My innocent mom fuck by my dad’s brother

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I m abhi kumar from kolkata . In my family there is my dada my mom and me .dad frequently goes to work out of station ..for 1 week or one months . I leave in patna becz of my study. So my mom stay at home maximum of time.

This is a story of my innocent mom fucked by my jetumosai( dad big brother).

Description of my mom . She is a typical bengali women with big boobs of 34D and west is 28 and her bum is 36 …huge bum she has a figure line bengali actress ritu panna. Mom wear saree every time but deep blow her navi …she also have a little fat in navi which look more beautiful.

Now back to the story . My dad was put of station for a month . But my dad get a call from my jetu that he was coming kolkata for work he want to leave in his house for a week.. dada inform mom about this …

My jetu(dada big brother) he leaves in village . Work in field so he has a good body . And he has a bad reputation in village that he had sex with every girl in village speacially married women … The think women like about my jetu is he has a 8 inch long and thick dick.

Now jetu came kolkata mom welcome her and offer her a glass of water. Show him his room . Special thing about the room is there is a window . Window open and well is very near to window. Now mom room is near stair . Mean while bathroom reparing work is going on.

Now my jetu ask mom for bathing. She said bathroom reparing work is going so you have to bath in well. So jetu went with towel and took bath and came to his room and change his cloth. Means while mom was walking toward jetu to ask him for lunch. When she was in the way to room she notice through the window in the room my jetu ( name sapan) was oping his towel and kept a side and fully naked body searching for cloths .
Mom stop by looking this she start icching her pussy above saree .maa saw jetu from behind a well built naked man. Thn my jetu find her lungi and mom toward mom side and start wearing it. Mom now see the main dick of jetu . It is 8 inch when it sleeps when it will rise it will became 10 inch. Mom was again itching his pussy and rubbing her she had not sex for long time.
Then jetu wear lungi and genji.
Mom entry the room and ask for lunch.
Jetu followed her .
While giving lunch mom bent as mom does not wear bra .uncle clearly saw her boobs due this his dick start rising and as he not wearing a under wear dick is clearly visible mom notice that.
But night came

My jetu always light cigarette in late night then he was moving towards the tarries ( chad) while going he hear a morn sound .
He follow the song and besides stair there is mom room ..jetu peeped through window . Maa left her saree above her west and sped her leg and one hand on mobile and on hand in her hairy pussy … My jetu got shocked seeing this he has not seen and hairy pussy so long all he fucked women have shaved pussy and skinny . But he say my mom little fat and fully mature body with hairy pussy.

Now my jetu animal came out he took out his dick and stat stoking . Mom was watching porn mobile and when mom put his finger in pussy jetu also stat stoking think he is fucking my mom. Thn jetu give out his spem but he saw mom still in her mood…. morn of porn and her mixed and give a beautiful sweet sound …of

Ahhhhh ummmmm ummmmm uffff ummmmm eeeeeeeeer ummmmm

Thn jetu can to his room and sleep. Now jetu wake up took bath while bathing he left her under wear there which he mastrubte. Spem Trace a there. Thn he was getting ready mom… Gone to batroom at that time jetu go to her room and took her phone number from r mobile and save his number. And went to work …
Thn he came from work in noon
And he was lucky mom was going to bath in well.. jetu open the window partially were mom came and open her blouse and saree …
Jetu saw my mom big boobs soft and round . Jetu mouth was open seeing this big boobs with black big nipple . She put her saya ( ptecoate) over her boobs cover it and started bathing while bathing she say…. Jetu under wear … And mom notice that jetu spem trace … Maa then put his nose on it and smiled it … And stated tk pinch her nipple and press her boobs now uncle took out his dick start mastrubating ….now mom lift here saya and again jetu saw her hairy pussy which is full of hair and tite when she put her finger jetu notice the lips of pussy which is so sexy and maa in her own mood start fingering .

At that time jetu got and idea and went toward well then he came near to well and said
Jetu _ amr underwear ta dekhacho( have u seen my underwear)
Mom was shocked he cover herself immediately and said
Mom – ekhane ki korcho jao ekhan thake (what r u doing here go from here)
Jetu- ami kichu dekhi ni chinta koro na but amr underwear ta parchi na( don’t worry I did not saw anything but I did not getting my inner)
Then immidetly jetu said

Jetu- aii tho amr underwear tomar hate dao( here is the inner in your hand give it back)

Mom forget to keep it side said
Mom – oo eta tomar ami bhablam anno karo( oo this is yours I thought it is of another man)
Jetu – anno karo hole amni sungte( if it would be any one else u would smell this in same way)

Mom became silent and jetu took under wear and went back to room thn mom came from bating and gave lunch to him and the day end

Next day
Jetu was at home and mom was cleaning the fan dust now one fan is so high that maa can not reach there so jetu came and said can I help u

Thn jetu brought a chair and hlep her but they both do not reach there.

Jetu said- ami tomke tulbo ki tumi clean kore niba ( can I lift u so that u can so that u can clean it)

Mom hesitate but said ok and came near him.
Jetu put her both hand blow her bum such a way the he grav it and he put his face in such positing that his face is directly on her pussy . And lift her while lifting mom was uncomfortable becz her pussy is on her face
Jetu lift her and try to run the face in mom pussy .

Mom enjoying it becz his face is rubbing her pussy lips …jetu feel her hair from saree as she not wear any penty….
Now mom start morning little bit….ahhhh ummmmm jetu hear that thn uncle leave her

Intensionaly mom face became sad becz she was in pleaser

At night they took dener… and went to bed….
Now mom got a msg in what’s app..
Jetu- hii
Maa don’t now when she save jetu number but unknown ly said hii
Jetu – what r u doing
Maa- nothing just sleeping and watching video. What r u doing
Jetu- getting bore so I thought msg u and chat with u
Mom – oooo
Jetu – r u getting bored
Maa- no I m watching video
Jetu- can I do a naughty joke.
Maa- yes go on
Jetu- video dekhcho na porn dekhcho with cunning smile( watching video or porn with cunning emoji)
Mom- give emoji and say nothing
Jetu- kichu bolle na je….. ami ki kichu serous majak korlam( hey you did not say any thing am I done serous joke or what)
Maa- na na
Jetu – ooo tho ki korcho( so what r u doing )
Maa -porn dekhchi holo with cunning smile( watching porn anything else)
Jetu got chance and said
Jetu-. Chale ta maye tar bal bhora gud take bhalo kore chudte parche tho video te?( the man abel to fuck women hairy pussy in the video?)
Mom start joking said
Maa- na parche na chudte( no he can’t abel to fuck)
Jetu again got chance now he became bold and said
Jetu- ami thakle amr 8 inch boro bara ta a diya amon bal bhora gud t chudtam je se kape jato( if I were in the place I would fuck with my 8 uch dick to her hairy pussy so that she shever)
Mom becaming horny now she also msg her
Maa- accha tai tuni chudte parte.. (so you thing you can fuck)
Jetu- yes I love hair pussy( indicated mom)
Mom – but amr mone hoi na parbe(but I don’t think u can fuck)
Now jetu msg her
Jetu- jodi dore nao tumi hote tahole amr 8 inch mota bara ta darati 10 inch hoto tomar bal bhora guda dukiya jol berkortam r kaliya ditam( I u supposed I fuck you with my 8 inch dick I will became 10 inch and I will fuck u so hard that water will came out of your pussy)
Mom. Now start icching er pussy on this msg
Mom -. But tomar je bad luck amar guda bal pochondo amr bal nai( but your bad luck u like hairy pussy but I don’t have any hair)
Jetu said – why r u saying lie .. I think u have a hairy pussy…is it na?

Mom silent and say nothing

Jetu again plz say na plz plz
Maa – no I will not say….. say something else
Jetu cleverly said ok bolte hoi na but gud ta dekhte tho paro tumi bolle bolbe na(so you said u will not say the show me I can verify u said …you said something else ….so I ask u to saw it)
Maa – on but amio dekhbo tomar 8 na 10 inch bara( but I also want to see your 8 or 10 inch dick)
Jetu. Immediately took out and click a pic of the dick and send

Mom start fingering her pussy seeing this
Jetu said – now your turn
Maa said- no .
Jetu request then
Maa send her pubic hair pic
Jetu said – dekho tomar bal acche guda ( see u have hair on your pussy)
Jetu – gud ta dekhale na( u have not show your pussy
Maa- tumi bal dekhbe bolle( you said u will see my pussy hair=)
Jetu – gud ta dekhte chai r chuste chai r jol o ber korte chai ( not only I want to see your pussy but I want to suck it and drink all the liquid of it)
Mom – ooo tai …. ( Is it so)
Jetu- na tai noi oii bara ta dekhcho ot dukate chai r jore jore chudte chai( not only that I want to put that dick which u r watching in your pussy but I ant to fuck hard and hard)
Mom became wet on her pussy and start fingering slowly
Mom- but amake chuda ki lab ki accha amr modde( what is the profit of fucking me what I have)
Jetu – ki nai bolo oii bal bhora guder ros . Oiii boro boro dud I boro nipple mom kore ekhoni ni chuda diya asi( what u don’t have u have wet hairy pussy . Soft boobs I wish I could go and and fuck u)
Mom- ooo tai ( oo is ti so)
Mom- ta bara ta dore hilacho keno( so why r u stoking your dick)
Jetu – tumi o tho guda angul dukachi( you also fingering your self)
Mom smiled mean while there is sound came one of kitchen
Both mom an jetu went to see that it was a rat now … Jetu said durr indira ta intrest ta nosto kore dilo( shit rat spoil the situation)
Mom smiled and said what situation
Jetu – said oii tomar gud take chudchilam in msg( I m fucking your pussy in msg)
Maa smile and said ooo tai ta chudte parchila( so you give a good fuck or not)
Jetu – ja chudchilam tomar jol ber kore dilam( I fuck so well I bring water from her pussy)
Mom smiled and saw jetu on lungi his dick.
Thn jetu went to bathroom to pee
Mom waited out side and jetu intensionaly not close the door mom continuously watching jetu dick thn….jetu while completing said …bandana(name of mom) dekho koto darai acche( see how it is horny)
Maa – with full earg seeing his dick
Jetu- ki holo
Maa- ki boro bara ta( who big it is)

Thn jetu- if u want to touch u can….
Mom immidetly touch it it is 8 inch maa said u said it is 10 inch
Jetu- u show your boobs or pussy it will became 10. Inch.
Maa left it and went to her bed jetu followed her
Maa- ki holo jao suo( what happen go and sleep)
Jetu- ek bar dekhte dao na plz ( plz let me see
Maa said no go
Jetu said you have seen mine u have to show yours
Maa said ok
Now she lift her saree to her west in while sleeping her bed jetu move very near to the pussy

And saw that
Jetu- can I toch it
Maa – hmm
Jetu thn got permission he touch her hairy pussy lips and mom close her eyes .pussy is already wet…
Jetu- tomar gud t khub sundar dekho…. amr bada ta dekha jol chole aseche tomar guda( you have so beautiful pussy look u became wet by seeing my dick)
Maa- tomar amr guda bal pochondo( u like my pussy hair)
Jetu immediately put his 2 finger inside and said yes
Maa- ki korcho tumi bolle sudu toch korbe tumi tho angel dukabo charo amake( what r u doing u said u will touch only but u r finger leave me=)
But jetu did not leti on to word and start fingering with touch and jetu finger r very big….. mom start morning
Ahhhh Hhhhbb hmmmm uffff ki korcho what r u doing ummmmmmmm aaaaaa aaaaaa lagche
Thn jetu stop and said moja alo( do u like it)
Maa- tumi khub baje keno finger dukala ( you are so bad why u put your finger inside)
Jetu said sorry
Mom said it’s ok but bhale lagchilo( it’s feel good)
Jetu said can I kiss it thn I will go
Maa- no
Jetu- plz plz plz once
Maa thn said ok jetu thn spread her leg and start kissing from her leg maa close her eyes and slowly he went my mom pussy…… he already spread mom pink pussy lips and start sucking it ….
Mom with in a second aaaaaaaaa ummmmmmm uffffgfgggfff aaaj ajjj ummmmm
Kichj korcho charo ( what r u doing leav me) hmmm
But this time jetu did not left her and start sucking more attacking my mom moron r louder ….now not she hold jetu head deep in her hairy pussy and said chusooo chuso r o jore chuso sob rosh khaye nao mom hornyness came out and water came out of pussy jetu face became full wet

Mom enjoy a lot and said amni moja kokhono pai ni( I don’t not get this kind o pleaser)
thn jetu left and went to sleep

Next part is how jetu fuck her My innocent mom fuck by my dad’s brother part 2

If you want fast thn msg me in [email protected] any boy girl women bhabi maa mom can msg me wait for next part

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