The Great Sen Family : Ep-3

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Episode : 3
Prankrisno was a 25-year-old young stud of 6′ when he started to work at the great Sen Family’s house as a Cook cum Gardener first time in Kolkata. Since he was a unmarried young guy without any girlfriend, his sex was on his mind always. The only way to get some relief was to masturbate….. fantasising about his beauty-queen Didimoni…. at least twice a day.

His mistress Didimoni, married with his Manish Dadababu, looked like a sex-starved-queen….. a hot sex-siren for a horny stud like him in those days. She had a 36″ boobs with a big ass of 38″. Her figure at that time was 36-28-38.

One day he was preparing the evening snack in the kitchen. Within minutes his Didimoni and her co-actress Aparna Sen were about to come. He hated the job, but he needed the money badly for his family’s earnings. It was the only job he could find, so he took it. He was an only child and his mother Prabhaboti Mohanta ( widow ), was a single parent. He really wanted to succeed in life, to make his mother happy.

He glanced out the window and groaned in frustration….. seeing his Didimoni’s appearance. He noticed her to pull up the red Maruti convertible…. returning from her shooting schedule at Tollygunge studio.

She was the real beauty-queen, that made his life a living hell. She went out of her way to make his life miserable. She came from a wealthy and renowned family, and had always been a spoiled brat. This was made worse by her being drop-dead gorgeous figure.

She was 5’6″, and maybe 58 kgs. Her soft dark black hair reached to the middle of her back….. swaying with her slender hips as she walked. But it was her face and tits that really turned heads of the Bengali film lovers. She had the piercing eyes, the sexiest mouth and a perfect small nose, all on perfectly smooth, milk-white skin.

Her boobs, a healthy 36″ stood up and out, and she proudly showed them off, always wearing skimpy, sheer blouses ( ofcourse sleeveless that even showed her cleanly shaven smooth armpits ) and lower cut lacy bra.

Today she was wearing a pair of tight white pants, that hung low on her hips, letting the waist band of her black panties show. She had on a white fishnet T-shirt and a lacy purple pushup bra….. holding her sexy tits high and impossible to ignore.

She had a small diamond stud in her belly button, which she loved to show off too. Her stomach was flat and tight….. the envy of all her girlfriends. As he always dreamed about her, his cock jumped up whenever he’d seen her.

She dressed like a slut, even talked like a slut at times….. the only thing missing was she didn’t put out like a slut. She was instead the ultimate, 28 year old cock-tease beauty of Tollygunge.

Munmun marched right up to Prankrisno in the kitchen and told him for the Sunday special with a diet cola for her and Aparna. As he was preparing her order, he focused his eyes on her perky tits. He could see more than just the full shape of her tits. He could even see some of her nipples….. showing though the fancy lacy part of her bra.

Munmun noticed and said, “You naughty pervert, what are you looking for?”

Prankrisno would have loved to reply with a “Fuck you,” but he didn’t want to give her a chance by getting him fired. A second later, her co-actress Aparna came out from the back room.

She came over to them and said. “Kestobhai, hurry…. we’re really hungry….. please make a fresh egg-toast for us.”

Prankrisno nodded. The one’s made just a few minutes ago weren’t good enough for her, it had to be fresher. He once again started working on their toast in the kitchen. He glanced at then and had a clear view of his Didimoni and her sexy tits as he buttered the sliced bread pieces. As he focused on her tits, his cock got rock hard again.

No one was anywhere near him, and he knew he could get away with it if he wanted. It was something he had dreamed of often….. his own private fantasy.

“Fuck it,” he said under his breath.

It was the proper time for him to fulfill one of his fantasies. Quickly he unzipped his Bermuda’s fly, pulled out his long cock and started to jack off. He hadn’t cum for over two days, and his balls were full….. they turned rock hard too.

That’s when, a thick, heavy stream of whitish glob squirted out and splashed across the top of the sliced bread.

Within minutes he was finished…. preparing two freshened toast. A heavy, gooey load of semen giggled like jelly upon the toasts, much of it soaking into the bread. He started to sweat as he pushed his semi-hard cock back into his dirty Bermuda.

He then slapped some tomato sauce, mustard and ketchup onto the toast. Lastly he added some cheese, pickles and sweet onions with the toasts.

His knees felt weak as he nervously brought the toast meal for the two Bengalee stunning beauties. He served them the meal on the dining table and felt highly excited as he thought about his added special sauce to their toasts.

His eyes followed their every movement as he watched them intently…… they were laughing and chatting obliviously. He held his breath excitedly when he watched his Didimoni take her first bite of the toast.

He could see the juices of the toast and some tomato sauce squeezing off from the slices and dripping down on her chin. At first glance, it looked just like a big, gooey wad of cream dripping down her chin.

He knew some of his semen was in the mixture of that thick, white cream. His cock jumped in his pants as he watched his Didimoni scoop up the gooey cream from her chin and shoveled it into her mouth.

Each bite she took, a small amount of sauce squirted across her lips…. and onto her cheeks and chin. Each time this happened, she licked up the creamy mess, or used her fingers to push it back into her mouth.

Same was the case of her co-actress Aparna who was chewing the toast with great interest….. even at one time, she threw a suspicious glance at Prankrisno and remarked, “Oh Mona, it’s so delicious,”

“Right Rinadi, I too never have tasted such a flavor before….. what’s the matter Kesto,” Munmun asked her Odisan Cook with a pleasing smile.

“Maybe it’s due to the tomato sauce of a different product,” Prankrisno replied in a straight way without any type of shame or hesitation.

It took both the ladies about 5 minutes to completely eat the toast. She and her co-actress Rinadi ( Nickname of Aparna Sen ) talked for several more minutes, deliberately made a big mess on the dining table, then took off.

Prankrisno watched them leave…. laughing to himself for what he had gotten away with. As he cleaned up their mess, Parveen came over there suddenly to give him a hand.

“Hi Kestoda.” She smiled wickedly.

“Hi Paru.” He grinned.

“That was a neat trick you played on our Didimoni and her friend.”

He was surprised….. paused for a moment and looked at the teen maid with a fear in his eyes. A cold sweat covered his body.

“W…. wh…… hat do yo….. you mean?” he started stammering in unexpected fear.

Parveen grinned at him. She was a very pretty understanding girl, but was very petite. Only being 4’8″ with 40 Kgs weight, she was an almost a 32″ chest with a 34″ ass and narrow hips. She had never needed a bra, and sometimes their Didimoni had often complimented about her tight and perky tits.

“I watched you jacking off on their toasts. And I never imagined you had such a big cock.” Parveen laughed.

Prankrisno didn’t know what to say, so he remained silent as she continued, “The next time you plan on doing something like that, please let me know, I want to take part in it.”

He was speechless. He watched her walk away smartly, then it hit him. He realized that Parveen too wanted to do something nasty to their Didimoni’s food. His cock jumped up in unexpected excitement as he wondered what that might be.
_____ _____ ______ ______ ______ _____ __

( Next Morning ) Parveen got her instructions from her Mistress cum Idol at 9:00 am about what to do as her Dadababu left for his office. She helped her Didimoni and the Odisan Cook Prankrisno in preparation of lunch for that day and other household chores.

Few minutes later, their mistress-didimoni went to Aparna Memsaheb’s house for some chatting while she decided to complete her remaining job. After that she took some rest and woke up suddenly to the sound of a key in the lock. She’d fallen asleep on the couch while she was reading a bengali Film-Magazine…. based on a article of her actress Didimoni’s recent film.

Quickly, she looked at her watch. It was 5:00 in the afternoon. Her Didimoni had told her to just sleep over after work, since they all knew that a no. of jobs had to be done and that would last until quite late.

There was a guest bedroom at the main building that Parveen could have used for her rest, but she like sitting on the soft couch in the drawing room. Anyway she got up to check the sound at the front door.

That’s when the door swung open and there was Manish Dadababu….. tall and strong, with a very limp Didimoni….. hanging from his side in his arms. Her eyes were open, but weren’t very focused. She was singing a Rabindra-Sangeet, but Parveen couldn’t understand the words.

“Parveen, help me to get your Didimoni up to bed,” huffed her Dadababu. “She had a little too much to drink today also.”

Together they carried Munmun up to the bedroom….. and after reaching, Manish started undressing her slowly. “Help me to get her clothes off, Parveen. She’ll be a lot more comfortable without all this stuff on.”

The first thing they did was take off Munmun’s ‘Kanjibharam’ Saree and the matching red blouse. Under the Saree-Blouse, she had a white Saya ( Petticoat ) and a pale purple lacy bra that were gorgeous.

The bra had a new pattern in it, but was otherwise see-through. Her big round areolas were clearly visible through the thin fabric of bra. Manish rolled her to one side and reached behind her….. the bra went slack.

Parveen watched her Didimoni in awe as her body came into view. She had big firm boobs with prominent nipples on them. Manish bared them from the bra, as he leaned down and gave each distended nipple a quick suckle.

“There’s my babies,” he said as Parveen stared at him, amazed at what she was seeing.

After that, he loosened the knot of her Saya and pulled down from her stretching body with the help of Parveen. Now the gorgeous actress had on her…. only the panties. Parveen had seen such panties before, but only in filmy magazines. They were pale purple, and obviously matched the bra. Anyone could see right through them.

They covered her pubic hair, but little else, and the waistband was little more than strings that went up high on her hips and then to the back. She thought she’d never seen anything so feminine and sexy.

Manish then pointed at her panties and said, “You get that side and I’ll get this side.” They tried to pull them off from her wide hips, but couldn’t.

He said at last, “Watch this and be ready.”

Then, with one hand, he reached out and put one finger on the outside of her panties, right about where the top of her split would be. He pushed down and then ran the finger in a circle.

Munmun went on with a little sob, “Ohhhhh fuck,” and her hips came up off the bed.

“NOW!” Said Manish as he yanked his side of her panties down. Parveen however hadn’t moved. She was just mesmerized at what she’d just seen.

“Parveen, we’ll never get them off from her if you don’t help,” Manish said to her with a grin. “Now get ready.”

With that he tickled his wife’s clit with his forefinger. Again she groaned as her ass came up off the bed. This time Parveen was ready and she pulled down the string. In an instant, Manish had pulled the panties the rest of the way off. Now his wife was lying completely naked in front of them.

And Munmun was… writhing in her half dazed state. Her hips were moving and her hands were opening and clenching. Her husband stood up. “Un Oh, I got her going. Now I’m in trouble.”

“What do you mean Dadababu?” asked the teen maid.

“She’s horny….. this happens when she drinks a much!” he said. “And that means she wants some hard fucking.”

Parveen blushed hearing the bold words from the sophisticated person as he continued, “Sorry…. I shouldn’t discuss this with you. Actually I had a little too much to drink too at Monadi’s house.” He went on “And that’s the part of the problem. When she gets horny like this, I don’t make her satisfied and she’s a bear in the morning.”

In the meantime, the maid had recovered from her composure, though she still couldn’t believe she was having this conversation with her employer Dadababu.

She asked meekly, “So… why don’t you just… try to make Didimoni satisfied?”

He looked at her with bleary eyes and said, “That’s an excellent suggestion, but the only way I’ve ever gotten your Didimoni to have an orgasm is with my prick… er… I mean cock.”

Parveen blushed again, but she was determined for her Dadababu to remember her as being adult about all this.

“OK….. but what’s the problem…. use your penis… I mean cock….. and make Didimoni cum.”

“That’s the real trouble,” he moaned. “When I’ve had this much to drink, it never works like it’s supposed to now. I can’t get it hard when I’m drunk too much.”

He stood there….. being dejected. His eyes then slid down to the maid’s chest. “Unless…” he faded off. “I…..I…. No! That would be wrong!”

“What?” asked his young maid.

“I can think of ONE way to get it stiff, but it would be wrong….. I shouldn’t.” he said.

“How?” said the innocent young maid.

“Well… if… you helped me…” he hung his head.

Parveen felt a thrill of danger sweep through her body as she asked promptly, “What do you mean? How could I help you?”

“Well, you know that you have turned me on from the first time you came to our house. But NO! WAIT! That’s NOT what I meant to say. I mean you’re a girl, right? And if a girl… touched it, I’m sure it would get hard. But I couldn’t ask you to do that. I shouldn’t take advantage of your financial problem.”

Parveen thought for a minute. This was all very interesting. She’d seen a real grown up beautiful woman naked first time just few days ago. Nobody ever showed any skin of any kind in her native village….. except her bogus hell the boyfriend.

She might get to see her Didimoni in action again…. and not only that, even she could do all kinds of interesting things which she couldn’t do with her boyfriend. And now here the chances arrived if she “helped” her Dadababu. Plus he’d agreed that she had turned him on from the beginning. She was none but a mere maid…. she must obey his request and she never mind to comply his plea. .

“But Dadababu,” she queried in her best little girl voice. “You know I respect you and Didimoni both and as a maid, it’s my obligation to follow your order….. to satisfy your need. So I think I should help you… and help her… I must try. Don’t you?”

Manish was excited…… and licked his dried lips in anticipation. His alcohol muddled mind wasn’t thinking like it should have. Yes, it’s now going to happen for which he had been waiting eagerly for the last few days.

“Yeah, OK,” he said as he started stripping down.

Parveen watched as her Dadababu got naked so quickly in front of her. She knew her mother would not approve of this. But she was going to get to see that beautiful cock for the second time. She had been dreaming since she watched him first time fucking her mistress Didimoni few days ago.

She held her breath excitedly as her Dadababu slid his pants and briefs down past his hips. There it was….. his dick. But she was just a little disappointed. It didn’t look very impressive like that day….. even it was much shorter than Kestoda. It looked like an under stuffed sausage, lying mashed and limp against his balls.

She knew his BALLS were impressive. They were big and bulging. They made her think of babies and she shuddered as she realized those balls were full of the stuff that made babies.

If that stuff got inside her it could make a baby in her belly….. she jerked. Now where had THAT thought come from? She wasn’t planning on having any babies for a long, long time.

Her disappointment must have shown, because for that moment Manish looked up and saw her anxious face, he grinned. “You know it will get bigger… lots bigger. I’m sure you already have some practical experiences.”

Parveen puffed her bottom lip out. “Of COURSE I’ve seen one before….. even some practical knowledge about this. But that wasn’t fruitful. Anyway I think I’m almost a woman now, you know.”

Now he got a strange somehow hot look on his face. “Oh I know how grown up you are, pumpkin. Come here and let’s see if we can get the beast to roar.”

She timidly walked over to him as he took her hand. He then showed her how to hold his penis, how to stroke it and squeeze it. As she did so, she felt it begin to get a more substantial feel, like someone was pumping something firm into it.

She let go to change hands and saw now, it was standing out from his body a little. It still drooped, pointing at her knees, but it was longer and thicker too. She jacked on him more aggressively and he winced.

“Be careful there honey. You’re going to yank it out at the roots.” Manish cautioned the teen.

Parveen felt sorry for her roughness. She let go completely and said, “I’m sorry Dadababu. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m just no good at this.” There was a tear in her eye.

Manish put his arms around his teen maid affectionately, pressing his naked body up against her. “Hey, sweetie, you’re just inexperienced. Don’t worry your pretty head. It’s working, just not quick enough. I have another idea.”

He took her face in his hands and kissed her lovingly. His lips were soft and full and she felt like he was sucking all the juices out of her body with those lips. The tip of his tongue slipped between her lips and then his tongue followed. It made her weak with the feeling of her first passionate kiss.

When he pulled his lips from hers she was gasping. She saw him look down and she looked too. Now his cock was almost straight out from his body. It was bigger than her son-of-a-bitch boyfriend and she didn’t think her fingers would reach all the way around it. She reached out and skinned the foreskin back….. over the head several times….. making sure she did it gently.

He sighed. “Ahhhhhhhhh. That’s it baby. Now do one more thing for me and it will be ready. I want you to kiss it… like I just kissed you.”

Parveen stared at her Dadababu. She knew what a blow job was, of course. Although she had never done it before, she witnessed his Didimoni doing it just few days ago. Moreover she’d seen them on her mother’s secret stash magazines. But she’d never thought of doing that to his boyfriend.

However her Dadababu was her employer and she must have to please him for continuing her job. Now his prick was in her hand as she thought it might not be so bad to… kiss… or… lick… or…. more. Very slowly she sank to her knees. It bobbed in front of her face. She pursed her lips and kissed the tip, gently, softly, lovingly.

The tip of her tongue came out and teased the little hole in the tip and her Dadababu hissed. She put her hand around it…. she was right, her fingers didn’t meet and it felt much harder.

She let her lips loosen and flow over, around the sides of the head. When the cockhead was inside her mouth, she swirled her tongue around it and started sucking it slowly

She hadn’t enough knowledge how to suck, so she decided to suck it hard, like she’d watched her Didimoni sucking her Dadababu’s cock. She felt her Dadababu’s hands on her head and heard him anguishing, “Ohhhh shiiiiitttt my dear Paru Baby.”

Then he pulled her head off from his cock as the maid complained, “Wait Dadababu!.. Don’t you like my job?”

“Paru honey, I’m supposed to shoot my cum in your Didimoni’s cunt, not in your mouth,” he said. “So, now help me with your Didimoni.”

With that, they spread Munmun’s legs as he mounted her. He fumbled his hand between them….. grasping his boner and trying to stick it in his wife. He was having trouble due to his drunken state…… so the maid stepped forward.

“Let’s go, Dadababu….. here let me help you.” Saying that she grasped his cock at the base and aimed it’s blunt head between her Didimoni’s puffy pussy lips. He pushed as she saw the saliva coated head slip into those moist lips easily….. disappearing like magic.

Munmun moaned in her dreamy state, “MMmmmmmmmmm.”

Once the tip was in, Manish lurched forward, and suddenly his entire huge penis slammed into her pussy. Another soft moan came out from her mouth, “Ahhhhh……..,”

Munmun’s hips bucked up off the bed as her husband started fucking her….. right in front of their amazed teen maid. And Parveen watched….. her mouth open as her Dadababu slammed that big, thick, rigid piece of meat into her swollen pussy.

It obviously stirred the glamour quuen actress to some extent. Because her arms came up as she slapped onto her husband’s butt cheeks, urging him on. She was moaning and saying things obscenely that the maid couldn’t quite understand.

At one point Manish said “OK, she’s close now.” And saying so, he sunk his head down….. fastening his mouth onto one of those thrusting nipples.

Munmun again groaned still in a sleepy way, “OOHHHOWWWWAAAAHHH!” With that she stated thrashing her hips all over. Her head flopped back and forth, her long black hair flailing in the air.

Parveen had so many orgasms before, brought on by her own fingers or vegetables like cucumber, brinjal, carrot etc. So she knew what those felt like. but they never made her do THIS!. It seemed her Didimoni was going WILD.

Finally Munmun sunk back onto the bed, limp…. still in her drowsy state. Her husband stopped sliding his boner in and out and just hung there, supported by his arms.

He breathed heavily with mumbling, “I want to cum….. But it’s just going to take too much work.”

Manish slowly rolled sideways and Parveen had to scramble out of his way as he landed on his back beside his now snoring wife. His cock was still standing up straight, and it had a shiny, almost greasy kind of look to it now. His hand came up as he started jacking his cock.

“Paru Honey? Could you help out your Dadababu just a little bit more?” Manish asked the maid with pleading eyes.

Parveen was excited at everything that had happened in front of her bulging eyes. It was her second time in which she was able to watch a live fuck show of a celebrity couple which made her extremely horny. She found herself that she was breathing hard too.

“OK Dadababu…. please just tell me,” she

“Could you kiss it again? Like you did before?” he said.

Immediately the maid was on her knees right beside his hips, and the stiff rod that so fascinated her was right there in front of her. She leaned over and covered the musky pussy-juice coated knob with her mouth, sucking hard.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuck,” moaned Munmun’s husband with closed eyes. “Sweetie, you’re a natural born cock-sucker,”

Parveen was pleased hearing the complement from her employer Dadababu as she worked on the head of his cock. She knew that some women slid their mouths up and down on a man’s penis, like she witnessed her Didimoni doing before. But in this case, she liked playing with the tip more. So that’s what she did.

Manish tensed under her as he mumbled, “Paru honey, I’m going to cum now. You need to take your mouth off now honey, or my stuff will get in your mouth.”

Parveen obediently lifted her head and instinctively jacked on his cock with her hand. That little hole she liked teasing with her tongue opened up wider and a stream of thick white fluid shot out from it.

The maid jerked her head back…. suddenly noticing that the stream arced up into the air almost as high as her head and then fell back onto his stomach. Almost immediately another stream spurted out as she continued her jacking. This one fell right back on his cock and her hand.

She marveled at how hot the stuff felt on her hand. Acting on some instinct, she didn’t know what she had, her head darted back down and she covered the cockhead again as another weaker shot of his semen came out.

It filled her mouth and she swirled it around, tasting it. It had a musky, slightly sweet taste, oddly salty at the same time. She he swallowed it as still some more splashed into her mouth.

“Ohhhh…… dear Paru honey.” Manish groaned as two more shots hit in her mouth and he was done.

Parveen leaned back on her heels and smacked her lips. Now both the celebrities were lying there limp….. started snoring lightly. She got a blanket and draped it over them. Then she went back to the couch and fell asleep.

In the morning she was awakened by Manish who tilted her, “Morning sweet cheeks” he said, holding out a glass of orange juice to her. She took it and drank it thirstily.

“Um… sweetie? About last night. I don’t think it would be a good idea for anybody to find out what we did.” Manish said as he felt sorry for previous night’s incident.

She looked at him and said, “Well my mother would KILL me if she found out, so I’m sure not gonna tell anybody. But I must agree Dadababu, It was fun, though,”

Manish stared down at her. “Well, we can keep it our little secret and maybe we can have some fun again some time. OK?”

“Great!” she said and jumped up to hug him….. forgetting that moment that she was a mere maid of their house.

Manish too didn’t mind as he held the tiny maid tightly….. receiving her sloppy kiss. This time she kissed him on the lips, like he had kissed her the night before. He returned the kiss and she felt him grind his hips into hers.

Next she received a tip of five thousand rupees from her Dadababu….. secretly. With her newly earned money, she went shopping in the afternoon. She looked at lots of things, but couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted to get with her first real earned money.

Then she came to the ladies lingerie store. The showcase on the wall had on the exact same panties and bra that her Munmun Didimoni had been wearing that night when she’d learned so much.

The woman behind the counter looked knowingly at the young girl who came in, eyes aglow….. looking everywhere at once. She saw girls like this all the time, just entering the mall with a flush of full sexual maturity. Regardless of what society said, these girls were some baby machines…. waiting to be turned on.

Nature had done it’s work to make them capable of bearing children. It was up to her to help these girls become a woman whom the men wanted badly… specially the mature and older men. She smiled at the nice looking girl.

“Hello, dear. Are you wanting to make a boy interested or drive a man crazy, or get yourself knocked up?” The motherly woman at the counter asked her smilingly.

Parveen looked around in awe as she said in a far away voice, “Knocked up, I think”.

However after half an hour, Parveen left the mall with her bag. She was very excited about what she had purchased. She couldn’t wear it at her home. It would end up in the trash 3X magazines and she’d be grounded by her mother.

But… it wouldn’t be a hard task in her employer’s house…. within this short span, she was already able to know this open minded couple’s attitudes. She packed her secret outfit that she wanted to take and walked out from the mall.

At 6:00 pm, when Manish returned from his office, he gave her a big hug. He let his hands slip down to her tight round bottom and gave her buns a squeeze.

She put her mouth right next to his ear and whispered, “I have something special to show you later tonight when Didimoni is in sleep.”

To be continued……

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