The Great Sen Family : Ep-3

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Episode : 3
Prankrisno was a 25-year-old young stud of 6′ when he started to work at the great Sen Family’s house as a Cook cum Gardener first time in Kolkata. Since he was a unmarried young guy without any girlfriend, his sex was on his mind always. The only way to get some relief was to masturbate….. fantasising about his beauty-queen Didimoni…. at least twice a day.

His mistress Didimoni, married with his Manish Dadababu, looked like a sex-starved-queen….. a hot sex-siren for a horny stud like him in those days. She had a 36″ boobs with a big ass of 38″. Her figure at that time was 36-28-38.

One day he was preparing the evening snack in the kitchen. Within minutes his Didimoni and her co-actress Aparna Sen were about to come. He hated the job, but he needed the money badly for his family’s earnings. It was the only job he could find, so he took it. He was an only child and his mother Prabhaboti Mohanta ( widow ), was a single parent. He really wanted to succeed in life, to make his mother happy.

He glanced out the window and groaned in frustration….. seeing his Didimoni’s appearance. He noticed her to pull up the red Maruti convertible…. returning from her shooting schedule at Tollygunge studio.

She was the real beauty-queen, that made his life a living hell. She went out of her way to make his life miserable. She came from a wealthy and renowned family, and had always been a spoiled brat. This was made worse by her being drop-dead gorgeous figure.

She was 5’6″, and maybe 58 kgs. Her soft dark black hair reached to the middle of her back….. swaying with her slender hips as she walked. But it was her face and tits that really turned heads of the Bengali film lovers. She had the piercing eyes, the sexiest mouth and a perfect small nose, all on perfectly smooth, milk-white skin.

Her boobs, a healthy 36″ stood up and out, and she proudly showed them off, always wearing skimpy, sheer blouses ( ofcourse sleeveless that even showed her cleanly shaven smooth armpits ) and lower cut lacy bra.

Today she was wearing a pair of tight white pants, that hung low on her hips, letting the waist band of her black panties show. She had on a white fishnet T-shirt and a lacy purple pushup bra….. holding her sexy tits high and impossible to ignore.

She had a small diamond stud in her belly button, which she loved to show off too. Her stomach was flat and tight….. the envy of all her girlfriends. As he always dreamed about her, his cock jumped up whenever he’d seen her.

She dressed like a slut, even talked like a slut at times….. the only thing missing was she didn’t put out like a slut. She was instead the ultimate, 28 year old cock-tease beauty of Tollygunge.

Munmun marched right up to Prankrisno in the kitchen and told him for the Sunday special with a diet cola for her and Aparna. As he was preparing her order, he focused his eyes on her perky tits. He could see more than just the full shape of her tits. He could even see some of her nipples….. showing though the fancy lacy part of her bra.

Munmun noticed and said, “You naughty pervert, what are you looking for?”

Prankrisno would have loved to reply with a “Fuck you,” but he didn’t want to give her a chance by getting him fired. A second later, her co-actress Aparna came out from the back room.

She came over to them and said. “Kestobhai, hurry…. we’re really hungry….. please make a fresh egg-toast for us.”

Prankrisno nodded. The one’s made just a few minutes ago weren’t good enough for her, it had to be fresher. He once again started working on their toast in the kitchen. He glanced at then and had a clear view of his Didimoni and her sexy tits as he buttered the sliced bread pieces. As he focused on her tits, his cock got rock hard again.

No one was anywhere near him, and he knew he could get away with it if he wanted. It was something he had dreamed of often….. his own private fantasy.

“Fuck it,” he said under his breath.

It was the proper time for him to fulfill one of his fantasies. Quickly he unzipped his Bermuda’s fly, pulled out his long cock and started to jack off. He hadn’t cum for over two days, and his balls were full….. they turned rock hard too.

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