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Growing up Me n My Sister have always been close n we didn’t have alot of Money so My two older Brothers shared a bedroom n so I had to share a bedroom with My Sister who is the oldest.

When we moved n got a bigger house we didn’t have to share a room anymore n sharing a room with My Sister I felt safe n then when I got My own room I felt lonely but didn’t tell anyone. As we got older n she was in High School she became more”attractive”n I got a thought about her one day n I was like”NO,That’s a Bad n Gross”Thought! I was thinking one day when I was a Freshmen in Highschool about a inncident when I was younger n I was sleeping on the floor next to My sister’s bed n she was bent over in just a long t-shirt n I looked up n saw her panties n No Bra n I remember I couldn’t help myself but to look so I shook My head n I was like”Why am I thinking about that now?!”

After All these years n what triggered it was I walked by her room n the door was half open n she feel asleep in just her bathing suit n I just stood there n looked for minute n felt myself being turned on! I really thought something was wrong with me! I started having fantasies n dreams about it afterwards n I would just”masturbate”to get those thoughts n feelings out of me! This went on for awile until one day we were the only two home n she asked if I would give her a”massage”n so I was like”OK”she is My sister n it’s just a massage not a big deal! I started massaging her n when I got massasing her neck n shoulder area she started making a”moaning”sound n so I kept going n I felt myself getting hard n so I worked my hands lower n started massasing around her breasts n then worked into feeling n rubbing them she just sat letting me does this n I stopped n I was like

“NO,we can’t do this!”Your My sister!

She grabbed My hands had me do it again n then took her shirt n bra off n I continued. She noticed My dick hard thur My shorts n started rubbing on it n I’m standing there in”shock n disbelief”this is even happening!

She then pulled my shorts n underwear down n started”jerking me off n sucking on it” After this went on for a bit she took me to her bedroom n stripped off n asked me to”Take Her” n so I did n after we were done,we laid there in silent n I got up n dressed n went to my room. A little while later she came in said

“We can never do this again n never talk about it”

This lasted for a a couple weeks n one night was sleeping n she came into my room n asked to sleep in my bed with me n I was like”OK”n I feel back asleep n awhile later I felt her with her hands down my shorts jerking my cock n I laid there trying to act like I was sleep but when she pulled shorts off n started sucking me I couldn’t act asleep any longer n I asked her”I thought we were never to do this again?!”she replied”I couldn’t help thinking about it n wanted to try it again!” Even when My Sister had Boyfriends she would still sneak into My room or vice versa n we would have sex!

This All ended when she moved out n we never spoke of this again but we are still close.

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