A Mother in Heat

This story is not true but a work of dirty imagination. I am a man of 33 and happily married to an attractive wife. I love my wife, but I can not overcome my lustful desire for my own mother Anna. It has nothing to do with looks – my mom is not very attractive and her age of 55 shows in her face and body. Despite that there is something about her. She has strange magical powers. She lives alone in a two room house deep in the woods with her great dane Sara. One weekend she invited me and my great dane Max to spend the night. She was happy to see me. I put my arms around her, gave her a kiss on the cheek and said ‘I missed you’ and she said ‘I missed you too’.

It was a warm summer night and after dinner I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and got myself a beer out of the fridge. Mom put on some nice rock music and had changed into her nighty, which is just a loose fitting white t-shirt that comes half way down her thighs. Then she told me that our dogs were missing. They perhaps walked out from an open window. We decided to search them and bring them back. We took torches and came out of the house. The forest was not dark entirely because of full moon. On the way she told me that Sara was in heat and wanted to have sex.

As we walked down a narrow path she led us through some bushes into a small clearing. There we saw Max
mounting Sara and trying to pound his cock deeper into her. I’d never paid attention to dogs before, but for some reason seeing a dog fuck was a turnon. My mom was biting her lips as She’d always had a kinky side to her.

“Are you OK Mom?” I asked.
“No, I am in heat like the bitch.” She said, “if we take off our clothes it will turn us into great danes and we can mate like dogs.”

I quickly took off my clothes then watched her undress she smiled as my dick got bigger and harder suddenly we were two geat danes. She and sara now were side by side spresd their legs as max mounted sara and and I mom. We began having sex and she responded well. I pushed my hardness deep inside mom as far as it would go, her pussy really wet and hot, her face flushed with excitement. I didn’t hold back and was really rough with her and thrust into her deep and fast, my cock wet with her cum. Within about 10 hard thrusts, she started panting heavily and her body shaking and she said, ‘Don’t stop – I’m going cum’ and proceeded to have a huge orgasm with lots of grunting and panting. I couldn’t last any longer and started to cum inside her. Both the females were delighted knowing they were filled with cum.

Mom had other ideas. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing it over her clit and vagina wanting more. I could see great sticky blobs of my sperm oozing out of her and onto the ground.This was too much for me to handle. I was still hard and the sight of this made me even harder. I stood behind my mom, the head of my cock pressing against her pussy lips. I never even made the decision. My mom pushed back onto me, my cock easily sliding into her. She pulled away and immediately moved right back on to me. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and started to push with my own rhythm. Mom let out a long, deep moan, and I knew this wouldn’t last long. I started trusting with force and viciousness that I never knew I could do. My hands squeezing her cheeks so hard I must have left prints. Slamming into my mom like my life depended on it. She kept wailing like a bitch and we both came again very quickly. She shuddered, and collapsed to the ground.

I led Max to her and he licked her wet cunt clean. I couldn’t believe I’d done that, and yet… I had. We moved back home naked. Once inside we took drinks to cool our bodies a bit. Mom touched her cunt with her fingers. She pulled her hand out, and stared at her glistening fingers. She sniffed our combined juices.

“Mom! I am sorry.” I said.
“Son you have nothing to be sorry about. You felt so good in me!” She replied.

She hugged me and we kissed, which gave me another boner. I reached down, lifted her in my arms and carried her to her bed, kissing, exchanging tongues as I walked the few steps. I laid her on her bed and mounted her. Within seconds of me topping her, I was slowly pushing into her wet pussy, as she held her right hand to my chest, to keep me from blocking her view. We fucked like that a few minutes and she went crazy moaning, pulling me close to her, kissing me so hard her saliva was running down the sides of my mouth.

Mom came hard. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass, her legs open as wide as they could go, pulling me closer into her, despite the fact that I was touching her cervix. I was totally implanted into mom’s pussy.

“I never had a big dick like this. Oh my God.” She groaned.

Finally I had cummed in her the third time. Looking back I realized that this wasn’t about love, or even lust. This was about need, pure and simple. Almost like animals in heat.

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