Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 2)

Hi readers,Thanks for rating 4 for my previous episode 1 Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son based on that I am narrating my episode 2. Let I narrate the story with the true incidents and reveal imagination whenever needed instead of over imaginating and spoil the reality of story because normally family woman’s wont have affairs with their son aged boys.

Ok coming to story at initial even i was not much intrested in mature woman before the part 1 incident. Later seeing their anatomy and their curvy structures made madness on their body structure.

A boy Venki (tenant’s son) younger than me notices daily my mom full nudity when she baths but as one of the owner of the property(my mom) i yet to see.Only way to see her nudity is while she bath but in home common bathroom in weekend is more crowded by housemates and in weekdays venki used to watch her bathing daily.I don’t know repidietly without boring how he is excited to watch it.

One day in general discussion I suggested my mom to wear nighty’s where she was uncomfortable with sarees while doing homework activities. In discussion no idea but during purchase of nighty’s my evil mind suggested to purchase thin and semi transparent nighty’s. These nighty’s when exposed more to light shows the transperent view and in normal remains opaque.

My mom being orthodax hesitate to wear in public so I suggested to wear after 10am in morning were none in compound. Agreed to my suggestion without knowing the trap she weared the nighty. I bunked my classes accordingly and made available in that timings at home outside and spied.

Mom wearing that nighty came out to vasal (space to wash clothes) wash our dresses. In the yellow nighty with half tucked from bottom started to wash clothes. In the work her nighty almost wet gives more clear view of her body.Her exposure clearly shows she not weared any inners only nighty.

Scenearing her current pose. Wheetish tone colour with busty bare tighs, size compete with actress Ramba. only Metti(toe ring) in her legs gives more sexy feel in fully wetted condition. Moving up densly hairy portion of her wet pussy in triangular structure was good visible in the transperent wet nighty. Her whitish belly half portion stick well in wet nighty, Her navel hole was well visible including her half rope and her papaya size boobs with one rupee coin size browny nipples also sticked with wet nighty clearly viewed. yellow rope thali visibility enhanced more her sexy. Busty sized butts with deep crack also well exposed.
Totally her current pose was more hottest than her nude body.

Glaring all her body assets my long time lust fulfilled.Now venki from his portion came out to vasal with his book imitating as if he is reading and started to watch fashion show of my mom once again.I was disgust with his visit imagining without proceeding further how he was satisfied only seeing her with and without dresses daily.

In a terrified voice he asked my mom why she wearing nighty in a surprise.She answered to be more comfortable and concentrated on her work. He again stepped back and started to glare once again. My mom not concerned much his presence and continued her work.

The way he glares makes more erect my tool.Now in my imagination he comes near to my mom and identify her black mole in her tighs as some insect and touches it. Mom in shy voice explains that is macham (black mole). Now he started to scratch her tighs softly but mom doesn’t hesitate both their eyes filled with lust.

Slowly venki moved up his hands further as if got signal in city traffic.
Now he started to scratch her belly with the wet nighty then her sagging papaya boobs. Mom was frozen and started close her eyes tightly. Venki started to massage her huge boobs with his small hands.

Then he un zipped her nighty top and set free her milky boobs.
Initial he licked her boob nipples then started to deep straw while his mouth busy in sucking her boobs his hands started to scratch her entire body. His hands were roaming all around her body and finally inserted his finger in her vagina. Mom jerked and hugged him tightly.
He continued fingering aggressively and mom excited out of joy.

In mean time he liplock her twice.Then he started to undress her nighty too. Mom was fully shyed and begged not to remove.
He doesn’t listen and unwrapped her nighty. Mom was fully nude in front of him.
He started to lick all her private parts. Mom jumped out of joy.Then finally he laid her in vasal and erected his tool in mom’s pussy and started stroking within 2 minutes he spilled his cummings.

With this I close the episode 2, In next episode will narrate venki and his friend watches the nude show of my mom.

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