Gloryhole cocksucking

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After being alone for a while, I was sex craved, couldn’t get a date. Posted many ads on dating sites, cruise Craigslist, found the men for men area. Mostly dick pics. Got a real turn on by the ads.

After jacking off to the ads it got old. I seen several ads where there was a private adult book store. It seems many would post ads saying they would be there on this day, at this time.

I got my nerve up, went and paired a visit. It was what I thought it would be. An middle age, over weight woman behind the counter, a skinny younger guy working the floor. Helping customers.

Wondering around, the guy asked if he could help me. I said I’m just looking around. He pointed out the different area of porn, they had it all. Then he said, if ya wanna jack off. Our private rooms are back here. Pointing to a 1/2 door.

People were looking at me “ checking me out” there were men, a few women, and a few cross dressers, there was a small bar area where they served beer in the can. And a few tables with chairs to sit at and drink, there were 3 older men sitting there, talking and laughing. Swapping lies.

I got a beer and a cd off the rack, and headed to one of the back rooms. It was very dark, there was a cd machine, and a TV in there. A very small table with 1 chair. I inserted 10 dollars, then the tray opened up for my cd.

It was regular porn, but I was already excited. The walls were thin, because I could hear people in the other rooms. When the Movie started I noticed a sink at the back of this small room and yes you got it. A hole in the wall.

There was all sorts of graffiti around it. That only made me more worked up. I always liked watching women sucking cock. And was a bit courious, it didnt take long before I noticed a bright light coming from the hole, it seemed someone had a flashlight. I was afraid they seen me jacking off.

Then there was some fingers, then a cock came through, the cock was soft, but I couldn’t help it. It seemed like the thing to do, so I reached for it. I played with it as it grew, then I herd suck it. You know you want too. So I went for it. I sucked and sucked this cock until it was fully hard. I would hear. Faster, faster……suck those balls. While I had it in my mouth, t exploded, cum filled my mouth. I herd a grown from the other room, as I had a cum filled mouth. As I pulled back it’s 2nd wave covered my face.

He held the head of his cock through the hole and jacked off finishing with cum hitting my chin, and chest. By this time I was pulling hard on my cock. Then I shot a load straight upward covering my shirt. Then I herd from the other side of the wall, thanks bitch….. I didn’t answer.

I don’t know how long I was on my knees. But my movie said please insert 10 dollars to continue. I stood up only to see the door open. It was that skinny guy, he had a flashlight wife angel, it lit up the entire room. I was standing there covered in cum with my pants to my knees, and my cock hanging out. He only said here’s you some more change, and another beer. He handed me 4 10’s and two cans of beer.

I gave him a 100.00, he said I’ll be back with your change, enjoy yourself! No sooner than I put money in the TV machine. I herd laughing, and then light banging on the wall. As the Movie started, lighting up the room again. There was another cock waiting. I was so sexually humiliated and excited, I waisted no time. It was very difficult to have my pants at my knees and kneel. So I pulled them off, removing one shoe to do So.

This cock was larger Han the 1st. And it was mostly hard. I started sucking it seeing if I could get all of it in my mouth. “I couldn’t “. I choked once or twice, when I herd slow and easy there girlfriend slow and easy. I sucked his cock very slowly, it was like I was worshiping it. I sucked it for about 5 minutes when my room lit up again, it was the guy with my change. He left his light on, and sat at the table and watched me. I looked back once and he said. My wife lets me watch. I just kept on going.

As I had the cock on the side off my face, kissing and licking it. I was also rubbing it with my hand. That’s when it came, his load went in my hair, then I moved it to my face. I pulled and pulled as he came, even opening my mouth to take some. I played in it with his cock, I felt like I had to put on a show for the skinny guy….

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