True incest

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Everything thats wrote here is 100% true. All happened over 30 years ago. This covers a few girls from time i was 14 and up
Im not a very good writer so bare with me.

Christy lived next door to me when I was 14. she had that tomboy look going on. Short hair cut, big eyes, no tits, small ass. She was a couple years younger than me so i picked on her alot when she came over to hang out with my little brother.

Her brother didnt live with her and her mom. So when he came to visit we would hang out some. It was on one of these visits that i was outside after dark. I noticed Christy’s bedroom light come on and her curtains were partially open. Could see movement in the room figured it was her and her brother, as i walked over to the window and looked in i couldnt beleave what i saw.
Danny was sitting on the edge of the bed and christy was on her knees in front of him with his little dick in her mouth. Wow his own sister.

I kept watching till some other neighbors came out walking around. Shit i thought to myself, few minutes later her bedroom light went off.

Next day danny came over with christy in tow. Whats up he asked, you want to wrestle he asked.
Sure, as we we wrestled around on my bed christy jumped in. I started thinking about her with her brothers little dick in her mouth, i started to get a hardon. Pressing it against her ass as i held onto her i was surprised when she started pushing her ass back against me. I let go of her and pushed her brother off my bed.

( i know wrestling with younger kids, this was back before computers,cell phones and atari was only game system out )

Danny jumps up saying he needed to use the bathroom he would be right back.

Christy charges at me flipping her around slamming her on the bed on her stomach i maneuver around straddling her with my hard on poking her between her butt cheeks. Keeping her pinned down i start moving my hips like i was fucking her. She just layed there at first. Then she started pushing her ass back meeting my pushing forward. I kept going getting faster and grinding into her harder till i couldnt hold back and came in my shorts.

Just had moved off her when danny came back in the room telling Christy it was time to go home. Before she went out my bedroom door she asked if she could come back over tomorrow? Sure I said.

Man was i imagining her pushing back against me. I wondered that all night.

The next day she came over wearing a thin dress asking if I wanted to wrestle again. I was still in bed in just my underwear under my sheet. Told her i needed to get dressed first. She didnt wait she just jumped on me straddling me and trying to pin me down. The more she moved around the harder my dick started to get.

I pushed up with my hips making her raise up in the air, as she came back down she landed right on my dick as it poked her panty covered pussy.
Her eyes got wide at first, then she moved around so my dick was laying flat against my stomach lined up against her pussy.
I started pushing up and she just smiled.

Figured im not imagining this so flipped her up in the air off me. Moving my sheet pushed her onto her back with me between her legs and my dick back against her pussy. I started moving so it was sliding against her pussy and she again started moving her hips pushing up against my dick.
Again i kept going till i came in my underwear against her pussy.

That became our thing for a couple weeks she would come over and want to wrestle and we would dry hump. One time she had on some loose fitting panties and as she moved around her pussy became exposed. I got my first look at her bare pussy. No hair, no outter lips and looked really small.
As i sat there staring at her pussy she asked me what was wrong.
Nothing my dick was rock hard. Seeing my first real pussy.
She just layed there legs spread wide, made no attempt at covering up or moving.

Without even thinking i had my hand wrapped around my dick stroking on it. When i pulled it out of my shorts i fully expected her to move or say something but she didnt. Not even when i started rubbing my head against her small lips.

Do you want me to stop i asked her and she shook her head no. I leaned forward and started rubbing my dick back and forth between her lips like we were fucking. Several minutes go by before i sit back up. Taking my dick in my hand i went back to rubbing the head up and down between her lips i tried to push it inside her. As the head started to go in she clamped her legs together saying it hurts.

i stopped pushing forward and she opened her legs back up and let me continue just pushing the tip in and out. It was very frustrating and I stopped sitting back against the wall. Christy sits up whats wrong, i am sorry it hurts.

I just sat there sitting against the wall with my dick still sticking up out of my underwear. She crawls up between my legs and takes my head in her mouth. She starts sucking going down about half way.
I put my hands on the sides of her head and start moving her head up and down faster as i started fucking her mouth. Pushing more and more of my dick into her mouth. She never gagged till i pushed her head down holding her still as i came in her mouth. To my surprise she swallowed every drop.
Letting go over her head she sits up and looks at me. Was that okey?

After that we would start off wrestling then she would suck me off. Man it was nice.

Last day of school i was looking forward to fucking Christy mouth.
As i walked in the apartment my moms cousin was there. We called her our aunt even though she wasnt. She says she came to get me to stay a few weeks. At first i didnt want to go but i started thinking about her 3 daughters. 2 blondes and a brunette. All 3 younger than me. 14,13,12.

Julie was the youngest, blonde, budding nipples, small ass and petite. She was shy but always stayed right around me when i was at there house.
Mary was in the middle, another blonde with c-cup firm titties, nice ass and tan. Big flirt just not with me.

Kathy was the oldest, bigger c-cup titties, fat ass and thick. She stayed stuck up her dads ass when he was in town. Truck driver.

My second day there we spent the day at the lake, all 3 girls ran around in bikinis. Julies was really to big for her sonwhen she got wet it sagged and i got glimpses of her nipples and pussy.
My dick stayed hard at the lake. When we got back to the house, mary and kathy went and changed but julie stayed in her bikini.

I asked there mom if it was okey to sleep outside on the trampoline she said sure.
Grabbed a sheet and i went outside to the trampoline.
Little later all 3 girls came out with their covers. Julie lays close to me and the other 2 layed on the other side of the trampoline.
I woke up in the middle of the night julie had moved over right up against me. I pushed on her to move over but she didnt move. Looking over at her sisters it was dark and barely could see them.
Slowly moved my hand to julies bikini top and moved it over off her puffy little nipple. Leaning over and sticking out my tounge to lick her nipple. Gently sucking her nipple starts to get hard.
Getting braver, i pull her cover off her. Pushing my cover on her. Slowly i move down under the covers untie the side of her bottom. Pulling it cover so i can see her pussy. Shes bald with small outter lips.
Never done it before but i wanted to lick her pussy. Slowly getting in between her legs and start licking up down her lips. Dont know if inwas doing good or not but i kept licking for several minutes.
Moved back up beside her laying on my side i reach down and pull out my dick. Reach over taking her hand in mine. Slowly pull her hand over to my dick placing it in her hand and use mine to make her hand squeeze me. When i let go she keeps a grip around my dick. When i start rubbing my finger between her lips she starts squeezing my dick.
She never opens her eyes. Not even when i move right up against her lifting her leg up over my hip. Maneuvering so my dick is lined up were the tip is against her pussy lips. Slowly start rubbing the head between her lips and push forward trying to push it inside her pussy. As the head starts to go in i stare at her face she just sqeezes her eyes tighter. I can tell by her face it was hurting her. I stopped with just the head inside her.
Thought about some of the porn videos i had watched and remembered rubbing on the top of a girls pussy was a good thing.

Holding still with just my head barely inside her, i started rubbing my fingers around the top of her pussy. Keeping my eyes on her face her facial expressions changed. She no longer looked like she was in pain. She kept her eyes shut tight.
After a few minutes i could feel her hips start to move just alittle, her pussy started feeling wetter. All of a sudden she tensed up, her leg that was over my hip was pushing down.
I pushed my dick forward just alittle. Waited a minute and pushed forward again, she was incredibly tight.
She started squeezing her eyes tighter and gritting her teeth. I pulled back just a little and pushed forward alittle harder this time the head slid in alittle more. As i it did her eyes shot open only for a second and she closed them again.

I stopped moving. Waited to see if she was gonna scream or move, hit me or something but she didnt. She just layed still with almost the head if my dick inside her pussy.

Slowly started to move pulling back till just the tip was in and then push back in. Fuck shes tight. Could swear as i continued to rub on her pussy as she tensed up again her pussy got even tighter to were i could barely move my head back in. Continue to work the head back and forth till i could hold back no longer, i barely got the head out befor i started cumming. After i moved her leg off me i tied her bottoms back, moved my cover off her and put hers back on her.

The next morning she was already up and in the house when i woke up. Mary and kathy were sitting outside just staring at me. Shit i thought julie told on me.

Slowly walked in to the house, john my aunt said get over here.

Shit shit. Thought i told you and julie to do the dishes last night. Get your ass in there and help her now.

Sweating bullets i didnt wait a second i was gone.

Julie didnt even look at me, she never said a word to me. I tried to talk to her and she just walked off.

This went on all day. That evening julie had went to stay the night with a friend. It was raining so couldnt sleep outside. Made my pallet in the living room on the couch. Turned off all the lights, just had laid down when mary walked into the livingroom wearing a really short night gown.
Move john i am sleeping on the couch.
Why you have a bed in your room.

She says cause i feel like it so move.

Dam it, laid down in the floor. Little bit later mary says i know what you done.

Huh what are you talking about.
Last night, i was awake. You went down on julie and looked like you tried to have sex with her. Shes a virgin you know.

I didnt say anything. Mary sits up and turns so her legs are off the couch. She puts her foot on me and pushes.
I know you hear me john. You didnt tell on me i asked. She says if julie didnt tell then its not my place. Maybe she liked it. Did you even get your thing in her.

I sit up on my knees turn and face her. What are you wanting mary i asked. She just shrugged and spread her legs alittle.
Figured i would take a chance. Reached out putting my hands on both her legs and pulled her towards me so her ass was barely on the edge of the couch. At first she was pushing at me to stop. Never said stop or dont.
I moved in closer pulled her panties to the side and started licking on her pussy. She bigger outter lips than julie did.
What are you doing she said as i was
Sucking and licking she stopped talking and her hands went from pushing my head back to pulling my face into her with hands full of hair.
Pushed a finger inside her, she was tight and slid in all the way, pulled it out and then slid in 2 fingers and started working them in and out as i licked and sucked. She moans softly. She starts moving her hips humping my face.

My dick was rock hard i wanted to try and get it in her. Stood up on my knees and moved closer.
What do you think your doing she asked. I ignored her.
Pulled her panties back to the side lined the tip of my head up, rubbed it up and down between her lips a few times. Fuck shes wet i thought. Pushed forward, the head slid in. Kept going slowly pushing forward, inch by inch it disappears. She tilts her head back moans as the last inch goes in. Oh man i have my whole 7 and half inches inside her. Shes snug, wet and warm.
Slowly pumping. Only pulling back halfway before pushing back in.
She lets me pull up her gown over her titties so i can suck on her nipples.
She starts pulling my hair, pulling my face into her titty.
Gently bite her nipple as she moans. Have to stop to tell her to be quit we dont need to het caught.
Fuck me she says as she spreads her legs wider. Faster come on john fuck me faster.

Picking up the pace and slamming into her she gets wetter then clamps her legs around me squeezing them around me. Grinding her pelvis up into me. She moans.
Before i could start pumping into her we hear a door shut. I quickly lay down on my side facing the couch and cover up, mary done the same.

I keep my eyes closed pretending im asleep. Her dad comes in standing in front of the couch in his boxer shorts. I hear him whispering mary wake up.
Mary says what daddy im sleeping.
Sit up you know what I want. She says but john is in here.
Her dad says he is asleep besides if you do it right you know it want take me long. Come on sit up for daddy.

I start peeking as mary sits up, her dad turns just alittle and i can see he has dick sticking out the front of his boxers. Mary looks down at me and then up her dad. I dont want to dad not with john in here. He might wake up.

Then you should have slept in your own bed huh. Come on sweety look at how big you made daddy get.
He steps closer to her putting his hands on the sides of her head.
Open your mouth sweety. She does as shes told. He pushes his dick half way in her mouth and starts fucking. He holds her head still so she cant pull back off him.
I watch as he fucks his daughters mouth. She takes his entire lenght in her mouth as holds still.
Oh baby thats a good girl, just like that suck hard on daddys dick.
He holds still and starts moving her head back and forth getting faster. Spit is running out her mouth as he moves her up and down his dick.

I hear him whispering ummm im almost ready to give you your reward. I can see mary eyes looking down at me and then up at her dad.

He it comes, he stops moving her head and starts jerking as he cums in her mouth.

Thats it sweety swallow it all. Your a good girl.

After minute or so he steps back pulling his dick from her mouth. Turns and walks out of the livingroom. Fuck watching that my own dick feels even harder than it was before.

Mary just sits there staring down at me wiping her mouth. Her dad comes back into the livingroom deessed, leans down kisses her on top of her head. Thank you sweety ill see you this evening. He walks out the front door.

Mary gets up and walks over to the window watches as her dad backs out of the driveway and leaves. She goes back over to the couch and sits down in the floor by me.

Dont say a word and you better not ever tell anyone what you just seen. You hear me john.

Can i finish what we were doing or you upset.

Really she says. I reach my hand over between her legs her panties are soaked.
Turn on your back and mobe the covers she says.
I donas im told . Mary moves over getting on top of me. She takes one hand pulls her panties to the side, with her other hand she takes my dick and guides it into her. Dang, shes so hot and wet.
Give me your hands. She takes my hands and gets up on her feet were shes squatting above me and starts bouncing up and down. Holy shit, she became even tighter. I cant keep my eyes off her titts bouncing and she bounces on my dick. She stops for a minute squeezing my fingers with hers and goes back to bouncing. It feels so good i start humping up to meet her downward motion. I can feel the pressure building, i want to tell her im fixing to cum but i dont want to stop fucking her.
Im bout to cum i tell her. She looks down at me and starts slowing down. Mary, the first shot exploded inside her, she starts moaning im cumming too.

After a minute she gets off me doesnt say a word. She lays back down on the couch and goes to sleep.
She let me cum in her, never done that, shit never had my whole dick inside a pussy before now either. Man that was amazing

I had just dosed off when mary woke me up. John you need to swear you want tell anyone what you seen me do to my dad. Swear it john.

After what you and me done you think im gonna tell anyone.

The next morning my aunts brother was here. Come to get you to go fishing lets go he said.

So after a day of fishing. Larry drops me off late looked like everyone was in bed already.
All the lights were off when i went in. Mary was sitting on the couch.

To make this short she tells me about their dad having sex with her and kathy. Said he started when they were 11. He had been starting to mess with julie already just had not fucked her yet.
She tells me their dads dick is different than mine, that he had skin on the end and it started skinny and small but as it went down it got thicker than mine. His was also curved like a banana. She said it hurt the first few times.

Julie was petite and smaller than both mary and kathy.

She tells me julie told her what i done to her. I asked if she was mad at me. She says julie wasnt mad and she wasnt gonna tell anyone. Mary said she talked to her and she knows what there dad has planned for her. Julie was scared cause mary told her it hurt really bad.

Mary stares at me, john julie wants to ask you something but shes afraid to ask you. I asked what was it and she tells me julie wants me to do her but this time all the way. What your for real?

She says that she told julie if she could get used to my dick that their dads wouldnt hurt so bad.

I asked her if yall dont like it why dont yall tell him no. She says he is there dad and gives them what they want and they dont want him getting in trouble.

She really wants me to do it. Yes. I asked when and she says now. She gets up and leaves the room. Few minutes later she comes back with julie in tow.
Its okey julie you will like it once he gets it in all the way.

She had on a really short tshirt. She stares at the floor and ask What do you want me to do?

Mary tells her to just lay down. Which she does.
What are you waiting for john just be easy with her.
As i move around between julies legs she covers her face with part of the blanket. Laying down on my side I spread her legs to see she has no panties on. Leaning in closer i start licking and sucking on her pussy. Pushing my tounge inside her, she starts breathing faster. Her hips start slowly humping. She tenses up and then relaxes.
Mary comes over by me getting down on the floor. She lays down and starts sucking my dick as I rub the top of julies pussy as i fuck her with my tounge again she tenses up. I rub my fingers between her lips shes good and wet. I want to keep going and let mary keep sucking me. She stops and tells me there you go your good and hard.

Getting up on my knees and moving closer between her legs. She bends her legs and spreads them wider.
Mary says be easy john.

Slowly rubbing my head up and down between her lips a few times before pushing my head between her lips. It starts to go in, i feel resistance. As i push forward more julies hands fly up to my stomach and push back. I stop holding still. Mary leans in to julies ear and whispers something. Julie moves her hands.

I ask if she wants me to stop and she shakes her head no. With one hard thrust forward i push through her hymen she hollars ohh i now have almost half my dick inside her. Waiting a minute letting her adjust. Then push again sliding my whole 7 and inches inside her. Fuck she is so dam tight.

Mary tells her see its not so bad is it. Julie shakes her head no and i start pumping into her slowly. Pulling back till just the head is in and then pushing all the way back in. Over and over i pump into her. shes wet. Putting her legs up on my shoulders leaning down over her i start fucking faster. She begins moaning.
Looking over at mary shes leaned back against the couch rubbing on her pussy watching, with one hand and the other hand pulling on her nipple.
Fuck thats hot. Mary tells me to slow down. I cant she feels to good. I cant stop. Mary moves over and pushes me back. John slow down its my turn. Julie uncovers her face. Shes red and breathing hard. She looks embarrassed.

Mary lays down beside julie. Spreads her legs come on my turn. Julie sits up and moves over by the couch. She watches closely as i move between marys legs. My dick slides in her with ease. Shes soaking wet and snug, no where as tight as her sister but fucking good. She waste no time humping up to meet my thrust into her.

Come on fuck me she says as she lifts her legs up putting them on my shoulders. I did as she says and start pumping faster and harder she moans out im cumming. Dont stop keep fucking me.
Im sweating like crazy my little 15 yr old ass is fucking like crazy. Julie says mary can he do me again.
She moans hold on im fixing to climax again.

After she does she looks up at me and tells her to get over here.

She lays back down acting more eager now. Spreading her legs and lifting them up.
Dam her pussy looks so small. Makes me think of christys. Now i know about getting a girl wet to get inside them. Christy is in for it when i get home.

I slide in alittle easier this time all the way in. Fuck shes so dam tight. You know im not gonna last much longer dont you. She shrugs.

I start fucking her faster and pumping into her harder this time. Looking down as my dick slides back and forth i see her pussy clinging tightly around my dick. Pulling out around my dick as i pull back. Oh its to much after a few minutes i have to pull out and shoot my cum onto her pussy.

As i pump the last few drops out mary says that was fucking hot. How did it feel sis. Julie says it was good. I ask her so when there dad does her and shes not a virgin what is she going to say. Shes going to tell him she popped her cherry with a brush handle.

Julie gets up saying she was going to take a shower. Mary stands up as do i. She turns her back to me as i walk behind her with my dick still hard as a rock. Where do you think your going i poke her in the ass with my dick. Im not done yet.
She bends over the couch and i slide back into her still soaking wet pussy. Grabbing hold of her hips i fuck her like crazy making her moan getting louder. Pushing her head down into the couch as i pound her hard and fast. Shes pushing back into my thrust forward. Man shes good.
I last around 45 minutes this time before i pull out cumming on her ass cheeks.

The next few days i spent with my aunts brother. When i got back over to my aints house the only person home was my aunt.

She stood about 5’5. Kinda thick but not fat. She had big titties and a fat ass. Blondish Brown hair. She wasnt ugly by any means i just didnt notice women at 15. To busy getting sucked off and now fucking younger girls.

I ask her where was everyone. She tells me they all went to eat and the movies with there dad. They just left so be awhile before they come back. She leaves the livingroom. About 30 mins later she come back into the livingroom she has on a robe with her hair up in a bun.

She sits down on the couch beside me. You know mary gets it from me.
I asked what is that. She says moaning loud during sex.
I start looking at the floor like oh shit did she hear her the other night.
She puts her hand on my leg and starts rubbing my leg.
I had to get up to pee the other night and heard something, when i got closer to the livingroom i relised what i was hearing. I peeked around the corner and watched you fuck both my daughters and watched you fuck mary a second time. To tell you the truth i climaxed more from watching you than i have in a long time from my husband fucking me. He doesnt even go down on me or let me suck his dick. And i really enjoy having a hard cock in my mouth.

I just star at her as she talks and my dick starts to stiffen as tells me.

Yes i know he has sex with our daughters he doesnt force them and he doesnt hurt them i dont say anything they dont think i know but i do.
Her hand is now rubbing around on my dick still inside my shorts.
She ask can i see it? She doesnt wait for an answer she reaches in my shorts and pulls out my hard dick. Ummm… thats a nice looking young hard cock. How long can you last better yet how many times can you cum in two hours.

Shes stroking her hand up and down my dick. Your not as thick as macks cock, your circumcised and your cock isnt curved either. I do prefer a circumcised cock and yours is the same thickness all the way down the shaft. Your head is bigger than his. I can see why mary was maoning so much.

She Moves down into the floor in front of me still stroking my dick. She leans in and licks my head. She circles her tounge around my head. Ummmm…. im surprised you got it in julie her pussy is looking small.
She takes my head in her mouth, circling her tounge around the head. Pulls her mouth off it licks the underside of my head. Holy shit that feels amazing.

In one gulp she has my entire length in her mouth sticking out her tounge licking my ball sack while my dick was in her mouth.

She comes up, i bet those little girls dont suck your cock like that do they. She dives back down on my dick sucking slowly. Several minutes she pushes me down on the couch and gets on top of me in 69. Show me what you know.

She goes back to sucking as i start licking and sucking and fingering her pussy. She humps my face grinding her pussy into my mouth. Moaning ummm with a mouthful of my dick.

She pulls out of her mouth. That feels really good. She rubs my head around her face and lips before taking me back in her mouth.
I lost track of how long she had been sucking before i started cumming and she swallowed every drop.
She gets off me. Stands beside the couch taking off her robe. Her pussy is shaved and just like mary she has small outter lips. Huge titties with her nipples sticking out like eraser tips.
Your still hard thats good. She moves back on to the couch and squats above me. Slowly lowering her ass down she wiggles around alittle and my dick starts sliding inside her wet pussy. She goes down till her ass cheeks touch me then moves back up till just my head is inside her. She starts bouncing up and down a few times.

She looks down at me. Im not as tight as a little girl but they cant do this. Her pussy tightens up squeezing my dick and relaxes and then tightens back up again. Shes gripping me with her pussy. She smiles and goes back to bouncing on my dick.
Your cock feels really good inside me. Im about to climax ohoh im cumming. She yells out. She starts bouncing faster again she yells out oh shit im cumming again. She drops down on me shaking.
After a second she leans up. Now i want you to fuck me from behind like you did mary the other night. She turns and bends over the end of couch. Come on put that cock in me and fuck me hard and fast.

She wasnt joking. She moaned as loud as mary and talked even dirtier. Ummmm. Pound that cock in my pussy. You like my pussy around your young hard cock dont you. I squeeze her fat ass cheeks oh yes i do.
She looks up the clock on the wall. Oh shit you gotta hurry they will be back soon. Hurry up sweety fill me with your cum. I cant get pregnant anymore so pump your cum deep inside my pussy. Come on cum in me cum im fixing to cum john cum with me come john hurry. She slamming her ass back into me. I ram forward pushing in as deep as i can as the first shot fires into her. Oh shit she yells out oh thats it im cummming to.

She leans down gives me a kiss. Dam john i needed that.
She gets up cum running down her leg. She walks off towards her room.

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