Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 5)

After fun drive with mom and tenant’s son venki, The next day morning I can able to see venki spying my room portion from his room.

He confirms myself and my Dad moves from the house. By seeing his actions I able to guess today something fishy going to happen in my I left the house as like imitating usual and return back home half an hour later bunking my college.
I was more nervous about what’s going to happen today between venki and my mom.
Like a cat I started to hide and proceed to my portion confirming none noticing me.

Now venki from his portion moved very calmly to my portion after his parents went to work.

He ensures except my mom none other in my portion. He just slowly locked the front door of my I ran behind my house where ventilator available at top of roof where I can see clearly what happens inside my house.

Since its Friday mom had hair bath with turban on head with thilak and traditionally doing homework.

Venki went and stood in front of her in surprise. Mom shocked and urges in husky voice to move away from here but venki pleased her to co-operate with him.

Mom not considered his request and try to push him out.since Venki already tasted her denied not to move from there.

10 minutes of Argument was ongoing.
Finally Venki felt on her legs to accept one time his proposal.

Mom was standing stubborn on her decision but Venki was tightly holding her feet and requesting.
At some point of time his hands started to raise and grab her legs, tighs and continued.
Mom tries to push him but he uses his full strength and holded her tight.
Now he seated at her legs and tiged tightly and his hands started to rub her mega butts.
Mom tries to escape from him and requests in husky voice telling him this was unfair. Something wrong happened at past now she wanted to correct and be loyal to her husband.

Venki now a tasted cat can’t able to leave her.
His hugging and grabbing her bottom increased more. Within an fraction of second he lifted her saree bottom with petticoat from under inserted his head in her private parts. Since he is lean so he entered very easily.

Mom can’t able to resist him stayed helpless. Venki licking noise her private assets was audible till me.

Now mom started to massage his head .
Venki’s hands from bottom stretched up and started to scratch her bare belly and boobs.
Mom started to mismearaise and venki started to strip her saree. Then he unhooked her blouse with still licking her private parts under.

Since mom never used to wear inner at home he easily made her full nude .All her dresses lying aside in both of them.
Venki himself removed his baniyan and lungi( he also not weared inners) made nude started to lick all her sexy parts.

Now he raised up and started to scratch all her fleshy sex curves. Mom only with mangalyasutra was in freezed condition.
Just like malayalam shakeela flim huge tits mom was huged tightly by a lean fellow.
Venki started to liplock her and her turban removed, her hair covered both their faces only kissing sound audible.
Mom’s thilak was stained on his body.
At one point Mom looses control and sat on floor.Now venki influenced her to lick his hotrod.

Mom first hesitate now performs like a milf porn star . Now I felt like seeing their performance like porn world Jordan with alura jensen. Only thing half filled thilak homely figure mom performance like pornstars which even I not noticed in porn videos.
Venki made her to lay on floor nudely besides their removed dresses started to bore her pussy.

After a 5 minute of reciprocating he embedded out.Both felt tired and slept for sometime.
His white acids are clearly spread in and around of her private parts.
Within some short duration he continued his reciprocating thrice. During their play he removed her mangalyam also and kept aside which disturbs During his tight hug .

Al their removed dresses and mom’s mangalayam kept aside and their playing near to that made me more erotic.

Finally mom got tierd and begged him to leave. With out interest he left the place for time being.
Mom once again went bathroom and taken full hair bath once again.

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