My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 8

Please read the previous part here My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 7

I came down and saw her smiling and very happy. She was sitting with her top spread open wearing only skirt without panties, she signaled me to sit next to her.

She said “you were right, he is a good man but very poor in bed department. He even made me his second wife and accepted you as his son. He promised to come every morning at nine to enjoy sex with me”.

I said “the wife part is nonsense because he is married so you cannot be his wife. Why did you agree”? She said “I agreed because he is making me 50% partner in the business and also giving half his assets to me in return for sex”.

Neetu continued “I have no interest in being his wife but if behaving that way gives him all the satisfaction and gives us a chance to lead a luxurious future then why not”.

I said “whatever you decide just be careful, I don’t want any complications in future”. Neetu very excitedly said “he also wants to take me on a honey moon trip abroad”.

I saw the look on her face and have never seen her so excited before. She said “I want to call him again today evening to spend some more time with him”. I asked “are you sure it is only to spend time”?

She naughtily smiled and said “you know exactly what I mean, so you please show him respect and when I give the signal you understand and let us be alone so we can enjoy some sex also”.

Just then her mobile beeped and she read the message and looked at me. I asked what is it, she said “Raja wants to come now and is asking if my guests have left, he also reminded me about the surprise”.

I said “looks like your good days are finally here. You have enough time till you call Ramesh to come in the evening. So why don’t you go and get ready for Raja”. Neetu said “it is 12noon now, can I ask him to come by 1pm”?

I said “why do you want to rest”? She said “no, I want to enjoy once with my son before that, I only get the real satisfaction when you fuck me”. She was already almost naked and quickly pulled my tracks and undies off.

She sucked my cock for a few minutes till it became fully hard and then climbed on my lap riding me in her pussy. She removed her top throwing it away and pushed her bouncing boobs in my face.

I held her boobs squeezing them nicely and sucking her nipples. She was screaming in sexual ecstasy saying “Aah yes son Aah, this feels so good Aah”. Watching her live sex earlier and having her bouncing on my cock now made it impossible for me to hold much longer and I came in her pussy.

We both sat resting for some time in the same position. She collected my cum from her pussy and licked her palm looking at me. She kissed me saying “thank you son for taking care of your mommy”.

We went to her bathroom, again we showered together but this time I was too tired to have another bout of sex with her but I gave her enough oral making her cum. I wanted to preserve my energy for when she would call me after Raja leaves.

We came to her bedroom and I wore my clothes. I gave her a lemon pink bra-panty set and a light yellow floral printed knee length frock and dressed her up. I remembered to dress her in black stockings because last time when Raja saw her wearing it, he went crazy.

I said “now do your makeup but remember to wear red lip gloss and red nail polish”. I sat on her bed waiting for her to complete. I checked both bedside drawers and also the guest bedroom to make sure there were enough condoms and everything was neat and tidy.

I said “you use the guest bedroom with everyone and keep your bedroom for Ramesh only”, she said “fine”. Soon we were ready and there were still a few minutes left.

Neetu said “Sonu I am very nervous about today’s surprise”. I knew getting her aroused will make her forget her nervousness, so I hugged her from behind and started squeezing her boobs.

I slipped one hand under her frock inside her panties while I pumped my groin into her butt. I said “be positive about the whole thing, you never know the surprise could simply mean more fun”.

I was licking behind her ears and Neetu could not control and started moaning. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and inserted one finger inside and found her getting wet.

Neetu said “Ahh Sonu, I am going crazy”. Just then we heard the sound of someone opening the main gate. I kissed her cheek and said “please go with an open mind and enjoy. I am upstairs if you need me”.

I left to my room while Neetu went to answer the door. I looked at the camera outside the door and was shocked to see Raja standing at the door with Ram the newspaper guy.

Neetu opened the door and was equally shocked to see Ram. Raja hugged Neetu and carried her inside while Ram closed the door and joined. Raja forcibly kissed Neetu on her lips while squeezing her boobs hard.

After the kiss, Neetu pushed him off and asked “you were supposed to come alone, why have you brought him”? Raja sat on the sofa pulling Neetu on his lap squeezing her boobs while Ram stood there watching them.

Raja said “I told you I am bringing a surprise for you, Ram is my brother and he has also been lusting for you since many years. So I thought two cocks are better than one for your ever thirsty pussy”.

Neetu shouted “who do you think I am, I only let you because I like you, I will not do this”. Raja pulled Neetu’s hair backwards saying “he is my brother, when we like someone, we enjoy together. When you enjoyed with me so nicely then why do you have a problem now”.

Ram quickly removed his trousers taking out his fat cock walking up to Neetu and touched her lips. Raja said “see his cock, it is bigger than mine, try it once and you will love it”.

He released Neetu’s hair while Ram now held her face and tried pushing his cock in her mouth. Neetu held his cock shrugging him off while Raja slipped his hand under Neetu’s frock rubbing her pussy.

Neetu finally managed to shrug Ram aside and said “see I don’t like force, whatever you want to do, do it nicely”. She turned to Raja while still sitting on his lap and said “I wanted to be your queen only, instead you want to make me a whore”.

Raja said “you will always be my queen only. You see we both enjoy all the nice things together. You are also dressed so sexily today and your pussy is already so wet, just give us both one chance to fuck you today”.

Ram said “madam I am a big fan of your beauty, I have been dying to touch your hot body. Raja was lucky to be able to touch and feel you every day to satisfy his lust but I could only dream. Please give me one chance, I promise I will make you very happy”.

Neetu did a very shocking thing, she held Ram’s cock and ran her hands along his full length. She said “I have seen the bulge in your pants every time you came to collect your monthly payment, but you did not even try to touch me by accident”.

“I dropped so many hints like invited you inside, I made you sit here on the sofa with me, I even offered you water with the excuse of showing you my cleavage. I was thinking maybe you might try but instead you left me high and dry”.

I was shocked to hear Neetu giving such a direct hint to Ram. She got up from Raja’s lap and bent forward and kissed the tip of Ram’s cock. Raja also got up removing his clothes and stroking his big cock.

He raised Neetu’s frock and rubbed his cock against her pussy over her panties from behind. Neetu stood back up while Raja pushed his cock deeper between her legs and Ram came in front cupping her boobs.

Neetu placed her hands on his and pressed hard on her boobs giving him the signal. Ram started squeezing her boobs while Raja was holding her hips and stroking his cock rubbing her pussy between her legs.

Raja called Ram and said “see I told you, she is one hell of a sexy and horny doll”. Neetu’s boobs were bursting out of her bra making a big cleavage giving Ram a great view and chance to lick it all.

Ram continued squeezing Neetu’s boobs and said “you were right, she is just like a doll, such beautiful buttery smooth and fair skin, such big melons. I am sure her pussy and ass also will be very tasty and a great treat to fuck”.

Neetu interrupted them saying “My dear lovers, can we move to the room. We can enjoy more comfortably on the bed”. Neetu led them both to the guest room and sat them on the bed.

She took a few condoms from the drawer and kept it outside. She turned her back to Raja, he unzipped her frock from behind and she removed it completely. She signaled Raja to unhook her bra.

While Raja removed her bra Ram knelt and removed her panties. Neetu turned around fully naked bending forward and took Raja’s cock in her mouth giving him a blow job.

She spread her legs gyrating her butt in Rams face. Ram put his mouth on Neetu’s pussy from behind licking her entire pussy crack and butt saying “Wow, your pussy is so beautiful and your juice is tastes like honey”.

Ram licked Neetu’s pussy for a few more minutes then got up and positioned his cock at her pussy after using a condom. Neetu jerked and said “I am really scared because your cock is huge, please do it very slowly”.

Ram said “Don’t worry my doll and I will do slowly” and started pushing his cock inside her pussy little by little. Neetu screamed “Aahh, please stop, it is hurting like hell. Please stop please”.

Ram was not in any mood to listen to her and continued penetrating deeper and deeper holding Neetu firmly while Neetu was screaming in pain. Raja held her face and pushed down on his cock while Ram started fucking her from behind.

Raja released his grip on Neetu’s face after a few minutes when she had stopped screaming and continued deep throating his cock. Ram soon started fucking her with force.

After sometime Raja pulled her up and Ram also pulled out of her pussy. Raja carried her and sat on the bed and sat her on his lap. Her legs were on either sides of his and was about to push his cock inside her when she stopped him.

She gave a condom and he put it on, Raja pushed his cock in Neetu’s pussy from below and she started riding him. Raja called Ram and said “I told you her pussy is very hot right. Now you try fucking her butt, you will enjoy it even more”.

Ram came behind Neetu and put his mouth to her butt hole licking it while she was riding Raja’s cock. He pushed his finger in her butt and Neetu shrieked saying “stop, what are you doing. Have some patience your turn is next”.

Ram ignored her again and now pushed two fingers in her butt and continued fingering her. He said “My doll today we both are going to drive you mad with so much pleasure that you have never ever experienced before in life”.

Within a few minutes of this dual fucking Neetu was again moaning loudly riding Raja’s cock saying “this feels so good oh god, please fuck me harder” and within minutes she had a strong orgasm.

Ram now pushed three fingers in her butt and continued fingering her deep inside. Soon Neetu was moaning even more loudly. When he removed his fingers from Neetu’s butt, her butt was gaping open.

Now he positioned his cock at her butt and pushed it inside. Neetu kept yelling “Please stop, I have never done this before. Please stop”. Ram ignored her and even before she could finish he was half way inside her butt.

Raja grabbed Neetu’s boobs sucking her nipples while Ram began fucking her butt from behind. Neetu was being fucked by two big cocks in both her holes simultaneously and soon she started moaning in pleasure.

This only meant she was enjoying it too. Hearing her moans Ram picked up pace fucking her faster. He was fully inside her butt while Raja was fucking her pussy and sucking her nipples.

Neetu said “I have never experienced so much pleasure before, fuck me harder”. Raja signaled something to Ram and Ram pulled out of Neetu’s butt. Raja carried her and sat her on the bed.

Now Ram lay down and she got on top riding his cock in her pussy. Raja came behind her pushing his cock into her butt. Both of them were fucking her furiously and now Ram grabbed her bouncing boobs and began sucking her nipples.

In a few minutes Ram held Neetu’s hips and gave a few hard strokes and released his cum inside her pussy. While he lay still panting Raja continued fucking her butt with full force.

A few minutes later Raja also groaned and released his cum inside her butt and she too had another strong orgasm. He threw the condom and lay on the bed beside them.

Neetu held Ram’s face and kissed him asking “did you enjoy your doll today”? He said “I have fucked so many women till now, but fucking you is something else. I also want to come every morning like Raja, will you allow me”?

Neetu said “I also really enjoyed so I will eagerly wait for you every day, what time can you come”? Neetu took his flaccid cock in her hands and threw away the condom.

She started stroking it when Ram said “my work gets over by 6am, I can come then”. Neetu said “You try to reach here by 6 so we get more time to enjoy because my maid comes by 7”.

She was sitting between the two studs who were lying on the bed, stroking their cocks with her hands and alternately sucking them too. Soon both of them were hard and took a condom each.

Neetu climbed on Raja’s cock riding him in her pussy. She told Ram “please fuck my ass with your big cock”. I was surprised she was asking for another dp herself now.

Ram quickly got behind her and said “I can never have enough of your body”. He pushed his cock into her butt. After a few seconds Ram started fucking Neetu’s butt and Raja resumed in her pussy.

Neetu was screaming “oh my god, I have never felt so good before”. Both Raja and Ram picked up pace plowing her pussy and ass hard with their giant cocks. After a while Ram pulled out and lay down on the bed.

Neetu got off Raja’s cock and got on Ram’s cock. Ram made her turn around and pushed his cock in her butt. Neetu was now riding him reverse cow girl style. Raja came on top and held her legs wide while Ram held her from below supporting her only on his cock.

Raja licked Neetu’s pussy while she moaned. Then he positioned his cock at her pussy and in one push was all the way inside. Raja was sucking her nipples crazy while he continued to plow his cock in her pussy.

After some time Neetu started screaming in pleasure saying “this feels so good, this feels so good, don’t stop”. Both picked up speed and fucked her nonstop for over 25mins releasing their loads inside her.

Raja got off and lay down sweating while Neetu rolled over from Ram and lay between them. She was holding both their cocks and said “you both are amazing fuckers, will you come regularly to fuck me like this”?

Ram cupped her boob and said “I will definitely come daily to enjoy my beautiful doll”. Raja said “I will also come daily to enjoy my queen’s beautiful pussy and ass and these juicy melons. You just be ready when we come”.

Neetu said “it’s already very late now, let’s get dressed”. As soon as they got up from the bed Raja grabbed Neetu from behind pushing his cock in her butt. She said “please stop Raja because my son will be back anytime”.

Ram came from front squeezing her boobs saying “I also want to fuck you once more”. Neetu pushed Raja on the bed giving them both condoms. She got on his lap and took his cock in her pussy riding him.

She looked at Ram saying “you also finish what you want quickly”. Ram came behind her and pushed his cock in her butt and held Neetu’s waist furiously pounding her.

Neetu was again moaning loudly saying “this is feeling so fuckin good, please don’t stop”. Both Raja and Ram were fucking Neetu double penetrating her at full speed third time with full force.

Ram was holding her waist while Raja was gripping her swinging boobs and Neetu had another powerful orgasm. Ram said “I also want to enjoy her pussy once more” and pulled out of her butt.

They both lifted Neetu and turned her around and lowered her on Raja’s cock pushing it inside Neetu’s butt. Ram came from front and pushed his cock into Neetu’s pussy and grabbed her boobs.

Both resumed pounding her crazily again. After nearly 15minutes Ram shot his load inside Neetu’s pussy while Raja was still fucking her butt. About ten minutes later Raja also released his load inside her butt.

All of them collapsed on the bed sweating and panting. Neetu reminded them about the time and they quickly went to the bathroom and cleaned. They got dressed when Neetu’s phone rang, it was Ramesh.

After ending the call Neetu said “get out of my house quickly, my husband is also coming now”. Raja asked “when did you get married again”? Neetu replied curtly “you mind your own business”.

Raja and Ram quickly left. Neetu locked the door after them and sat on the sofa still naked and gave me a missed call.

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