Blackmailed as his sissyboi

“ Oooh please more oooh god so good I’ll be anything anyone you want me to be I love sucking your cock so fucking tasty sexy it taste sooo good oooh yes fill my belly with your hot sweet cum use my mouth like a girl’s pussy ooooh fuck yessss “

I was moaning begging pleading like a bitch in heat looking up at the camera being filmed naked in a restroom with a old fat man and it was like I was hypnotized when I tasted a cock for the first time it was all I knew what I wanted to do… was to make love to this beautiful 10” cock being his little bitch queer faggot sissyboi he made me feel wanted.. calling me his pretty little boy a princess in waiting calling me his slut whore bitch cunt sissy whore girlfriend lover… it just turned me on… at the time.

Reality.. WTF what just happened what was I doing I’m naked sucking a old man’s cock and moaning sucking begging.. all of a sudden I felt sick embarrassed scared I never thought this could happen.
Reaching for my clothes I ran out the door naked afraid yelling back at him. “ I’m sorry please don’t tell on me I gotta go “

I ran into the woods hiding only had my shorts. Now what I’m thinking how could this have happened I’m shaking scared I just sucked a strangers cock and I Was so fucking turned on being used like a cheap slut.

Forgetting about my bike I started to head home cutting through yards as not to be seen, after all I was only wearing shorts dripping wet for some reason I felt kinda sexy cheap used why was this getting me so turned on. I kept remembering how good I felt sucking his cock being used like his little bitch I wanted to be his girl wearing panties n stuff dressing up for him.

Wow what the fuck.. gotta get ahold of myself I’m just a kid who got caught up in some weird moment this will never happen again I told myself.

Almost home walking up the driveway out of nowhere a van pulled up next to me. I looked it was that old man he must of followed me.

“ Hey sorry that should of never happened I won’t tell if you won’t it was wrong probably illegal please just go leave me alone” I whispered to him

“ It’s ok I’ll never tell your mom or friends I just want to show you this and I’ll leave you alone” he said kinda loudly as if he wanted people to hear.
Slowly I walked to his window looking in he had a dvd playing loudly I could hear moaning begging pleading for his cock .. it was me on the dvd.

“ No Ooh please no mister I gotta go my mom will be home soon I..I..I can’t this is wrong oooh god yes I loved sucking your cock it’s all I want please don’t tell on me please Oooh god hurry now right here get out of the van I need your wonderful cock in my pretty little pussymouth..

Cummming soon the Conclusion

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