Home alone with my young hot neighbours

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Home alone with my young hot neighbours

Hi everyone, My name is Jean and I’m 21 year old now. I am 6 feet tall and having a very muscular body as I am a athlete. This is a incident happend in 2020 during the lockdown.

The heroine is 27 and she is a mother of a 6 Year old and a wife of a busy workaholic husband. Her name is Jenny and I call her Jenny chechi( with respect). We had been living in the same apartment and in the same floor for nearly 8 years and both our families were like one family. When I was a kid I used to vist her baby everyday after school and we used to play for 2-3hrs. Her husband leaves at 6am and returns around 7pm. She got her marriage early and got pregnant soon.

She was a lovely women though she was 27 she was very pretty and attractive to my eyes. She had long hair and kind off fat but she had good boobs and used to wear nighty or sometimes loose pants and shirts. She was like a sister to me until I got into puberty. I used to love her a lot as if I wish I could marry her and make her mine.

So this is the short flashback. Now let’s get into the story. So on in Dec 2019 jenny’s husband and had gone for job purpose somewhere overseas and she was alone with her 3 year old daughter. Actually this story is happening outside India. Now she was alone after a long time I know I had to spend more time with her somehow but I had my exams coming for 12th and I had to study more. So days passed and it was January, my parents told my they have to go to India for some emergency reason and I had to stay here alone as I’m having exams. So my parents informed my neighbour about it and she was ready to help me and make me comfortable.

Now at this moment my desire for her raised up. I know this is a very good chance to get close with her as no one is there to come in between of us.

One the day when my parents were going. Jenny also came with us to drop my parents and to give me a company back to home. After letting my parents go in….she was with me like my girl and I was feeling like a husband. We waited until a taxi showed up. We got in and I was about to sit in the front seat and she asked me to sit back with her. I was so happy and I got back with her.

She smiled and we talked for some time until she said ” don’t worry boy, now I’ll take care of u and ill be with u for 3 weeks haha….let’s cook together and have fun”. I was blushing and I turned the other side to the window….I was sitting in the middle and I noticed that the driver was stearing her in a bad way and I told him to look forward and drive. She was shocked and surprised when I said that. She took my hand and kept her hand on it. I still don’t know why but I felt so comfortable with her and I slowly hugged her arms and rested my hear on her shoulder. And we finally reached home.

Days passed and everything was normal with us. I mean I wasn’t being a honest boy I was having intimate feelings with her and had chances to see her clevage.

After 2 weeks , the news and spread of corona started and I was in my house and studying. She cooks me food and comes to my house to give it everyday. One day while I was cooking noodles , my doorbel rang and I know it was my dream girl waiting for me for something. YES! It was her !….I invited her in as always and asked to be comfortable. She dint do that instead went to my kitchen and investigated what I was cooking…..she understood it was noodles I was preparing….and she gave me some recipes to try….after chit chating she told me the reason why she came…

Her bathroom pipe had leaked and she wanted to know if I could fix it. So I got some of the necessary tools and went to her bathroom. She was wearing a cream t-shirt and a long back skirt. Her hair was loose pony tailed and she looked very beautiful.

I tried to fix it and I failed the 1st time and knowing that this is the best chance to impress her I tried again and was broken and water started to splash all over the bathroom and made both of us went completely.

Me: I’m so sorry chechi. I shouldn’t have done that.

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