Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 3)

As the continuation of naked mom body was daily sighted by my tenant’s son venki. Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 2)
I got bored off with his routine activity but he never missed the show.

After a long gap, one early morning I woke up due to nature call as day yesterday I had some chicken dishes outside. Normally its very rare to me wake that early. My dad has gone for some Buisness trip.

Daily early morning around 5 am my mom used to wake up and clean our home verandah with water sprinkling and put golem where no one at our compound used to wake up.

On that day I noticed broomstick and bucket of water placed out at verandah without cleaning.
Our portion portico door partially closed where we used to park our 2 wheelers.I heared mild anoying noise from there.
I recognized the annoying voice sound its my mom. Along with that some kissing sound also heard.
I guess something fishy is going on. I mildly peeped out the door which is partially opened. Venki’s cycle standing outside with news papers bunch.

I am aware he used to put morning newspapers home delivery daily to manage his expenses.
Now I peeped inside the portico where I was really shocked. Even I can’t believe my eyes because the scene was that much unimaginable.
My mom laid in the wooden bench. Size of bench where 2 adults can easily sit.Her nude body half exposed remaining wrapped with saree. Today I noticed her bare nude white milky boobs fully exposed out(my long time wish) with her blouse fully opened upto her arms.
Her bare wheetish tighs fully visible with her stretched legs on air. A Lean boy body structure with his small size buttocks nudely exposed with his shirt half covered pumping in between my mom stretched legs.His pant and vest stripdown upto his toe.

I confirmed it’s Venki.Now Both of them are in climax scene. Venki fucking vigorously my mom and her busty body jiggles due to his force.Both feels in heaven condition and their eyes partially closed.
Venki’s small hands squeezing my mom big boobs such like that trying to get juices. Subsequently he used to lick her boobs and nipples and raise their tempo.

At one point venki action stopped and remained calm for a minute.I guess he pumped out his cum on her hole. Now both became normal and opened their eyes. I stood in front of them.

Both of them shocked when seeing me.
Mom pushed venki out from her legs and tried to cover her pussy which has his semen traces around her shaved black pussy.
In a hurry burry she tries to cover her semi nude body. Venki fell down due to her pushing got up immediately, lifting his underwear without buckling ranaway from that place by taking his bicycle.

Meantime mom covered up her full body with her saree and heading down with tears in front of me.she surrendered to me by praising her both hands and felled on my legs and requested to apologize her and not to tell to Dad.

Taking this advantage, I leaned by hands on her shoulder and wiped her tears.
Still mom nt able to face me headed down.

To my heart, I felt that this most exiting porn movie ever seen before.

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