My wife wanted to try something new on our honeymoon, and it ended up getting me cucked

My wife wanted to try something new on our honeymoon, and it ended up getting me cucked

We went to a village; it wasn’t very remote, had everything we needed, and had some really good scenery. There were some resorts and even some high-class hotels just for the tourists. We booked at a resort as it has much more facilities than some hotels there, and we had some great views from our bedroom itself. It was the month of our wedding; we got married on December 3, and we were going on honeymoon after Christmas was over. We planned to spend the new year there only. So we went on the 29th and checked in at the resort. It was lavish, had great scenery, the food was awesome, the people were polite, and it was a good experience on the first day itself.

Me and my wife, who is a very beautiful Indian woman, have average boobs, about 32-28-33. She is taller than the average woman, and that’s what I liked about her. She was able to stand out among the others. She is absolutely beautiful, and her face is on another level. She is the first woman in my life who looks about the same even after she puts makeup on. She is beautiful without makeup, and that’s what’s unique about her—she has the natural beauty. She is a lookalike of Ashi Singh (a TV actress).

We have an arranged marriage; my parents and her parents knew each other, and when my parents told them that they were finding a girl, they also told me that they were finding a boy, and fortunately I got to know her. I would have been pissed if someone else had married her.
After we got married, our first sex was not that great; I was virgin and she wasn’t; she told me that she lost her virginity through masturbating, and I just accepted it. I tried my best to fuck her; I tried lasting long, but all I could do was look funny while humping; I lasted for the correct 30 seconds; and she was laughing when I was trying to thrust her. I felt like she would have pain and be quite shy and gasp, but she was giggling.
I took my condom off and washed my dick before sleeping.

That was our first night together, and I begged her to sleep naked. She slept half naked, and the next day, it was the same; all I was able to do was last 30 seconds. My dick is 5 inches, and I feel like it was absolutely enough to satisfy her, since she was a virgin anyway. But I wasn’t able to I tried having sex with her, but when she got her period the next week, we stopped, and I never got to see her pussy again. The honeymoon was a way to at least get her active in bed, and it actually happened but without me.

We never kissed or did anything like a normal couple would, so the first step I took was to kiss her as soon as we got into our room. And surprisingly, she was responding to my kiss by rubbing my back and hugging me while I started entering her shorts. She removed my hand from there, and I again did it, and this time she gave up and went with the flow. I rubbed her pussy, and she was dry. I then felt like I wasn’t able to even get her horny; I tried rubbing her boobs, but still she didn’t get wet or aroused even a bit.

I planned to use Viagra that night to see if I was able to break my own record of finishing in 30 seconds. I told her about this, and she at first told me not to. But I convinced her that it was once, and I wasn’t doing it again. I had 4 pills in that strip. She looked at it and asked if she could try one as well. I was excited because it was the first time she had shown some kind of interest. I gave her one and took one myself, and after about 20 minutes, we were both on fire. It was so arousing all of a sudden, and my dick was hard as never before. I showed her my penis, and all she did was spread her legs for me to enter.

She was wet this time, and I slid in my dick wrapped in a condom and started to fuck her. I wasn’t cupping as fast, but I was able to fuck her for so long. After 40 minutes of continuous thrusting, I felt tired and came home. I got finished, and after I pulled out, she was still horny and didn’t orgasm once. She started fingering herself and rubbing herself, and she squirted. And she kept fingering.

At night, she started the conversation about sex and how we should try something; I asked what, and she showed me a couple who were sitting in the garden, and under the table, the girl was giving him a handjob. We had perfect view, but no one else could see it, and it was so bizarre for us. After that, we went for a night walk and again saw another man and a girl on the street; she was giving him a blowjob, and as we went past them, the girl gave him money, and he went away.

I was shocked by what was happening. My wife saw it as well and looked at me in shock, and we both felt like he was a male escort or whatever. Later, after about 15 minutes, we were going back and we saw the same woman with her partner. They had their hands in their pockets and were walking to the other side. She felt weird, but just ignored us, like we hadn’t just seen her sucking a dick a few minutes ago. My wife was walking straight and acting normal, and I tried stopping them and telling the man what we just saw. As I stopped them and told them what we saw, he looked at her and said OK, and they both continued walking.

My wife stood there as if she was also feeling like it was normal. It was weird, so we both went to our rooms and just wanted to sleep. She started this conversation again, and this time she asked if it was fine if she did something like that. I thought about it and said it isn’t fine. She sat straight on the bed and asked again, “Can I have escort for once,” and she said it’s fine and I can be in the room and see us. I denied it and told her it would cause a lot of problems. She said that I can have a female escort as well, and she will be in the room watching me with her if I don’t mind. I thought about it for a second, and as I took a second to reply, she knew I liked the ideas and had thought about them, so she stayed on her ground and managed to convince me, and it was just for once. She will have a male escort, and we decided that it will be on the honeymoon only, as it was risky in our own city and area.

She went on the internet and, guess what, didn’t find anything, so she asked me if it was ok to do this the same night. I said whenever you want, and I laid on the bed, and she got up, took a dress out of her bag, and in front of me, wore that. She was completely naked under her one-piece dress. It was a shirt dress, and all it will take is a strong gush of wind to get her exposed. She asked if it was to have sex outdoors or if she should bring the man in front of me. I said it would be very bad and ill-mannered to have sex outdoors or anywhere outside. It should be done behind closed doors and be private. Sex is a private thing, and I don’t care what she does behind closed doors, but I don’t want her to sell her privacy, her name, or her respect for some sex. She agreed and said she loves me, and she went outside. I was, for some reason, too excited. I wasn’t getting hard, but I knew I was leaking salt.

I received a message about a half hour later; it was from my wife, and she said she would be there in any second now, and I was too aroused to see what she pulled off. I put a shirt on and sat on the sofa in front of me. She opened the door and saw where I was, and she looked outside, and a man came in. He was maybe in his mid-20s and about the same age as us. He was dressed like a local and had a good body. She introduced him by his name; his name was Kabir. She introduced me as her husband. She said she met him at the club; he was also a tourist and was here for some fun.

She asked Kabir if he was comfortable if her husband was there, and he said no problem. She again insisted on knowing if her husband was a turn-off for him and that she could send him out until they were together. It was making me horny, but I was looking at my wife, and she was absolutely there to degrade me to the fullest. He said it’s no problem, and he said it will be fun for her husband (me) to see her get some real pleasure. I was surprised by this roast of me. She closed the door and put Kabir on the bed. She made him sit on the bed and then started her show.

This almost made my eyes pop out. I will narrate this from her side and add the moans and other stuff from the way I heard them. I have her side of the story, and I will share it as is.

Her POVSo I made Kabir sit, and then I took a step back and turned around. Kabir was looking at my back, and I slowly bent over and pulled my dress up. Slowly but shortly, my dress was on my waist, and he had a perfect view of both my holes. I giggled at my butt and then spread it for him to see if it was more clear. I then stand straight, take off my dress, and turn around, keeping my hands in my nipples. As soon as me and Kabir’s eyes meet, I drop my hands, and he has a perfect view of my nipples. I forget I have a husband and do my thing.

Kabir moves forward and grabs my right hand; he pulls me towards him and pushes me onto the floor. I get on my knees, in a kneeling position, and then he places my hand on his pants. I knew what he meant, so I started opening her pants button and pulling the zip to uncover the monster. He had brown underwear; I pulled them down, but his dick was so big that he pushed the pant and underwear down more to uncover his dick. As the underwear got down enough, his dick swung up straight, and he gave me a nod to say, “Start licking.” I have never in my life sucked a dick before; it was a new experience. I loved the manly smell he has down there. I licked the head of his dick then slowly started to lick the bottom, and after a minute of licking, he grabbed his balls and pushed them on my face while I was licking. Those were some filthy balls, but I was fully turned on so I started licking them.

My whole dick was licked by me; I wasn’t able to take it in my mouth, and I licked every single cm of his dick. He picked me up and turned me around. I knew what I had to do. I slowly started sitting down and grabbed his dick from behind to align it with my pussy, then my husband shouted, “Condom!” It ruined my mood; it genuinely pissed me off and ruined the whole vibe. I took a condom from my husband’s pants and then put it on his dick. I licked it again to lube it, and this time I slowly sat down, and it wasn’t easy. His dick was 8–9 inches and super girthy. I used my body weight to push myself down and put pressure on it to push it deeper and deeper.

Then Kabir does something that I both hated and loved. He put both his hands around my waist and started pulling me down. He wanted to push it in with only one thrust. It was impossible. I was nearly crying; I moaned, grasped, and pulled myself up with all my force, and Kabir’s hand slipped and I fell on the floor. I almost had an orgasm. It was so hot, and only half his dick went in, the same length as my husband’s, but his dick was so girthy that it messed up my hole. He then picked me up, and this time he put me on his dick, and slowly I started to move up and down to have some thrust. I feel like I have some space created in my pus this time. My orgasm was close; I got my legs together, squeezed them, and prayed to God; I put some saliva on his dick and rubbed it; and in one go, I sat directly on his dick with all my weight, and I got a huge orgasm that left me quivering for almost 2 minutes straight. My legs were shivering and shaking from this, and I was feeling his dick deep in my vagina. It was hitting some spots I never imagined I had; it was so deep that it was causing a bulge in my belly area. I was able to see how deep it was, and it was just about an inch away from touching my belly button from inside. He picked me up and put me on the bed to stop shaking; I was out of control, and as he put me down, he waited, but I didn’t stop shivering, so he started fucking me; at first, he was fucking me from behind in a spooning position, but then turned and got on top, spread my legs open, and got in between; after pushing his fists into me again, he pulled both my legs up and held them with both his arms. I was at a breaking point and almost came to it. He stopped and I started crying because of it; he was controlling my orgasm. As soon as I started crying, he started fucking me again, and in a second, I started squirting my life out of me.

It felt like forever, and he was continuously fucking me and giving me multiple orgasms. I never imagined this would be so wonderful. I was almost in heaven itself; I never knew my body was able to do this and handle that pleasure and pressure. When he started pinching my nipples, I knew it was enough for me; he was too good, and I knew I was going to pass out. I was not stopping from getting orgasms, and it was unreal. I had some real fun, and I could never imagine this was real. It felt like a dream, and when he finished, I was almost passed out. He took off his condom and sprayed it on my boobs; I tried licking it, but at that time I had passed out completely.


She had some real fun that night, and I was scared when she was crying. I thought she was in pain, but when I stood up and saw her face, she was enjoying it, which just disappointed me more. I wanted to stop it every minute, every single second of it; I wanted to just shout to stop, but seeing her get this pleasure was some other level of arousing. She passed out two times, and at last, when he got finished, he pulled out his condom, and she wasn’t having energy to even squirt; she just peed on the bed. Kabir took off his condom and emptied it on her boobs. He massaged her boobs, played with them, and rubbed his cum all over her boobs. He washed himself in the shower and then sat with me.

As soon as he went in the washroom, I came to my senses, and as I stood up, I felt my crotch was wet. I put my hand in and felt that I came in my pants. I wasn’t getting hard, it just happened automatically, and I came to my senses just looking at my wife being unfaithful on the first month of our marriage itself and seeing her enjoy, feeling like this was another moment of humility I had. Kabir came back, and I tried to sit calmly and make him think I didn’t cum in my pants.

It was a very awkward moment as he just fucked my wife , it was really bizarre , he said how much she enjoyed and then gave me her phone which was in his pants pocket , I wanted to ask him where did he find her but he said he is grateful for the opportunity and have some fun himself , he knew I was too pissed and wasn’t in a good mood so he just left . I went and closed the door behind him and examined her . I felt like my dick kept her pussy nice and tight but he deflowered her , I felt like she lost the virginity that day . Her pussy was so beautiful and tight but as I turned and saw , it was gaping after 10 minutes of no sex .

I saw the cum and her shiny boobs. I didn’t feel like touching her, but I couldn’t hold myself back. I touched her pussy and pushed a finger. Her legs were still spread wide. She was fully passed out and tired. I felt my dick was about to shoot another load of cum. I went in the toilet and came back another time and changed my cumbersome underwear. I felt my balls were a bit painful; they came 3–4 times continuously while I watched them.

After I washed myself, I went out and slept; it took me about 2 hours just to sleep. I was just thinking about what just happened. I was sleeping on the couch while she was sleeping in a fully wet bed.

The next day, I woke up, and she was sitting on the floor resting on the couch I was sleeping on. She noticed I woke up and turned around, and she took my leg in her hand and started apologising. He took it and even put it on her forehead. I didn’t even remember what that was for. I came to my senses and then saw her crying and apologising for last night. Inwas shocked to see her like this; her personality changed fully; she was wearing her dress fully covered; she wore leggings; and she had her mangalsutra on, which she had removed before having sex with Kabir. She had her sindoor on her forehead; she was extremely apologetic and deeply sorry. She was coming to understand what she did and how wrong it was. In my mind, I was feeling very sorry for her; it was the last thing I wanted to see her do. Seeing her apologise and cry like that broke my heart more than last night. I took her up, and the couch was big enough to have us both sleep on it. I took her on the couch and got her to lie down with me. I hugged her and put my leg on her legs, hugging her.

I said it’s ok and asked if she truly enjoyed it or not. I asked again if she enjoyed it, yes or no, and she just made a hmm sound. I took it as a yes and told her she did nothing wrong if she enjoyed it. She needed that pleasure, and she got it; that’s it. And I get naughty and ask her how the sex was. She stayed quiet and said nothing. I told her there was nothing to be ashamed of now; it already happened and you enjoyed it, so what’s the point of feeling bad about it now? Just accept it and move on. I told her how much I enjoyed and appreciated that I got to watch it. I thanked her that she was upfront with this and didn’t cheat on me. It would have been a million times worse than this. It would have broken the trust, and being open about this just strengthened the trust between us more.

She asked me if I would leave her now that she had done that. I said no and never; I told her again how much I truly enjoyed it, and I saw how much she enjoyed it as well. She was squirting like she was extinguishing a house fire. It was a lot and got the whole bed wet, and she giggled. I asked her if she would leave me for someone, and she said no without even thinking, “she said it was just sex.” She said, “Hmm,” and again she was feeling bad. I told her how beautiful she was looking in that dress yesterday, and why is she covering herself today like that?
I asked her if she was willing to wear it again today; she said yes, and I quickly got up and told her to change until I got fresh. We will be going to the beach today, so that dress will be good as it’s thin, shirty, and sexy. I wore shorts and a shirt after bathing. She wasn’t wearing that dress when I came out, so I asked her what happened, and she came to me and hugged me tightly. While keeping me tight in a hug, she asked me if I had forgiven her, and I said yes, and she continued by saying,

“Promise me that you will never taunt me about this, even while joking, or take this topic out unless it’s absolutely necessary, and never leave me.” I said he’s and I have no intention to do that in the first place, and I told her not to overthink it and just wear that dress.

She takes her top off and then wears the dress. I asked her what about the bra; she asked what bra. I asked her why she was wearing a bra inside. And I requested that she take it off as well. She took the dress off and turned around to take her bra off, she was hiding her boobs from her, I go in front of her and see her boobs, they were having hickeys from last night, I missed it as it was dark. She put on her dress as quickly as possible and then took her leggings off. I asked her why she was wearing pants now. And I told her to remove them as well. She hesitated but did it. I wanted to see her pussy again. I sweetly asked her if she could grant my wish, and she sat on the bed and laid back, keeping her legs on the bed. I spread them and saw that her pussy was almost back in shape. It still needed time; when I touched it and saw her reaction, I knew it was burning.

She closed her legs and said that’s enough; she told me that she needed to wear a panty today, at least till we reach the beach, and I accepted it. After going to the beach, she never removed her pants; she just forgot, and even when I reminded her, she just didn’t.

When we went to another place after the beach, she asked me what happened when she passed out and if I had yelled at him or done something bad. I told her exactly what happened, every single detail, and she saw my dick getting hard by this; she didn’t humiliate me this time, just continued listening to me talk about what happened.

She kissed me on the cheek and said thanks for supporting me for this and not taking this in a bad way. I was actually thinking about round two now; I wanted to see that again and again. It was really funny how she was laughing when she had sex with me, but when it came to him, she never stopped crying and squirting. It was a complete 180° switch.

After this, she got a call, looked fumbling, got up from her seat, and went outside to talk. I wanted to listen, but I respected the privacy part because I do it more often, and I hate when people ask, “What am I talking about?” She looked very strange and she was very concerned. She came back, fumbling her words, but sitting with me. I asked her who that was. She said it was Kabir, and he called on his phone from her phone to get her number, and he wanted to meet again. I was not ready yet, and I was feeling a bit of guilt as well. But I asked her if she wanted to do it again, and I told her I would love to see them again. She looked at me, and with watery eyes she said yes; she was ashamed, so she never dared to look me in the eyes again.

I asked her if she wanted to do it today or tomorrow, and I told her that it would be nice to do it tomorrow as we were leaving the next day. She gave him a call and told him that it would be good tomorrow. And at last, she said thank you and cut the call. I was now excited to see them again. It was a great day; all day I was thinking about them, and at night, she gave me a hand.

The next day, Kabir came in the afternoon itself; they started doing it; I sat on the sofa, and they both started kissing each other. It took them no time to be in bed, and this time, it was way more sexier, because she had her jewellery on her. Seeing her fully naked with only a mangalsutra, a wedding ring, and bangles was so hot. He started with getting her in the doggie first; he was holding her hair very roughly, and in my heart, I was feeling bad because it was way too rough for my queen, but in my mind, I wanted it to be more rough than that.

Her face was fully bent backward, and they were both looking straight into each other’s eyes. They had sexy eye contact, and the chemistry between those two was too hot. I felt scared as well because it looked like she would break her neck if he pulled it back more than that. After this, they switched when she started to quiver again. She was shaking, and he switched at that moment from dog to missionary, but after a few pumps, she got straight, and he stood up; he took her and made her stand as well; he grabbed her by her hip and slid in his dick; they were face to face, standing, and he bent a bit to get in her pussy; it was a very hard position, and I knew she wasn’t even able to get penetrated deep enough. But the main motto was to kiss, I guess.

He turned her around, and this time, he made her bend over so that she was fully and slidingly in his dick from the back; it was standing doggy style, but both her hands were in his hands, and he kept her in position by those. He pulled her backward to thrust. It was so hot to see her get into these sexy positions. She met this man 3 days before, and now she was doing something like this. and I have met her months and months ago, and she isn’t even able to get in doggy for me. After this position, she got an orgasm, and he switched again. This time he got her on the bed, and he stood on the edge of the bed. He got her in leapfrog position, and she looked like a dog. He took her hair in his right hand and started banging her to his absolute madness.

He fucked her so hard that her gasps turned into moans, which soon turned into screams. She was crying because of the orgasms. She was saying harder and harder, faster, and one time she said spank me. And he spanked her, giving her an intense orgasm. She was an absolute menace; she was completely lost. Her mind lost track of who she was and where she was, and she was just enjoying life to the fullest. It started in the afternoon, and it was now evening and still going on. He finished, and they both slept beside each other; she didn’t even have energy to move her body around. She just pushed herself forward and laid there on her stomach. He turned and hugged her, and they started kissing and hugging. I was able to see her back and how his hands were rubbing her back and feeling her. I saw her legs shaking, and while they were kissing, her legs were moving back and forth. She was getting wet from that.

He took her condom off, and she voluntarily took it from his hand and pushed the opening of the condom into her mouth and emptied it. She drank the cum like it was water. I was in shock. He put his hand on her head and pushed her up to sit straight. He then gestures for her to suck his dick, and she starts to lick it again. He was semi-hard and was enjoying it a lot. I was looking at his face; he closed his eyes and was just enjoying it.

I was super jealous and came in my pants so many times, and still, my dick was hard as rock. It was painful as I was hard for so long, and my semen was dozing off continuously. I went in the bathroom to change my underwear, and when I came back, I saw her on top of his face. She was sitting on his face. He was licking her pussy. And I saw her face; she had her eyes closed as well, and she was moaning like a pornstar. I wanted to lick her from the day I married her, but she never gave me a chance to even touch her pussyside other than for pure sex. She never got naked to let me see or just to make me hard. While having sex, the lights were off and mainly, she had a cloth on her boobs; her pussy was also covered. All I was able to see was her pussy lips to get the hole right; I wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy. I had to align my fist correctly, push it, and use my dick only to navigate.

She was having the time of her life, and I switched on the lights as it was getting dark. They didn’t even notice it. They were just into themselves. After they were done licking each other, it was time to have dinner. She got away from his face and wore a dress; that dress was supposed to have leggings under it, but she didn’t bother wearing it, and Kabir wore his shirt and pants. I was dressed from earlier, so we went downstairs to have dinner. I felt like he would go after having lunch or he was just giving us company while we went downstairs, but she was in his arms only, she never saw me, and she didn’t even bother to ask me or wait for me. As they were dressed, they started walking down, and I locked the door and then walked behind them.

After we went down, they both sat together, and the hotel staff were all noticing it. It was bizarre, but there was nothing that anyone could say or do about it. I ate my dinner while watching my wife and Kabir feed each other like a couple. It was so arousing, but it was my wife. She wasn’t looking at me; she knew if she did, then she would never have the confidence to even look at Kabir after that. So she just did what she wanted without having any contact with me. After the lunch was over, we went into our room again, and this time He picked her up from her waist and threw her on the bed. It was like a movie scene, and she said it was not ideal as we just had dinner and it would not be good to have sex right after that.

So he had an idea. He went out in front of the TV, connected his phone to the TV, and put on an adult film. It was 50 shades of grey. I have never watched that movie, nor did my wife. The tv was straight in front of the bed, so I sat on the corner of the bed, and later on felt uncomfortable with the hotness of my wife and Kabir, so I sat down on the floor beside the bed. I felt that was my place until they were together. It was the hottest film I had ever watched, and I almost started shaking because I wanted to masturbate so hard. My dick was in pain, as I didn’t touch it the whole movie, and whenever I saw the actress, I was leaking cecum.

I was looking at my wife and Kabir kissing whenever there was a boring scene or a sex scene. The story kept them interested. After the movie was over, I felt like my wife was truly inspired by it. She asked Kabir if she could be her slave directly. And he said, “Yes, you can.” After she asked if she would be spanked if she did something wrong, he said yes, and what she did was the funniest thing I have ever seen her do. She took his hand and bit him hard, and she asked him if he would spank her now for doing this. He said of course, and with his manpower, he just turned her around, and she was in doggy position. He took her on his lap, and her stomach was resting on his thighs. He asked her to stop if it’s painful; she said it’s a punishment, which explains what she wants. He started spanking her, and it was one of the softest spankings I have ever seen. I spank myself harder than that. After she gasped, he spanked another one, and the pace increased with the spanking, and soon it got harder in the 10th spanking. She moaned, and he knew that was enough. He rubbed her butt and said sorry.

She sat on his lap facing him, and he slid out his dick from his pant. He was still wearing her dress, so he took it off, and Kabir asked me for a condom. I lost my sense and ran to the desk and got a condom for him. He put it on, and she was maintaining eye contact with him. It was really hot as they were just looking at each other and saying nothing. He put some saliva on his dick, and then she slowly descended. He rubbed her pussy with his dick, trying to get the hole, and as he slid back, it went in, and she slowly sat directly on his dick. As she sat fully, I saw her eyes get wide and almost pop out of her face. I knew it was a huge mistake and she will experience some pain every single time.

She was trying to get up and start riding him, but he had other plans. He kept her in one place and didn’t let her move. His whole dick was inside her, and she wasn’t able to move even a bit. She was moaning, and her gasps were making me leak in my pants. One last go, and he let her go, and she jumped like a frog, and the whole dick came out of her. She leaked and fell over on the other side of the bed. He got on top of her and grabbed both her legs. She was lying down, and he put both her feet on his chest and then slid his dick into her pussy. He started to fuck her in that missionary position with her feet on his chest (the launch pad sex position), and then he changed it so she crossed her legs and he put them on his shoulder (the crusader missionary sex position).

This went on for a while. I was facing the back of Kabir, and his legs were in my face, but I had a straight view of his dick and balls. His dick was disappearing in her pussy, and I was looking at her asshole clinching whenever he thrust. It was one of the best views. I was looking at her dick go inside her and come out, and it was a magical moment. He was so huge, and seeing it and listening to her moans match with the thrust was amazing. It was in sync, and he had a rhythm with his thrusting. I loved it and came in my pants. He was squirting, and some drops were going on my face as well. He fucked her like that for some time. I could tell by her voice that she was super tired.

He cummed, and again they laid on the bed together, and I was looking at their feet. She put her leg on top of him, and they were kissing, and she then again took this condom off and sucked his dick. Had her ass just inches away from my face. I wanted to burry my face in Her oussy was looking so sore and looked so beautiful. I wanted to lick it, but I didn’t want her to freak out or ruin her vibe. She was sucking him and was in the dog position. I had a perfect view.

After a quick rest, they both started again, and this time she went and took a condom from the bag and then started riding him; this went on for a while, and she changed the position so they were both lying down and he was fucking her in a spooning position. She got another orgasm, and after hours of fucking, I fell asleep. They were both still going on. We had to leave in the afternoon. I woke up to the noise of them having sex. I don’t know how much or until what time they were having sex; it was morning; they both looked very fresh; they had taken a bath; and they were having sex while standing.

She was taking her hand off the table to stand, and he was fucking her from behind. He fucked her hard, and she was moaning loudly. It was really hardcore, and after a minute or so, he pulled her and got her to place her hand on the floor. She is very flexible and is really good at yoga, so she just bent over and had her hands on the floor. He was thrusting so hard that her legs were lifting up with each thrust. He was moaning, and I was able to see her pussyjuice leak and fall on the floor. After fucking for some time like that, he picked her up and got face-to-face with her. He grabbed her one leg and pulled it up; it was the position that I could ever imagine happening in real life. He had her leg all the way up, and she was in full splits on her one leg, and he started fucking her like that and kept her leg up in the air. I knew she was flexible, but this was a surprise to me as well (the ballerina sex position).

After fucking like this for one time, he turned her around and started fucking her from behind. It was the bodyguard sex position: she stood straight, he was behind her, her hands locked, and he started pumping her hard.

This went on for quite a while until she finally had enough and squirted and started shaking violently; she was quivering hard, she was shivering, she fell on the floor, and she was shaking. Her legs were out of control, and at last she just started to pee, and he then took her and hugged her for a while to help her calm down. She had an absolutely bad night, and this was a good way to finish it. She was finished, and he also came. He took off his condom and threw it to the side. He again hugged her and made sure she was okay. She was still shaking; she wasn’t able to walk or even stand. After she came to her senses, she kissed him, and they kissed for almost 15 minutes straight.

And after a last hug, he got dressed, took her phone, did something, she looked at what he was doing, and he gave her phone back, then went away. She laid on the bed to take a nap. We had two hours to get going. I woke up and went into the bathroom and took a warm shower. My crotch was fully wet and also had dry cum on it. I washed it and saw that the cum was so much, and I slept with it. I also had the cum all over my asshole. It was all leaking and wet.

I went out after my shower and saw her asleep. I didn’t bother waking her up; I let her sleep. I took the condom and cleaned the room. It was embarrassing to keep the room in that condition when we were leaving, so I tried to keep it as neat as possible. After an hour, I woke her up and looked at her face; her lips were 20% bigger than before, maybe swollen. He was a hard kisser and maybe sucked on those lips of hers too hard. She was still naked, so I just took her in the shower like that, and she was genuinely not able to walk. She wasn’t even able to stand for a minute. I showered and washed her, and she thanked me. I dried her and gave her a dress to wear for going back; she still had hickeys all over her body, so I gave her a dress so she could cover each one. And also, the ones on the face and neck would be covered by the foundation, so we were good.
I helped her put on her dress, and then it was time to leave. I booked a cab and went downstairs, I paid, and I also had to pay some extra as there was another man for the night. And it was not very nice to have him stay for the night, so I paid a bit extra for his stay overnight.

I made her sit in the cab and had to take a wheelchair for her. It was too bad. She was fully fucked, and her legs were not helping her. In the flight, we never talked; she was too embarrassed, and I didn’t want to bring up anything that would make it weird. So we just stayed quiet, and randomly, she took my hand and placed it on her crotch. She said she would be faithful now in my ear, and I felt good about this. She used my hand to play with herself on the plane. My parents were there to pick us up, but it was strange that my wife was in a wheelchair, so I told them she fell off and hurt her knee.

It was a very strange situation, but she recovered in just two days and was able to walk. We lived alone, and my parents went back to their house. She never had sex with me, but she gave me handjobs whenever she saw I was hard.

She also then saw all the new year wishes from everyone; on the new year’s night, Kabjr was fucking her for the first time, and it was late at 2 a.m., so we never saw any messages till we were back. It was a fun way to start our new year and my marriage. She then told me that Kabir gave her all his usernames on all the platforms he uses and gave her his number. He lived just about two hours away from our house. It was a really creepy fact, as we met randomly and lived so close. We never gave him our address.

My wife told me to get some escorts, and she will be watching if I want her to. She was ready to be humiliated and cheated on. She told me that she is fine if I get a girlfriend or cheat on her. I personally don’t want it, and I don’t think my daughter will make a girl happy; it didn’t make my wife happy, so any other girl is far from that. I enjoyed watching her do it, and I felt like I was becoming a cuckold. She had no intention of making me a cuckold; I don’t even know if she knows what cuckold means. It just happened, and she is now forcing me to get an escort or to fuck a girl so it can be equal.

It’s embarrassing for me to say, but I feel like I am enjoying just watching her have sex with another man and cheat on me. She is very truthful and never hides anything from me, but I still believe she has some hidden secrets. She is faithful, and if I was able to satisfy her, then we would have been a great couple. We both don’t feel like we will ever leave each other. That’s why we got married and had it officially licenced. I don’t feel the anger that a man would feel if his wife, girlfriend, or significant other cheated. I feel ashamed as a man and don’t feel like a man myself. I am becoming a sissy. I feel horny watching my own wife get railed on by another man.

Seeing her enjoy herself so much changed me. I had the same anger and fear that a normal man would have at getting cheated on, but when it really happened, it changed my thinking process.

I watch her happy every day now, and she feels more comfortable and real with me; she isn’t hiding anything, and if I get nervous, she gives me her phone, and she didn’t message Kabir. She doesn’t message anyone other than our family, and that’s how faithful she is. I still have this urge to see her with another man again. And I feel weird. That’s why I wrote this down and want to upload it to some website for people to masturbate to as I do. She is really forcing me to have an escort for once and end this saga. I will be getting an escort and fucking her in front of her, but it takes me about 5 minutes to get finished and it would be embarrassing. I am a goon, and I love watching others have sex.

That’s all it is for now . I will keep this story updated on whatever happens next, and if some negative things happen, like if she leaves me for someone else, I will update it and add another story. I have a feeling that I will see Kabir soon.

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