will continue again after lunch, I will tell you later. You be normal when you meet him”, and hung up. I came down to the hall and Neetu introduced him as her friend Raja who she invited for lunch.

After exchanging greetings, we sat at the dining table. I already knew Raja because he had been delivering milk to us since years but looks like he did not recognise me or pretended not wanting to.

I said “I remember Raja, he has been delivering milk to us since many years”. Neetu said “yes dear, he has a milk business but he personally delivers to us. We have been good friends and he keeps me engaged everytime he comes”.

She served us and sat next to him, I was sitting opposite. Not much was spoken at the table but I observed his hand moving under the table towards her frequently and she was pushing back. I looked at her and she winked at me.

I understood and focused on my plate while I saw from the side of my eyes he continued. I quickly finished my lunch and got up saying “I have lots to work to complete so please excuse me”.

I went to the kitchen to keep my plate and peeped outside. Raja was holding her trying to kiss her cleavage. I knew as soon as I leave their adventures will resume. I made a small noise coming out of the kitchen and they sat normally pretending to eat.

I saw Neetu’s top was open except the bottom few buttons. I got to my room watching the dining room cameras. I saw the moment I left, Raja kissed her while ripping open her top. Neetu scolded “Raja, you cannot even have lunch quietly in front of my son, what will he think about us”?

He said “Darling stop wasting time and get on the table”. Raja pushed her making her bend on the table on her chest. He raised her skirt and ripped her panties off and started tongue fucking her ass.

After he had eaten it enough, he held her hips pushing his cock in her butt fucking her full speed. In a few minutes Neetu started moaning again telling him “this is feeling very good, keep fucking me like this with your cock”.

He fucked her for a long time exceeding his usual duration maybe because this was his fifth time, and flooded her ass with his cum. He carried her and sat on the dining chair with his cock still in her ass.

He cupped her boobs from behind pinching her nipples. Neetu said “darling let’s finish lunch first”, he said “I am already having you for lunch”. She said “don’t you get tired”? He said “I am not yet done with you”.

She said “I am really tired and need rest. My ass is also sore “. He released her and she went to the bathroom to clean up. Neetu tried to button her top but most buttons were missing. She closed the few that were left without wearing any underwear and sat at the dining table.

Both finally ate their lunch, Raja said “the food is so tasty. You are an amazing cook”. She thanked him while she continued eating. After they finished she took him to her bedroom sitting on the bed.

It was 3pm already, he said “I will leave now, can I come back in the evening after finishing my work”? Neetu said “are you crazy, Evening is impossible because my son will be with me”. Raja begged her.

She said “you fucked me so much today. I need to rest. We will meet tomorrow morning only”. He smooched her once again feeling her boobs and got up to leave. She walked him to the door and closed after him.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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