My Wife My Life-12

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Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here ( My Wife My Life-11 )

There were a few men and boys around us, they were all ogling at me with wide eyes, Ramesh said “looks like you are giving all the men a hard time already”. The women seeing me hurriedly took their men away surely feeling jealous.

I said “I don’t care about anyone, I am here to enjoy with my husband”. We were in knee deep water and I wanted to go deeper because I am also a good swimmer, I pulled Ramesh but he did not budge.

He said “I don’t know swimming darling so I am scared to go any deeper”. I said “you can trust me this time, I am a good swimmer”. He showed me the clothes & phones in his hand.

He said “I will stay back because these cannot get wet, you enjoy yourself. I will watch you from here”. He took a few steps back where the water was ending and sat on the sand with all our stuff.

I love water and this was my first time on a beach so I went mad enjoying myself. I saw about 20feet away there were some youngsters playing in the water at the same depth as me.

All were men and had their eyes glued to my body. I looked at Ramesh and then I saw these young men. I got a crazy idea to flirt with them a little with Ramesh watching, just this thought got my juices flowing.

I looked at Ramesh and then these men and winked back at him, he understood I was going to try something naughty and that too in public, his jaw dropped looking at me.

He signalled looking at the open place. I winked back at him and turned to swim. On the pretext of swimming I went in circles and ended up within arm’s length of them.

When I stood up making sure the water was at my boobs giving them an even better reason to stare at me. I pretended I got there by accident and looked around, Ramesh was still sitting where I had left him and he could still see me clearly.

Let’s just call all of them A, B, C, D & E. So as I stood there moving with the waves A turned to me and said “madam you are looking really very beautiful”. I wanted to seduce them yet be subtle about it, so I said “thank you, only beautiful”?

B & C also joined the conversation, we were standing less than two feet from me in chest deep water. Grabbing the chance B said “no madam, you are really looking very beautiful and sexy”.

I only smiled back at him when C said “Madam you are looking really hot and sexy”. By now the last two had also joined, I looked at C and said “thank you”. E asked “madam you don’t look like you are from here”.

I said “no I am here for a holiday with my friend” pointing to Ramesh. A asked “is he your BF”? I said “no, he is just a casual friend who is giving me company”.

I could see some excitement on their faces when I said this. D asked “madam are you a swimmer”? I said “no, but I am learning. Why”? He exclaimed “Wow madam, being a beginner you are standing in such deep waters”.

I saw everyone’s eyes were fixed on my scantily covered boobs. I was a little aroused too and was not wearing a bra on purpose, that made my erect nipples very prominent.

I asked “are any of you good swimmers”? Everyone screamed yes together. I said “now I feel safe since the five of you are with me”. A excitedly asked “do you want us to help you go deeper in the water”?

I said “yes I would love to but I am scared”. A came to me almost hugging me while the rest surrounded me less than a foot away. I asked “please guide me what to do next”.

A said “first you turn around madam”. I realised he was holding my waist and as I turned around he held my butt standing even closer to me. I could sense his face over my shoulders, he whispered in my ears “madam you have very sexy pair of boobs”.

Now I knew I had him where I wanted, I replied “thank you, what about my butt”? A wave just came in as I said this and we all jumped a little in the water, he held my waist tight with me leaning on him.

I felt his hard cock firmly pressed in my butt. He whispered in my ears “your butt is beautiful and feels great”. The others also saw what we were doing so they came closer.

I was now standing in-between 5 young men with my back facing Ramesh. A took a step forward in the water taking me with him so we would be covered till our chins and they others did too.

He cupped my boobs and squeezed them hard, I said “please be gentle so I can also enjoy with you”. All of them heard me now, A started massaging my boobs while he took my swollen nipples between his fingers and squeezed them.

D came in front and felt my boobs too and when the next wave passed over us he kissed my lips. I naughtily smiled back at him encouraging him to do more.

I opened my top revealing my naked tits in all their glory because we were under the water and all of them froze staring at me. I had left my last button on because I did not want my top to be floating in the water making it evident what was going on.

D fondled my boobs a little more and then put his hand below on my hot pants trying to feel my pussy. B & E stood on either sides fondling one boob each.

I put my hands on their crotch feeling their erect cocks which felt average in size. They quickly took their cocks out and I started stroking them. C stood nearby keeping a watch in case someone notices us especially Ramesh.

Now A began dry humping my butt with his cock, I could feel even he had his cock out now. I whispered him to wait and slightly lowered my hot pants to only reveal my naked butt.

I reached behind and held his cock, he might have been easily 6inches, I guided his cock in my butt and only a few inches entered. I said “please push it in harder.

He pushed hard and I could feel his pelvis meet my butt cheeks. He quickly held my waist and started fucking me. I said “do it slowly so no one gets suspicious”.

He excitedly said leaning over my shoulder “madam I can’t believe I am losing my virginity to such a hot woman like you. Your pussy feels heavenly on my cock”.

After a few minutes of entering my ass he stiffened and came inside me. The two I was stroking also came in the next few seconds in my hands which the sea water washed away.

A went to C telling him something and switching places with him. D came up behind me and I guided his cock too in my butt. He too said “madam your pussy is out of this world”, I asked “are you a virgin too”?

He said “no madam, this is my second time”. C was standing in front fondling my boobs while I was stroking his cock under water. He said “madam slow down please because I also want a chance to fuck you”.

I obliged while D continued fucking my butt and came inside. Now they switched places and I guided C’s cock inside. He was the biggest of them all at maybe 7inches and entered easily thanks to the cum lube left behind by others.

He fucked me really good for more than five minutes before cumming inside me. Now B & E took my hands and placed on their cocks, they were both hard again.

I signalled with my eyes and B came behind me and I took him in my ass. He resumed humping while I only held E’s cock. He asked “what happened madam, why are you not moving your hand”?

I said “I want you to do justice inside me and not cum too soon like earlier”. He smiled and with the next passing wave I held his face and kissed him. This was my first underwater sex and that too on a public beach.

This drove me close to my orgasm, I was hoping B would last long enough to give me my orgasm but I was wrong, he came as quickly as his first time. Luckily E replaced him and finally got me to the edge.

I said “hold me tightly, I am going to cum”. He held my waist tightly fucking me full speed not caring about being spotted and my orgasm crashed thru my body at the same time.

The convulsions of my vaginal muscles caused his cock to also erupt inside me at the same time. I recovered quickly and now for the first time got a chance to push out all the cum deposited by my young visitors in my butt.

B had switched places with A now, A came to me placing my palm on his cock. I realised he was already hard again. I kissed him and said “please fuck me quickly”.

A took position behind me smoothly pushing his cock all the way inside my butt, I said “now fuck me slowly so that you don’t cum quickly and I can enjoy it too”.

This time he followed my instructions and was cupping my boobs while fucking me in a slow rhythm. My next orgasm was building because he was really giving me lots of pleasure.

This being his second time he lasted much longer than even Ramesh. C was standing very close, I pulled him to me and hugged him while my orgasm crashed thru my body.

Maybe this was too much for A and he came inside me too. I realised I was hugging C in public (though except Ramesh no one was watching) and quickly let go of him.

C said “you are one hot and horny chick. I also want to fuck you again”. I said “what are you waiting for then, let me also see if you can do better than last time”. He came behind and thanks to my cum filled butt, entered smoothly.

He also cupped my boobs while fucking me steadily, I too love it like this because it gives me much more pleasure. A & E were still standing on my sides.

I looked at E and said “I want you to suck my boobs now”. Both A & E came together and went underwater holding one boob each and sucking my nipples hard.

They kept surfacing only to breathe before going back under. Being pleasured by three men together compounded by fucking underwater was feeling out of this world.

I closed my eyes sailing in oceans of pleasure living in the moment. I placed my hands behind my two young lovers who were sucking my boobs like crazy and pressed them harder against myself.

Meanwhile C was now going full speed in me and the water levels had also risen slightly resting me only on his cock. This made my body wriggle with an intense orgasm while C held me from behind.

This was very intense and an out of the world experience for me. When I came round A & E were staring at me still fondling my boobs while C remained still in my butt.

I smooched them both and our games resumed. After a few minutes C stiffened pumping my ass full of his cum till the last drop before letting go of me.

To be continued….

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