Secretly Sharing Wife

Secretly Sharing Wife

I was in my early thirties, married with three kids and living a pretty boring life. It was just work, home life, and sleep… rinse/repeat. My sex life was near dead, as I was lucky to get it once a month. My wife, Tammy, had lost her sex drive and had become an over all prude. She was a heavy sleeper though, and would encourage me to fuck her while she was sleeping… she didn’t care as long as I didn’t purposely wake her up…. I guess she preferred it that way so that she didn’t have to wait for me to finish, as if sex was torture she was able to avoid suffering through. When her sex drive left, she also grew to be more insufferable with extreme mood swings, and would often vent toward me or the kids.

Doug was my best friend, and had been since high school. We’ve had our ups and downs, and even a couple fist fights… but there’s no one I could trust more in the world. Doug was married now as well, and had two kids of his own. We didn’t get to see each other often, but usually once a month or so due to busy lives, but we always stayed in touch via texts. About a year prior, I had confided in him that I liked the idea of another guy fucking Tammy. Doug was confused at first, asking me “you mean you’re one of those cuckold that gets off on being humiliated?”. I laughed and told him “No… I just think it would be a turn on to see someone else enjoy her body… it would be even hotter if she was into it as well”. Doug still seemed confused when he asked “Have you ever talked to Tammy about it?”. I looked off as I answered “yeah… but of course she’s not interested… she called me a pervert and looked at me like I was disgusting”.

Tammy and Doug didn’t get a long… she seemed to absolutely hate him, saying he was “Crass” and “Rude”. Doug didn’t like her because she was “Uptight” and “A Bitch”. It used to bother me hearing him call her a bitch, despite me saying it about her many times… but he was right, she was an uptight bitch. I think I was just hoping someday she would change, but it was becoming more and more evident that wouldn’t be the case. I think if it wasn’t for the kids, I would have looked into getting a divorce already… but as is, I just try to ignore her and live my life. I did find her sexually attractive still, despite her not ever wanting sex. I would watch her get out of the shower and get dressed, all while acting like I wasn’t paying attention… if she caught me staring she might go on one of her rants about me being a “disgusting perv”… I started to secretly take pictures of her on my phone while acting like I was surfing online… and it was arousing knowing she was unknowingly posing for me as I silently snapped pics of her naked and exposed.

Tammy’s an attractive girl (5’7, 130lbs, long brown hair, D cup breasts with prominent nipples, with just a little sag and stretch marks due to childbirth), and honestly it’s just her attitude that holds her back. She only seemed interested in church and planning things to do with the kids, and the Tammy I married with an adventurous sex drive was long gone. Now my sex life was mostly masturbation while fantasizing about a guy exploring her naked body before penetrating her pussy, just using her for his gratification as he fully uses her… it’s something I fantasized about a lot, but I knew would never come to fruition. I started sharing some of her pics on online forums, with her face censored of course, and it always gave me a nervous but excited feeling… I knew I was doing something I shouldn’t, but it just turned me on so much hearing guys tell me how they jacked off while looking at her tits and ass.

Doug was been married to his wife Nancy, and had a couple of kids as well. Nancy and Tammy used to get along years ago, but since Tammy had changed so did their friendship. Don’t get me wrong, Tammy has her good moments too, they are just a lot more rare than they used to be… I don’t mean to paint her as completely insufferable, although Doug would argue that it’s the case. One day while at work, Doug and I were messaging back and forth about the upcoming football game Sunday, and I was sending him some stats I had saved on my phone… and as I saw my wife’s pics, a dirty thought hit me, and I decided to tempt fate by “accidentally” sending a pic of Tammy. I wasn’t sure how he’d react due to his dislike of her, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

I found a pic that didn’t show to much… she was nude, but positioned to where you could see her side and shape, but not really more than that. Her arms were raised so that her nipples were hidden, and only the side of her ass was on view. Without much more thought, I quickly sent the pic with two other stat pics… I wanted it to look like I clicked on it by accident while sending multiple pictures. There was silence for a few minutes, and no response. My heart was beating, and I was nervous… not unlike when I share anonymously online, but I was anxious to see what he said. I sent another message that said “OMG I didn’t mean to send that picture! Please delete it before Tammy kills me!”. Doug responded with “LOL I was zooming in on the pic and realized it was Tammy. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything “. I replied “she has no idea I have taken pics of her like that, so thank you for keeping quiet”. I wanted him to know I had more pics… I wanted him to want to see them.

That Sunday Doug was over to watch the game, and Tammy had left the house to go to an after church function… not before rudely huffing and rolling her eyes at Doug, who had made an attempt to politely greet her when he arrived. Doug cracked open a beer next to me in the couch when he said “after seeing that picture you sent, I can tell she has a nice body… but man is she mean”. I chuckled and said “sorry about that… she is a hotty though” before stopping in my beer. Doug waited a few seconds and then asked “she has no idea you have pics like that of her, does she?”. I laughed as I answered “Hell no… she would never allow me to take pics of her undressed… shit, she’d have my head if she knew I even had any”. Doug said “as much as she hates me, she’d really be pissed if she knew I saw the picture you sent”. I smiled, happy that he was bringing it up and wondering if it was going the directing I thought it was. Doug then added “feel free to accidentally send me pics like that anytime!”.

I shrugged my shoulders slightly and said “if I knew for sure no one else would ever know, I’d let you see her pics… if you wanted to”. My heart was in my throat as I said that, wondering if I was about to share her body with someone she knows… someone she hates… my best friend. Doug looked at me with a bit of a shocked look and said “really?… you know I wouldn’t tell a soul if you did”. I nodded as I said “I know I can trust you”. I noticed that his attention was no longer on the game, but with me and my phone when he said “just to make it fair… if you show me Tammy’s pics, I’ll show you some pictures of Nancy she has sent me… but it has to stay between us… deal?”. I could feel my heart racing, and my cock growing as I realized I was not only going to show off my wife, but see Doug’s wife as well! “Deal”, I said as I picked up my phone, happy he was obviously eager to see Tammy in all her naked glory.

I decided to just jump right in, the teasing was over, and I pulled up a picture of Tammy facing the camera, completely nude, big tits and hairy pussy in view… I handed it over to Doug, who started smirking as he looked at the picture… and he said “wow… Tammy has some nice tits on her!”. My cock jumped knowing he was finally seeing her nude, and I watched as he swiped through the pictures, taking the time to admire each one. I watched as he zoomed in and stared at her, and it was like I was seeing her through his eyes… seeing her for the first time. Doug zoomed in on another picture and said “she might be a bitch, but damn she has a nice body!… she sure has a hairy pussy though, it makes it hard to see her lips”. I told him “she refuses to shave it” before he added “I like this one, where she’s bending over and you can barely see her pussy under the hair if you zoom in”. He put my phone down and then picked up his phone… hit a few buttons and then handed it to me while saying “I only have a handful of pics on my phone… but here they are”.

Nancy was a cute girl, but a tad chubby. Dyed blonde, about 5’3… I’d be lying if I said I never wondered what she looked like naked, but I never thought I’d find out… she often wore shirts that showed a lot of cleavage on her big breasts… they aren’t as big a Tammy’s, but still big regardless. I looked at the first picture of her dressed in lingerie, and each picture after she exposed more and more… her tits being exposed, which looked natural with large areolas and small little nub nipples… and then eventually showing a close up of her pussy, which was shaved and spread open. Doug was still smiling while looking at my phone, and I zoomed in on the picture and studied the details of her most intimate spot. I told him “she looks very sexy! I wish my wife would pose like that!”. Doug was quick to add “remember, you can look but don’t try to touch”. I chuckled and said “of course, I wouldn’t do that”. Doug smiled and said “I know” before looking back at a picture of my wife drying her hair naked, and added “I know she can be a cunt at times… but seeing her cunt makes me feel a whole lot better”. We both laughed and I told him “I’ll try to get a better picture of it… like the one you have of your wife”.

After that day we eventually started sharing pictures on a regular basis. Whenever I had the chance to sneak a picture of Tammy, I would… and then share it with Doug quickly after… it wasn’t getting to see someone fuck her like I had wanted, but it was a huge turn on anyway… knowing Doug was jerking off while looking at her exposed and unaware body… I probably should have felt guilty, but honestly I didn’t. If she had any idea that someone had pictures of her completely naked, and was steadily jerking off to new pictures almost daily… and even more, that the said person was Doug, someone she loathed… I couldn’t imagine what she’d do. I was still sharing her pics online too, although having her face censored so that she wouldn’t be recognized… although the idea of someone she knows seeing them did turn me on… but if that were to happen, and they said something to her, she would never forgive me. The online forum was a pretty small one, so even if an uncensored pic was posted on there, the risk would be very low… but I wasn’t going to take that risk!

Doug was coming around more often, and the way he looked at Tammy when she’d walk by… looking her up and down, knowing all her details underneath… it was both fun and erotic. He did tell me that he wanted to see some close ups of her pussy… maybe some with her pussy spread… but unfortunately It was hard to get those pictures. I felt like I was disappointing him, especially since he showed me such detailed pictures of his wife’s shaved pussy. I attempted to try to take some pics under the blankets while she was sleeping, but they never turned out well. I began trying to hold the phone down low while walking up to her naked… quietly snapping pictures… with some decent results, but nothing great. Unfortunately one day she asked “why are you holding your phone like that?” as I stood next to her. I quickly turned it off and told her “I forgot I was even holding it” as I put it away… unfortunately, I think she might have started to suspect something was up, because from there on out she took clothes with her into the bathroom to shower, and kept the door closed as she dressed afterwards.

So now not only could I not get more pictures, but I couldn’t even see her myself! I tried to find a way to peep in to the bathroom, and eventually noticed I could peek in on each side of the door where it meets the wall. One side by the upper hinges gave a view of the bath/shower (but I needed to stand in something to see in it), and the lower end of the other side of the door gave a view of in front of the sinks. Now I had to resort to peeping on my wife just to get to see her naked, which is pathetic… and to add insult to injury, I couldn’t take pictures via my new peepholes, so I was still left without new nudes of the wife. I explained the situation (without mentioning the peepholes) with Doug, and I could see the disappointment on his face before he said “what about hidden cameras? We can get some online”. I told him “I’ve already been looking into it… but even then it’ll be difficult to get the pussy shot that I want to get”. Doug was silent for a minute and said “you said she’s a deep sleeper, you don’t think you could take them while she’s sleeping?”. I knew it was a bad idea, but I enjoyed that Doug was working hard on figuring out how to see more of Tammy. “It’s to risky” I said.. “if the lights are on it might wake her, and if the flash goes off it might wake her also”.

This is where things took a dark turn…Doug is a veterinarian, and has access to different anesthesia. Doug hesitantly said “so… hypothetically… if Tammy was given an anesthetic that kept her sleep… We’d have plenty of time to get all the pictures we wanted”. I was taken back, and not sure what to think as I asked him “are you suggesting drugging her?”. Doug shrugged and said “I’m just throwing out ideas… but we use the same anesthesia on our dogs as they do on people… just a lesser amount… it’s safe”. My first reaction was horrified at the idea… but my next reaction was getting extremely turned on at the idea, and the possibilities it would present. It was now my turn to speak hesitantly, as i asked “you’re sure it’s safe? She wouldn’t get hurt, and she wouldn’t know”. Doug smiled and said “I’m absolutely sure… but it’s up to you… I don’t want to push you to do anything you’re not ok with”. I wasn’t sure what to think… honestly I loved the idea, but I also knew it was wrong. I told him I’d think about it, and get back to him.

I spent the week fantasizing about what would happen if we did knock her out… having complete control over her body, and allowing Doug to do the same… both of us taking pictures of her up close and personal… eventually I was seduced by the idea, and with a strong anxious feeling in my chest, I sent him a message telling him we should do it. I know it was wrong, I’m not the good guy here… but at the time the idea was just to enticing. We planned a night where my kids would be staying with Tammy’s parents… don’t want to have to worry about them catching us or interrupting the fun. Doug will come over for drinks, I’ll let Tammy know I got her some cheesecake (she never refuses cheesecake) … which would have the anesthesia in it, and then it’s a short waiting game. Doug suggested I give it to her in bed if possible, as it doesn’t take long for it to kick in. When the night came, my nerves were shot, despite trying to appear normal. Doug noticed, but assured me that there’s nothing to worry about… I don’t know if he was just excited to get to see her completely, or it was a sense of revenge after years of her treating him shitty, but Doug was visibly excited. He asked me if I was OK with him touching her, and I assured him I was OK with anything… but he told me “I’m not going to fuck her though… I don’t want to cheat on Nancy”.

We hung out in my man cave, drinking beers to help calm our nerves, until later that night when Tammy messaged me to let me know she was going to lie down and read before sleeping (normal routine for her)… it was the moment of truth, and my heart was racing… Doug smiled at me as I stood up and headed toward the kitchen to get the already prepared and laced cheesecake. I felt like I was on auto pilot as I walked up the stairs and toward our bedroom. My hand shook as I opened the door and saw Tammy lying in bed in a black nightgown… she had her reading glasses on as she stared at her book. I did my best to nonchalantly say “I forgot I got this cheesecake for you… I don’t want it to go to waste”. It’s rare that I see her smile, but she quickly sat up while putting away her reading glasses, and said “wow, thanks”… and as she took it from me and took her first bite, I felt guilt wash over me… I started to doubt what I had done, but that thought was to late as I watched her continue to eat the bait. She was over halfway through it when she said “wow, I’m really tired… it just hit me hard out of no where”. She put her plate down on the nightstand next to her, and all the sudden passed out.

I quickly checked on her to make sure she was ok, and once I was assured she was I tried to wake her up… but despite how much I called out her name and shook her, she wasn’t waking up. My heart raced as I realized this was really happening, as I picked up my phone to message Doug to come up. It didn’t take long for him to walk into the door, smiling from ear to ear with his phone out ready to take pictures. He looked at Tammy and told me “See?… no problem… nothing we can do that will wake her up now”. She looked so peaceful, still sitting up, but with her head resting against the headboard… Doug got on the bed next to her and lifted the blanket off of her… she laid there with nothing on but her nightgown and panties, and her panties were already revealed to us. Doug was now laying down next to her and started to slowly rub his hand on the side of her face, as he looked up at me and said “are you sure you’re OK with me touching her?”… I was still stunned, but incredibly horny as I nodded, and Doug dropped his hand to her chest and started groping her… first above her nightgown, and then I watched as he worked his hand inside and started rubbing her left tit. My cock jumped and the butterflies in my stomach started going crazy, as all the fantasies I’d had of watching my wife get fucked flashed before me.

Doug pulled the straps off of her shoulders allowing her nightgown to drop down, exposing both her naked breasts to both our anxious eyes. Doug sat up and took some pics from various angles as I followed his lead and did the same. “Make sure not to get me in the pictures” Doug said, as he leaned toward her and shook her breasts… tweaking her nipples so that they were firm and erect. He didn’t seem even slightly nervous about getting caught, which helped calmed my nerves as well… and of course watching Doug play with my wife’s tits for the first time had my cock jumping. He looked at me with a smile, and I realized I was probably acting awkward as he hovered over her taking pictures with his phone. I started rubbing her legs and said “I can’t believe we’re going to see her pussy… do you want to take off her panties, or should I? Doug smiled at me as he got off the bed and stood next to me… he then said “why don’t you take them off… you want to show me her pussy, right?… so show me, I want to see all of her”… that was all I needed to hear, as I leaned forward and grabbed the waist band of her exposed panties.

Doug stopped me as he said “wait… let’s remove this nightgown first… I want to explore every inch of her body… every time she’s a bitch in the future, I’m going to know I saw all of her… every mole, every wrinkle, every crevice”. I simply nodded as I pulled it down off of her body, leaving her in nothing but her panties left on her body, and Doug followed by grabbing her ankles and pulling her down so that she was lying on her back before he started taking more pictures. I picked up my phone and did the same when Doug asked me “I know you fantasized about watching her get fucked… but are you sure you’re OK with me touching her… I don’t want to cross any lines with you”. Honestly, watching him fondle her had made me feel uneasy and a bit jealous… but it also turned me on a lot… so I just lied and said “I’m sure… do whatever you want”. I didn’t know why I said that, but Doug just smiled and said “ok… I’m not going to fuck her, but if seeing me play with her turns you on, I’m happy to help” as he laid down next to her and began rubbing her tits again.

He quickly escalated to kissing her neck and sucking her tits, then I watched his hand slowly rub down her body towards her crotch… he started rubbing her pussy over her panties, and then glanced over at me as he slid his hand under the seam. I knew he was exploring her bare pussy with his fingers, and I quickly pulled down her panties so I could watch. I watched as her hairy bush came into view, with his fingers running through it as I dropped her panties on the floor… she now was completely naked and being licked and molested by the guy she probably hated most. I started to take a picture, but Doug reminded me to make sure I don’t get any pictures with him in it as he sat up and started to take more pictures of her. Doug smiled and said “It’s time… spread her legs so I can get a good look at her cunt”. I realized I suddenly felt a warm flash across my face and my heart up in my throat as I slowly pulled her right knee toward him, and then her left knee toward myself… her pussy now exposed to us both, and I realized it had been years since I had seen her lips as well.

Doug moved his phone between her legs and started snapping pictures, and I started rubbing between her pussy lips as he did so. I knew I was excited to do this, but I didn’t realize just how much it would turn me on. We were both in shorts and a t-shirt, but with me standing it was impossible to hide my erection… and as I spread her pussy lips open for Doug to see inside her cunt, my cock was straining against my shorts creating an extremely obvious tent. What surprised me was that Doug didn’t start taking pictures of her open pussy and exposed clit, he moved so that he was laying between her legs and staring up close, his face mere inches from her pussy. “Damn Tammy… you sure have a beautiful gash hiding under all that hair” Doug said, close enough to where I’m sure she could feel his breath against her pussy… if she was concious that is. I let go of her lips, and moved up to lick and play with her breasts… mainly because I wanted to see what Doug would do on his own between her legs. I acted like I was too busy to notice what he was doing as I watched in the corner of my eye as Doug spread open and played with her pussy… he explored and rubbed her clit, and even slowly slid a finger inside of her before pulling out back out… and I acted like I didn’t notice when he put that same finger in his mouth… but iI could tell he was trying to hide it, for some reason.

He knew I would like to watch him do more, but yet he felt the need to try to sneak… maybe he was just nervous his wife would hear? But surely he knew anything that happened that night would stay between us. I really didn’t know what his reasoning was, but I decided to test him and see what he’d do alone with her. With his face still inches from her open pussy, I told him “the excitement is messing with my stomach a bit… I’m going to the bathroom, you go ahead and continue taking pictures”, as I walked toward the bathroom and closed the door. I quickly looked into the cracks I had used to peep in my wife in the bathroom, and used it to see into the bedroom, where Doug was looking toward the bathroom door… I think he was surprised to be in a position to where he was alone with Tammy, and was contemplating what he was going to do… and I couldn’t wait to find out myself.

I watched as he fished his cock out of his shorts, and started stroking it with his right hand while he manipulated her pussy with his left hand… he kept looking back toward the door, I guess to make sure I didn’t walk in on him. I pulled my cock out and was stroking it while watching everything unfold, wondering if he would cross any of the rules he set for himself, when I saw him put his face into her pussy and start eating her out. He would stop stroking long enough to use his hands to pull her into his face, and then start jacking off again. I was trying not to cum as I saw Doug lift my wife’s legs up to her chest, fully exposing her pussy and asshole as he continued to lick and play with her most sacred body parts, and I realized he was currently seeing and doing something even I hadn’t done in years, with my wife… a tinge of jealousy ran across me, but I was too excited to see what else might happen. I continued to stroke, being careful not to cum, but knowing I was limited on time before I needed to go back in the room. I started thinking nothing else would happen when he started looking at the door again while squeezing his erection… and I stared back at him, unknowing I was watching his every move.

Doug suddenly sat up and quickly rubbed his cock up and down her pussy while still holding her leg up… and then he quickly slid inside of her for a few pumps, and then quickly pulled out while looking toward the door again… and then quickly started fucking her again and then stopped again. I could hear myself breathing heavy, and I had to stop touching myself to prevent myself from blowing my load. I watched him do it one more time before I decided it had been long enough, and I went to flush the toilet and then washed my hands, giving him plenty of warning I was coming back in the room. I took one last peek and saw he was back to taking pictures, and I walked back into the room… acting oblivious that I knew he had licked and fucked my wife’s pussy. “Sorry” I said “I think I got over excited and it made me feel uneasy… but I’m OK now”. Doug showed me how he had Tammy’s legs pulled up to show her pussy and asshole, and you could see her pussy was gaping open… I knew why, but acted naive as I took some pictures of the scene. Doug lied through his teeth as he told me “If I wasn’t married, I’d fuck her right now and let you watch”.

Things had already went way past anything more than I had expected, but I was eager to see how far things could go… this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I wanted to take full advantage of it. I put my phone down and walked over to where I was standing by Tammy’s head… I reached out and rubbed her breasts as I asked Doug “will you take some pictures of her with my dick in her mouth?”. Doug smiled and said “sure, no problem” as he got up and got next to me, pointing the camera to her face. I was a bit nervous about undressing in front of Doug, but I figured I had already seen him stroking his cock… and it’s not like he was going to say anything… but to beat the nerves I quickly took off my shirt and shorts, leaving myself completely nude, and then quickly placed my cock at her lips. Doug told me “be careful not to choke her, it might wake her up for a few seconds… but if it happens just stop and let her pass out again”. I didn’t want to worry about it, so I just placed the head of my cock in her mouth and began giving little thrusts as Doug watched and snapped pictures.

It wasn’t a good blow job, it wasn’t even really a blow job… but it was the closest thing I had to one in a very long time… and knowing that I was doing it on front of my best friend, while he documented it for future masturbatory use, just made it that much better. My mind couldn’t stop running the images of Doug using my wife’s body… seeing what he would do if he thought no one would ever know… and although he didn’t fuck her for long, he now knew he had fucked her… but I still wanted more, and I knew Doug wanted more as well. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and I got over between her legs… they were still spread unnaturally wide as I placed the head of my dick into position, and watched as I slowly glided inside of her… where Doug was recently, and with great pleasure started fucking her with long deliberate thrusts, enjoying not having to be careful of waking her up, like normal. Doug took photos of me fucking her as he told me “fuck that uppity bitch”… and I could tell that he was not only enjoying getting to fully explore her body, but feeling like he was getting a form of revenge on her too… for every time she was rude and disrespectful to him, for every time she gave him a nasty look or an eye roll… for every time she acted like she was better than him.

I glanced toward Doug as I vigorously fucked Tammy, and asked him “Do you want a turn at her… it’ll be our secret, no cameras”. Doug was silent for a few seconds, as I’m sure he was contemplating his next move, and then asked me “so you really want me to? Are you sure you could handle seeing me fuck her”. I knew the answer to the question, because I had already seen him fuck her… but he didn’t know that. I continued stroking into Tammy’s unconscious body as I told Todd “she’s always treated you like shit, like your lesser than her… you should take this one opportunity to get one over on her… something you can always remember”. We both looked down at her chest, watching her tits as they swung up and down with each of my thrusts inside of her, and Doug started undressing… first removing his shirt, and then his shorts and underwear in one swoop, and he quickly placed his cock into her mouth.

It was a beautiful image, Tammy getting cock from both ends, being used like a drunk frat girl… Doug shocked me when he asked for a pic of his cock in her mouth… he was quick to add “just make sure my face isn’t in it so I couldn’t be identified if someone were to see it. I was happy to take the pictures, of course, and then I asked if he wanted a picture of his cock inside her pussy… he hesitated for a minute, and then said “I’ll put my dick in her, and you can take one picture… but I won’t fuck her, and my face can’t be in the picture… deal?”. I wasn’t going to say no to that, and quickly nodded my head in agreement, before I pulled my cock out and stepped aside to make room for Doug… he walked around me, and pulled her toward him by her hips, and once again spread her knees wide, leaving her gaping cunt within inches of his dick. He placed his cock up against her pussy and I took a picture, and I watched as he slid inside of her, and stopped halfway to allow me to take a picture. I told him “go ahead, go all the way inside her”. Doug looked hesitant, but said “just once”, as he slid all the way inside her pussy, grinding his hips against her.

I waited with baited breath to see what his next move would be, and I started to encourage him by saying “go ahead… fuck the bitch…. it’s your one chance”. I knew he would do it if he was alone, he had already proved that much… but I wanted him to do it right in front of me. I took a picture, but he then quickly pulled out and said “I’m sorry, I can’t go further than that… I shouldn’t have went that far”… and honestly, I found it upset me… I knew he had already fucked her a little, but he wasn’t going to tell me or do it in front of me, and I didn’t know if he didn’t fully trust me, or what the deal was… but after everything we had done that night, and he still acted hesitant around me. Apparently, it was obvious I was disappointed, because Doug said “I let you down, man, I’m sorry”. I tried to play it off and responded “no, it’s OK… I’m sure you have your reasons”… and with that, Doug started snapping more pics of Tammy’s uncounconscious naked body. I knew things wouldn’t go further at this point, and I knew time was limited, so I had to think of something fast.

Doug was admiring my wife’s pussy as I told him “I think I need to take a long shower to help calm down my nerves before going to sleep… if you want to continue to take pictures, feel free”. I tweeked her nipples a bit as Doug asked me “Are you sure?… I’m still enjoying looking at her, are you sure it’s OK if I continue?”. I gave him a smile and said “I promise, it’s cool… I’ll probably take a bit, so if you aren’t still here when I get out, I’ll understand… I’m going to cum in her so hard later!”. Doug chuckled and then said “she’ll probably be out for about another hour… but odds are she won’t remember anything that happens in the next hour after waking… I wouldn’t push it though!”… I knew by leaving him alone with her, especially for a good amount of time, he would probably end up fucking her again, and I knew I could watch from the other side of the door without him knowing…. and despite that I would rather get to watch up close in person, I was at least hoping to get more of a show before the night was over… so I said “Thanks for helping me with all this. Be sure to send me all the pics you take, and have fun exploring her body” as I walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

As soon as the door shut, I started looking through the small gap between the door and the wall, with great anticipation as to what might happen next. Doug was stroking his cock while alternating his viewing between Tammy and the bathroom door… I guess he was making sure I wasn’t going to walk back in and catch him jacking off… but after a couple minutes I realized he was probably waiting to hear the shower running… that way he would know he was safe to do whatever he wanted without concern that I might walk into the room and catch him… so I quickly walked over to the shower and turned it on, not concerned about the temperature since I wasn’t actually going to get in it anyway, and then returned back to my secret voyeur spot in hopes of watching my best friend take advantage of my uptight bitch wife… and I guess the sound of the shower was all he was waiting for, as the view I had when I looked in was of Doug spreading my wife’s legs wide while he slapped his cock between her legs… he took one more look toward me before turning his attention back to Tammy and penetrating her.

My heart jumped as I watched Doug furiously fuck Tammy, not holding back as he laid on top of her while holding her legs up… I don’t think I’ve ever got to be that rough with her before. I gripped my cock, which was already dripping pre cum, and squeezed it hard to prevent from cumming as Doug continued to plow my wife… watching as he started kissing Tammy on the mouth, running his tongue in and around her lips before kissing on her neck. As much as Tammy hated Doug, the idea of him using her like that would have made her livid… but luckily for us, she would never know. I could hear he was talking to her as he continued to fuck her, but unfortunately I couldn’t make out anything he said. I watched as he would slow down and gaze at his cock slide in and out of her, and I could tell he was savoring the moment… memorizing it so he’d always remember what her pussy was like.

Over the next 15 minutes I watched as Doug would move Tammy around so that he could fuck her from different angles and positions, and he even took pics of himself doing it (although I knew he wouldn’t ever show me those pictures). At one point he even rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her ass up so that he could fuck her from behind… I watched as he spread her ass checks and stared at her asshole and hairy pussy while slamming into her… I thought about walking out there and surprising him, catching him in the act as he defiled my wife… but my heart was jumping to hard, my nerves were shot, and I was enjoying the show to much. I was starting to enjoy knowing he would never know that I knew what he did… both of us keeping a secret from the other… of course my secret, was that I knew his secret. I wondered what he was thinking about as he continued to fuck her, knowing she would never know… and more importantly, how much she would hate it if she did know.

I could tell Doug was getting close to finishing, and it looked like he was going to cum inside of her… he was laying behind her while she was on her side, and he had his arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her body down to meet his thrusts up… I could see him mumbling in her ear, and her tits heaving up and down as he savagely pounded his cock inside my wife’s hairy cunt… and then his face started straining and turning red, as he let out a grunt and started to cum… without even rubbing my cock, I started cumming to, despite trying hard not to… and I tried hard to control my heavy breathing as I watched him slide out of her and quickly get up to find something to clean up the mess he left in her. He looked toward my door and then back at Tammy, as he used his shirt to try to mop up all the cum that was leaking out of her, and I figured I should probably stop the shower to give him some motivation to rush… because despite cumming already, I was anxious to fuck her too! I looked back through the gap and saw him frantically start having his clothes, and then walk out of the room… leaving my naked and well fucked wife alone.

I waited a minute after the door was closed before walking into the bedroom, and went to lay down next to Tammy on the bed… I knew what I had allowed to happen was wrong… and I knew there was no justification for it… but at that moment, I didn’t care as I slid my cock inside of her cum filled cunt and started using her just as I had watched Doug do… my mind still reeling about what I had witnessed, when I saw Tammy’s eyes flutter a little and she muttered “hurry up already”. My heart jumped and I started flooding her pussy with my cum as she drifted back to sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep for hours after… the adrenaline was still running through me as I continued to repeatedly recap everything that happened that night. I made sure her panties and nightgown were back on her, and covered her up with the blankets… I was a bit nervous about when she woke up in the morning… would she remember anything, would she be upset? But the next morning she woke up as usual, took a shower as usual, but as she was getting dressed she said “you were really rough with me last night… Thankfully I still slept well, but I know you were being really aggressive… I have marks on my neck to, what got into you?”. I’m simply apologized and said “I’m sorry… I just still find you incredibly attractive”… and with that she smirked and said “It’s OK… it just seemed like it went on for a long time, and you know how important my sleep is”.

I knew I hadn’t fucked her that long, and so some of those memories she had of getting railed aggressively was Doug… I knew the marks on her neck were from him too. I asked Doug about it, just to see what he’d say, but he just denied anything happened… even going as far as saying he left shortly after I got in the shower. Although the memory of that night has gave me multiple orgasms, I did become a little jealous that Doug had fucked my wife… you could see it in his cocky face whenever Tammy was around… but at least it made it easier for him to deal with her being rude toward him. Doug continued to share pics that his wife sent him or let him take (under the assumption he would be the only one to see them), and although it was nice to get to see Nancy’s spread hairless pussy, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fuck her like Doug had my wife… Doug would share pics, but would never allow me to do anything with her… and I realized that was why he didn’t fuck Tammy in front of me… he didn’t want me to think I should be able to fuck his wife too.

Doug and I continued to share pics and talk about that night, and I often wondered if anything like that would ever happen again… or if I could possibly convince him to let me see Nancy the same way he saw Tammy (and maybe allowing myself to take advantage of her too)… but in the meantime, at least I have the memory of that night. I continued to share her pics on the forum as well, including many from that night… glad I could now share good graphic pictures of her pussy with others online.

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