I lost my virginity to my dad while mom was watching

Hey, this is my original story. I came from a very broad minded family. My dad is a porn film director and did nude photoshoots. My mom was one of nude models and porn star. As u can see I have seen my mom naked and dad’s female colleagues having sex with him and giving him blowjobs as part of business cooperation. My family hosted orgies too where all men and women can fuck anyone present there .

When I started growing into a beautiful and sexy girl , dad stopped hosting those orgy parties and never did his business cooperation at home . But mom and dad used to do their PDA at home and we three watch movies and do household chores all naked. Infact I sleep with dad and mom most of time . But dad had a clause of me doing sex after my legal age . But he himself can’t stop mouth fucking and finger fucking me . And he loved to suck my boobs as and when I come in his view.

On days of periods dad let me were panties, but other days I am not allowed to wear clothes. Earlier I tried to make boyfriend but when I looked at their penis I became discouraged to take the relationship to next level . And after trying two or three times I stopped looking for any boyfriend as no boy had as big cock as my dad’s.

Soon I am approaching my legal age and dad is getting more and more addictive of body. And mom knows it all . Infact now she send me to dad’s business meetings as his girlfriend/ partner. Well to whole world I am not introduced as their daughter but as mom’s younger sister who is born just before her parents’ death. And then she raised me as her daughter.

It was a business cum pool party and mom selected a red bikini with g string. And then a silky robe above. As soon as we reached Venue. The guard asked for my robe and dad nodded in consent. So I pull off robe and gave him . And when we went inside , waitress were topless with only thong covering their pussy. And the top models and new comers were naked and doing some entertainment to big producers and directors. Soon few naked women started recognised dad .

Well it’s all not new to me but I felt pang of hurt in my heart. But clearly without any artificial implantation and surgery I was looking far beautiful. And dad never let go off me . Infact he made me sit on his lap all the time, to which all other women especially his receptionist and assistant were giving me death glares.

There dad announced that he will put more attention on the company’s management work and he will quit directing those movies let others give chance . And that was the day I got to know that he has shares in the production house and my mom’s shares will be passed on to me and soon I will also look after the management with dad.

While we came back home whole villa was in darkness , and I have phobia from drak . But before I panicked lights switch on and whole living room was decorated with baloon, not ordinary but boobs and penis shaped. And then there is a cake with chocolate penis. Mom wished me happy birthday, and I was wondering that I forgot my own birthday and now I will be called as an adult now on. Dad hugged me from behind and unfasten my bikini string and thong string and mom helped him in this .he made me sit on couch and slowly inserted chocolate penis in my vagina and mom smeared cake icing on my boobs. As it started melting dad licked it. And devour my vagina and chocolate. It was pleasure and tortourous experience. And after sometime which felt like ages, dad adjusted his cock at my vaginal entrance and soon penetrated and broken my hymen .

And now on I will be a woman officially. My dad deflowered me and my mom was happy about it too.

The end….

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