The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

I’d like to thank Brian for sharing his story with me. It was not his intention for me to publish the story when he first told it to me, but after hearing it I couldn’t resist sharing it and fortunately he agreed. The names of the people in the story have been changed, but other than that I kept to what Brian told me.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome and encouraged.


Their First Taste

An original true story by Starrynight

The music was loud and upbeat, the basses’ vibrations flowing through the air as random feet tapped on the floor. The bar was packed, yelling, laughing, and singing echoing throughout it, and everyone around the table raised their shot.

“Happy birthday man!” Tom yelled over the music, holding his shot glass up along with the rest and smiling towards Brian.

“Happy birthday big brother!” Beth added. They all cheered, then downed yet another shot, the burning liquid sliding down their throats and increasing their intoxicated state.

It was Brian’s thirtieth birthday, quite the occasion, and a lot of friends came to celebrate with him. They talked and laughed, cheered, danced, and above all, they drank. As the night went on things slowly started dying down and people left until they were only five.

“You guys wanna move the party to our place?” Jimmy asked when they were down to only five. It was him, Tom, Kelly, Tom’s girlfriend, Brian of course, and his younger sister Beth.

“Sure. Sounds like a plan.” Brian said drunkenly, and after paying their tab they wobbled together to Tom and Jimmy’s place. When they got to their place all five of them raced to the backyard, eager for a dip in their pool.

“So…skinny dipping?” Tom asked with a grin.

“Hell ya!” Jimmy called out and started undressing without giving it a second thought. They were all drunk and excited, not feeling any shame as they stripped down completely.

Jimmy and Tom were naked immediately, their limp cocks swinging as they jumped into the pool cheering. Brian shook his head, laughing, and looked at his beautiful twenty-five-year-old sister as she started stripping shamelessly next to him. He had seen her naked before, a few years ago at a nudist beach, but he still watched hypnotized as she removed her clothes, and he started undressing too. He pulled off his shirt and pants, then gave Kelly a sideways glance. Kelly was already naked, her perky b-cups and smooth pussy on display. She smiled at him, knowing he was checking her out, then jumped into the water.

Brian’s gaze moved back to his sister as she pulled down her panties, exposing her smooth vulva. She was looking back at him, and with his eyes on her amazing pussy, Brian pulled his underwear down, exposing his semi-erect six-inch cock. He looked back at Beth, mesmerized by her naked pussy, and watched her remove her bra, exposing her amazing tits.

“Are you guys coming?” Kelly asked from inside the pool. They stood there facing each other for a few moments, both completely naked, and grinned sheepishly. They were drunk and having fun, and a moment later they both jumped into the water with a splash. All five of them frolicked around in the water completely naked. They splashed around and dunked each other, shouting, and laughing all the while.

Beth was the first to leave the pool, the cool waters getting too cold for her. She climbed out to the warm night, showing her sexy ass on her way out, and stood there on display, her sexy body dripping with water. She was soon followed by Kelly, and shortly after the boys.

Jimmy rushed back into the house and came back out a moment later with a bottle and shots. They drank some more, keeping their buzz, then went into the house.

“What do you guys wanna do now?” Tom asked once they were inside.

“How about we play truth or dare?” Beth suggested.

“Ooh, sounds fun.” Kelly piped. “I think the birthday boy should go first.” She added.

“Good idea.” Beth agreed. “So, Brian, truth or dare?” Beth asked her naked older brother.

“Um, you know, why not make things interesting. Dare!” Brian said and gave his sister a daring grin.

“Okay. Then I dare you…to suck Tom off.” Beth said with a devious grin. She knew her brother was bisexual, as were Tom and Jimmy.

Brian looked over at his sister, surprised at first, then nodded. He looked over at Tom, at his naked body, his limp cock, and moved over to him. He got on his knees in front of Tom, then reached over for Tom’s cock.

“Oh yeah, Bri!” Tom moaned as Brian grabbed his cock and started stroking it slowly. His grip felt good, his fingers warm around the shaft, and as his hand moved along the shaft, Tom was quickly getting hard.

Jimmy, Kelly, and Beth all watched Brian jerking his friend off, getting Tom nice and hard. They watched his limp dick grow, slowly hardening until Brian was holding Tom’s big hard eight-inch dick in his hand. He kept stroking the hard shaft for a few more moments, then moved closer and took Tom’s cock into his mouth.

Jimmy was getting hard as he watched Brian suck off Tom. He looked sideways at Tom’s girlfriend, Kelly, then over at Brian’s sister, Beth, and noted they were both watching intently. He looked where their hands were and smiled at the sight of both girls touching themselves to Brian pleasuring Tom. Jimmy looked back to Brian and Tom and reached for his hard member. He started stroking himself to the hot sight, Brian taking more of Tom’s big cock into his mouth, then decided to join the fun.

Jimmy moved to the two guys, his cock already hard, and got behind Brian. He got on his knees, looking at Brian eagerly sucking Tom, then reached for him. He grabbed his ass, spreading it apart, then pushed his head in and started licking Brian’s ass hole.

“Oh fuck!” Brian moaned as Jimmy started licking his ass, getting him hard. He stopped sucking Tom for a moment and turned around to look. He moaned again as he saw Jimmy continue to eagerly eat his ass, then turned back to Tom and resumed sucking him.

Jimmy continued eating Brian’s ass, getting them both very aroused. It didn’t take long for Jimmy to be rock-hard, and he was so aroused he couldn’t hold back anymore. He stopped licking Brian, straightened up, then spit into his hand and started lubing up his cock. Jimmy spat into his hand again and rubbed it into his pulsing member as he watched Brian sucking Tom. He kept stroking his hard cock until it was nice and slick, then moved behind Brian.

Brian was hungrily sucking Tom off as he felt Jimmy come up behind him. He could feel his warm naked body moving closer, then froze as he felt Jimmy press his erection to his ass. He stopped moving, his heart beating, then pulled his mouth off Tom’s cock and moaned as Jimmy entered him.

“Ugh god!” Brian grunted as his friend’s cock entered him, breaching his tight ass hole. He was drunk and horny, and he let out another moan as Jimmy’s seven-inch dick slid into him, stretching his ass. He didn’t care his younger sister and Tom’s girlfriend were watching, didn’t care they were watching him get fucked in the ass, his shaft hard as steel between his legs. “Fuck!” he moaned with pleasure as Jimmy pushed himself, stretching him open. He felt his hard prick slide into his ass, penetrating him until Jimmy was balls deep inside of him. He held himself inside Brian, his ass feeling so tight around his cock, and took a deep breath. He looked over at Tom, watching with arousal, then grabbed Brian and started thrusting.

Beth watched with indescribable arousal as her big brother was getting fucked in front of her. He was on all fours, his dick so hard it looked like it would explode, while Jimmy started fucking him. Her hand was already between her spread legs as she watched them at it, Jimmy’s hard cock sliding in and out of her brother’s ass while they both moaned. Brian continued stroking Tom all the while, and after they got into a rhythm, he took Tom’s dick back into his mouth and continued sucking him. Beth started rubbing her clit harder as she watched her brother getting spit roasted by the two guys, all three of them enjoying themselves immensely. She let out a little whimper as her pussy dripped with her arousal, and continued masturbating to the sight.

“Oh fuck!” Jimmy moaned as he started fucking Brian harder, sliding his dick in and out of his ass. “Fuck!” he called out again, feeling the burning pleasure rising. He continued to fuck Brian, thrusting his cock deep into his ass, until it was too much. He thrust himself into Brian once more then went off with a loud moan.

Jimmy called out behind him, and Brian felt his friend filling his ass with cum. His cock twitched inside of him, going in and out, and a moment later another load of cum squirted inside his ass. It felt amazing, having Jimmy’s warm cum inside him and he too moaned as his friend shot another load. Jimmy kept going, slowing down as he came, but he continued to cum nonetheless, shooting a few more loads in Brian’s butt. He pushed himself in a final time, driving his cock deep in Brian, and held it there as his orgasm subsided. He held his cock there until it went limp, then he pulled it out with a plop.

“Holy shit!” Tom exclaimed as Jimmy finished cumming. Watching him cum as he fucked Brain while Brian sucked him off was so hot, and he wanted some too. He looked over at Kelly who was sitting there masturbating to the sight, then looked down at Brian.

“You want some too?” Brian asked with a grin, reading Tom’s mind, and Tom nodded eagerly. Brian let go of Tom’s cock and straightened up, facing Tom as Jimmy’s cum started leaking out of his ass. “Lay down,” Brian said to Tom, and he immediately obliged. He laid down on the carpet in front of Brian, his big hard cock sticking up like a flagpole, and looked at Brian’s hard cock.

Brian looked at Tom’s big hard cock and was eager to feel that in his ass. He grabbed the big shaft, stroked it, then climbed on top of him. He moved until he was squatting over Tom’s dick, his own dick rock-hard, then started lowering himself. Brian grimaced as he pressed Tom’s cock to his ass and pushed down on it. Jimmy’s cum continued to leak out of him and lubricated his ass as he slid Tom into him. Tom’s cock was big, and Brian let out a moan of pain and pleasure as it entered him, stretching him open. He kept pushing down, his cock hard as steel, and slowly continued until he was sitting down on top of Tom with his entire dick up his ass.

“Ugh shit!” Tom moaned in pleasure as Brian started riding him, sliding his ass up and down his cock. It felt amazing, the way Brian rode him, his hard dick bobbing, taking him into his tight ass hole again and again, and Tom looked up at the expression of bliss on Brian’s face. He moved his gaze down Brian’s hot naked body, looking at his nice hard cock, then grabbed Brian. He held him in place, stopping him from moving, then slid him off his dick. He had Brian lay down on his side, then got behind him and spooned him. Tom then slid his hard dick back into Brian’s ass and continued fucking him.

“Fuck yes!” Brian called out as Tom fucked him, thrusting his big hard cock into his ass. Brian was so hard, and each thrust sent waves of pleasure through his body. “Yes!” he called out as the pleasure rose, Tom still giving it to him. He let out another loud moan, then started cumming. “Ugh god!” Brian moaned as each time Tom shoved his cock into his ass he shot a load of cum. It felt so intense, burning pleasure flowing through him, and as Tom kept thrusting, Brian just kept cumming, shooting his sperm on the floor as everyone watched.

Beth came for the first time that night to the sight of her big brother cumming on Tom’s big dick. She was frantically fingering herself, rubbing her clit, and came as her brother started shooting his load. It was so hot, the way his hard cock throbbed, the way Tom’s cock slid into his ass, and a soft unnoticed tremble shook her body as she orgasmed blissfully. No one noticed, they were all too busy watching Brian and Tom, and all through her climax, she continued watching them.

“Fuck Bri I’m almost there!” Tom called out as the last of Brian’s orgasm flowed through him. Brian’s cock leaked a few last drops of cum, and Tom groaned behind him. He slowed down a little, but after the blowjob he already received, Tom could not hold on anymore. “Fuck I’m gonna cum!” he called out and grimaced.

Brian jumped off Tom’s cock and got on his knees next to him. He grabbed his hard cock, slick with Jimmy’s cum, and started stroking it quickly as he wrapped his lips around the head. The moment Brian’s lips wrapped around Tom’s cock he squirted his first load, moaning loudly, and continued shooting his load into Brian’s mouth.

Tom moaned and groaned as his orgasm hit him, electrifying pleasure flowing through his body as he ejaculated inside Brian’s mouth. His whole body jerked with euphoria as he came, load after load of hot spunk shooting out and filling Brian’s mouth. Brian did not slow down even for a moment as Tom came, he just kept on sucking. He eagerly took his friend’s sperm in his mouth, sucking him dry, then swallowed it all.

“Oh fuck!” Tom said as Brian swallowed his cum, “that was so hot!” he added a moment later and Brian started grinning.

“I want some of that.” Kelly suddenly said and moved to Brian and Tom. “That was so hot!” She said, then grabbed Brian and pressed her lips to his. She pressed her hot naked body to Brian’s and slipped her tongue into her mouth. She got a good taste of her boyfriend’s cum, then broke the kiss and licked a few drops of cum from Brian’s lips.

“You know, I wanna see Brian with Beth,” Tom said kinkily, looking over at a horny Beth.

“Yeah!” Jimmy and Kelly immediately agreed, and Kelly pulled away from Brian. They looked at the two urgingly, moving their gazes between brother and sister, and sure enough, Brian made his way over to his sister.

Brian and Beth looked each other in the eyes, both incredibly aroused, but didn’t know how to start. They stared at each other silently for a few more moments, then Beth grabbed Brian and pulled him in, pressing his lips to hers. She shivered as his warm lips met hers, and she immediately snaked her tongue out and slipped it into his mouth.

Brother and sister slowly slid down as they kissed passionately. Their tongues danced together with lust until soon enough they were making out on the floor with Brian on top. Their hands started roaming across each other’s naked bodies, touching and caressing lewdly. Brian had his first feel of his younger sister’s gorgeous boobs, and she slid her hand down his chest. She grabbed his ass as they continued kissing, Brian moving his hands down along her flat stomach, and Beth moaned into her brother’s mouth as his hand reached between her legs and found her treasured jewel.

“Oh god, Bri!” Beth let out breathless as her brother’s hand started caressing her intimate folds. She looked into his eyes as he touched her tender lips, then moaned, her eyes going wide as his finger entered her. “Fuck!” Beth called out as her brother’s finger slid into her sopping hole. He gave her a wanton look, then pressed his lips back to hers and continued kissing her while he began fingering her, fingering his beautiful sister’s warm wet pussy.

Brian fingered his younger sister as he made out with her, their friends watching them silently. He was quickly getting hard again, and after another moment of kissing, he moved his mouth down to her breasts. Beth moaned as her brother’s lips found her nipples and started sucking on them. His finger continued to probe her wet pussy, and a jolt of pleasure rushed through her as he sucked on her left nipple. She looked at his hardening dick as her brother continued to pleasure her so divinely, then grabbed his head and pulled him away.

Beth looked into her brother’s eyes, lust and passion engulfing them both, then slowly eased him onto his back. She stared at his naked body, hungry for his cock, then climbed on top of him. She offered him her pussy, lowering it to his face as she settled on the other side of him in a sixty-nine position. Her body shivered as she felt his hands grabs her legs, pulling her pussy down until she felt his tongue between her legs. She moaned as he ran it between her wet lips, getting his first taste of her, then Beth took hold of his hard cock and wrapped her lips around it hungrily.

Jimmy, Tom, and Kelly all watched with awe and intense arousal as brother and sister began to sixty-nine in front of them. It was so incredibly hot, watching Brian lick his little sister’s pussy, watching his tongue caress her cunt and lap up her dripping juices. They watched him run his tongue all over her pussy, kissing, licking, and tasting every inch of her, then moved their gazes to the other side.

Beth was enthusiastically sucking her brother’s cock as he licked her pussy. She had her hand around the base while she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. It wasn’t completely hard when she started, but within a minute her brother’s cock was rock-hard inside her mouth, making her already soaking pussy even wetter.

“Oh fuck!” Beth moaned as Brian slipped his tongue into her pussy, getting a good taste of her intoxicating feminine flavor. He pushed his tongue deep inside her, then started moving in and out, trying to fuck her with it. Beth mewled at the delicious feeling, and a moment later he pulled his tongue out and slid it between her legs. He reached her ass, rimming her dirty little hole with his tongue, then started licking her butthole. “Holy shit!” Beth called out in surprise and pleasure as her brother did that. No one has ever done that to her before and it felt amazing. He continued licking her ass for some time, then pulled out and moved back to her pussy, devouring it with a deep sexual hunger.

Beth continued sucking her brother’s cock as he ate out her pussy masterfully. It felt amazing, his tongue strumming all along her vulva, and she felt an orgasm fast approaching. She closed her eyes, feeling the blazing sensation rising, then she mewled as she climaxed on her brother’s tongue.

Brian held his sister’s thighs tightly and grinned to himself as her body started to shudder with his tongue inside her pussy. She moaned, taking her mouth off his cock, and Brian moved his tongue to her clit and kept licking. Another wave of bliss ran through Beth, making her naked body tremble again, then she went still. Brian gave his little sister’s clit a final lick, getting another taste, then pulled his tongue away.

Beth laid on top of her brother breathless for a few moments, then managed to pull herself up. She looked down at his hard cock, then turned around and looked at his face. He was smiling at her, turned on so much from the fact that he made her cum, and Beth returned a naughty smile. She reached a hand for his hard cock, holding it, then climbed on top of her brother once more.

Brian and Beth stared at each other in silence as Beth moved on top of him. She was facing him, looking down at her brother’s face as she slowly straddled him. Brian’s hands moved to Beth, grabbing her waist, and he watched her beautiful pussy as she brought it to his erect member. Brian watched his little sister lower herself, moving her body until she had his cock pressed against her tender lips. His eyes flew up to meet hers, an expression of disbelief and longing on them, then Beth finally did it.

Brian’s eyes went wide, still locked on his sister’s as she pushed herself down his hard shaft. Her lips stretched as she pressed down harder, and his cock slipped into her warm tight pussy. Beth whimpered as her brother’s cock penetrated her, his head sliding between her pink lips. She looked into his eyes as she slid herself down, feeling his cock slithering inside her, feeling her big brother entering her with such pleasure. She lowered herself down, the feeling so intense until she was sitting on top of him with the full length of his cock inside her pussy. They stared at each other in disbelief, their eyes still locked, then, brother and sister burst out laughing.

It was a liberating laugh, a laugh of disbelief and relief that brother and sister exchanged as they broke the taboo of incest for the first time while their friends watched. They stared at each other as they laughed with disbelief, still processing the fact that they were having sex, that brother’s cock was deep inside sister’s pussy. With that thought in her mind and her brother’s laughing face under her, Beth slid her hands to Brian’s chest, their laughing slowly died down, and Beth grinned as she started moving.

“Oh fuck!” Brian moaned as his little sister slid her tight young pussy along his rigid shaft. He ran his eyes down the length of her naked body, her bare tits looking spectacular atop him, then focused his gaze on her pussy and watched it slide up his hard shaft. He watched as she pulled up, her lips moving along his shaft until only the head remained, then she slid back down, pushing his erection back into her wet pussy as Brian moaned again.

‘You like that?” Beth asked with a kinky smile as she started riding her brother’s cock for the first time, sliding her cunt up and down his cock in sensual motions.

“Oh god yes!” Brian moaned and a naughty grin covered Beth’s face.

“How does your sister’s pussy feel?” Beth asked with a fiendish grin and started riding him faster.

“Fuck! It feels amazing!” Brian moaned and looked at her pussy, watching her pink lips wrap around his cock and take it in greedily. She rode him with a fierce passion, getting her first feel of his hard cock, and as she continued to ride him Beth let out cute little moans and groans that were driving Brian insane.

Tom, Kelly, and Jimmy were watching Brian and Beth fuck with astonishment, they couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe they were watching brother and sister having sex and it turned them on so much. The guys were both hard and stroking their cock as they watched Beth ride Brian’s dick, her sexy tits bouncing. Between them Kelly was also watching intently, her body burning with arousal as she fingered her drenched twat.

Beth continued to let out arousing sexual sounds as she rode her big brother’s cock. She raised herself again, sliding off her brother’s cock, then pushed herself down, harder this time. “Ugh yes!” she moaned as she impaled herself on her brother’s dick, letting it stretch and rub along her wet pussy. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as their naked bodies connected, an echoing slap sounding as she pushed him all the way inside her, enjoying it immensely.

“You wanna switch?” Brian asked after having his sister blissfully ride him for a few minutes. He looked up at her, at her gorgeous naked body, at her beautiful face, and she nodded slowly.

Beth climbed off Brian’s hard cock, leaving it glistening with her juices, and moved to the side. She laid down, spreading her legs, and started rubbing her clit as she watched her brother move.

Brian got on his knees, his cock harder than he ever remembered it being, and moved between his sister’s legs. He noticed the hungry look his younger sister was giving his throbbing member and it turned him on even more. “God, you’re so hot!” Brian said, looking down at his sexy sister, and reached between her legs, Beth moving her hand away. He cupped her pussy, caressing it, then moved his thumb to her clit and rubbed it. He listened to his sister moan as he played with her sensitive nib for a few seconds, then pulled away and grabbed her legs with both hands.

Beth watched her brother as he raised both her legs up into the air. He lifted them high, then started pushing them towards her. He pushed her legs back, her lithe body bending easily, and pinned them down. She looked so sexy under him, her pink pussy wet and inviting. He moved his gaze to her face, seeing how much she wanted this, then Brian moved forward. He got on top of her, his hard cock between her spread legs, and pressed it to her lips. Her pussy was radiating heat like an oven, and as brother and sister looked into each other’s eyes, Brian shoved his cock back into his sister’s cunt in a single motion.

“Fuck Brian!” Beth called out in ecstasy as her big brother breached her with a single powerful thrust, opening her pussy again. She looked at the way her pussy hugged his cock, then looked up at his grinning face. He paused for a moment, then started fucking her again.

Brother and sister continued with a wild passion. They were so turned on, and Brian quickened the pace until he was pounding her pussy hard. He thrust his hips back and forth, soon finding a rhythm and the both of them just moaned and groaned in shameless pleasure as their bodies merged in taboo bliss.

“You like my cock in your pussy?” Brian asked kinkily as he continued to plow her cunt.

“Yes!” Beth called out in a whiny voice.

“Yeah? You like being fucked by your brother’s hard cock? Like the way your big brother is pounding your tight little pussy?” Brian asked, overwhelmed with lust and pleasure.

“Oh god yes!” Beth called out, moaning, and Brian started fucking her even harder.

Brian hammered his little sister’s amazing pussy with force, moaning louder and louder as he thrust himself in and out. He looked at her face as they continued their incestuous sex and noted the pleasure on it. He moved his eyes down to her boobs, watching the way they wiggled with each thrust. He moved his eyes down more and watched her pink pussy as he continued to penetrate it. It was such a hot sight, his little sister’s pink pussy under him, eagerly taking his cock in, her lips closing around his hard shaft and bringing such divine pleasure to them both.

The pleasure started growing as Brian fucked his little sister. It started with a trickle of pleasure, that same familiar sensation, but was quickly building up. “Yes! Yes!” Brian started moaning as he felt his orgasm approach, each passing second inside his sister’s twat bringing him closer and closer. “Fuck!” he moaned as he got dangerously close, each thrust sending shivering waves of pleasure along his body. He kept going, trying to keep himself in check, trying to hold on just a little longer until it was just too much.

Brian pulled out of Beth’s pussy and moaned as he shot his first load of cum. It shot out of him in a powerful squirt and splattered across Beth’s chest while sending a hot wave of pleasure through his body. Brian quickly wrapped his hand around his hard shaft and another load of spunk shot out and landed on Beth’s upper stomach. Brian moaned loudly, his body alive with pleasure, and started stroking his dick as he came on his little sister’s naked body.

Beth watched her big brother jerk his hard cock as he shot load after load of warm incestuous cum on her. It was such a hot sight, his hard dock pulsing in his hand, making him squirt his sperm all over her naked body. “Yes big brother! cum all over me!” Beth urged him on, so turned on, and Brian groaned as he continued to spew all over her.

Brian continued jerking his cock as his intense orgasm started to fade away. He shot one last small squirt of cum, landing on her naval, and let out a shaky grunt as a few drops of cum leaked from the tip of his cock. He gave his dick one last stroke, then let it go and took in the image of his naked cum-covered little sister.

After Brian finished cumming, Beth and he just stayed like that, breathing heavily. They said nothing and only looked at each other as they took it all on. Beth was completely covered in cum, her tits, and her stomach, all covered in her big brother’s sticky matter.

It took a while until their gazes drifted upwards to meet each other’s, both oblivious to their friends talking to each other next to them, telling one another how hot it was. They stared at each other’s eyes, warily at first, until a small smile formed on their faces. They did not forget or try to pretend who they were looking at and with whom they just had sex. They were still brother and sister, brother and sister who had sex, but as they smiled at each other they both knew, they knew they loved it and knew that this was just the beginning between them. This was only their first taste.

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