Mom fucked by my friends

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Hi i am Aryan. I have already posted a lot of stories before so you might know me. So this is about my hot 🔥 mom. She has a amazing figure. Everyone just loves to admire her. Moreover who doesn’t loves to see a busty and mild lady. So even I do love my mom a lot. My dad is a hotelier in northeast so he has to be out of town most of the times. My friends even love to see her.

So each weekend we have a group study at each of our house so this weekend it was my turn. Rahul, Asish,Ankur and Vikram; we all are good friends. I told them to come to my house for groupstudy at 6:30 pm. It was 5:30 pm so my mom told me to go to the market and bring some some foods for my friends. It was too late for them to come so I went to the market. But they came to my house at 5:30pm. I was unaware with the fact they were already at house. That day mom was wearing a hot nighty, enough to seduce someone.
Mom opens the door.

Rahul: hi aunty
Mom: aren’t you guys early, Aryan told me that you all will come at 6:30
Aish:aunty we all were free so we thought of coming early
Mom: okay come
Ankur: where is Aryan aunty?
Mom: oh he went to market to bring some stuff, Why don’t you go to his room and wait.
Rahul: okay aunty.
That went to my room but with an intention.
Rahul was a huge lover of my mom. He always loves to come to my house just t to see her. Asish also likes her boobs, Ankur was a porn addict who is hungry for session and even Vikram loves her boob’s.
Rahul: guys I think it is the right time to fuck her.
Asish: are you sure?
Rahul : yes , Aryan is also not here, we will finish before he comes back.
Ankur: let’s do it I just love her
Vikram: yes yes even I Am in
After few minutes Rahulwent to the kitchen where mom was washing dishes.
Rahul: aunty
Mom: yes you need anything.
Rahul: aunty I just wanted to say something
Mom: what?
Rahul: will you come in the room please
Mom: okay but why
Rahul: please aunty
Mom and Rahul went to my room.
They all were waiting for her.
Asish: aunty sit here.
Mom sat on the bed between Asish and Ankur.
Mom: what you wanted to say Rahul
Rahul: aunty we all love you, you are beautiful.
Asish and Vikram added ‘ yes aunty you are very beautiful ‘.
Mom: don’t lie.
They: yes you are aunty
Mom: thanks
Rahul: so aunty went want to express our love.
Mom: express?
Rahul: yes aunty, we want to have sex with you. Please don’t say no
Mom: but you are his friends.
Vikram: for now we are your friends.
Mom shys.
Mom: are you sure
Rahul: yes aunty we all love you.
Even mom didn’t had sex for a long time as dad Is mostly out of town.
Mom: Okay
As soon as mom says okay.

Asish and Ankur started kissing mom. Rahul and Vikram were undressing her. Now she was naked. Mom lied on bed and Rahul and Ankur jumped on her.

Mom: mmmmmppphmmmm
Rahul slowly inserted his hard dick in her pussy.
Mom: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh slowly
Rahul: yes aunty
Mom: ahhhhhh ahhhha hhhh ahhh
Then Vikram and Ankur put their hard cock on her face and mouth. She started sucking it.
Mom: mmmmmphhhmmhhhhmmm
Ankur:yeah aunty yeah
Asish was play with her huge boobs.

Then they changed position. Now mom on top of Asish. Asish’s dick in her pussy and Ankur’s dick in her big ass.
Mom: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh slowly slowly ahhhh
Vikram putting his dick in her mouth and Rahul was taking photos and videos of them.
Then I came back home and saw their shoes outside. I have keys so I went straight in.
Me: whistling……. I am bac…..
Moaning sound was coming from somewhere.
Me: where is everyone and from where is moaning sound coming?

Then I went to my room and stood still and shocked seeing them fucking my mom.

Mom: mom? What are you doing?
Rahul:bro listen

He took me out of the room
Rahul bro we love your mom and she loves our dicks so when we showed her she wanted them. So we started having sex.

Me: shut up. How can you fuck my mom
Rahul: listen why dont you come and enjoy.
Me: I will fuck my own mom
Rahul: yes. Incest is best

Even I love my mom a lot so I agrred
We went in the room and mom Vikram was fucking her hard.

Vikram: come Aryan take up her pussy.
Mom: come beta come fill your mom

I pulled off my pants, took off my shirt and jumped on her.
Me: mom I love you lot
Mom: I love you too baby 💞

I put my hat dick in her pussy.
Mom: ahhhhhhh ahhhhh
I started with full speed.
Rahul: mom and son in full mood
Vikram: yeah

After few minutes I took her pussy, Rahul and Ankur took her.
Three hard dicks in one.
Mom: ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh get out Rahul get out.
Me: Rahul get out she is getting hurt.
Rahul: don’t worry I know the trick .
Mom: ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh oh my ahh.
Then we all stoped and mom started giving blow job.
Mom: give me your dicks fill my face with your cums.
Rahul was still taking video of mom sucking our dicks.
Me: why are you taking video?
Rahul: as a moment, when we will be grown we can remember that we fucked your mom.
Me: wow!
Mom to me: give your dick beta mmmmmmmphhhmmm
Me: ohhhhhhh yeah
Then we all threw our cum one by one on her face.
Rahul: take aunty my cum
Mom: give ahhhhhhh mmmmm
Vikram: my one
Asish: take bitch
Me: give me fucker ahhhhh
Ankur: take my aunty…….yeah
Mom: mmmmm
Me: mom here my gift.
Mom: fill me baby……ahhhh
Mom:wow a lot of cum… Mphhhh
They all cleaned up themselves and dressed up.
Rahul: bye bro see you soon. It was nice to duck your mom.
Me: yeah man

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