The sisters share their husbands

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On the morning of our first wedding anniversary, my wife Lisa made me breakfast in bed after waking me up with a rise-and-shine blow job. On the food tray was a card. It was the typical Hallmark “love of my life” card. Curiously, it contained pictures of her three sisters and her mother – Glamour Shots style. Puzzled, I asked, “What are these all about?”

She replied, “That’s your present.” I cocked my head, still baffled by what she meant. She went on, “Honey, I have a secret to tell you. It is kind of twisted, but I think you will really enjoy it when you wrap your head around it. The five of us have made a one-year anniversary pact. We’ve kept the pact for each of the first two brothers-in-law, and it is my turn to honor it with you.”

“I’m still confused. And a little scared, but go on.” I said. She took my hand into hers and continued, “Before Ella, the oldest, got married, we had a girls’ night out. We got a little hammered and made up some crazy pact that for each daughter’s first wedding anniversary, the other four would get to have sex with the husband – mom included. One time, no cheating, no emotional attachment – just sex.”

“So, it is my turn to let each of them have sex with you,” she said, dead serious.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes. “Do you mean that you’ve had sex with both Greg and Tucker?” I asked. She nodded. “Wait, we were dating when Jenna and Tucker got married. Did you have sex with Tucker on their first anniversary while we were dating?” Lisa nodded again. “The others, too, including your mom?” A third nod. “And your younger sister, Nina, who just got engaged? On her first anniversary are you going to have sex with her husband?”

“That’s the deal,” she said matter-of-factly, “we all are.”

“You people are fucking nuts!” I said, “You are one of the most conservative Christian families that I know. How can you justify this? Why didn’t Greg and Tucker warn me about this?”

“I guess it’s our one little kink. Ella prodded us to go through with it on her first anniversary. She kind of forced us to do it, and we found out that we all loved it. Ella’s always been the most free-spirited behind closed doors.”

“The husbands have been sworn to secrecy – as you are from this point forward. They both know that it is your turn now. They are not happy about it, but they sure were excited to have sex with each of us on their turns. Dad’s the only one who has no clue. He can never find out. It might just kill him.”

“How do you feel about all of this? About me having sex with them?” I asked.

“It’s a little difficult wondering if you might enjoy sex with one of them more than me,” she replied. “It will be weird when it is actually happening. I know you will really enjoy being intimate with each of them, though, and they’ll all enjoy playing with that big cock of yours. That’s the beauty – it is a gift to both you and them at the same time. ”

“Think about it – a free pass to have sex with 4 beautiful women. Thankfully, there have been no hang-ups at all so far. We’re all really close as a family. Ella and Jenna both said that it actually deepened their relationships with their husbands in some curious way. I’m looking forward to it doing the same for us.”

I thought about it some more, then said, “Don’t think I’m giving you a free pass to have sex with anyone else.”

“Of course not – except one time with Nina’s future husband. Then the pact is officially over, anyway.” Lisa looked down at my cock, which had started to make a tent in the bed sheets. “See, you are warming up to this idea already. Let’s take care of that erection now. You can fantasize about my sisters as we make love.”

“Or your mom,” I said with a wink and a smile.

Two nights later, the youngest sister Nina came over to our house for dinner. I was awkward and mostly silent as we ate because I knew the plan for “dessert”. Nina is the hottest and most flirtatious of the sisters. She has bleached blond hair and a gorgeous tan. Her 24-year-old body is young, strong, and curvy. I was worried that I might enjoy this a little too much.

As we were clearing the plates, my wife gave me a big hug in the kitchen. She kissed me tenderly, then said, “It’s time. Take Nina to the guest bedroom now. Enjoy her tonight – this is the only shot you’ll get!”

I knew that what we did and how long we stayed in the room were up to me. I also knew that Lisa would be sitting in the living room the whole time. I took Nina by the hand and led her to the guest bedroom. My wife had already dimmed the lights and turned on some soft music in there. She had placed some bottled waters on the dresser, and some lubricating oil on the nightstand. The queen-sized bed was turned down and ready for us.

After I closed the door, I just stood there looking into Nina’s eyes, unsure of what to do. “Relax, I’m a sure thing tonight,” she said. Nina then moved in close, ran her hands up my back, and started swaying with me. We danced slowly for a few songs. She knew I was a little freaked out, so she started kissing me gently on the neck and lips. She whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to feel your cock inside of me. Lisa told me it was bigger than both of the other in-laws I’ve fucked.”

That was just what I needed. Our hands started roaming all over each other’s bodies. The kissing got more and more passionate. Clothes started coming off quickly. Very soon, we were dancing completely naked.

I laid Nina down on the bed, positioned my cock at the entrance of her soaking wet pussy, and plunged in. The sex was raw and unrestrained. I was a little rough with her, but she matched every thrust. She was very vocal and loud as we fucked, which added to the pleasure. When I was close to cumming, I pulled out and shot my load all over her chest and belly.

I collapsed on the bed beside her as she playfully swiped my cum off her breasts and licked it off her fingers. All I could think of to say was “Thank you. That was great.”

She propped up on her elbows, looked me in the eye and said, “Oh, we’re not done yet, tiger. We just got started.” With that, she took total control of me for the next 3 hours. What a wild vixen she is. We had sex in so many positions I lost count. When I needed a break, she cuddled with me and asked me questions about her sister in bed. Then, I swear she would go out and try to outdo Lisa with the next round. And dammit, she sometimes did.

Finally, we both were exhausted. She got dressed, kissed me on the forehead, and walked out to the living room. I heard her say to Lisa, “That is one stud you have there, sis. He’s a little worn out and sore right now. It might be a couple of days before he is able to get it up for you.” The two women hugged, and Nina left.

Lisa came into the bedroom and climbed into the bed with me. I started to say something, but she put her finger on my lips to hush me. She knew that now wasn’t the time for words. She nuzzled up against me and we drifted off sleep.

Three days later, it was Ella’s turn. She recently turned 30, and she and Greg have one child. Her body is not nearly as athletic as Nina’s, but she still looks great. Her two best features are her sexy brown eyes and her huge tits. She shows them off a lot by wearing shirts that show a lot of cleavage. She also likes to wear tight tank-tops, so I’ve caught quite a few glimpses of her nipples.

I was much more talkative at dinner with Ella. Same drill as before – dinner, then sex in the guest bedroom. This time, though, as my wife cleared the plates, Ella came around the table and sat on my lap, facing me. She ran her fingers through my hair and leaned in to kiss me. Her lips parted, and her tongue entered my mouth. I responded with my tongue, and I lost myself in this magical kiss.

Lisa walked back into the dining room and said, “OK you two, no fair starting early. Get a room!” Still kissing Ella, I started to stand up. She wrapped her legs around me and I carried her to the bedroom. We never broke the kiss.

The room was set up exactly as before. Ella told me to sit down at the end of the bed so she could do a striptease. She danced around to the sexy music as she peeled off her – you guessed it – tight tank top. Her bra snapped in the front, so she undid it and flashed one breast at a time. Then, she turned around so I could peel the bra off her shoulders. She rotated again, grabbed my head, and buried it into the deep crevice between her breasts. Then, she shook back and forth, slapping each tit against my cheeks.

She backed off and fondled her enormous breasts as she danced some more. She lifted one nipple to her mouth, licked it, then started sucking on it. She did the same for the other side.

Next, it was time for her leggings. She placed her ass within inches of my face and started peeling down the sides of her leggings. She was not wearing any underwear. She bent over as she slid them down, exposing her nice, round ass to me. Again, not as tight or cellulite-free as her youngest sister, but still a nice – and naked – ass, nonetheless. I could also see some of the lips of her pussy. As she pulled her leggings down to the floor, she peeked between her legs and smiled.

Then, she sat down on my lap and started grinding her pussy into me. I know she could feel how hard I was through my pants. She turned her face to mine and cooed, “You’re packing some heat tonight, lover. I’m glad it’s all mine for a while.” She lifted her lips to mine and gave me a gentle kiss. I returned the kiss, and it progressed very quickly to a full-on tongue dance as I reached around to rub her breasts and nipples and she ground her pussy along my crotch.

After a few minutes, she stood up and went to work removing my shirt and pants. When my cock sprang out, almost at full staff, her eyes went wide, and she just stopped and stared. She ran to the living room and exclaimed to my wife, “You and Nina were right. He’s HUGE!” When she came back in, she asked me to scoot up on the bed and lie down. She then climbed on the bed facing the opposite direction and straddled me. She lowered her lips to my cock as she also lowered her hips until her very wet pussy was touching my face.

My tongue slid into her pussy as her hand and mouth started sliding along my cock. Her juices tasted sweeter than my wife’s usually do. Her pussy felt much wider and more stretched out than my wife’s, too. This was definitely the hairiest pussy I had ever licked, as well. I decided to stop analyzing it and just lose myself in the moment of this 69 experience.

She came first, and by “came” I mean absolutely flooded my face with juices. She paused her expert cocksucking as her body shook and her sweet juices just flowed out. Once her legs stopped shaking, she started again on my cock. All I could think was, “I wish she would give Lisa a few lessons on blow jobs. She’s unbelievable.”

As she focused on giving me the best blow job of my life, I wet my fingers with her juices and spread it along her puckered butthole. Once it was good and lubed, I slowly inserted a finger. She moaned and increased her pace on my cock as I finger-fucked her ass.

Amazingly, we reached orgasm at the same time. It was her second. Of course, she had no problem swallowing all my jizz, given her oral talents. Once our bodies calmed down from the ecstasy, she swung around and laid down next to me, her head on my chest. As I stroked her hair, I told her that I’ve never experienced a blow job or a 69 anywhere close to that. She replied, “Ohhh, thank you. That makes 3 in-laws that feel the same way. One more to be the queen of oral sex for the whole family!”

She then said, “You know, you’re the first person who has ever stuck a finger in my ass. That felt amazingly good. I may actually have to try anal sex sometime. My husband has a smaller dick. Maybe he’ll fit in there just fine. I also can’t believe I’ve already come twice tonight, and your cock hasn’t entered my pussy yet.”

After we rested for a while, I just had to sample those enormous breasts. I started licking, sucking, and rubbing each one. Ella laid still, enjoying me taking the lead for a while. I think I surprised her a little when I got up, went over to the dresser, and lubed my cock. I returned to the bed and straddled her stomach, and she knew what was next. She squeezed her breasts together around the tip of my cock. I pressed my cock forward, deeper into her bosom. Then, I rocked back and began slowly fucking her tits.

She swirled a finger around each nipple as she held her tits, causing her nipples to point straight up. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to receive my cock at the end of each thrust. I reached behind me as I kept up the rhythm on her tits and fingered her pussy to make sure she was good and wet.

She whispered to me, “It’s time for you to bury that monster inside of me.” I gladly obliged. As I moved down between her legs, she lifted both legs up in the air so that her ankles were up by her ears. Her legs were spread wide, and she was ready to be fucked. I held on to her ankles as I slid my cock as far as I could go inside of her. With an “Oh, yeah!” she took control from there.

I swear, she would not let that cock out of her pussy for the rest of the time we were together. Even when I would need a break and start shrinking in size, she would grab my butt and try to keep it from slipping out. When I was ready again, she would flex her muscles around my cock, or give me a quick blowjob to get me hard again.

Eventually, we came up for air. As she was getting dressed, she said matter-of-factly. “You know, I am going to need that thing inside of me again sometime. You touched places in there that my husband is never able to reach. Maybe we can work out a deal where I give you another one of my patented blow jobs and you touch all those places again with that monster cock.”

I didn’t know how to respond. That was not part of this whole pact. I just nodded and said, “I’d love that.” Wait, what did I just say?

After Ella said goodnight to my wife, Lisa came in and crawled into bed with me. Again, no words, just sleep.

A few days later, it was Jenna’s turn. She had a dinner conflict, so she came over just for sex. When I opened the front door for her, she exclaimed “Booty call!” and gave me a big hug. She held on to my hand as she greeted Lisa. After a few pleasantries, Jenna told me to go in the bedroom, take off my clothes, and lay down on my stomach. She would be right in.

When Jenna entered the room, she leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. As she removed her clothes, she told me that she thought I would enjoy an erotic massage to start. When she was naked, she walked over so I could see her full body and asked, “Can I interest you in a sensual rubdown from this body?”

Jenna is the skinniest of the 3 sisters. She has light brown shoulder-length hair. Her tits are small, but very perky with very pointy light-colored nipples. A stark contrast to Ella. Like Nina, she has a bit of a bubble butt. Her most interesting feature is her shaved pussy. She almost looks underage, rather than 28 years old. She has one child, but her body doesn’t show it at all.

“I can’t wait,” I replied. Jenna grabbed some oil from the dresser and climbed on top of me. Her smooth pussy rested on my back as she rubbed oil onto my shoulders. She worked her fingers deep into my flesh, pushing all tension out of my neck, back and upper shoulders. Then, she lowered her chest, so her nipples just barely touched my back. She moved slowly over every inch of my back, with the soft touch of her pointy nipples erotically touching me the whole time.

She shifted down to sit on my upper legs and repeated the process for my lower back and butt. Oil, hands, then breasts. Strong touch followed by soft touch. This felt heavenly.

She shifted again, spreading my legs a little and now kneeling between them. Jenna massaged my thighs for a while, then started focusing solely on the inside of my thighs only. Each time her hands dove deep inside them, she touched the tip of my hardening cock. Soon she had one hand massaging a thigh and one hand massaging part of my cock.

I raised my hips a little to give her more access. She was now able to caress my balls as well as stroke my cock completely. She paused to pour some oil into the crack of my ass, then resumed stroking. One hand rubbed the oil around my butthole. “Oh no, she’s not really going there,” I thought. But she did. She slid one, then two fingers in my anus. I surprised myself with a moan in response. She stroked my cock and “massaged my prostate” as I started moaning like her bitch.

I said “Ooohhh – I’m almost there!” and in one swift ninja-move she was on her back with her mouth below my dick. She kept stroking me to orgasm, and it all drained perfectly into her mouth.

After she had swallowed my jizz and moved back out from under me she said, “Didn’t want to waste any of that delicious spunk. Oh, and by the way, Ella told me you’d enjoy the fingers in the ass.”

Jenna then asked, “What would you like to try next? I’m open to almost anything.” I responded, maybe a little too eagerly, “I’ve never licked a shaved pussy before. I would love to taste that. I also have never fucked a girl in the ass before. Since you explored my ass a little, maybe you’ll let me explore yours.”

She laughed and said, “You’re in luck. I’m very proud of my smooth pussy, and my strongest orgasms come from a man or a woman’s tongue. Let me tell you a little secret – that woman in the other room licked me to one of my best orgasms ever, back when we were in college.”

“Good to know,” I said. I filed that juicy info away for later.

“Oh, and that other thing. I’m the only one of the sisters that enjoys anal sex. That’s a strong yes, too. Let’s get started. We have a lot to accomplish here.”

I had no idea I was going to be competing with my wife as I went down on her sister. As expected, her shaved pussy lips were a huge turn-on. My tongue found every smooth and wet fold. I traced her entire pussy with my tongue over and over. I was soon able to slide one, then two, then three fingers past both knuckles as I tongued her clit. My other hand massaged her perky nipples most of the time, too. For some reason, I was determined to “win”, and I kept at her until she had reached three different orgasms. My jaw was sore and locking up by the third. My tongue was numb.

Jenna said, “That was definitely the longest anyone has stayed down there for me. Three orgasms, are you kidding me! I hope you give my sister’s pussy the same attention, big boy. That tongue sure finds all the right places. I’m kind of glad you want to fuck my ass now. My pussy needs a break.”

Jenna handed me the lubricating oil and got on all fours. I moved behind her on the bed and poured way too much on her back and ass. She got a quick lower back and upper leg massage to help rub it all in. She sure didn’t complain. I lubed my entire shaft, spread oil on her butthole, then snuck an oiled finger in a few times to get her ready. I rubbed my cock along her pussy a couple of times and then inserted it slowly into her ass. It took a while to feed most of it in, but we did.

Once inside, I held her hips steady and started to thrust my cock in and out of her ass. This was a totally different feeling than fucking a pussy. It was much tighter, and everything touched and moved at a different angle than I was used to.

Pretty soon we started moving a little faster, and she really got into it. “That’s it, stud, fuck my ass. Fill me up with that huge cock.” I reached down to rub her clit as she bucked back and forth. She came first and I blew a load into her sphincter soon after. That was another new experience for me – one my wife has said “no” to on a few occasions.

As I pulled out of her ass, I was a little grossed out that my penis was just inside someone’s butt. I grabbed a towel and some water and cleaned off both my cock and Jenna’s anus.

We laid together on the bed, and I asked Jenna if there was anything else she wanted to try. She said, “I’m pretty sore right now. You know, though, we haven’t even kissed yet. You fucked my ass and never even kissed me. I feel violated.”

To make up for it, we explored each other’s mouths with our tongues for about 20 minutes. Though we were naked, we never really touched any other parts of the body. We focused on the head and the neck only as we kissed. It’s amazing how much passion there can be in a session of kissing when that is your only focus.

I helped Jenna get dressed, and we shared one final warm embrace and extended kiss. After Jenna left, Lisa came in to lie down with me. Not a single word. She just cuddled up against me and we both fell asleep.

Four days later, Lisa’s mom came over. Lisa and her mom are built exactly the same. 5’5″ tall, with shapely hourglass bodies. Lisa is 26, while her mom is twice that. Both have the same size breasts (they share bras sometimes), and asses that look great in yoga pants or leggings. Lisa is stunningly beautiful to me, especially naked. Her mom has kept herself in great shape over the years, so I imagine she looks pretty good, too. I guess I was about to find out.

We all dressed up like we were going out to a fancy restaurant. Lisa served an amazing steak dinner. We drank two bottles of wine as we talked and laughed throughout. After dinner, Lisa and her mom went into the kitchen and had a short talk. Her mom came back into the room, grabbed the bag she had brought with her, and walked into our master bedroom.

Lisa explained, “Tonight, I said she could use our bed. She is a little nervous, so be gentle and loving with her. No freaky stuff. She is in the bathroom getting herself ready. She asked for you to remove your clothes and get under the covers to wait for her.” She gave me a soft kiss on the lips, squeezed my cock through my slacks, and said, “Enjoy.”

As requested, I walked to the bedroom, undressed, and climbed in bed. Just one bedside reading lamp was on. Otherwise, the room was dark. Lisa’s mom soon opened the bathroom door and entered the room. She turned off the lamp and quickly snuck under the covers. She moved her head close to mine and said, “Thank you for doing this for me tonight. And thank you for being so amazing to my daughter. I have never seen her so happy in her life. You are so good to her, and so good for her.”

With that, she leaned in to kiss me. I gently stroked the side of her face as we kissed again. Another kiss introduced our tongues to each other. She was soft and gentle with every kiss. She moaned softly as my hand brushed along the side of her breast. As we continued to make out, I rubbed her belly slowly, then reached up to cup one of her breasts. Another moan as her fingers started gliding along my chest and stomach.

My hand found her nipple, and my fingers quickly aroused it. Then, the other one. Her moaning grew louder, and her hand slid down towards my cock. When she reached my cock, her hand started at the base and slid along its entire length. She kissed my neck and whispered into my ear, “Oh my God, the girls said you were big, but this thing is amazing!” I played with her breasts some more while she slowly stroked my cock.

Our kissing continued as I moved my hand down her belly to her pussy. I was expecting more hair than I felt. As soon as my fingers touched her down there, she was wet. Her kissing and her stroking stopped as she laid back to enjoy me fingering her. I sat up and moved my legs in between hers. She widened her legs and bent her knees. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and slowly started to slide it in.

I leaned forward to resume our kissing as we synced our bodies into a slow in-and-out motion. We weren’t just having sex; we were connecting on a different level. After a few minutes of gentle lovemaking, I picked up the pace ever so slightly. I soon felt her legs and loins start to quiver. She was awash in the waves of an orgasm, moaning very loudly now.

In another few minutes, it was my turn. The intensity of this orgasm was far higher than any I had with the sisters. She wrapped her legs tightly around me and pulled me even deeper inside of her.

I laid down on top of her, and we stayed there in silence for a few minutes. I kissed her neck, and then whispered in her ear, “You are an amazing lover and mom. Thank you for making me feel so loved.”

I finally withdrew my cock from her and laid down beside her. We just held each other close, occasionally kissing and whispering to each other. After about a half hour, she reached over to her bag on the floor, took out her phone, and texted Lisa.

In less than a minute, my wife entered the room fully naked and slid under the covers on the other side of me from her mom. I rolled onto my back and put my arm around both women. Lisa broke the silence, saying, “Well, mom, was he good to you?” Her mom replied, “Oh, he was more than good. You have yourself a real winner here.”

“I know, mom. I know.”

I turned my head to kiss Lisa as her mom watched. Then, her mom grabbed my chin and pulled it towards her lips to kiss her. Lisa reciprocated, getting a little more aggressive with her tongue on her next kiss. Her mom returned the favor, and ramped up the level of her kiss, too. This went on for a little while until we all started laughing. Lisa said “Truce?” to her mom, and they both sat up.

They leaned across me and hugged. Then they kissed. Then kissed again. And again, this time with open mouths. Before I knew it, I was looking up at a passionate French kiss between my wife and her

mother. Their hands found each other’s breasts, and they started squeezing and rubbing each other without breaking the kiss.

Lisa noticed that my cock was now at full attention from this hot scene playing out above me, and she said, “Mom, look how turned on he is again. You’d better take care of that.” Her mom said, “I’d love to. Are you sure it’s OK?” Lisa reminded her mom that this was her only chance, so she’d better take advantage of it.

The two women stood up together, rotated so they were both straddling me, and then Lisa helped her mom lower herself gently onto my rock-hard cock. Lisa sat down on my chest as her mom raised up and down with me inside of her. Her mom leaned forward as she fucked me, and they started making out again.

After a few minutes, they pulled themselves up into a standing position again. They rotated so that Lisa was now positioned over my cock, and both lowered back down. Now I was buried inside of Lisa’s pussy, while her mom was sitting on my chest. I grabbed her mom’s legs and slid her butt towards my head until her pussy was directly over my mouth. I then nudged her down onto my face and started licking her.

Soon both women were moaning and kissing again. Lisa rode my cock as she played with her clit and made out with her mother. My tongue worked its magic on her mother’s clit, and both women reached their crescendo at almost the same time.

Everyone was little worn out, so we untangled and laid down together. Lisa’s mom ended up in between us. I was spooning Lisa’s mom and she was spooning Lisa. My arm was draped across both of them. We all fell fast asleep.

I was awoken one time during the night by Lisa and her mom playing with each other again. They were trying to be discreet but woke me up anyway. As I listened to them kissing and fingering each other, my cock rose up again. I quietly slid it between her mom’s legs. Since I was still spooning her, the angle wasn’t quite right.

My cock contacted Lisa’s hand that had been fingering her mom’s pussy. She helped guide me toward the opening, and her mom shifted her butt and raised her top leg a little to allow me to slip inside her pussy. Again, I delicately slid in and out of her mother while the two women kissed and fondled each other. Eventually, we wore ourselves out again. I slipped my cock out of her mother and their kissing stopped. One by one, we all fell back to sleep.

In the morning, I was awoken by the two women talking and giggling. They quickly moved themselves until they were kneeling at the base of the bed. Their heads were close together, with my cock in between. They took turns licking and stroking my cock as it sprang to attention again.

Then, they alternated taking my cock into their mouths. One would hold my cock as the other would slide her mouth up and down along its shaft. Each time they switched, they would pause to kiss each other. I don’t even remember whose mouth I was in when I said, “Ooohhh, yeah, I’m about to cum…”

The mouth quickly pulled away and they pointed my cock at an angle, so my spunk shot all over my stomach and chest. They both started licking as much as they could off me. They shared one more passionate kiss before they moved up to take turns making out with me.

Lisa’s mother then said, “What do you say we take a shower, Lisa, and then make your incredible lover some breakfast.” I stayed in bed as they went in to shower together. I could slightly hear them talking and laughing, and sometimes moaning.

The shower took at least ½ hour. Lisa told me later that, as they cleaned each other’s bodies from head to toe, things got pretty heated up. Her mom brought Lisa to orgasm with her fingers. Lisa brought her mom to orgasm using her tongue.

They finally toweled off and got dressed for the day. I showered quickly and joined them for breakfast.

After breakfast, we kissed and hugged her mother goodbye. When the door closed, Lisa turned to me and said, “Happy anniversary. I love you now more than I ever have.”

“Wait until you see what we do for second anniversaries.”

I started to ask if she was serious, but Lisa put her fingers to my mouth and hushed me. She took my hand, led me to the bedroom, and we laid down together in a warm embrace. We both drifted off to sleep.

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