My mistress and more than 10 people fucked me.

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I am a 36C, chubby and short girl. i am so much into bdsm. read this story to know how my mistress took me to a room full of people and got me fucked.

i was wearing a sexy black bra with my panties and heels. my mistress put a rope around my neck and took me inside the room. she asked me to behave like a bitch and get my hands on the floor. i walked in. all the guys started recording me and they all removed their clothes, slowly. i was taken in and put on a wooden table. all the people surronded me and my mistress tore off my bra.

i cried bitterly because i was hurt. she asked a man to rip off my panties and he did that, leaving me with rashes. before i could process that thing. all the men started touching me and i had more than 10 men at that time who were touching me. one was sucking my left boob and the other was sucking on my right one.

one guy put his dick inside my mouth so roughly that i was constantly begging and crying. soon a guy started touching my pussy….he kept his dick on my pussy and slapped my boobs so hard…my whole body was red….soon he thrusted his dick inside my pussy so hardly….i released a big moan. i could barely breathe now.

with that dick in my mouth and all those slaps and punches and that dick in my pussy….i took that dick out of my mouth and started rubbing it with hands….i begged the guy to not cum inside me i cried for it but he did it anyway and i was now crying…my mistress bought a whip and she whipped me on my cheek and ordered me to not cry at all costs.

i couldn’t stop it. so a guy took off his boxers and put it around my lips so i could no longer scream or shout….i was being constantly fucked in my pussy by other men now…slowly all of them were taking turns leaving me almost unconscious i got more than 6 orgasms. and i was nearly fainted. in that condition my mistress came and asked me stand on my feet (i could barely stand) and beg for more dicks…i refused to do that because i was so tired. she slapped me three times and all the guys started hitting me with their hands and legs and punches….

A guy picked me from my hair and dragged me all the way to the kitchen. where he put hot chocolate on my body and asked me to beg everyone to lick that off. i had no choice i begged them all because my body was almost burning. soon all men were kissing and sucking from my boobs my belly my lips my pussy, thighs and what not. a guy put his arm around my neck and tried to choke me. all that i can remember is that i fainted and mistress put a whole bottle of water on my face and eventhough i couldn’t walk she asked me to go to the men and get fucked. i was crying severly crying and begging for forgiveness. but no one was stopping they were fucking me constantly.

they were hitting me with their legs and punches. i was crying and crying and crying. i got fucked for around 7 hours from more than 10 guys that night. in the end my mistress sat on my face and asked me to suck her pussy. she was too heavy and i could barely breathe. i got her to the point where she got an orgasm. as soon as she got it. she was now not able to breathe and she went to her bedroom. leaving me with those guys who were still not satisfied. they all fucked me and hit me for 3 more hours and then mistress came and took me as it was time for me to go back.

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