Sister has a plan for brother

Sister has a plan for brother

I was shocked. It was like that magic trick where the magician has the the girl walk through the door and closes it after her, and then when he re-opens it, there is a tiger instead of a girl. Except this time, instead of a girl having morphed into a tiger, my sister had gone from being a chunky wild child to a good-looking woman.

Yesterday, I had driven my sister Ashley from our hometown to my apartment here in Madison, Wisconsin. She had graduated from high school the day before and was looking to start a new life here. During the drive, she had had black rim glasses, two nose rings, a lip piercing and multiple ear piercings. Her hair had been dyed a bright purple. She had been dressed to hide her chunky body in baggy sweatpants and an over-sized sweatshirt that came down mid-thigh. She had always been chunky. Her boobs had been two small bulges on a body with lots of bulges. This was how she had looked when I left my apartment to go to work for my Monday evening shift.

This morning when I came into the living room, she looked completely different. The glasses were gone. The piercings were gone. Her hair was a pretty dark blond. She was wearing a T-Shirt that had been cropped a few inches below her tits. Below that was a firm tummy and a nice pair of legs. I stood there stunned at the transformation.

My sister smiled at my befuddlement. “I look a little different than yesterday, don’t I, Ryan?”

“Uhhh, yeah. No glasses?”

“I’m wearing contacts.”

I don’t think I had ever notice my sister’s eyes before. They were a pretty blue with long light-brown eyelashes and capped by full eyebrows that arched enticingly.

“What happened to the piercings?”

“I removed them and threw them away. It will take several weeks for the holes to close. They were all small piercings, so I hope they’ll all heal without a leaving a mark.”

“And your hair?” Her hair was parted down the middle and came down like a waterfall to an inch below her jaw. It looked fuller than it had yesterday.

“I switched to temporary hair dye two months ago. I washed it out last night.”


“My body?” She did a quick half-spin to show me her back side. Being 5’8″, she had long legs that were now firm. Her ass looked good. She had a little bit of flab and she didn’t have the body of an athlete or a cheerleader, but no one would call her chunky. Her feature that I liked best were her broad shoulders. She spun around to show that those broad shoulders supported two large tits. She looked amazing compared to how she’d looked when I had seen her at Christmas.

“Eating right and lots of exercise. I have been doing lots of aerobics at home. All of my old T-shirts were tents on me, so I cropped them all.”

My sister wasn’t model beautiful – her nose was a little too large and some of her teeth weren’t straight, but her full lips curved easily into a dazzling smile. Prior to this morning, her weird hair color, glasses, piercings and chunkiness had made me overlook that she had a pretty face.

“Ashley, you look really good.”

“Ashley is no more. Good riddance. Nobody liked her. You saw what happened at my graduation.” After the ceremony, nobody had spoken to Ashley. Instead, they had turned their backs as she walked over to join Mom and me in the gymnasium.

“From now on,” she continued, “I am going to go by Nicole.” Nicole was her middle name. “Oh, and thanks a lot for everything yesterday. You were such a big, big help. Can I make you some breakfast? Or an early lunch”

“Breakfast would be nice.” I had just woken up even though it was 11. “I’ll have a light lunch before going to work at 4.”

“How does a half a bagel, a yogurt and some apple slices sound?”

“Much better than my usual cereal.”

I watched as she worked in the kitchen. She was easy on the eyes.

“You asked me during the drive why I was so happy.” I hadn’t understood how she could be so happy when I thought her future looked so grim. “I told you that things were going just the way I was hoping. Losing the weight and getting fit went a lot better than I thought they would. Don’t get me wrong – I had to work for hours every day to get into this shape and it is a challenge to eat well on a tight budget. But I did it. After blowing off school for three years, I busted my butt the last year so I would know something when I graduated. I have been accepted to Madison College” – the local community college – “and I’ll be taking classes there this fall so I can be admitted to their nursing program. I came up with a plan and I have been sticking to it.” She served me my breakfast. “The only big challenge left is to use this” – she gestured towards her body – “to get a dad for Owen.”

As if he had heard his name, my five-month-old nephew cried out.

“Coming honey!”

Ashley went to get Owen out of his portable crib.

Owen was why I had thought Ashley’s future looked so grim. She had only a high school diploma and no money. Mom wasn’t going to give her any money just like she hadn’t given me any money in the four years since I graduated from high school. Hell, I can’t remember the last time she ever gave me money as the house, food and her beer habit took up her meager paycheck. Ashley wasn’t going to get any money from Owen’s dad as she didn’t know who he was.

Owen was why Ashley had been shunned at her graduation ceremony. Pregnant girls in our small Wisconsin town were expected to drop out of high school and disappear. I only talked to my Mom when I spent Christmas at home and this Christmas had been an unusually tense visit. Mom constantly complained (which was why I avoided talking to her), but she seemed especially bitter at Christmas. She had told me that everyone called Ashley the town slut. Mom had told me that whenever people asked Ashley who the father was, Ashley told them that she had no idea and they would have to do paternity tests on half the boys in the senior class to determine who the father was.

Ashley sat down on the couch, lifted her cropped T-shirt a little bit, did something with her bra to make a nipple appear and then brought Owen’s mouth up to it.

“I hope you don’t mind me breastfeeding in front of you. One of the things that I have lost being a mom is my modesty about bodily functions. Pee, poop and nipples are just facts of life.”

“It doesn’t bother me. It’s kind of interesting. I don’t think I have ever seen a kid breastfed before.”

“Breastfeeding is so much better for a baby than a bottle. I may have to stop when I go to college, but he will have gotten most of the value of breastfeeding by then.” She looked down at Owen then looked back at me. “Oh, thanks so much for lending me your car yesterday. Could I borrow it again today? You’d have to get a ride home after work again…”

“I guess so. It worked out well last night. But you can’t keep borrowing it every day.”

“I know. I’m trying to get something in place, but I am going to need some wheels for the next few days. I’ll fill the tank when I am done and I’ll do something nice for you later, okay?”


“What did you mean by ‘it worked out well last night’?”

“I normally come right home after working my shift. Last night, I stayed and hung out with my co-workers. I told them with Curt disappearing on me, I was on the lookout for a new roommate. One said he might know someone who’d be interested.”

Friday morning when I had gone to my roommate Curt’s bedroom to confront him about where his half of the rent money was, I had discovered that all of his stuff was gone except some crappy furniture. Later, I had called someone I knew who worked at the restaurant Curt worked at and I had found out that Wednesday he had shown up for work tipsy and had been fired.

With Curt gone, I didn’t have to sleep last night on the couch like I had been expecting. I had been surprised when Ashley called me a month ago to ask me to come to her graduation. Then she explained that she wanted to move to Madison and asked me to move her stuff down and let her stay with me for a few days until she could find her own place. I had expected at the time that I would sleep on the couch while she slept in my room. With Curt gone, she had slept in his room and I had slept in mine.

“Just to be clear – this means you have even less time to find subsidized housing or whatever. I don’t want a potential roommate scared off because you and Owen are staying here indefinitely. I am already late on the rent and I can’t swing the whole month by myself. You can take Curt’s furniture with you when you move out if you want.”

“Look,” said Ashley. “You’ve been great – far better to me than I expected. I’m grateful for all you have done for me, including cleaning up the apartment yesterday.” When we had gotten to my apartment, I realized that what was clean enough for two guys wasn’t nearly clean enough for a baby to live in. We had spent the two hours before I went to work picking up, vacuuming, sweeping until there wasn’t any crap within Owen’s reach. “Do what you need to do and I’ll get out of your hair as quickly as I can.”

Ashley finished nursing Owen, set him down on a blanket and gave him a couple of toys.

“Ryan, would you please watch him while I make lunch?”

“I’d be glad to.”

I had played with Owen a little bit yesterday. I had never played with a baby before and I had been surprised at how fun it was. Owen was a happy little guy who constantly squealed as I played with him. He loved it when I gave him raspberries on his tummy. He wasn’t looking to play right now. Instead, he looked like he was doing baby push ups.

“Ashley, what’s he doing?”

“It’s Nicole. Ashley is no more, remember?”

“Okay, Nicole. Give me a while to get used to the name change.”

Ashley…err Nicole came over to the couch with a large salad that had pieces of grilled chicken mixed in.

“He’s working on learning to crawl. He is building up his strength and improving his balance. Soon, he will be all over the place. Why don’t you read to him?”

Several baby books were next to the blanket. I picked up one, sat down next to Owen and read. Owen kept doing his baby push ups as I read. One of his arms gave way and his head smashed into the blanket. He lifted himself back on his arm and gave me a big smile like smashing his head had been a lot of fun.

“It’s super important to talk to him”, said Nicole. “His mind is such a sponge at this stage. The number of words he hears now is a major factor in how big of a vocabulary he’ll have when he’s grown.”

“You know a lot.”

“I’ve been reading constantly since I found out I was pregnant. I’m hoping to be a nurse at a pediatrician’s office.”

When Nicole finished her lunch, she took Owen to the library for some program for babies.

“I have to network with moms,” Nicole told me.

Why would the library have a program for kids who can’t read?

Wednesday, Nicole let me feed Owen. I did the “Here comes the choo-choo” thing. It was a blast.

Thursday morning, Nicole was puttering in the kitchen when I came out of my room.

“Any luck finding a new roommate?” she asked.

“Nothing yet.” I sighed. “The people I know in town all work in the restaurant industry and those people aren’t the most reliable.”

“You work in the restaurant industry.”

“I hate working as a waiter. Customers crap on me all the time. My manager craps on me all the time. My co-workers are always bitching about how they hate their jobs and their lives. Yet, I am supposed to have this great big smile every time I talk to a customer. It’s depressing work.”

“Why don’t you get a new job?”

“There aren’t a lot of entry-level jobs in this town. Waiting on tables pays better than working retail or delivering pizzas. I just have to survive a few more months and then I’ll be a tutor at the university. Hopefully, that’ll be a lot better. Certainly can’t be any worse. Regardless, I wish I could get a fellow Engineering student as a roommate but they are all home for the summer.”

“In that case, I have a proposal for you. We’ve gotten along decently since I arrived. I’ll stay with you until the fall and then you can get a engineer as your roommate.”

“Nicole, I need to have rent money.”

That made her smile. She reached into the pocket of her shorts and pulled out a shiny-new checkbook. She ripped out a check.

“That’s what this is. Pro-rated for this month and a one-month security deposit.” I reached for it and she pulled it back.

“But before I give it to you, we have to agree on a schedule for keeping this place clean.”

I was in the living area with the kitchen counter between us. She picked up a white notebook from the counter, opened it and turned it towards me.

“Here is the schedule I am proposing of what you will clean and when.”

I picked up the notebook and looked over the schedule. She was proposing that we alternate doing each of the cleaning chores. I countered with I would do all of the vacuuming if she would do the bathrooms. The apartment had a living area, a kitchen area and two bedrooms, each with its own bath. The only furniture in the living area was a nice couch and a small dining room table with two mismatched chairs. Not much in the way of dishes. No TV. No stereo. Curt and I had both moved in with very little and hadn’t bought much for the apartment since. Nicole and I went back and forth on the cleaning chores until we reached something we both could accept.

“Deal?” Nicole said as she stuck out her hand.

“Deal,” I said as I shook it.

“Oh, would you please give me a ride later? I am buying a Corolla and I need to be at the DMV at two to pick it up.”

“Where did you get all this money?”

“People are willing to lend future college students quite a bit.”

That didn’t seem right, but where else could she have gotten money? Then it hit me – it had to be from Owen’s father.

“Nicole, who is Owen’s father?”

“It’s none of your damn business. It’s not important. I’m his mom and that’s all that matters. Understood?”

“Understood.” Clearly, a topic she didn’t want to discuss.

Friday, Nicole asked me for another favor.

“Can you show me how to use the machines in the workout room?”

Our apartment complex had a workout room with a treadmill and some weight machines. I had played football in high school, starting at inside linebacker my last two years. I had been big into weight lifting then. After I broke up with Mandy and moved in with Curt, I began hitting the weights again. Nicole got a blanket and some toys for Owen and we went down to the workout room.

I was 6’2″ with a big chest. My hair was darker than Nicole’s, a light brown rather than her dark blond. My eyes were a light brown. My teeth were more misaligned than hers and I hoped to get braces once I got a job after college. I wasn’t ripped like I had been during my football days, but I was still muscular and at a good weight.

Nicole was dressed in a cropped T-shirt and Lycra shorts that hugged her ass tightly. I showed her how to use each machine. We started with the lower body machines and worked upwards. The air conditioning in the workout room wasn’t the best and soon both of us were coated with sweat. Seeing so much skin on a girl with big tits had me hard, even if it was my sister. For the lower body machines, I had to put my hands on her long legs to show her exactly the right form. For the upper body machines, I put my hands on her arms and shoulders. I had broken up with Mandy three months ago and hadn’t had a date since. I kept picturing myself reaching around Nicole and cupping those big tits of hers.

It was fun working with her, but it had made me horny as hell. I normally showered right before going to work, but today I showered right after working out with Nicole. I needed some immediate release and began jerking off once the water hit me. I tried to picture Mandy’s body, but all that would come to mind was Nicole’s. It didn’t take me long to blow my load. I finished my shower and got dressed. I hoped Nicole didn’t suspect why I had taken my shower early.

Sunday, Nicole took Owen to church.

“It’s another opportunity to network with moms and it’s free childcare.”

Monday morning, Nicole had another proposal for me.

“I want to work out at ten Monday through Saturday. Would you be willing to watch Owen for an hour while I go work out? I’ll nurse him when I come back and then take a shower. In return, I’ll do your laundry and make your bed. What do you think?”

I stuck out my hand. “Deal.”

We shook on it. At a little before ten, she went into her room and changed into her workout outfit.

“I think I’ll do cardio today. See you in an hour.”

I spent the hour on the floor with Owen. Sometimes I read, sometimes I played with his toys, sometimes I kicked back and watched him go. Nicole came back soaked with sweat. Owen immediately made his little cry that meant he wanted to be breastfed. Nicole scooped up Owen and sat down on the couch. With her free hand, she pulled off her soaked cropped T-shirt and threw it on the floor next to her. She then pulled off her sports bra and threw it next to her T-shirt, releasing her tits. Owen moved to the right tit, leaving me an unobstructed view of the left tit. It was the size of a baseball and stood out proudly on her chest. Its two-inch brown aerola pointed slightly down, in the center of which was a large nipple. Did nursing make the nipple larger?

“I hope you don’t mind me nursing like this.”

“Not if doesn’t bother you,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. I tried hard to not look, but my eyes kept being drawn back.

“Pregnancy changes your body in lots of ways. It made my boobs a lot bigger. It probably made my ass bigger, but I can’t tell because I was so heavy before I got pregnant.”

I kept looking for things to do in the kitchen. I cleaned the same counter space a couple of times, all the time trying to sneak peeks at Nicole’s tits.

“If you are going to look, look. Quit farting around.”

I looked for a while, until I felt stupid staring at her body. Owen switched sides and the right tit looked as perfect as the left one. I moved things out of the kitchen so I could do the sweeping and mopping for the week.

“Ryan, do you think you could set me up with one of your friends?”

I knew lots of guys that would love to go out with a good-looking eighteen-year old. But how many of them would want to get involved with a single mom?

“If you are looking for just sex, I know a lot of guys who would like to meet you. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you are going to have to wait until the fall when my Engineering friends get back in town.”

“I’ll wait. Thanks.”

Nicole finished nursing Owen and then strode half-naked to her room to shower like an Amazon warrior returning home from battle. I had plenty of images to fuel my masturbation fantasies. And I agreed to do this every day?

* * * *

Surprisingly enough, I did get used to seeing Nicole topless every day. In fact, the post-work out nursing sessions were when we had our longest talks. We talked a lot about Owen and the new things he was doing. Nicole would tell me about her mom friends and I would vent about work. It was so glad I was able to vent to her the day I had to cancel my plans for a long-weekend visit to some friends because my manager scheduled me to work at the last minute. The view of her tits did give me plenty to think about during my jerk off sessions once Nicole left with Owen for some mom’s function. Still, I enjoyed the conversations more than the view.

At the end of June, I took her out for her nineteenth birthday. It was the only meal she had eaten out since she moved in with me. I gave her a Walmart gift card. I would have rather given her some clothes or music, but I knew what she wanted was money to spend on Owen.

“Thanks, Ryan!” she said after she opened the card with the gift card. She gave me a brief hug. “I’ve been having trouble staying on budget and this will be a big help.”

Nicole was very tight with what little money she had. The Corolla she had bought was nine years old. She bought most things at garage sales or off Craigslist. I had been shocked at how much stuff babies require.

I tried to figure out how to phrase asking about how much money she had. Before I could decide on the phrasing, she obviously figured out what I was thinking about and told me firmly, “DON’T. ASK.”

Several days later, Nicole asked me, “Why aren’t you dating anyone? And what happened to you and Mandy? You had been over the moon about her Christmas before last.”

“I was very happy with Mandy for a long time. She was a ton of fun and super cute. She’s from Madison, so she had tons of friends here whereas I didn’t know anyone.” She had been a freshman at Madison College when I had met her. We both had been working as wait staff at a big-chain restaurant. “We started dating in October and we moved in together in January. Her dad moved in with us too.”

“Her dad?”

“Yeah. He’s disabled and in a wheelchair. Mandy wanted to be able to take care of him if he needed help. He had one bedroom and we had the other. Life was good.”

“He didn’t mind you screwing his daughter?”

“I was going to screw her whether he lived with us or not.”

“So what happened?”

“I flunked out of Electrical Engineering. It was the first time I had ever failed at anything I tried hard at. It was a big blow for me, but Mandy didn’t consider it a big deal. She was struggling in her classes at Madison and it didn’t bother her. At the time, I blamed her because I neglected my studies to do stuff with her.”

“And you don’t now?”

“No. I never got double-E. Last fall, I switched to Civil Engineering and I get Civil Engineering.” I sighed. “However, if I was going to graduate this year, I had to up my hours from twelve to fifteen. I didn’t want to fail again, so I cut way back on the partying and stuff to study hard. Which is pretty ironic considering that I picked UW-Madison because of its reputation as a party school. Mandy didn’t like me studying all the time. New Years Eve was the beginning of the end as she wanted to get shitfaced and I didn’t want to get drunk. When I got serious about my studies again in January, we had lots of big fights. She said I wasn’t fun anymore. We broke up, I moved out and moved in with Curt.”

“Was it hard splitting up your stuff when you moved out?”

“It wasn’t bad. We were adults about it. She wanted the big screen TV as her Dad spent most of his day watching it. We finally agreed that I would get the bed and the couch and she would get everything else.”

“It’s a great couch and a great bed.” Nicole had been taking naps on my bed since shortly after she had arrived as Curt’s old bed was so crappy. “I know this is a big favor, but would you mind if I slept in your bed tonight until you get home? Wake me and I’ll go to my bed. That way I can get a least some good sleep.”

“That’d be fine. Anyways, I switched restaurants once I broke up with Mandy so I didn’t have to work with her anymore. By that time, it was too close to the end of the school year to start dating someone new at school. There are a couple of good-looking girls where I am working now, but the only thing they talk to me about is how much their lives suck. I don’t think I want to date another waitress. So I probably won’t date again until the fall. “

By this time, Nicole had finished nursing Owen. She set Owen down, got up and give me a big hug. “I am proud of you, Ryan.”

“Proud of me?”

She let go, but stayed next to me. “Yes. You could have taken the easy way and stayed with Mandy. Instead, you took the harder road that will benefit you in the long run.” She gave me another quick hug.

“It was kind of like that for me,” she continued. “As soon as I thought I was pregnant, I decided I was going to be a great mom. I quit smoking, drinking and doing drugs. I stopped partying. I started eating right and exercising. I read everything I could about pregnancy and being a mom when I hadn’t been a reader before. It sucks now, but I think it will all pay off long-term.”

Nicole looked down and saw two small wet spots on my shirt.

“I leaked on you!” she said. “I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it. I may never have another chance to be leaked on by a half-naked woman.” I pulled her towards me and gave her a big hug back. “You’re a great mom, Nicole. Owen is lucky to have a mom like you.”

“Thanks.” I could see her tear up. I held her tightly as she cried for a little bit. After a few minutes, she pulled away.

“Thanks again, Ryan.” She went to take a shower. Being a single mom is a tough life.

* * * *

When I came home that night, Nicole was asleep in my bed. She was wearing her usual sleeping clothes – a nursing tank top and sweat pants. She looked so peaceful that I didn’t have the heart to wake her. As the bed was a queen, there was plenty of room for both of us. I quietly took all my stuff out of my pockets, slipped out of my clothes, put on my pajama pants and slipped into the other side of the bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find that I was on my side next to Nicole, who was on her side. My front side lightly touched her back side at a couple of places. My hand was on Nicole’s thigh. This was how Mandy and I had always slept. I thought about turning over, but decided that I would wind up this way again regardless so why fight it.

Nicole was gone when I woke. I shucked the pajamas and pulled on underwear, shorts and a T-shirt as I always did. I went out to the living room where Nicole was reading baby books to Owen.

“I thought you were going to wake me when you got home?” Nicole asked.

“That’s what I intended, but I didn’t see the point when it came time to. The bed was big enough for both of us. I hope you didn’t mind me snuggling on you.”

“No, actually it was quite nice. Last night was the best night’s sleep I’ve had since I moved in.”

“If you want, you can sleep in my bed again tonight. No promises about not kicking you out.”

“That’d be great.”

For the next two nights, I slipped into bed when I got home and I always wound up snuggled next to Nicole. The next night I had off. I went to bed an hour after Nicole did. When I got into bed, Nicole rolled over and said, “Hey there.”

“I’m sorry to wake you.”

“It’s okay. I go back to sleep easily.”

I was in bed now, lying on my side facing her. Nicole backed up until her back side was lightly touching my front. I put my hand on Nicole’s thigh like I did unconsciously while asleep.

“Good night, Ryan.”

“Good night, Nicole.”

That was our sleeping routine from then on. Nothing overtly sexual, but perhaps romantic. Each night as I waited for sleep to overtake me, I had definitely unbrotherly thoughts about Nicole. She was what I fantasized about when I jerked off, but that was fantasy. Snuggled up next to her, I wondered if she had feelings for me as more than a brother. We had never been close growing up, but now I felt very close to her. The only woman I had felt this close to was Mandy. I told myself to enjoy the friendly companionship as that was all I would ever get.

* * * *

Owen was a huge part of my life now. He was crawling and loved to explore every nook and cranny of the apartment. Everything was new and interesting to him. We had to child-proof all of the kitchen cabinets and drawers and we kept the doors to the bedrooms closed. Baby toys were all over the living area. Owen would crawl to one, play with it for a few moments, toss it aside and crawl to the next. He was a hoot to watch.

One thing I didn’t do was change Owen’s poopie diapers. They smelled and were nasty, I didn’t want to get poop on me and I didn’t want to wipe Owen’s private parts. If Owen pooped while Nicole was working out, I would leave him in the poopie diaper. Nicole would seem disappointed when she came back, but she never said a word to me. However, it would throw things off as Owen would want to immediately nurse and Nicole would have to change his diaper first.

“You’ve changed so much,” I said one day. “Did you suddenly one day decide to be a different person?”

“In a way. Over a year ago, I was in the Dollar General with some friends. They wanted to shoplift some stuff to give to their girls for Valentine’s Day. I was supposed to distract the clerk while they hid the goods. The clerk was new and she seemed to know what we were up to. Out of the blue, she asks if I am Ashley Mueller. I said yes. She told me that she had gone to high school with Mom and that I looked just like her back then. Mom didn’t have the lip piercing or the nose rings, but she had multiple ear piercings and had dyed her hair a similar shade of purple. I don’t know if she was telling the truth or not, but she freaked me out. I wouldn’t wish being like Mom on my worst enemy.”

Mom was a fat, bitter semi-alcoholic. Our dad had been a long-distance trucker who had never come back while Mom was pregnant with Nicole.

“At least Mom didn’t show up sauced for your graduation like she did for mine.”

“Yeah, that was because she wanted to be on top lecturing form. She lectured me the whole drive to the graduation and the whole drive back.” Mom could be such a joy. “After the talk with the clerk, I tried to think of reasons why my life would turn out different than Mom’s and I couldn’t think of a single one. That scared the shit of me. I didn’t change that day, but I was ready to change after that.”

A few days later, Owen pooped while Nicole was working out and I decided that I would try to change his diaper. I had seen Nicole do it enough times to know what to do. I took Owen to his room, put him on Curt’s old bed which served as a changing table and changed that diaper. I didn’t enjoy it, but it wasn’t as awful as I’d imagined. I soon had him back in the living area, exploring away.

When Nicole was back and nursing Owen, I told her that I had changed his poopie diaper.

“You did? Thanks, Ryan! That was so sweet of you.”

Nicole finished nursing Owen and set him down.

Of course, Nicole was topless as usual after her work out. Her hair was longer now, down to her shoulders. Her workouts had done a lot to tone and firm her body. She was definitely hot now.

“Come here, Ryan. I have a little reward for you. Owen left you some milk.”

I couldn’t believe at first that Nicole was actually suggesting that I nurse on her. I stared dumbly at her. I had dreamed of foundling her tits so many times, but never nursing from them.

“You may never have another chance to be nursed,” she said.

What the hell. I moved over to the couch and sat down next to her. Nicole guided me so my feet were over one end of the couch and my body was reclined over hers. I turned my head and there was a nipple. I put my mouth around it and gently sucked on it like I had seen Owen do so many times before.

“Be careful with your teeth,” Nicole warned me.

Warm milk flowed into my mouth. It was different than milk from the store. It was body temperature for one thing. Very creamy and sweet. I liked the taste.

After I had nursed for ten or fifteen seconds, I realized that this was my big chance to make a move on Nicole. My right arm was pinned against Nicole, but my left arm was free. I moved my free hand towards her other tit…

“I think that’s enough of a reward.”

Nicole pushed me firmly upwards, I opened my mouth and released her nipple and soon found myself sitting normally on the couch. Nicole got up and walked off to our bedroom to shower. She had stopped using the shower in Owen’s room so that there was less to clean.

I sat on the couch, confused. Should I try to join her in the shower? I knew what would happen if I did – she would tell me to go watch Owen. Maybe tonight when I came home from work, we would pick up from where we left off.

That night when Nicole snuggled against me in bed, she didn’t say “Fuck me now, big boy,” or “Make me your cum slut, stud.” Instead, she said, “You’re a great big brother, Ryan.”

“You’re a great sister.”

I felt so deflated. I wanted Nicole and I felt like a pervert for wanting her.

* * * *

I got no further rewards after that, even though I regularly changed Owen’s poopie diapers. Nicole never mentioned it. I guessed she considered the nursing thing was a one-time lark. Should I ask for another reward? She never seemed in the mood to give me one.

If Nicole was interested in me, she was hiding it very, very well. She didn’t flirt with me. She frequently complimented me, but always along the lines of I was “so sweet” or “so considerate”. She apparently had satisfied her interest in my love life as she never asked about it again. My compliments on how her workouts were firming up her body were greeted with a ho-hum “Thanks”.

Towards the end of the summer, I asked, “Why do you go to all of these mom functions?”

“Lots of reasons. One is that as much as I love Owen, I’d go crazy if I spent all day with only him. It’s great to talk to people I have something in common with. The other moms know I am struggling for money so they let me know when they see any bargains. Also, I’ll watch one mom’s baby while they go shopping and they do the same for me. And I was hoping to find a mom to watch Owen while I go to school.”

“Why not daycare?”

“Daycare costs so much and babies in daycare are sick all the time. That’s why I didn’t work this summer. If I had worked, most of my pay would have been for daycare and medical bills.” I hadn’t known that daycare was that expensive. “Talking with the moms has strengthened my belief that to be a great mom, you have to be a great wife. Being a mom is too big of a job to do by yourself. All the other moms are married and I ask them lots of questions about how to make a marriage work. Once I find a dad for Owen, that’s it. I plan on being with him forever. Mom taught me squat about how to make a relationship work.”

“Squat” was a major overstatement.

“At least she taught us lots of things to not do.”

Nicole snorted. Then her face turned serious. “One thing that bugs me,” she said, “is that all of the moms look down on me for having a kid so early. The other moms are in their late twenties or older. So many teenagers have sex and no form of birth control is one hundred percent effective, but they seem to think only an idiot would have a baby in their teen years.”

I too thought it was crazy to have a baby so young. But what other options does a young pregnant girl have? I guess abortion and giving up the kid for adoption, but I can see both of those causing regrets for the rest of their lives. What would I have done if Mandy had gotten pregnant? Or one of the girls I had screwed in high school?

“That reminds me,” said Nicole. “I have a huge, huge favor to ask of you. I have found a mom who will watch Owen for four hours a day while I go to school. In return, I’ll watch her kid two hours a day during the week and five hours on Friday and Saturday night. Would you help me on those nights? Watching one kid is tiring and watching two will leave me exhausted. I know you’ll have parties and dates on those nights, but any night you can help me would be a big, big help.”

“No promises, but I’ll try.”

“Thanks. I’ll try to make it up to you during the week.”

The way of making it up to me that came to mind involved her lying naked on her back with her legs wide open.

* * * *

My summer with Nicole and Owen flew by. Now that it was almost fall, I had some preparations to make. I was raised to take my civic responsibilities seriously and in Wisconsin, there was no higher civic responsibility than rooting for the Green Bay Packers. I was a firm believer in that rooting was far more effective in front of a big screen TV.

Go in debt to pay the rent when my roommate snuck out on me? Hell no! They weren’t close to evicting me. Go in debt to immerse myself in Packers’ games? Where’s the closest Best Buy?

I scored the TV in time to watch the first Wisconsin Badgers football game. It was a challenge to get the TV set up so that Owen couldn’t get to the wires or pull the set over. I tried to have Owen watch the game with me, but he wasn’t interested. I decided to give him a few months to become a football fan.

After Labor Day, Nicole and I started college and our schedules changed drastically. We both left the apartment around 9:30. I stayed at school all day, studying and tutoring when I wasn’t in classes. I got home around 7:30. I would play with Owen for an hour until his bedtime. I resumed studying while Nicole put Owen to bed. Once he was down, she would join me in studying and I would help her with her homework if she needed help.

Nicole got up around seven each morning to feed Owen. I slept in until eight and when I got up, Nicole would go work out. That meant no more views of her tits for me. I stayed up an hour later than Nicole. I spent some of that time playing computer games on my laptop. I spent the rest of the time jacking off while watching porn.

Tutoring was a much better job than waiting tables. The people I helped were so grateful when I helped them understand a concept that had been eluding them. My co-workers were fun and upbeat. The one time I got an idiot who thought it was my job to do his homework for him, my manager supported me by telling him to not come back until he had a better attitude about the services we offered.

Nicole had been slowly taking over the domestic side of my life and was now in full charge. She did all the grocery shopping, though I paid for my share. She made my lunch every day. She usually finished her homework before me and when she did, she would bake me cookies or brownies. I had a schedule of household chores to do, but she did most of the stuff around the apartment. She kept track of my assignments and made sure I was making good progress on my schoolwork.

Friday and Saturday nights were hilarious but exhausting watching Owen and little Jacob. Both of them would pull up on the furniture and cruise along it. For non-walkers, they could get around amazingly fast. They were always doing something new and/or funny. We were always beat when Jacob would finally collapse around nine. Jenny – the mom who watched Owen during the week – would pick Jacob up at ten.

Sunday night became “our night”. After she put Owen to bed, we watched a movie on Netflix in our night clothes. The choices we could agree on all seemed to be romantic comedies. They seemed funnier and more romantic with Nicole sitting next me. Was it my imagination, or was she every week moving steadily closer to me? When the movie was over, we chatted for a long time about the movie or anything else that came to mind, then we turned in together. It seemed to me that she snuggled extra close on those nights.

Every night when I came to bed, Nicole would snuggle up to me and say, “You’re a great big brother.” I would always reply, “You’re a great sister.” It was a daily reminder that my wanting Nicole was wrong and would come to nothing.

One change I noticed was Nicole’s compliments of me. She continued to regularly tell me “You’re so sweet” and “You’re so considerate.” She started slipping in other compliments like “You’re so strong” and “You’re so wonderful to life with.” When I complimented her on her looks, she sometimes countered with some like “You look pretty good yourself.” The best was when she would tell me, “You’re going to make a lucky girl very happy some day.” The way she said it, I had hope she was picturing herself in the role of the lucky girl.

At school, there were a number of women in my classes that I could potentially ask out. However, there were far more guys than girls in my classes and I decided I wouldn’t compete for the attention of the girls. I “forgot” to do the things I had planned to do when school started – get an Engineering student as a roommate and set Nicole up with one of my Engineering friends. Nicole didn’t remind me. At tutoring, there were two girls who made it clear to me that they were interested if I was interested. When my shift was over, one of them would talk to me as I packed up as if she was hoping I might ask her out. My thoughts were always miles away.

Maybe it was growing up in such a dysfunctional family, but I discovered I had a huge craving for a strong, stable family life and I had that with Nicole and Owen. I looked forward every day to coming home to them. She had become my best friend. Working out hard six days a week had given Nicole a smoking-hot body to go with her pretty face. None of the girls I knew at college came close to her.

I was in love with my sister. Not in lust, though I wanted her badly. In love, as in I wanted to be with her and Owen forever and ever. I wanted to tell her that I was in love with her, but how? “Hey sis, I am madly in love with you. Let’s fuck!” What if she wasn’t in love with me? Every night, she told me that she thought of me as a great big brother. How do I get her to think of me as a man?

* * * *

In early November, Nicole and I watched another romantic comedy. While we were watching the movie, she seemed to be sitting closer to me than she ever had before. At some point, I put my arm on the couch back above her shoulders. She put her head on my shoulder. I dropped my arm to around her shoulders. We watched the rest of movie in that position.

When I turned off the TV, Nicole stayed with her head on my shoulder. I savored the feel of her body against mine.

“This is so nice,” I said, meaning having my arm around her.

“It is. It’s great to do nothing for a little while.” I had hoped the “it is” was referring to my having my arm around her, but apparently not.

We continued to hold that position. If it had been any other girl, I would have taken her contentment in having my arm around her as an encouragement for me to do more. But as this was my sister and best friend, I didn’t want to press my luck. Instead, I tried to think of how to probe her feelings toward me.

“How is the search for a dad for Owen going?”

“Rotten,” she said in a deflated voice. “I meet lots of guys who are interested in me right up until they see Owen or I mention him. Did I tell you that three different guys started working out with me in the gym here? One asked me out and I think the other two were about to ask me out. Once I mentioned Owen, I never saw them again. Then there are the guys who don’t care about Owen because they don’t care about me beyond getting in my pants. It’s so depressing.”

“Sorry to hear that.” I wasn’t.

“All I want is some guy to want me and to want to be a dad to Owen. If he wants those things, I’ll do everything I can to be a great wife to him. But I don’t see it happening soon and it worries me.”

“It worries you?”

“Yeah. I was talking with this mom at church who has a boy a little younger than Owen and two stepdaughters twelve and fourteen. She told me that she had planned when she got married to be the mom of her stepdaughters and not have a kid of her own. But whenever she tried to discipline her stepdaughters, they and their dad laughed at her. She told me you can’t always become a mom through marriage. There is so much in a parenting relationship that builds up over the years. She eventually accepted that she will only be a family friend to her stepdaughters and that if she wanted to be a mom, she’d have to have a kid of her own. So I am sure that some day I’ll meet someone who wants me and is ready to settle down, but that might be five or ten years from now. By that time, he’ll never be a dad to Owen and Owen will always be my child, not our child. I don’t want that.”

I was thinking about Nicole’s plan to be a great wife to whoever wanted her and wanted to be Owen’s dad. I wanted both of those things. Was her offer open to her brother? I felt like our relationship had changed in the months we had lived together. Time to test if it really had.

“Nicole, who is Owen’s father?”

“Why do you ask?” It wasn’t an angry voice as I half expected. She sounded curious instead.

“It isn’t important to me. You’re the mom and the dad is out of the picture. I think it will be important to Owen some day. What if something happened to you? Would Owen be able to get all the money he deserves? Would he be able to know who his father is when he wants to know?”

“If something happened to me, would you be willing to raise Owen as your own child?”

I began to answer.

“Before you answer,” said Nicole, “know that life will be much, much harder as a single parent. If your experience is anything like mine, your marriage prospects would be much worse with Owen.”

“If something happens to you,” I said slowly and with as much conviction as I could, “I want to raise Owen as my son. I don’t care what it’d cost me. I love Owen with all my heart.” Time to put it out there. “And I love you with all my heart.”

Nicole raised her head to look at me. Had I screwed up? Had I gone too far? Fortunately, she didn’t look angry.

“And I love you,” she said softly.

She slowly moved her lips towards mine. I moved my head down until our lips touched. It was a brief touch, like both of us weren’t sure what the other would think about kissing. We both moved back and stared into each other’s eyes. There was a question looking in Nicole’s eyes like she was trying to assess how I felt.

I slowly moved back for another kiss, expecting her to get off the couch at any moment. Instead, she again met me. We did a full lip-on-lip kiss for a few seconds. We each pulled back a few inches, then we moved back together. We did a series of kisses, each one longer than the one before. I turned my head and opened my mouth. She slipped her tongue into my mouth. I moaned in delight. I couldn’t believe I was frenching my sister. I would have never considered doing this six months ago. For the last two months, it was all that I wanted.

I rotated so that I was facing Nicole with my right arm across her shoulders while she leaned back on the couch. We seemed to kiss forever, each kiss more vigorous than the last. I moved my left hand to under her nursing tank top and rubbed it across her muscular stomach. She pulled her tank top away from her body, which I took as a go ahead to slide it upward. I moved it until I cupped her right tit. She moaned as I weighed it in my hand. It was easily the largest tit I had ever touched. Nicole had a woman’s body and before all I had touched were girls.

Nicole ended the kiss and laid back against the couch. Was she having second thoughts?

“Brandon Lemke is Owen’s father.”

I almost laughed. That was the answer to the question I had been wondering about for almost a year but I forgotten that I had even asked it.

“Pastor Lemke’s kid?” Nicole nodded. He had been a year behind me in high school. He didn’t play football, so I didn’t know much about him. His dad was the senior pastor for the biggest Baptist church in our area.

Nicole reached up grabbed my right hand, lifted it over her head and pulled it down to her stomach.

“I’ll tell you all the details later. Right now, I have an itch I have been wanting you to scratch for a long time.”

She guided my hand under her sweat pants and into her panties. I had seen her top-half naked many times, but I had never seen her naked from the waist down. As I slipped my hand through her bush, I found it neatly trimmed. I slipped a finger between her cunt lips and I found her already wet. I got some of her wetness and moved back up to rub her clit.

“That’s it, Ryan. That feels so good.”

I felt like a kid who had been given the keys to a candy store. I had wanted to touch her and grope her and fondle her for so long and now it looked like everything was fair game. I decided to concentrate on the task Nicole had given me and make her cum with my hand. Nicole would occasionally give me instructions like “A little up” or “Make a wider circle”. Otherwise, the only sounds she made were panting breaths. The pants got longer and louder and I knew she was close to cumming.

“Oh, Ryan! Oh! OH! OOOHHHH!” she cried as she bucked against my hand. She slowed the bucking and finally stopped.

“Get naked, Ryan.” She didn’t have to tell me twice. I stripped off my clothes as she stripped off hers. Her hand guided me to sit back down on the couch. She knelt on the couch facing me, raised up one knee, grasped my cock and slowly guided it to her cunt.

Once the tip was in, she said, “We are going to have to go slow. It’s been a long time for me and you’re big.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned against me as she slowly impaled herself on my cock. It felt like a warm, tight glove was slowly covering my cock as she slid down. Once she was all the way down, her tits were right in front of my face. I leaned forward and popped a nipple into my mouth and sucked. Some warm milk flowed into my mouth. She moved her arms to her side to give me more room.

“Did you like nursing that one time?”

I nodded my headed slightly up and down and continued nursing.

“I know it was my idea; but when you latched on it, it freaked me out. Having an adult nurse on me right after I had nursed Owen was too weird. The nursing was so short that I couldn’t tell if you liked it or were grossed out.” I sucked in more milk. It had a different taste than the first time – not as creamy. “Don’t be too greedy – I have to nurse Owen in the morning.”

She grabbed my head and guided it to the other nipple, which I sucked in.

“The creamier milk comes later. Do you like this?”

I slightly nodded my head. I enjoyed nursing and definitely would want to do it again.

“I like it too. It seems like an easy way to make you happy and I want to make you happy.”

I was slightly torn. I wanted to fuck Nicole. I wanted to be sliding in and out of her, pounding her good. At the same time I was enjoying sucking the milk from her tits. I couldn’t do both.

“I thought about rewarding you again once I decided I wanted you,” said Nicole, “but like I said, I didn’t know if you had liked it the first time.”

I let go of the nipple and looked at her. “When did you decide you wanted me?” I decided that I had nursed long enough and was ready to fuck. Nicole put her hands on my shoulders again and leaned against me. She slowly circled her pussy around my cock and ground her crotch into mine. Nicole seemed to be in no hurry to fuck and wanted to talk and grind instead.

“A week after college started. The guys there were so immature, so clueless. When I moved here, I thought it’d be so easy to find a guy because of how quickly you took to caring for Owen. But no other guy was interested in Owen. I kept thinking all summer, ‘If I could only find a guy like Ryan. If I could only find a guy like Ryan’. When I was disappointed with the guys at college, I realized that there was only one Ryan. If I wanted someone like Ryan, then I had to want Ryan.”

“I wanted you from the first time we slept together.”

“I would have enjoyed fucking you then, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.”

I felt a quick squeeze near the base of my cock and then another. I had never felt anything like it before. Nicole grinned.

“Kegels. I learned that in child birthing class and have been practicing them regularly of late.”

Nicole continued her little circles. I gripped her firm, muscular ass with my hands. All the workouts had given her a body of a porn star. Every so often, she would give me a little Kegel squeeze. I could have lifted her up and started fucking, but I felt that she didn’t want to start yet.

“So do you want me or do you love me?” I asked.

“I love you. I’d love you just for the way you care for Owen, but you treat me great too. You’re perfect for me. Except for the stupid football games.” She smiled to let me know she wasn’t serious. “Once I decided I wanted you, all I could do was try to be like a great wife to you and hope that you’d fall in love me. I suspected that you loved me, but I didn’t know for sure until you told me now.”

“I love you, Nicole.”

I had said the magic words. She moved herself up a bit and then slid herself down my cock. I helped lift her ass up and helped her slowly drop herself down. We were fucking. We were finally fucking!

We established a steady rhythm. I felt so good to be inside of her. As we fucked, her tits would bob alluringly in front of me. She would regularly give me another Kegel squeeze, which would turn the pleasure dial up to eleven.

“I’m not going to last long, Nicole.”

“That’s okay. The night is young and I have ways of making you fuck me.”

She moved her arms back and put her hands on my legs a little above my knees so she could thrust her chest in the air to emphasis her gorgeous tits while giving me a Kegel squeeze. That was too much for me. I unloaded shot after shot into her as waves of pleasure swept over me.

Once I was done cumming, Nicole slowed and stopped. I felt euphoric. Nicole and I were lovers and it had been a great first time with the promise of many more.

“I love you, Ryan”.

She leaded forward and we kissed. Our first kisses had been full of passion and lust. This kiss was a slow, tender kiss of love.

Nicole moved off from straddling me, letting my shrinking cock slide out of her. She stood up.

“Let’s clean up here and then go to bed.”

She turned and walked to the kitchen to get a towel. It was my first view of her naked ass. It was round, firm and muscular. Nicole worked hard at being in shape and it showed. Man, it showed.

Nicole came back with a dish towel, wiped off the couch, wiped off her crotch area and gave it to me to wipe my crotch. She headed to our bedroom and I followed her. We got into bed. I laid on my back and she laid on her side, facing me. She ran the fingers of her right hand through my curly brown chest hairs.

“It was Spring Break for Brandon. He showed up at a party that I was at. I had heard he was dating Olivia Servais.”

Olivia was the daughter of one of the richest families in our county. They had a huge spread a few miles outside our hometown with a private air strip. Her family treated it as a hunting preserve and would fly in on weekends to hunt or fish. Nicole told me that Olivia and Brandon both went to the same big-name Baptist college.

“However, I could tell that Brandon was on the prowl. He wasn’t having much luck though. I flirted some with him and he eagerly responded. I had had several beers at that point and I was quite buzzed. When he suggested that he drive me home, I knew he was looking for some action on the way to the house.”

Nicole’s tone was very matter of fact as she told her story. She didn’t look at me and instead stared off at the other side of the bedroom.

“Once we were in the car, Brandon leaned over and kissed me. I put one of his hands on one of my boobs. We were off to the races. I was soon half-naked. He suggested going to his dad’s house as we could slip up to his bedroom unnoticed. On the way over, he told me that he had broken up with Olivia because she wouldn’t put out. Every girl he had ever dated had put out for him and he had gotten tired of waiting for Olivia to grow up.”

Nicole paused for a bit. When she spoke again, her tone changed.

“It turned into a hassle when we got to his room. He wanted to fuck right away. I wanted to make out some more. I told him we needed a condom as I wasn’t on the pill. He got pissed and pouty.”

“You weren’t on the pill?”

“I don’t like how birth control pills make me feel, so I stopped as soon as I broke up with Matt.” Matt had been her last boyfriend who she had practically lived with. Mom had hated him. “After that, I did hand jobs, blow jobs and sixty-nines, but I didn’t fuck. I did want to fuck Brandon as he was this hot-shot minister’s kid, somebody much higher class than who I usually made out with. Fortunately, I had a condom in my purse. He whined the whole time I put it on him. Once he was in me, he slammed like a jack hammer. He came before it started feeling good for me. Then the rubber broke. I wanted to cuddle afterward and he wanted to get me home before his parents noticed us. On the way home, he told me to take a Plan B pill in the morning.”

Nicole had been getting more agitated as she told this part of the story.

“By the time I got home, I was so pissed! I had never been with such a selfish asshole! It was all about getting his rocks off. I was like, ‘Fuck it, I’m not going to take a Plan B pill just because you tell me so.’ The next morning, it came to me – I’d change my life. I wasn’t going to end up like Mom. If I was pregnant, so be it. I’d eat right, live right, go to college, get a good job and be a great mom.”

“And what happened next?”

“I ate right, lived right and read everything I could about pregnancy. Brandon never called or texted me. He went back to his college. When he got back from college, I had gotten positive results from two pregnancy tests and he had gotten engaged to Olivia.”

I gave a low whistle. “So he had lied when he said they had broken up.”

“Guys lie all the time to get into girls’ pants. Maybe once he got back from Spring Break, she decided to put out if they got engaged. Who knows? What I knew was that Brandon wouldn’t be happy to know that he was going to be a father. I had thought about getting a lawyer involved to make sure I’d get custody and I had looked a little for one that would help people who couldn’t pay for a lawyer. Once I heard about Brandon’s engagement, I knew I’d be able to get a large settlement out of him in exchange for not telling people he was Owen’s father.”

That made sense. If Olivia found out that Brandon had cheated on her with my sister and had knocked her up, she would probably break off the engagement. Once a cheater, always a cheater. All that Servais money would be gone.

“I hate to change the subject, but are you on birth control now?”

“Yeah. I got an IUD when I moved here. I don’t want another kid for like ten years. I learned that lesson.”

She continued on with her story. “I didn’t want Brandon to stiff me on child support like Dad did Mom. I wanted it all up front. Once I turned eighteen, I drove Mom to work, drove to Milwaukee, got one of those short-term phones and started calling lawyers. Most of them were assholes who wanted half of my settlement for doing squat. I finally reached a black woman named LaTanya White. She was great. She was supportive from the beginning and gave me advice on how to act to up the stakes. She suggested I get one of those T-shirts that had ‘Baby’ and an arrow down on it so everyone would know that I was pregnant. She suggested I attend Pastor Lemke’s church. She suggested the line about half the boys in my class could be the father to make me sound like a total slut. Pastor Lemke preached a sermon at least once a month that all but called me out by name.” Nicole dropped the pitch of her voice to mimic Pastor Lemke. “Young people are leading this country down the wrong path with their sexual immorality. Rather than striving hard in school, they are striving to have as much sex as they can. Rather than be shamed by their moral failures, they proudly march around pregnant. We need to go back to the Christian principals that made this country great. Parents need to teach their kids to wait until marriage for sex.”

“Did Brandon ever talk to you?”

“No. He was at the church regularly, but I always sat far from where he sat and he never tried to find me. When I was seven months pregnant, I went to see Pastor Lemke for a counseling session. I guessed he thought I wanted to talk to him about giving the baby up for adoption. Once the door was closed, I told him Brandon was the father and that my lawyer wanted to talk to him. I handed him my cell phone and he talked with LaTanya. LaTanya handled everything from there. I don’t know what she told him, but he was white as a sheet.”

If word got out that Brandon had gotten the town slut drunk, fucked her and knocked her up, would his Dad be able to keep his job? By his own standards, Pastor Lemke had failed terribly as a parent. Why would anyone listen to him anymore?

“When the call was over, I took my phone and said ‘bye. I never spoke to him or Brandon again. They hired a Milwaukee lawyer and they agreed to pay me a nice settlement in return for keeping my mouth shut, leaving town and never coming back.”

“How much did you get?”

“When I signed the agreement, ten thousand. Most of that went for having Owen. Once I left town, I got 75 thousand. As long as I honor the confidentially part of the agreement, I get another 75 thousand every three years until Owen is eighteen, when I get a final payment of a quarter of a million. It’s all in a escrow account, earning interest. That may sound like a lot of money, but it isn’t. I have struggled to stay on budget while constantly penny pinching. If Brandon had taken custody of Owen, childcare and raising him on the Lemke standard of living would cost a lot more that 25 thousand a year.”

“But Brandon didn’t want custody of Owen.”

“Oh, no. Brandon got married six days after I graduated in the biggest wedding the county has ever seen and his own son didn’t get an invitation. LaTanya advised me on one more thing – that Owen would always be a sword dangling over Brandon’s head. She suggested that when I leave town, I disappear. When I lost weight after Owen was born, I hid it from everyone and kept dressing like I had before I got pregnant.”

“That’s why you switched to Nicole, changed your hair and got rid of your piercings?”

“Exactly. I had thought about changing my hair and getting rid of my piercings while I was pregnant, but LaTanya convinced me to wait until I left town to completely change my look. I was especially pleased to move in with you because my name wouldn’t go on any lease. I got a post office box for my mail and I won’t be leaving a forwarding address when we move from here.”

That explained so much. It had been like that magic trick, with Brandon the intended audience.

“So what is the plan now?”

Nicole grasped my cock and began pumping her hand up and down. It had been semi-hard, but it sprang erect with her ministrations.

“Short-term, I am going fuck you again. Long-term, once you graduate we move to somewhere far from here and, Presto! I’m your happy wife.”

“I like both of those plans.”

“And I like this.”

Nicole dived down and engulfed my cock in her mouth while looking me in the eye. She looked so damn sexy. She did some quick bobs up and down half my length, then slowly took my full length into her mouth. No girl had taken my full length into her mouth before. When her lips were around the base of my cock, she slowly pulled back up. I was in heaven. Nicole then switched to swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. She continued the assault on my cock for another minute, always taking me to a peak of pleasure then switching to another method. I was rock hard when she was done.

“You seem ready to fuck now,” she said. “Missionary?”

“Doggie style.”

We both got up on her knees. Nicole moved close to me, then turned away from me. Before she could get on all fours, I wrapped my arms around her and hefted her tits in my hands while nibbling on her neck.

“Whenever I’ve been with you in the kitchen, I’ve wanted to do this.” I loved the feeling of her tits in my hands. They were heavy with a smooth but spongy feel.

“And did you want me to do this?”

Nicole pushed her ass against my hard cock, catching it between her cheeks and then she ground her ass into me.

“I didn’t think of that, but I’m glad you did.”

My sis- uh, woman – was so damn hot.

“I’d love for you to fuck me in the kitchen sometime. Maybe the next time I have brownies in the oven. But for right now…”

She broke out of grasp, dropped onto all fours and shook her sweet ass at me. I moved behind her, grabbed her ass and slipped my cock into her cunt. She slowly pushed herself back into me.

“Let’s start slow. I’m still getting used to getting fucked.”

I slowly pulled myself out and then slowly pushed back in.

“I’ll do everything I can to get you past that.”

I had my hands on her hips and controlled our rhythm. She had been in control on the couch and now it was my turn to be in control. Nicole was a lot more vocal now, rooting me on.

“Yeah baby! Yeah baby! I’ve always wanted to fuck a football player and now I am. Oh! Oh! Oh! If they all are as good at fucking as you are, I really missed out.”

“I’ll try to make it up to you.”

I kept my pace on the slow side as I hoped that would help me last. Slam deep, pull out slow. Slam deep, pull out slow. Each time I slammed into her, a little shockwave went through her butt cheeks. Her ass was so smooth, round and firm that I would have been happy just holding it. But I was lucky enough that I get to hold it and fuck Nicole at the same time.

“Fuck me, Ryan. Fuck me. God, it feels so good. Make me your woman, Ryan. Am I your woman?”

“You’re my woman.”

“You’re making your woman happy.”

Occasionally, I would let go of her hips and slide one hand up to her shoulder and while I used the other to cup one of her tits. I couldn’t get enough of her tits. It was hard to maintain the pace in that position, so I would go back to holding her waist.

“I’m almost there, Ryan. I’m almost there. Keep fucking me.”

“I’m almost there, too.”

We were both covered in sweat. The bed creaked with every thrust. It had never groaned like this during all my fucks with Mandy. It, Nicole and I were all getting a hard work out.

I could feel the tingling in my balls. “Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!!” I heard Nicole say, then I felt her go over the edge. Her cunt got slicker, which felt even better to me. A few more strokes and my orgasm hit me. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! I filled her with my second load.

I collapsed on to the bed and rolled on to my back. Nicole collapsed next to me, putting her head on my shoulder and lying along my side. I was on cloud nine. I loved the feel of her skin on my skin. We lay panting for a while, covered in sweat. It felt great to be with her, the woman I loved. I had a huge smile on my face. Living with Nicole made me so happy and adding sex to that would be incredible. I knew that she wanted me to be her man forever.

“Nicole, you’re making a lucky man damn happy.”

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