Sister has a plan for brother

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Sister has a plan for brother

I was shocked. It was like that magic trick where the magician has the the girl walk through the door and closes it after her, and then when he re-opens it, there is a tiger instead of a girl. Except this time, instead of a girl having morphed into a tiger, my sister had gone from being a chunky wild child to a good-looking woman.

Yesterday, I had driven my sister Ashley from our hometown to my apartment here in Madison, Wisconsin. She had graduated from high school the day before and was looking to start a new life here. During the drive, she had had black rim glasses, two nose rings, a lip piercing and multiple ear piercings. Her hair had been dyed a bright purple. She had been dressed to hide her chunky body in baggy sweatpants and an over-sized sweatshirt that came down mid-thigh. She had always been chunky. Her boobs had been two small bulges on a body with lots of bulges. This was how she had looked when I left my apartment to go to work for my Monday evening shift.

This morning when I came into the living room, she looked completely different. The glasses were gone. The piercings were gone. Her hair was a pretty dark blond. She was wearing a T-Shirt that had been cropped a few inches below her tits. Below that was a firm tummy and a nice pair of legs. I stood there stunned at the transformation.

My sister smiled at my befuddlement. “I look a little different than yesterday, don’t I, Ryan?”

“Uhhh, yeah. No glasses?”

“I’m wearing contacts.”

I don’t think I had ever notice my sister’s eyes before. They were a pretty blue with long light-brown eyelashes and capped by full eyebrows that arched enticingly.

“What happened to the piercings?”

“I removed them and threw them away. It will take several weeks for the holes to close. They were all small piercings, so I hope they’ll all heal without a leaving a mark.”

“And your hair?” Her hair was parted down the middle and came down like a waterfall to an inch below her jaw. It looked fuller than it had yesterday.

“I switched to temporary hair dye two months ago. I washed it out last night.”


“My body?” She did a quick half-spin to show me her back side. Being 5’8″, she had long legs that were now firm. Her ass looked good. She had a little bit of flab and she didn’t have the body of an athlete or a cheerleader, but no one would call her chunky. Her feature that I liked best were her broad shoulders. She spun around to show that those broad shoulders supported two large tits. She looked amazing compared to how she’d looked when I had seen her at Christmas.

“Eating right and lots of exercise. I have been doing lots of aerobics at home. All of my old T-shirts were tents on me, so I cropped them all.”

My sister wasn’t model beautiful – her nose was a little too large and some of her teeth weren’t straight, but her full lips curved easily into a dazzling smile. Prior to this morning, her weird hair color, glasses, piercings and chunkiness had made me overlook that she had a pretty face.

“Ashley, you look really good.”

“Ashley is no more. Good riddance. Nobody liked her. You saw what happened at my graduation.” After the ceremony, nobody had spoken to Ashley. Instead, they had turned their backs as she walked over to join Mom and me in the gymnasium.

“From now on,” she continued, “I am going to go by Nicole.” Nicole was her middle name. “Oh, and thanks a lot for everything yesterday. You were such a big, big help. Can I make you some breakfast? Or an early lunch”

“Breakfast would be nice.” I had just woken up even though it was 11. “I’ll have a light lunch before going to work at 4.”

“How does a half a bagel, a yogurt and some apple slices sound?”

“Much better than my usual cereal.”

I watched as she worked in the kitchen. She was easy on the eyes.

“You asked me during the drive why I was so happy.” I hadn’t understood how she could be so happy when I thought her future looked so grim. “I told you that things were going just the way I was hoping. Losing the weight and getting fit went a lot better than I thought they would. Don’t get me wrong – I had to work for hours every day to get into this shape and it is a challenge to eat well on a tight budget. But I did it. After blowing off school for three years, I busted my butt the last year so I would know something when I graduated. I have been accepted to Madison College” – the local community college – “and I’ll be taking classes there this fall so I can be admitted to their nursing program. I came up with a plan and I have been sticking to it.” She served me my breakfast. “The only big challenge left is to use this” – she gestured towards her body – “to get a dad for Owen.”

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