My wife wanted to try something new on our honeymoon, and it ended up getting me cucked

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My wife wanted to try something new on our honeymoon, and it ended up getting me cucked

We went to a village; it wasn’t very remote, had everything we needed, and had some really good scenery. There were some resorts and even some high-class hotels just for the tourists. We booked at a resort as it has much more facilities than some hotels there, and we had some great views from our bedroom itself. It was the month of our wedding; we got married on December 3, and we were going on honeymoon after Christmas was over. We planned to spend the new year there only. So we went on the 29th and checked in at the resort. It was lavish, had great scenery, the food was awesome, the people were polite, and it was a good experience on the first day itself.

Me and my wife, who is a very beautiful Indian woman, have average boobs, about 32-28-33. She is taller than the average woman, and that’s what I liked about her. She was able to stand out among the others. She is absolutely beautiful, and her face is on another level. She is the first woman in my life who looks about the same even after she puts makeup on. She is beautiful without makeup, and that’s what’s unique about her—she has the natural beauty. She is a lookalike of Ashi Singh (a TV actress).

We have an arranged marriage; my parents and her parents knew each other, and when my parents told them that they were finding a girl, they also told me that they were finding a boy, and fortunately I got to know her. I would have been pissed if someone else had married her.
After we got married, our first sex was not that great; I was virgin and she wasn’t; she told me that she lost her virginity through masturbating, and I just accepted it. I tried my best to fuck her; I tried lasting long, but all I could do was look funny while humping; I lasted for the correct 30 seconds; and she was laughing when I was trying to thrust her. I felt like she would have pain and be quite shy and gasp, but she was giggling.
I took my condom off and washed my dick before sleeping.

That was our first night together, and I begged her to sleep naked. She slept half naked, and the next day, it was the same; all I was able to do was last 30 seconds. My dick is 5 inches, and I feel like it was absolutely enough to satisfy her, since she was a virgin anyway. But I wasn’t able to I tried having sex with her, but when she got her period the next week, we stopped, and I never got to see her pussy again. The honeymoon was a way to at least get her active in bed, and it actually happened but without me.

We never kissed or did anything like a normal couple would, so the first step I took was to kiss her as soon as we got into our room. And surprisingly, she was responding to my kiss by rubbing my back and hugging me while I started entering her shorts. She removed my hand from there, and I again did it, and this time she gave up and went with the flow. I rubbed her pussy, and she was dry. I then felt like I wasn’t able to even get her horny; I tried rubbing her boobs, but still she didn’t get wet or aroused even a bit.

I planned to use Viagra that night to see if I was able to break my own record of finishing in 30 seconds. I told her about this, and she at first told me not to. But I convinced her that it was once, and I wasn’t doing it again. I had 4 pills in that strip. She looked at it and asked if she could try one as well. I was excited because it was the first time she had shown some kind of interest. I gave her one and took one myself, and after about 20 minutes, we were both on fire. It was so arousing all of a sudden, and my dick was hard as never before. I showed her my penis, and all she did was spread her legs for me to enter.

She was wet this time, and I slid in my dick wrapped in a condom and started to fuck her. I wasn’t cupping as fast, but I was able to fuck her for so long. After 40 minutes of continuous thrusting, I felt tired and came home. I got finished, and after I pulled out, she was still horny and didn’t orgasm once. She started fingering herself and rubbing herself, and she squirted. And she kept fingering.

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