Crack, rock!!!

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Having done drugs from time to time, I was afraid of Rock. I sat one night to a different town. “ I had planed a weekend there” I got a hotel room and had been drinking. I ran out of beer, so I went to the gas station just around the corner to get some.

The gas station across the street from this one had a lot of people handing out at it. I got my beer and started walking back when this white guy and black guy approached me, they asked me if I wanted to buy some rock. I thought this would be the perfect time to try it. I bought 2 grams,

They walked with me to the hotel room, and we started smoking it. These guys were homeless, so they took the opportunity to shower. The more I smoked the more excited I got. I always wanted to see what it was like to suck cock.

I Finley got my nerve up, and I asked the white guy, I said can I ask you something and promise you won’t get mad? He said sure. I said. I would suck your cock if u want me too.
He didn’t go for it, and was appalled, so he left. The black guy. “Chris” didn’t hear me ask the white guy this. So it was just me and him.

We smoked a little more then I asked him the same question. When I asked him if I could suck his cock. He just looked around a little, then he said ok. We were in the rest room smoking. Because that’s where the exhaust fan was. I sat on the toilet, started removing his shorts. He stopped me and he unfastened them.

His shorts just dropped to the floor. He pulled his underwear down very quickly, his huge cock exposed just hanging there. I quickly took it in my mouth. Not knowing what I was doing. I clumsily, started sucking it. I think he knew I was new at this. I tried to remember what I liked when getting mine sucked.

I reached up took a hand full of balls, started playing with them, just holding his cock in my mouth. He was still smoking rock, as I played away. I took his cock from my mouth and jacked it for a bit. This huge cock just wouldn’t get hard.

He fixed me up a hit or two, I would take it then go right back to giving his cock the attention it deserved. I switched off from sucking to playing with his balls to jacking him off. He lifted his leg. Put his foot on the bathtub, then took a small step closer to me. He lifted his dick with his hand. Took his other hand and pulled me in. He said he likes his balls sucked and licked.

I sucked. Licked, played with them for quite a while. I would hear him moan a little, then he said come on in here. He started walking to the bed. I followed, as he layed back placing all the pillows behind his head and back, he spread his legs. Looked up at me, snapping his fingers, and pointing to his hard cock, he said, ok now you can suck it.

I got on all fours on the bed, burying my head in his crotch, taking all of that cock I could. It was wonderfully hard. Sticking up. I slid as far as I could on that thing. I choked on it. Coughing, he said. Take your time, go slow. I took his advice. And sucked him very slowly, taking as much as I could. He started pulling me to his side. Now I was laying fully on the bed, my head on his hip. As his cock was easily accessible.

As I sucked slowly, he said dont forgot those balls. I reached over grabbed a hand full. And played with those huge balls. At this point I was just laying there, with his cock resting in my mouth, as i fondle his balls. He was really in joying this. We lay like that for about 10 minutes. He turned on the TV. Then he reached down and started jacking himself off. He pushed my head down futher on his cock as he did this. While I cupped his balls.

He pulled on that thing just a short time then he filled my mouth with cum, I pulled back as he was still jacking and his load covered my face. He seemed to cum in waves. I think there was 5. He held me down the entire time as he moaned, and said ohhh yes….

When hi was finished and released my head. I went to the rest room, he was right behind me. I ran the water in the sink to clean up. This is when he stopped me. He wanted to see the cum on my face. He chuckled a bit. Then asked. Well did u get what you wanted? I said yea, he said leave it on there for a while.

We started smoking some more. He started asking me about sucking cock. Did I like it. Is it fun, are you a slut? He also said this is your first one isn’t it? I admitted it, and told him I have been wanting to do that for a long time. Than he said. Well from now on, you can suck mine, anytime I want it sucked. I just said thank you.

He Finley told me to wash, we both stayed nude, with the process of smoking his cock would be right in my face, or right at my hand level. So I would hold it. And from time to time bend down and give it a kiss. Or just hold his balls.

We smoked for about an hour. Then he said he has to make a phone call. He called someone, invited them over. After the call. He said one of his friends was going to come over. And for me to stay necked, as he put his shorts back on. Shortly there was a knock at the door.

He told me to stay in the rest room. I could smoke if I want. But just stay in here. I herd him talking to someone. Then about 2 or 3 minutes. The bathroom door opened. I was sitting on the toilet, smoking. This middle aged fat white guy comes in, closes the door behind him. Never saying a word. Drops his pants kicked his shoes off. Removing his pants. Walks straight up to me. Grabbed my head and pulled me in.

I sucked his little cock until it grew to full erection, it was about 6 inches long. Not very big around. I took it like a seasoned cocksucker. I was going balls deep on him. Reaching up to hold his balls. Then he held my head with both hands, he started skull fucking me. I didn’t mind this. Because he was doing all the work.

I was slobbering all down my chin, he was pumping like mad. Then out of nowhere he stopped pumping held me in tightly and unloaded. I pulled back with no success. As he held me tighter. I could feel the cum running down my chin. Landing on my legs. He just held me there.

He let me up for a second, then forced me right back on him. He released me pushing me off him, as he said thanks bitch. I never said a word. He grabbed a towel, wiped himself, put on his clothes. And walked out. Just like that. I took a fresh towel, started cleaning up. I stood up to get water. When the door opened again,

In came in another overweight middle aged white man. He said not yet. Sit back down. As he started unzipping. For some reason. The words that came from my mouth were, “yes sir” I sat back on the toilet, then he said you want another hit bitch. Handing me a loaded up glass pipe. I just took it. Lit up and took 3 good hits. By this time he was nude from the waist down.

He had me load him up a hit. It was laying on the sink area. I stood up started to load up the pipe, when I felt him rubbing his dick on my ass crack. He held me there while he smoked. He was rubbing up and down on me. I figured I was about to get butt fucked. But after he finished smoking. He told me to have a seat.

He lifted his leg. Putting his foot on the tub. Spreading as wide as he could. I started sucking him. Playing with his balls. It was almost identical to the previous guy. He held me down as he shot hos load in my mouth.

He also said thanks bitch. As he left the room.
I stood up looking at myself in the mirror. I had cum all over my face, chin, neck. It was even still on my legs. I jumped in the shower.

When I got finished showing, Chris was there. Smoking. When I steeped out, he handed me a loaded pipe. Lit it for me. And wow this time it was great. “ he had gotten some more from these two guys” I took two hits. As I started drying myself off. Chris said. Well you ready to suck some more cock bitch?

I just nodded, he laughed, he then informed me, that, now I’m his personal bitch, he asked me did I know this, I said yes sir. He chuckled and said that’s the way I like my bitch talking.

We smoked some more, then he told me I would have company tonight, and he would see me in the morning. I asked him what he’s talking about. He said he has to go, but a friend is coming over, and he would stay the rest of the night with me.

A knock on the door, came, Chris opened it. This time it was an older man I would say around 55, he was white and overweight too. Chris introduced him to me. He said. Bitch this is your date, he offered his hand I took it and shook hands. Chris quickly left.

At this point it was about 1 AM. My “date” said I could just call him sir. He had an overnight bag with him. He started to undress, then he grabbed his bag and said come on bitch. I followed him into the restroom knowing what he was going to do. But he surprised me. He started running a shower. He reached in to his bag. Pulling out all these bottles of lotions, a luffa, and a bottle of jack Daniels. He took several gulps of it.

He got into the shower holding the door open for me, then I showered him. I rubbed all of this soap on him rubbing washing him with the luffa, he made me clean him several times. While he was all soapy, he would turn me around, throw a bar of soap on the floor. Then push me to bend over to pick it up. As I did he held me there. As he rubbed his dick. Up and down on my slippery ass crack.

He ad what I would call a medium size dick. Long saggy balls, after we showered he made me dry him off, then he lay on the bed. Ans I had to rub lotion all over him. Giving him a massage. I rubbed on him for about a half an hour. Then he told me to go get his drink, and there’s some rock in his bag for me.

He just about killed that bottle of jack. I smoked quite a bit of his rock. He got up a few times to use the rest room. And he made me hold his dick while he pissed. We Finley went back to bed. He had me lay with my back to him, he would push my leg this was and that. Then he worked his cock into my ass.

He was very gentle with me. I just lay there, letting him fuck me. He pulled out once to lubb up his cock some more. He liked removing it then putting it back in. He allowed me to smoke while he was fucking me. He was ever so slow. And easy. Then kind of out of the blue, he pulled out. Told me to lay on the bed with my knees on the floor. That’s when he fucked me deep and hard. I just lay there as he was pumping away.

He fucked and fucked me. He went fast. Slow. Balls deep. Then he told me to get on all fours on the floor. I spread out a blanket, got down with my head on the floor, on my knees, with my back arched. He spread his legs both sides of me. Slid his cock in deep. He was fully in me at this point.

It didnt take long, before he withdrew. Slapped my ass, and said turn around fuck hole. He slapped my ass again. And said hurry bitch hurry. I turned around he started furiously jacking himself off. He pulled my head in close. Then he shot his load. He covered my face. After he was done. He rubbed his cock all over my face. Playing in it.

We cleaned up, then he said, it’s time for bed you cocksucker you. We got into bed. My back to him he put his cock in between my ass crack. And we went to sleep.

Look forward the return of Chris…..that’s part ||

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