Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son

Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son

This story about my mom bathing nudely in bathroom, hide and seen by a youth(tenant’s son )who’s younger than me. Those who not interested kindly reject this.

Coming to story, we are at chennai near busy market area. Since its main living area in city many average class people’s used to reside in budgetary rooms. This set of people’s early morning to work reaching late home at night.
Considering this my father constructed many small portions in our compound and common bathroom and toilets are used for all.

Telling about myself I’m pursuing engineering graduate in near by area. Telling about the anti hero venkatesh nearing 20’s studying some diploma courses in near by locality. Looking lean and short with innocent looks. I used to harsh him in friendly manner due to his lean structure but my mom used to support him for his pity look. His parents are working in nearby textiles shops so their availability at home are very less. Finally about the heroine my mom in above 40’s completed basic schooling, average mindset homemaker. Telling about her anatomy little busty structure just as an average tamil matured woman with fair completion and with wheetish colour tone.

Being a college student I used to do common mischievous activity generally what my agemets do. I used to see pron websites normally whenever its boring but never fantasized my mom in that aspect until that incident happen.

During that incident, I bunk my class periods and returned home early around 10am where none of the housemates available at home.I saw venki ( Tenant’s son) at our compound verandah glaring at something. My mind alerted something fishy happening so I spied.

All housemates used to wash clothes in common open area called vasal in tamil.
Since its 10am expect venki none at compound only my mom washing our clothes. Now telling about her dresses wearing saree and inskurt from bottom level raised half upto tighs tucked in her hips. Due to physical work load her pallu got narrowed like rope and struck in between her huge melon boobs.Her blouse light yellow colour fully wet on water so transparent boobs with dark black nipples clearly visible for oppunant. Her wetted bare wheetish yellow tone belly fully visible with deep navel hole gives more sexy. Normally mom used to wear low neck blouses and now she weared blouse top hook missing shows half portion of her milky boobs.she doesn’t used to wear bra at homes and panties no idea.As of now she looks like Mallu aunties in hot look.

Venki sitting in front off in verandah has clear view of glaring her semi nude body.
He imitated himself as reading books and drops often it as like accidently and noticed view from her under skirt.
Since my mom fully concentrated in washing not concerned much about surroundings as almost locality idle.
After washing clothes she seeked support venki to dry clothes on terrarce.
Venki used to glare her boobs from top view clearly while she was busy in instruction giving for laying clothes for drying.

After work completed she thanked venki for support and moved in bathroom to take bath. venki immediately run towards bathroom cement jolly (cement made window with small holes for ventilation) after getting bathroom door locking noise.Since its a jolly, tiny holes not able notice persons peeping from out.

Rightnow mom in bathroom without knowing venki peeping from outside, strips one by one her dresses and hanged over the bathroom door. First she removed her saree then her blouse and final her inskirt. Everything was hanged on door, only her naked feet in below bathroom door gap was visible for my view.Her naked body was fully seen by Venki, He looks around and ensures none seeing, takes his cock outside from his shorts and started masturbuting by doing some murmering.To his lips moment I guess my mom’s name and commenting her badly such like tamil words thevidiya(bitch).

Mom completed her bathing and wearing fresh dresses came out, in mean time venki completed his cumshots and returned back to home position and imitated as if still he reads. Mom came out from bathroom and had a smile with venki thinking as if innocent and supportive boy and went to our portion to continue her regular work.

By this incident made my mind full lust. Even if I had noticed my mom in this situation doesn’t make much thrill. A younger person than me seeing full my mom’s entire nude body gives a more thrill than seeing a pron videos.

I want to take this to further to make venki to fuck my mother to make much more thrilling which will see in next part.

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