The Awakening

For as long as I can remember my daughter Lindsey has always been my
favorite. At thirteen years old she has grown into quite an amazingly
beautiful young woman. She stands about five foot nine with incredibly long
legs, beautiful curves, wavy, sandy brown hair, and a gorgeous smile to
boot. She is super skinny. I could almost wrap both my hands around her
small waist. Her sweet little ass and 32C breasts are tantalizingly and
mouth wateringly turn heads everywhere she goes. Definitely more than a
mouthful! Sometimes I catch myself ogling her, quickly correct myself and
look away so that I’m not caught in an awkward situation.

It was just the other weekend that we were up at the lake. Lindsey had this
cute fluorescent orange bikini on. It didn’t leave much to the imagination.
We were having chicken fights, my oldest son was on my shoulders, and
Lindsey was on her younger brother’s shoulders. I was making a video, and
to look at it later, my mouth dropped when the video exposed

Lindsey‘s nice firm breasts peeking out of the bottom of her bright orange
bikini top. As she fought him, her tits squeezed together forming a perfect
valley. My God she is gorgeous I thought. Later I watched the video and
sinfully I imagined myself jerking off into those beautiful tits.

My wife Danielle and I have been married for over twenty years, and
needless to say our sex life is basically nonexistent. I’ve done the best I
can to keep in shape, and I think I look pretty good for a fourty five
year-old man. All of Lindsey‘s friends say I’m the cutest of all their dads.

Let me begin by saying that my wife Danielle sleeps like a rock, sometimes
at night she’ll begin to obnoxiously snore. Unfortunately I am a light
sleeper and when she starts to snore there’s nothing in no way I can get
back to sleep I’ve tried kicking I tried bouncing on the bed pretty much
everything I can for snoring might stop for about a minute but then she
starts up again.

Now Lindsey for the past several years will come in during the middle of
the night because she’s had a bad dream. Most of the times I’m awake, and
I’ll feel a tap on my shoulder and Lindsey will quietly whisper “daddy I’ve
had a bad dream is it OK if I sleep with you?” Of course I’ve never had any
problem with Lindsey is lying in the bed in the middle the night and she’s
afraid. It’s completely normal that young girl like her to want some
comfort after she’s had a nightmare. I will have to say however, that
recently I’ve had some thoughts that have made me feel very guilty. After
all she’s not a little girl anymore.

As a matter of fact if I weren’t Lindsay‘s dad, I would have to say she’s
quite a sexy, little vixen with one hot little body.

As Lindsey slid into bed next to me, She rested her head on my outstretched
arm, and wiggled her little ass snuggly against might now semi aroused
loins. if I hadn’t been already, now I was completely awake. As Lindsey
settled in and begin to drift off to sleep, I became acutely aware but
there was not much separating my increasingly stiffening membrane and the
soft warmth of her untouched, incredibly alluring young pussy.

Lindsey customarily would wear one of the many oversized shirts that I had
given to her when she was much younger. Now that she had grown a few
inches, my old T-shirts would barely cover the bottom of the ass.

Tonight as she continued to make herself comfortable, the T-shirt that she
had draped over herself, began to rise up exposing her mid drift, and now
small fabric of her lacy panties, was the only thing that kept her from
being completely naked, lying next to her father in bed.

I laid pretty much motionless for about thirty minutes, all the while my
mind began racing, overwhelmed with thought that somehow,as wrong as it all
might be, I was very much sexually excited having this lush, physically
able body lying next to me in, my very sexually deprived state.

“How could you even think that!” I kept saying to myself, trying to punish
myself for even having a thoughts about being sexually attracted to my
thirteen year-old daughter. Yet, there I lay with an overwhelming desire to
reach over and softly touch that which no father should touch.

Fighting myself for what seemed like an eternity, I slowly reached over
with my other hand, and wrapped my arm around her waist. It seemed like
Lindsey was definitely still fast asleep. I lay-there for another five
minutes, and then very gently with the palm of my hand cupped her left
breast over her night shirt and wrapping my fingers ever so slightly tucked
under her armpit. I could feel my bare forearm touching the nakedness of
her body just slightly under her breasts. Her chest rose and sank with each
breath that she took heaving slightly and I was confident that she must
certainly be sleeping.

Ten more minutes past as I lay motionlessly with my hand now virtually
groping my own daughter! Was it really wrong, questioned myself, after all
I was just comforting my daughter. It wasn’t like I was actually engaged in
any kind of sexual activity with her. I justified in my mind that while I
certainly wouldn’t want Danielle to know, I didn’t feel too guilty.
Obviously, I reasoned that nothing else would happen beyond what was
already occurring.

Then something changed…..

Lindsey shifted, and brought her hand up to mine and interlocked her
fingers with mine pulled us tightly against her swelling breast, and
squeezing lightly our hands against her body. I could feel her small
nipples harden slightly in between my fingers, and immediately my now
rising cock jumped alertly lightly touching the backside of little ass. I
could feel the tip of my dick kissing the small valley between her firm

“Lindsey I whispered, are you awake?” no response. I could feel her hand
slacken a bit. My heart was pounding and quietly I whispered again
“Lindsey, Are you OK?” Still there was no answer. My fully erect cock was
now throbbing, and the lust filling my body had now completely overwhelmed
any sense of logic and reason. The last thing in the world I was thinking
was whether or not this was wrong. I just needed, some kind of sexual
release. By now, the tip of my now fully hardened dick was poking
inconspicuously out from the fabric of the boxers I had worn to bed. Moving
meticulously I quietly and carefully position the lower half of my torso
closer closer the desires of my lust. By now her hand had gone someone limp
again, and so very slowly I slid my right arm down carefully until my
forearm rested just slightly above her hips are naked belly. With great
care, I applied pressure, pulling her ever so slowly toward my wanton,
manhood. I could feel the very tops of her hip bones jabbing my arm, as I
put pressure on her belly, pulling her backside closer to my sex. With each
inch, my cock began to slide between the now moist folds of her legs,
resting carefully on her panties which by now were mostly soaked with her
young virginal juices. I could feel my cock throbbing with excitement as I
lay with my thirteen year-old daughter, nestled between her legs. I felt as
though I might explode at any second. And straining with all of my ability
somehow I managed to keep my composure, and prevent my incestuous seed from
spilling out all over us.

This was pure heaven, but it wasn’t good enough to satisfy my sexual
desires. I needed more. I wanted her!

Now unfortunately, I realized that something else I change also. Danielle
my wife who was sleeping in the bed next to us, I had suddenly stopped
snoring. Things become very quiet. I felt confident that even though I was
in a compromising position with my daughter that I could just as easily
move away and no one would be any the wiser. Then as quickly as she had
stopped, Danielle rolled to her side away from us toward the edge of her
bed and began happily snoring again.

Being cautious I waited about another fifteen minutes before taking any
other action. I now was filled with the fear that maybe I might be
discovered and doubt begin to creep in, and guilt it’s familiar friend
right behind. That soon also left, when Lindsey pushed back slightly
against my fully erect dick, sighing, as the friction between us gave way
to a sudden gush from the tight folds of her increasingly wet slit.

At this point I honestly didn’t know if she was awake, so I lay there
nervously wondering and imagining how horribly awful and wrong this could
turn out for me. More time pass by, but that old monster inside me deepen
my desire to continue on. More than anything in the world I wanted to grab
her by the hips and thrust my manhood deep inside of her young pussy. In my
minds eye, I could see myself pounding inside of her mercilessly,causing
such a scene Danielle would wake, at the very moment I emptied my seed
inside of our daughter.

How the desire and lust had built up inside of me like I had never known
before. With my needy manhood firmly planted between her sweet young
cheeks, I needed to either excuse myself to the bathroom or relieve myself
where I am now started.

Just then Lindsey twitched, abruptly. I immediately relaxed my tense arms
and almost instinctively held my breath. Now I knew Lindsey was awake. I
pretended to be asleep altering my breath carefully, mimicking the sounds
of someone who was truly asleep. The only problem was I most certainly was

I heard a small, but audible gasp, and she carefully moved her hand down to
the now thickened member which lay throbbing between her legs. Then I felt
her The cold fingers over small hand touching the head of my dick with you
and found buried between her legs. “Oh my God!” she said quietly, “Daddy?”
“Daddy?”she whispered careful not to wake her mom. Not saying a word I lay
there quietly, still playing like I was asleep. After a few moments, I felt
her small fingers, she reached back, spreading her legs slightly, to
discover more of what she had already found it. No she begin to caress the
length of my cock very very carefully, surely trying not to wake me. I
wanted to cry out with pleasure, but decided to see just how far she wanted
to take this. She took the better part of five minutes exploring my dick
with her fingers. And then very slowly I felt her ass moving backwards,
pausing, and then moving forward again, along the length of my bulging
cock. Then again back and forward I could feel the heat it was coming from
or female opening. I could hear her stifling small mewing noises and now
gratifying moans. “My God!” I thought to myself, “My daughter is
pleasuring herself with her daddy‘s cock!” “She thinks I’m asleep!”
Suddenly it occurred to me she might be just as passionate as I was about

Without thinking of much of anything else I carefully move my free hand
underneath her nightshirt and began softly caressing, her soft but ample
breast. It was when I gently pinched her nipple between my thumb and
forefinger that she realized what was happening. “Oh God dad!” she gasped
“Oh no!” “I’m so sorry… I’m so…. Oh my God, what am I doing!” She
started whimpering when she pulled her hand away from the length of my
cock. “It’s OK”was I whispered. “It feels good.” “Does it feel good for
you?” “No! no! no! no!”she exclaimed, “I’m so sorry! This is so wrong! You
must think I’m disgusting! Now I know I’m going to hell!” Lindsey
protested. “No! It’s not like that at all.” I managed “I know you didn’t
plan this. And before you climbed in my bed, It was the last thing that I
would’ve ever done.” I said quietly. “But daddy,” she said looking back at
me with an ashamed look on her face, “I’m your daughter, and we shouldn’t
be doing this kind of thing” “Listen,”I said, “You have nothing to be
ashamed of. Do you love me don’t you? And Lindsey I love you. How could
there be anything wrong if we wanted to share that with each other.”
Lindsey lowered her head, making little crying sounds. “Don’t worry baby,”
I said, “Let daddy make you feel better.”

With that I placed my free arm around her hips again. I began to rock my
hips forward sliding the length of my cock along her now soaking wet slit.
Lindsey moaned quietly into the pillow, I could hear her teeth taking small
bites, from the pillowcase. She looked back at me with wide eyes and
quietly asked “Are you sure daddy?” “I am, if you are,” I said. “Oh daddy,”
said Lindsey “I want it so bad!” Lindsey’s eyes widened suddenly as we both
felt the tip of my dick slide into her sopping cunt. “Oh God!” she said
with lust filled eyes, “Oh god, yes, I want this!” “What about mom?” she
questioned “I’m afraid she’ll wake up.” “Honey,” I said “You know your
mom, it would take a nuclear bomb to go off for her to wake up. Besides
I’ve already kicked her with my heel a few times for snoring tonight and as
you can see she still snoring!”Lindsey laughed a bit, “Yeah, you’re right
daddy. And honestly I don’t think I would really care if I was on all fours
and you were fucking me like an animal. That’s how much I want you deep
inside me!” Her mouth found the fingers of my free hand. And she began
sucking on them like a ravenous dog. With a little effort I began to push
myself inside my daughter. Her pussy was so tight. It felt like she was
milking the cum right out of me before I had a chance to even enjoy myself.
With a little bit of effort I bottomed out, pulled myself out again
continue to push back in. Lindsey let out a little cry, but then her
willing cunt accommodated my invading monster. I could feel the bed shift
beneath us with every thrust of my member as our incestuous passion played
out before us. Lindsey buried her face in the pillow moaning carefully,
with each motion of our bodies as I begin to fuck my sweet thirteen
year-old daughter. Bringing her face from the pillow she reached back with
her mouth finding mine, our tongues danced and with each thrust Lindsey
moaned to my mouth.

“Oh my God daddy!” She moaned, “Fuck me harder! Fuck me deeper! Your cock
is so big! Oh God! I want you so bad!” Lindsey squealed quietly. “Oh yes
baby! I hissed, “You’re so fucking tight! I love your sweet pussy!” Moving
my hands up carefully removed the oversized T-shirt and covered her upper
torso. I moved my mouth to her right breast, twirling my tongue around the
nipple. My right hand mauled her left breast, as I began sucking
relentlessly on her perfect tit. Arching her back and throwing her head
into my shoulder, she gasped, as I continued to pound my dick into her
virgin pussy. Our bodies moved in perfect motion for what seemed like the
rest of the night. Her willingly giving herself to me and her father. A
daughter wanting her daddy.

I could feel the muscles of her cunt tighten, as she cascaded into the
depths of her first orgasm. She started moaning just a little louder, So I
reached up between her breasts and grabbed her by the throat to suppress
the noise that she was making, as she enjoyed the orgasm on her daddies
cock. “My God!” she managed out, “That was the most amazing thing I have
ever felt in my entire life!” “Oh I know,” I retorted, “It feels like you
cut my dick and a half! I laughed. She laughed and smiled at me, as I
continued my assault now grabbing her hips I began to pick up the pace, as
I could feel myself beginning to come closer to my own release. “Lindsey, I
have to pull out! I’m going to cum, I don’t want to get you pregnant!” I
wheezed. “No!” she almost screamed, “I want you inside me! I want to feel
you inside me, when you pump your delicious seed into me! I want your
baby!” She pleaded. That drove me over the edge, with my teeth clenched, I
dug my nails into her hips and with one last thrust emptied my seed deep
inside my beautiful thirteen year-old daughter, then collapsed. Lindsey
smiled then looking over her shoulder, Gasped, and exclaimed, “Oh my God!
You’re awake mom!”

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