Sex with neighbour

Hi i am from Chennai my age is 24 the story which i am going to share happened during 2020 April lockdown.
The heroine of this story is my neighbour whose age is 34 and she is married and has a 3year old boy and she lives opposite to my flat.

Her husband works in abroad and he got stuck during lockdown so my neighbour was alone with her son.

My mom told to help her with household things and play with her son.

Everyday i go to her house to play with her son and he likes me so much that my neighbour got impressed with me.

One day i went to her house by 11 in the morning the door was open so I entered and closed the door and i searched for her son and my neighbour i saw they not in hall or kitchen so I went to the bedroom and saw her son was sleeping and she was coming outside from the bathroom naked and she saw me and didn’t react and i said sorry and went to my house.

After few days i went to her house and played with her son and everything was strange she used to were dresses that exposes her body.

One day i got a MSG@ 11:30 pm from her that her son is not sleeping please come and make him sleep
I went to her house and she opened the door and closed and said come to bedroom and i followed her when i entered the room her son was not there and she closed her bedroom.

I asked why are you closing the door and where is your son she said he is sleeping in next room and he won’t disturb us during our important work.

She started hugging me and kissing me i pushed her and said this is wrong she said nothing is wrong when there is a love and need.
She kissed again and i also got in to the mood and kissed her passionately for 5 mins and she started removing my tshirt an then i started removing her saree.

I removed her saree and now she was in her bra and panty and i lifted her to the bed and we started kissing and i was playing with her boobs with my hands and i removed her bra and started licking her boobs.

Her boobs were so big and i started drinking milk and my one hand was rubbing her pussy which was so wet and clean shaved.
She removed my pant and underwear and took my dick in her hands and she told it’s the double size of my husband and started sucking it and i said stop and removed her panty.

I told let’s try 69 and she was a expert in it and she was enjoying when I was sucking her pussy.

Next she told me please put your rocket inside me and launch it and i said ok.
When i tried to insert it was not going in and i asked when she had sex last time she answered before 2years and i knew why she was so desperate.

I took Vaseline from her room and applied it and started inserting my tool little by little i went inside her and she started to moun loudly aa aah aaaah and told please don’t stop.

We did missionary position for 5 mins and i was about to cum so i put my penis in her mouth and she drank it.
Next i told

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