Found solace in the neighbourhood

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Hi readers, this is Swetha from Delhi. This is my first story so please pardon any mistakes.

I am 28 years old and married with a figure of 33-28-36. I am 5’6″ tall with long black hair and mind full of sex. My neighbour was an old man about 60 years of age named Kishore. I am married for 2 years and living in the same house till now. For the first few weeks Kishore didn’t seem much to me as my married life was full of happiness and sex. But as time went by my husband lost interest in me and our sex life was ruined. I noticed that myn neighbour Kishore paid a very special attention to me whenever I came out. I was aware of his intentions from his unrestrained looks. But he never had the guts to act on it.

As days went by the relationship between me and my husband worsened and quarrel arose. Kishore was observing everything happening in our home. He was waiting for an opportunity to strike. Fortunately for his luck he came across my husband cheating on me. As expected I got to know this by some “unknown” well-wisher. This even soured the marital relationship. I finally realised that the neighbour Kishore was the one who made me know this secret. I thought I can give it a shot at him. So, to I one day invited for lunch and was alone in the house. I probed him by mentioning the cheating of my husband and as expected he was not surprised by it. So I confronted him about that and he confessed that he was the one who sent the message with a picture as proof. Surprisingly it didn’t made me angry, but it made me look at him in a different light. He then told about his feelings for me and I sensed that he was sincere with his approach and accepted his proposal off his feelings.

He was stunned and didn’t expect me to accept it. But I accepted it for another additional reason which was his cock making a big tent in his pants from the beginning he entered the house. This shows his mood. Due to deprivation of sex I was also much horny, so I didn’t waste much time and once into his embrace and started smooching in his lips. Unexpectedly he was unfazed by my action and recieved me well. This surprised me and he had good strength and technique. As we kissed for about 10 minutes which shows me his obsession over me. We then quickly shed our clothes and he made me laid down on the bed and lord his kissing to my neck and slowly reached my boobs. I started moaning which turned him on further as he increased the intensity of his kisses.

He started to suck on my right nipple while his hands were roaming all over my body but he did not rush for my honeypot. He started to play and suck both my boobs but never went below the waist. I was becoming impatient but he seemed to be doing this deliberately as he suudenly placed his hands on my pussy and started teasing it. I was electrified by this sudden move and started to moan.
“Aaaaaaah,aaaaaaah, please fuck me Kishore don’t tease me I can’t take it anymore”.
But he was in no mood to go down yet. He moved his mouth to my armpits and started licking them. I was never faced with anything like this till now and it made me even more hornyand my sounds also became more sexier. For an excruciating 20 minutes of licking and kissing he then started his magic with my pussy.

He made me stand and started sucking my pussy like calf drinking milk from a cow. This made me fell really different as I never tried this position while gtetting my pussy licked and till now. Well, atleast my husband didn’t do it to me. He then started tongue fucking my pussy and rubbed my clit with the tip of his tongue every now and then this made me cum two times.
I was so much happy and decided to return the favoured only to be shocked by his massive cock. It was not long by a large margin but the thickness made upto it. And I couldn’t wrap my fingers around it fully. I slowly started kissing the tip and started licking it’s underside till the balls and sucked them for a while. I then started sucking his massive boner but was frustrated because I was not able to fully swallow his penis. So I tried for sometime and was able to take the full length of his shaft. This made him both surprised and horny. To make this all more kinky I began to insert my fingers into his anus and tried to stimulate the prostate. And I succeeded which made him howl in pleasure and soon came in my mouth. It was a massive load and I let it drip on my hot boobs and waist this look made him more horny and his penis never shrunk maintaining its erected glory. I even vaccumed his penis for remaining cum.

Then he told me to be ready for the final part. For this he sat down with his legs spread out and back leaning against the bed. His cock was standing erect while pointing it’s tip right to my pussy as I was standing in front of him. My pussy was wet full of his saliva and my cum. He asked me to take my seat which was his cock. I was turned on again by his variety of techniques.
I lowered myself slowly into his phallic seat and let it enter my pussy but cannot make even the head to enter as his cock was thick. Now I understood why he wanted me to sit so as to use my body weight to help him thrust his cock in. As I increased my weight the cock started to stretch my labia wide-open and began to enter my vagina. I was in ecstasy and sat down completely with my weight fully down till the cock was inside me and I could feel his balls touching my anus. I remained still for sometime to get used to this feeling of my pussy stretched up not long but wide.

Then he changed the position to the missionary pose while with his cock still in my tight and warm pussy. He started moving his cock in and out slowly at first then increasing the speed. I was in heaven and was moaning and making sexy hissing sounds to make him more horny. While he was fucking my pussy his mouth was sucking one of my boobs and his fingers of left hand were circling around my anus making me more sensitive. He then inserted his fingers in my anus and started fingering my anus. I was in cloud nine and lost count of my orrgasms but he was yet to cum but the time came and I could feel the speed increasing and changes in his cock in my vagina. Finally with a grunt he came inside me and it was massive and he collapsed over me. And we slept like that for a hour and on waking his penis was still inside me although shrunken. And there was a trail of dried cum down my anus. We both got up and cleaned each other’s genitals with mouths. Giving a wake-up orgasm for each. We entered the bathroom and washed eachother. Having another quick session in which we both climaxed and dried ourselves.
He went to his house after a final kiss. Thus I found colour to my sexual life by seeking solace in my neighbour. There were many such sessions in the later days.

That’s the end of story. I hope you liked this story. For sake of anonymity I am not leaving contact details. But you can expect many stories in the coming future. Bye.

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