I fucked Sexy housewife in Lockdown, how happend just ready know it

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The experience here is all about my company crush on a matured women who made me feel what I am and how good I can be on bed, I got a message to my email on my previous story and we had a small discussions about the experience I had and how she liked it, we never knew we were from the same location bangalore and building until we shared the details, so hoping to find more people to have fun with secret and safe!

About me 30 year old(don’t look like one) with a decent body about 5’8 tall with a good experience in sex, well little hung but know how to use it!She was 37 married but recently divorced with a natural titties and matured thinking after few messages on email and hangout we came to know eachother .

a bit and shared our contact details and started chatting with normal but little kinky jokes which led to small kisses on the chat, she has her ways with the guys damn unlucky husband who gave up her, she sent me a pic of her in a black saree(which I requested) damn I could stroke my cock all day long looking at it that’s how hot she was in it with a curve like a teenage women, made me feel to take her to the end of it!

So we spoke and spoke and came to know that we work on the same building and was in shock as she was and I am so desperate to meet her and see her face to face, the day came post the lockdown where we had to go to work my good time maybe she was too on the same day, I work for night shift and she logs out by late night and due to the pandemic people were less I took my car to work just to make sure if I get lucky why not in the car!.

We met on a coffee break, and to my shock never thought she’s gonna come in black saree damn her 34dd cup was handful where my mouth dropped seeing her walking towards me, I sqeeuzed my cock and felt her instant. She sat next to me and said hope the coffee is making you hot and I whispered it’s jot the coffee it’s you who made me hot and made her feel my cock while noone around and she gave a moan like never on the chat and whispered .

today is the day you’re gonna remove the saree!I was so mouth dropped and started imagining about it, she dropped her saree to check her legs looking at me and showing her cleavage uffffff said her your husband doesn’t know what he missed in his life, I kept my hands on her hips sqeeuzing as I made her get up and finish the coffee .

and said I just want the day to end right now so we can see how warm and hot it goes, she laughed and said wait for the moment and left me thinking, I went back to my desk with a hard on and couldn’t concentrate the entire time, thinking about her all the time looking at my phone for the message from her .

It surely built my curiosity and hornyness to the extent.And finally @11pm I received a msz with her pic next to my car showing her cleavage stating it needs you, I locked my system and took emergency off and ran down to the car to be real, and so she stands on the door look at the roof and waiting .

I went with my heartbeat at high and hugged her to the door her warm body made me so hard and kissed her without thinking her smoothy lips so wet and juicy sucked and bit it pulled it hard damn so fucking good .

I said I want you right here right now, she said I know that’s why I am in Black as you like, I pushed her inside the car and removed her saree to and blouse and for a shock I do t see her wearing a panty damn I can smell her juicyness, tore her blouse and bra I just wanted to jump on them and grab and sqeeuze them tickle and make those nipples so hard and sore, so warm titties on my hands and my mouth full of her nipples uffff she moaned as I started to suck on it.

and tickle it while she grabbed my cock feeling it getting hard, she so wantedly suck my cock and I so want to eat her pussy in no minute we wer naked In my car thinking nothing about ppl around, we wanted to taste eachother so bad so we came to 69 position and I could smell her pussy damn so wet for me, I spanked her ass cheeks harder as she licked my cockhead and tickling with her tongue, I started to sqeeuze her ass and spread it fuckkk damn she started to suck I couldn’t control started to bite her ass and pushed my face onto her pussy licking and tickling it as she sucked mine .

ufff what a scene to remember it was damn she was so fucking good on my cock and me on her pussy licking her juices eating her cunt fuckkk yess moaning in the car as it shakes .

fuckkk both wanted more and I fingered her pussy while licking so juicy, I licked her completely dry and her wet mouth made my cock wet.She wanred me so badly inside her she sat in my belly and started playing with my cock on her pussy fuckkk felt .

so damn good she sat on my cock and felt my cock sliding inside her moaning loud fuckkkkkkj I feel the cock stretching her cunt fuckkk I grabbed her hair and made her push deeper and Harder fuckkkk I felt a pussly after 5 months which made me wild started to pump her as she started to ride fuckkkk.

The moment was so good as we chatted damn hot and warm, we fucked around for 45 mins to cum together so sweaty and smell of sex fuckkkk we came hard and licked eachother again with 69 position, that was the moment of my time post lockdown . i fucked some times to her . we enjoyed and i shown new world .

Email or hangout id : [email protected]
From Bangalore & Hyderabad chennai . girls and AUnties message me .
Thank you

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