My naughty sisters forced me to nipple play

Maybe this is a confession. Maybe this just needs to be shared. I know I’m not the only one. I know others who have experienced this.
Most are too afraid to think of it. Most can’t believe how beautiful it was.  All of us were shaped by our sisters. Some of us were transformed by them.

As the middle child, my elder sister and younger sister would often tease me. They called me names, hid my things, pulled pranks on me and toyed with me.
As an Indian family from a middle class background, our home was quite small. The three of us shared a room, and had to sleep together on a queen sized bed.

Nights were hot and humid. My sisters would wear thin nighties with no underwear. I would sleep topless in boxers. This was our normal life. It was practical and humble. Our parents worked hard and were out of the house by early morning to then return late.

My elder sister mostly took care of me and my younger sister. She was strict and responsible. We called her ‘Didi’. She would feed us, bathe us, dress us and take us to school with her by bus.  Over the years my elder and younger sisters naturally became closer, while leaving me to my devices.

As I got more time alone, a journey of self discovery began to take shape. The internet was quite a teacher. Friends would exchange explicit photographs and naughty videos. Discovering this imagery was confusing.
My only prior visual reference to the female form were my sisters beautiful, young, supple, feminine bodies.

After viewing pornography for the first time, it was impossible to look at my sexy sisters the same way again.
Their figures were changing too. My elder sister’s breasts were quite perky. She wore white cotton brassieres.
Our younger sister was a late boomer. She would often complain of tenderness and pain around her chest area.
To alleviate this discomfort, our elder sister would rub coconut oil on her younger sibling’s tiny little girl titties.

They would tell me to turn the other way. I would pretend to look out of the window, but their reflection was visible.

Every evening after our showers, the girls would tend to each other. Taking turns, they would rub each others sore tits.
I started to notice that they would pay special attention to their nipples. It looked like they mostly tickled the tips of nips.
My sisters would giggle a lot while massaging each others boos, but the giggling would transform into heavy moaning.
Gazing for weeks at the mirrored reflection of their evening self care routine in the window changed me forever.
A strange sensation would well up in my crotch. My tiny limp dick would slowly quadruple in size and become rock hard.
Fortunately being forced to face the other way helped me conceal this bulge in my boxers from my naughty sisters.

One morning I woke up to find them both standing above me, staring at me. They looked shocked and a little angry.
My elder sister pointed at my shorts and asked “What the hell is wrong with you?” This was the first time I woke up erect.
Perhaps that night I had my first erotic dream, I can’t really remember. The memory of my guilt and shame is vivid though.
I put a pillow on my crotch to hide my throbbing boyhood. This made my younger sister more upset “Eew, my pillow!”
She said grabbing it away, again exposing my now even harder bulge to them. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why…” I mumbled.
Didi took on a more stern stance. She told me to stand up, which I did hesitantly and slowly. Their eyes widened as I did.

“This is not allowed. If you are going to be in here with us, you need to behave properly, like we do.” Didi said loudly.

She proceeded to her cupboard and took out a bra and pair of her own panties. Handing them to me she said “Try this.”

“You want me to wear these?” I asked with a shudder of fear and embarrassment. She nodded and said “Yes, right now.”
“But, why?” I asked meekly. My younger sister was looking a bit shocked too. Her mouth was open, her hands trembling.
“Because if you dress up like us, maybe you will start being more like us… and that (pointing to my dick) won’t happen.”

Obedience was my only option, so I carefully removed my boxers while trying to hide my morning glory. “Don’t be shy”
“We have already seen your peewee a million times” they both said, finally reassuring me sensing how nervous I was.

Slipping on my elder sisters tight soft white panties while they both watched me… sent an electric current up my spine.
My cock would not fit and stuck out poking through the fabric uncomfortably. “Not like that.” Didi said while reaching out.

She grabbed my shaft and turned it upwards, making it stick out with the lacey elastic edge of her panties holding it up.
“Now the bra.” commanded my elder sister. I tried putting it on, but failed miserably. She took charge and slid it on me.

The sheer tight cloth strapped around my chest, constantly grazing against me. My nipples became instantaneously erect.
“Aaw he looks soo cute!” exclaimed my younger sister pinching my cheeks, who by now was really into this little game.
“Hmm. Fetch my school uniform from the clothes pegs over there sis.” My younger sister gave Didi her skirt and shirt.
They proceeded to dress me up. I was starting to enjoy this attention, a lot. I felt accepted, included in their inner circle.
“Maybe we should send him to school like this today!”

They teased me a little, but generally complimented this new look.
We were interrupted by the doorbell ringing, for us to let in our house cleaning maid. We then went off to school as usual.
Of course I had changed back into my own uniform, but my elder sister instructed me to keep her panties on for the day.
Sitting in class was a whole new experience. I watched the girls in the room and know that they too were wearing panties.
I realized that the same soft smooth, fitting sensation of my elder sisters panties was what the other girls were feeling too.
Having now felt what a bra rubbing against my own nipples was like, I fantasized about every other girls nipple in class.
I became aware that all this time, these female friends of mine, were enjoying a whole other kind of sensation constantly.
It was the longest day of school ever. I wanted to go back home desperately. I wanted to meet my sisters. I needed to.
When we did meet later that day on the way home, they acted as if nothing had happened. I checked my enthusiasm.
That evening after showering and getting ready for bed after dinner, Didi told my younger sister to lock the bedroom.
She turned to me with a wicked smile and said, “Tonight you’re going to sleep in my nightie.” She told me to strip naked.

My younger sister proceeded to hand me a short little white dress with thin shoulder straps. She even gently put it on me.
I was trembling. “Pass the oil.” Didi told our younger sister. “Now we will make your titties hurt less” she said with a smile.
“But I don’t have titties.” I whimpered. “Oh really? Then what are these?” asked my younger sister pointing at my nipples.
She was right. There was little difference between her flat chest and mine. “Show him how to do it.” my elder sister said.
Following instructions obediently like a good little girl, my younger sister stood in front of me. She touched my shoulder.
Delicately with her index finger, she pulled down one shoulder strap of the nightie I was wearing, exposing my left nipple.
She poured some coconut oil on her fingers and then dripped it down my half exposed chest. I shuddered and quivered.
My sister was looking me straight in the eyes, as she slowly began circling my areola with the lightest feather like touch.
Goosebumps appeared all over my chest, getting bigger and merging with my now throbbing nipples. She pinched it too.
I moaned. “Do the other one also.” said Didi, who was now positioning herself behind our younger sister, in front of me.
Didi reached under her younger sister’s nightie and fondled her supple tender breasts. “Do exactly this, to him… slowly.”
I could see what Didi was doing but more interestingly, I could also feel what she was doing. Little sis was doing it to me.
Vibrating pulses of pleasure waves flowed from my elder sister’s fingers through her kid sister’s nipples straight into mine.

Slowly but surely, my cock started to thicken and grow. Swelling up with energy, the veins in my dick began pulsating too.
My erection was now slightly rubbing against my younger sister’s navel. She didn’t seem to mind. Maybe she liked it.
I was soon getting flustered and impatient. This was not a sensation I was used to. My nipples were new to this magic.
My sisters were in no hurry whatsoever. I remembered watching how they would play with each other for hours on end.
It dawned upon me that I was part of the game now. It was obvious that they owned me fully now. I was theirs to toy with.

Didi pushed my younger sister forward, backing me up against the wall. My rock hard cock stabbing against her tummy.
“Rub both your titties together.” said our elder sister lustfully. Bending my knees to lower my chest to her height I began.
It was heaven for me. She was in ecstasy too.

We writhed against each others bodies with an dance duet like synchroneity.
Now my cock was rubbing against my younger sister’s smooth pussy lips. Her clitoris must have loved this, as she grinded.
Didi was delighted with our chemistry, and for her it was like the ultimate toy doll play date fantasy scenario come to life.
We were like our elder sister’s new fuck puppets, for make believe sex games. Didi reached around and grabbed my ass.
I groaned with pleasure, and that made my younger sister moan harder.

“Mmm… Yes. Good girls.” said our elder sister.
Suddenly it hit me, she just called me a good girl too. It made my entire body vibrate with pleasure, with just that thought.
To Be Continued.

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