Brothers sex

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It’s my 18 birthday today. And I have never done anything sexual in my life.
Tim my 21 year old older brother was a sex God. A different girl in his bed every night.
I was so jealous of all the women in his life; I drawl
over my brother for years ; but tonight is the night I’ll do something about it.

Right on time; Tim walk in haft drunk and another big breasted redhead.
Ok time to lie.

“O shit Tim mom and dad just call and they’re on there way back” I was so proud of myself saying that with a straight face.
” fuck fuck fuck ; you got to go now”: he told her .
She wasn’t moving just keep staring between tim and I.
” get the fuck out “. He shouted. And just like that! she was gone . I smile to my self.
” let me help you to your bed before mom see you”.

It was a little tuff but we made it.
Tim felt on the bed. Just as I had hoped.

” let me help you take off your clothes”. He was haft asleep already. After all and I mean all his clothes was off. I handcuffed his foot and hands to the bed and started, sucking his fucking monster cock. Like it’s my new favorite flavor.
“Mmmmmm” he moaned.
I took him all the was to the back of my throat. And hum .
” o fuck baby so good; just like that”.

With a wet pop I pull off and look up same time he open his eyes. ” what the fuck!!”. He exclaimed.
” shhhhh”. I said while pulling out the but plug, I buy so i can be ready for him,

I straddle his hip. ” Sam!!! What are u playing at”
I was already lube up so I just slipped down his cock inch by glorious inch.

“Fuck!!!” He muttered:
When I was seated full. I groaned.
” s so full”.

I went up then down. Over and over. ” so fucking tied Sam”..
I wanted to kiss him so badly, but didn’t know if he would like it.
“Fuck yourself on my cock sammy”. And so i did at the same time I was working my own shaft. Until I was coming all over his chest.
” fuck yes I’m coming, I’m coming”. His eyes roll back in his head .
As soon as it was over tim was fast asleep. I let his softening cock slip out my ass. I feel his feet and hands and clean him up. I left his room in a dais with a big smile face.
In second I was all so out,
Some time in the early
morning, I was awakened by tim voice ” my turn” and a finger was stick in my ass, with out a second thought,
“Your still so fucking wet and still open”. With that two more fingers jointed the first one I moan. Then the fingers was gone from my ass, and In my mouth “.
suck my fingers clean, you little shit”, and so i did. By this time my cock was hard like steal. Fuck! Fuck ! Fuck!. Then the monster cock was ramming in my sensitive hole,

“Fuck tim!”.
“That’s right sammy, take it”.

My face was push into the bed wild my ass was being plodded hard,and I love it.
He pull out and I whimper. But my head was pull the the edge of the bed, to get the face fucking of a life time, fuck! . I try to push him back . He slap me and say ” relax your fucking throat, and let me fuck your face”. Fuck!

I felt the bed dipped, my eyes open, but that very moment tim took to push his cock all the way back, spit running down my mouth and water from my eyes and then, my ass was being disturied scream. Well the best I could with a mouth full of cock. ” fuck him harder”. Tim commented. My eyes open. He slap me again and fuck my throat in time with my ass fucking. He pull out and bend down and kiss me,.
I moaned loudly, remember the very big cock that was fucking me,
when I get the chance to look to my surprise it was tim twin brother Jim. What was he doing here.
Did I really care?. Fuck no.
“Harder! please” I beg.
My cock got even harder when I saw tim kissing Jim. Fuck fuck fuck.

Tim stood over me and pull down jim head to suck his cock . ” fuck! That’s so hot” then he sit on my face so I can eat his ass. Jim ram my ass over and over harder, and harder! With every thrust. Soon I was coming and tim stop kissing his brother and put my cock in his mouth,
, pulling out every last drop of my cum .
Jim slap tim and said ” open your mouth! Cum slut”, then he spit in his mouth, pull out my ass and ram that cock in tim mouth, tim was laying 69 on top of me fucking my face. In seconds he was coming.
I guess Jim had already cum too,. cause he came back with a wash cloth, cleaning us up. Then they lay on each side cuddling me,
” happy birthday” they say,

I laugh
” you’re ours now ! no one else” jim say,
I got so mad ” tim fuck around all the fucking time”
Jim laugh ” not any more, right tim !?”
” right not anymore, cause when jim is not here, I’ll have you sammy”
I smile ” so we’re only fucking each other no one else?”
And just like twins they answer together ” yes! No one else! “

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