Ambitious husband seeks boss’ favor by offering eager wife

This story contains themes of hotwife, impregnation, older man/younger woman, and bathing suits.

Owen Spare is an ambitious young associate in Gregg Finch’s firm. After a late night of working at an exclusive hotel, Owen recognizes an opportunity to curry favor with the boss by offering his wife as a midnight snack. Rylee Spade is all to willing to aid in her husband’s ambitions.


Ambitious husband seeks boss’ favor by offering eager wife

“Have you looked at the quarter four numbers for depreciating manufacturing assets?” The question came laden with exhaustion. Sagging eyes and waning energy engulfed a hotel room as two men poured over account books of far-flung investments.

Stroking his bald head, an older greyed man tried to make sense of it all. Across the table a more youthful subordinate clicked his pen, eyes burning with passion despite the hours stretching on.

The days of youthful passion for Gregg Finch had faded into the twilight of his career. Now he relied on the passions of the younger. His partner this evening was nearly 30 years his junior.

“Here, the answer is in the balance sheet under column G, they depreciated the Omaha assets before this quarter, and thus it is throwing off our numbers in column Y.” The younger man clicked his pen again in self-satisfaction. Leaning back, he gave Gregg a sly smile.

But Gregg wasn’t paying attention, he was staring out at the pool beyond the sliding glass doors. Its waters glowed with blue neon lights in the dark of the night. Constantly it captured his weary gaze as they worked through the late evening hours.

“Sir?” The younger man clicked his pen a third time, wondering if the boss had heard him. He was getting old and his attention often wavered. That’s why Owen Spade was brought in to help with the more tedious work of being the CEO of a massive equities firm.

In this assignment, there was also an opportunity for the eager young associate to curry favor for advancement.

“Oh, I heard you, Owen.” Gregg smiled across the coffee table at him. His wrinkled face had a pleased expression to it. It was not that Gregg was all too old, he only just barely reached retirement age. Rather, the long years of this career had begun to wear on him, and he was questioning what it was all for.

“That’s why I bring you in, you’re good people Owen.” He nodded, reflecting on his own time as an ambitious associate and all he did to get where he was. Owen was a lot like him in his youth.

Owen paused his thirst for the numbers a moment to reflect on his boss. As the old man gazed off into the night he seemed so lost and full of regret. No doubt a fulfilling career did not always balance out with a fulfilling life.

Regardless, Owen attempted to press on.

“Well we still need to figure out their numbers in the European sector, and before we leave I want to-”

“Owen, isn’t your wife lonely over there?” Gregg nodded to the wall behind Owen. In the room next door Owen’s wife Rylee Spade was by herself. She tagged along on her husband’s trip, enjoying the perks of an exclusive hotel while he worked.

“Oh, ha… she is just enjoying the peace and quiet away from the kids.” Owen shrugged as he half-heartedly flipped through some financials. His attention distracted by the direction of this conversation.

“Hmmm.” Gregg rubbed his chin, staring down at the papers with little interest.

“If I had a wife like her I’d want to spend some quality time with her.” He chuckled as he looked out towards the water again.

Owen looked up at Gregg with an awkward smile. He felt bad for the old man. His wife left him some time ago because his career was more important. Now he gives Owen unsolicited life advice about how he should focus on his family. Owen certainly was focusing, he had his priorities straight and his wife was supportive of his ambitions. But he always politely nodded and listened to Gregg’s words. It was therapeutic for the old man and gave him an illusion of a fatherly responsibility over Owen.

It also was amusing to hear Gregg’s passing comments about his wife’s body.

“She’s had three kids? Pfft, when you told me that I couldn’t believe it, and I still don’t.”

There it is. Owen grinned as Gregg mumbled around his obvious lust for Rylee. He clicked his pen once more as he looked through a few more papers, but focused more so on what Gregg would say next.

“She’s got a nice set of hips that one does… ahhh sorry I don’t mean to… it’s late.” Gregg caught himself, looking a little embarrassed.

Owen could only chuckle, he shook his head with a smile.

“Oh don’t worry sir. She has a very nice set of hips… I know.”

Both men chuckled knowingly as they returned to their work.

Involved in the finances once again Gregg’s mind wandered back to staring at the neon blue lights of the pool. As he was distracted, Owen pulled out his phone. His thumb danced around the keys in a text to his wife.

(Owen) He’s talking about your body again

(Rylee) Oh xD what is he saying this time?

(Owen) you have nice hips and he bets you are lonely 😉

(Owen) he would spend some “quality” time with you if you were his wife

(Rylee) ooo baby, at least someone would

(Owen) Hey

(Rylee) 😉

(Rylee) is it going well at least? Its almost midnight

(Owen) eh… it’s a lot, and Gregg is not paying attention, I’m doing all the work.

(Rylee) Oh, I’m sorry… he better recognize that.

(Owen) I think he does, dunno. I’m exhausted though.

(Rylee) Come spend some quality time with me 😉

For a moment Owen put his phone down and became involved in the numbers again. His mind raced about all the work he was doing with little guarantee that he would get something in return. For all the career and life advice Gregg gave, and the sense of mentorship Gregg was building with him, he could still turn up empty-handed. The thought of it made his blood boil a bit, but then his blood went to another place.

Staring out into the night much like Gregg, Owen toyed with the devious thoughts in his head. Looking outside he had an idea. Their two rooms made up part of the “executive suite” of the hotel, excluded from the rest with many amenities, including a private pool.

(Owen) You remember that thing we talked about

(Rylee) huh?

(Owen) with Gregg and his thinly veiled lust for you

(Rylee) oh you mean… really?

(Owen) We aren’t gonna get much more done tonight

(Owen) Why don’t you put on that cute bikini and get in the pool?

He sat his phone down on the table waiting for a response. His heart raced at the idea of what he just asked her to do.

Flipping through papers, hardly able to keep real attention, he wondered if Rylee would answer him or if the idea turned her off completely. Owen figured he would deal with that situation later once he wrapped up a few reports. Even Gregg was beginning to get something done as the midnight hour crept on.

But before too long the sound of the sliding glass door next door caught both of their attention. Owen’s heart was racing at this point wondering if she was going to go through with it. Gregg was eagerly watching out their slider to catch a shameless glimpse of Owen’s wife.

Sure enough, Rylee strutted out onto the pool deck, pink string bikini hugging her MILFy hips as she came to the edge of the pool.

Gregg was gobstruck looking at her in her small bathing suit. It was the least amount of clothes he had ever seen Rylee in. Owen counted the seconds as Rylee purposefully stood at the edge of the water and gave Gregg a view of her, back turned. She was masterful.

Rylee had a woman’s body, soft and robust with breasts that had fed a child. They were stuffed inside a bikini top that she rarely wore, threatening to burst out at any second. Her ass was plump, and round, and ran into her long slender legs. She was short in stature, “fun-sized” as they called it back in college.

For a brief second, the thirty-year-old mother and wife whipped around her long brunette hair and smiled at the pair of hard-working businessmen. Like a brilliant actress, she played her role well, waving her fingers at them. Though she primarily focused on Gregg as she stepped into the pool. The sight of her glorious body disappearing into the neon blue glow of the water was tantalizing.

Gregg hadn’t stopped staring in her direction. Owen knew that they had him.

With a big yawn he sealed the deal, stretching his arms upward he stood.

“Man I’m tired, I don’t know if I can do much more tonight.”

“Ohhh, uh yea.” The older man shook his head as if he was escaping a trance.

“Why don’t you go join Rylee in the pool, it looks like a nice night for a swim.” Owen smiled at Gregg as he casually made the suggestion.

“Huh… don’t you want to… your wife?” Gregg looked puzzled, yet Owen knew inside he was burning with interest. He just needed a little push.

“Yeah, I’ll join yall in a bit. I just need to go get changed and maybe take a shower or something.” He grabbed his coat and bag before heading to the slider.

“She probably is bored and could use some company.” He slid through the opening with those parting words. He found his way to the room next door, but not before giving his wife a knowing wink.

Anxiously she sat against the wall on the far side of the pool. Her arms held on to the pool deck as her breasts lay half submerged. It was the perfect vantage point for Gregg to ogle her some more as he decided whether to join.

To further entice him she gave him a warm and friendly smile. Rylee was known for being a sweet girl, always having a kind smile at company work parties and official engagements. It was a housewife-next-door sort of seductive charm.

It didn’t take long for Gregg to commit to it, fumbling with the blinds to draw them partially closed as he changed into his bathing suit. Rylee almost thought she lost him before he came out onto the deck. Her smile returned and her heart raced as he neared.

“Hello, Mrs. Rylee.” He nervously walked towards the edge of the pool. His eyes darted around but always landed back on her submerged body.

“Gregg, how are you?” She was trying to catch her anxious breath as he hung around the edge of the pool. “Owen isn’t making you work too hard tonight is he?”

The mother of three and wife of nearly ten years couldn’t believe she was about to go through with it. She and Owen had always joked about this since Gregg constantly made passing comments, they even teased a bit to each other about doing this. But Rylee hadn’t thought it would actually happen.

“No no, not at all.” Gregg waved his hand dismissively as he smiled. “Your husband is a hard worker, I don’t know what I’d do without him.” His eyes began to meet Rylee’s peculiarly alluring gaze. It was almost like their eyes were having an entirely different conversation than their mouths. It did not easily translate and was open to a lot of interpretation. But one thing Gregg did know is it was a conversation entirely instigated by her beautiful green orbs.

“He is a really hard worker.” She used a very sultry voice as she swished her lower half around in the water.

The crazy part of all of this was how aroused Rylee was by the idea of what she was going to do. It had been a long time since she had a man other than Owen, and she’d never had an older man before. Something inside of her felt like a high-dollar whore, and it wasn’t a bad feeling at all.

Soft ripples met the steps near where Gregg stood as she moved her body around in the water. The silence between them was deafening, yet her eyes never stopped talking.

“Join me. It’s nice in here.” Her tone landed exactly as designed.

“Oh uh, well your husband is uh.” He pointed back to their room.

“He’ll be along, he is probably just checking emails or something.” Rylee dismissed the thought and idea of Owen from this situation. Her eyes screamed at Gregg to get in the pool.

“Oh well alright, heh.” The older man took a long step down to the first landing in the pool. For both of them, that step was massive. The second his foot hit the water Rylee knew her fate, and her body shuddered beneath the water as a strange grin captured her lips.

Gregg for being older was decently built. Broad shoulders with a bit of grey hair here and there. He wasn’t all together slender, but he certainly was fit enough to excite the young mother.

The disturbed neon blue water of the pool sloshed around as it came up to his chest while he walked closer to Rylee. It lapped at her breasts with each wave that revuberstsd from the walls of the pool. There was an indistinguishable lustful gasp that came from Rylee as he neared. Whether Gregg caught on to it or he was distracted by his heartbeat was another story.

“It is nice in here.” Few words came to either of their polluted minds as Gregg tried to make small talk.

“It is,” Rylee said between long drawn out breaths.

“Just a sec.” She nervously twisted her body around to face the wall. Reaching out she tried to grasp for her phone that was a few feet away from the edge. Her short arms however could not quite reach it, forcing her to pull herself up from the water.

Rylee now lay on her stomach along the edge of the pool, plump ass fully out of the water and on display for Greg. Her legs kicked around a bit to keep her stable, and between them, a soft mound concealed by the fabric of her bikini peaked at him.

“Ohhhh.” Gregg couldn’t help but hum his praise as he admired the woman’s rump. Her ass looked delicious enough to bite and her bikini just seemed so frustratingly in the way.

Rylee of course knew what she was doing, even throwing in some wagging as she fumbled with her phone.

(Rylee) this is it… do I go through with it?

(Owen) Idk if he’d let you out of the pool now, you are giving him a good show

(Rylee) oh you can see?

(Owen) I wouldn’t miss this.

(Rylee) Ok… here I go. ily

(Owen) You got this

She put her phone down and bit her bottom lip. Her eyes clenched shut as she took a deep breath and prepared to follow through with it all.

Looking back over her shoulder she smiled at Gregg, who was so engulfed in her ass he didn’t realize he was caught.

“Is there something I can help you with Mr. Gregg?” Rylee slipped slowly back into the water, her ass disappearing beneath the ripples as his eyes followed it down. Twisting her body around she puffed out her chest and held on to the side of the pool confidently. Though in her heart she was as nervous as could be.

“Oh uh, sorry sorry I was just staring off into the distance.” He scratched his balding head as he looked off into the night innocently.

“You mean you didn’t like it?” Rylee playfully frowned.

“Liked what?” Gregg feigned ignorance.

“My ass.” Her eyes locked with his once again and restarted their silent conversation.

“I I I I… uhhh.” His stammering broke their eye contact.

The wet plop of Rylee’s pink bikini bottoms on the pool deck silenced the older man’s stammering. The young woman stood against the wall of the pool bottomless, her pale skin a blurry illusion as they both reconciled their situation.

Gregg didn’t know what to say, his eyes trying desperately to decipher the watery blur beneath her.

“One second. I need to check my phone again.” She smiled at him and slowly turned. Her body was raised out of the pool once more, bottom exposed to the air. Only this time there was no bikini bottom in the way of her matured slit between her thighs.

She pretended to look at her phone this time, despite the texts from her husband that lauded her skills at tantalizing men. She waited for Gregg to engage her as she wagged her lower half. She even opened her legs a bit for a full view of her sex.

Gregg stared and stared, even taking a small step closer. But as he looked over his shoulder towards the room Owen was in, he seemed sheepish to go further.

“Mr. Greg.” Rylee looked back at him and smiled.

“You can touch me if you want.” She bit her lip, eyes begging him.

Looking over his shoulder again he stammered once more.

“Bbbbut your husband?” His breath was labored.

“Don’t worry about him. He knows I’m a grown woman who can make her own decisions.”

Gregg didn’t quite understand it, young people these days were nothing like the ones in his day. But he also didn’t need to be encouraged further. His previously existing lust for Rylee was on fire with her wonton display. The intoxicating view of her ass and sex was at eye level with him, and he was hungry.

Coming close to where she hung, he grasped a cheek with his hand and squeezed it. His eyes met hers for approval, Rylee cooing to confirm. Both hands wasted no time grabbing either cheek, kneading her rump as he stared into her pussy. It had a bit of stubble around the edges and a MILFy glow to its lips. Her folds opened and closed as he manipulated her ass. He grinned as he noticed her pink hole was moist with more than just pool water.

“Oh my god.” That is all he would say before diving in. Rylee gave a surprised yelp as his mouth, tongue, nose, and surprising spirit met her sex. He sloppily moved around her, his tongue lapping at every part of her womanhood that he could. His nose buried itself into her hole while his lips kissed her clit and sent shivers down her body.

Rylee moaned loudly as she grasped the wet pool deck. Her body pressed against the coping as she braced her legs around his sides.

“Oh ohhhhhhh Gregg Oh my god.” She was astonished at his vigor in the act. Luckily they were secluded as she didn’t hold a single moan, whimper, or whine back.

Half expecting a weary old man that would pump and dump her, a surprised Rylee enjoyed the fire burning between her thighs. His tongue was driving her crazy as it moved around her entirety like a little appendage. Vulva, clit, labia, and vagina, nothing escaped its wet tickles as she sang his praises loudly.

He was a curious old man, not content to stay on one part of her too long. He gave attention to every bit, his lips pulling at her labia playfully before finding her ass cheek and giving it a hearty bite.

“Ahhh!” Rylee was surprised by the sharp gnash of his teeth. He even followed it through with a swat to her opposite cheek with his hand, leaving a red mark.

Rylee’s moans were half whoreish trumpeting and half surprised yelps. So much so that she noticed on her phone Owen checking in on her.

(Owen) are you still ok?

She was too far from her phone and far too involved to respond, so instead, she decided to sing Mr. Gregg’s praises to Owen.

“Oh my god! Yesss! Yesss!” She squealed as he enveloped her clit with his mouth and dug two fingers between her lips. He finger fucked her in an intense and ungentle way. Not that the grown woman wanted it gentle by any means.

(Owen) Good girl.

“Are you alright Mrs. Rylee?” Greg came up for air for the first time as his employee’s wife still lay face down against the pool deck.

“Yesss.” She gulped and caught a breath before moaning the word.

“Good.” Gregg leaned over and bit her ass hard. The woman beneath him screamed out with pain and ecstasy as he did.

“Get down here with me.” He ordered.

Rylee slipped back into the pool. The water was freezing compared to how hot her body felt. His tone was so far departed from the nervous old man that had entered the pool. As she turned around to face him, she looked up nervously. No longer was she in control of the situation.

As he closed all personal distance between them she smiled, loosening the straps of her bikini top and tossing it aside.

Rylee’s large motherly tits floated above the water as she accepted his proximity. Gregg waited neither for permission nor invitation as he took possession of her breasts. His gropes were rough and exploratory, pinching her large coarse nipples that had fed her children and squeezing her sacks together.

“You are truly a special woman Rylee.” He said pulling both her nipples outward between his index fingers and thumbs as she gasped.

“I hope Owen treats you as such.” His hand ran from her chest, up her neck, and to her jaw. Thumb on her throat he moved her head around and inspected her, commanding her every movement.

“He does.” She smacked her lips as she let him own and play with her. It was a dominating possessiveness that she respected in a man. It was carnal respect that saw her body submit.

Leaning over he took her tit into his mouth, again his exploration out of pure curiosity for her body rather than any sort of pattern. He gnashed at her nipples with his teeth, but gently to not cause true pain. He fondled her with a loving and lustful slickness as she cooed in his ear, all the while his hand stayed at her throat.

Rylee decided to instigate some herself, reaching down to his swim trunks and opening them.

“Oh, Mrs. Rylee.”

She giggled cutely as she found his cock and began to tug it. She felt something rather girthy there between his legs. Not overly long, just a good thickness that she knew would feel wonderful filling her. As he continued to suckle on her she would tug on him in turn. His cock was already rock hard and ready for action as the two worked their way up to the principal act.

Pulling away from her breast, he held her nipple between her teeth. After some pulling, he let it spring back and jiggle her bosom, a motion that made his heart warm. Gregg looked down at his employee’s young wife and smiled.

“You are beautiful Rylee.” His eyes closed as his face came close to hers.

Hands still around her throat she accepted his lips on hers. His tongue invaded her mouth for a time as she eagerly pulled at his cock. It was no longer a matter of ambition for her, she wanted, no she needed to be fucked by Gregg. It was a strange sexual power that he held over her, the commanding spirit of a businessman turned her on. In much the same vein it was a quality she also loved about Owen, and how he would take possession of her like some sort of asset in the bed.

“Mrs. Rylee… can I be forward.” Gregg separated his lips from hers.

She laughed at the question for a man who had not let go of her throat. Gregg had touched her in ways no man other than her husband had for a decade.

“Mmhmm.” She smiled and tried to nod, though his grasp allowed little. Still, she gave his cock needy pulls as her eyes begged to be fucked.

“You’re a sweet woman. A good mother.” He looked down at her body and with his other hand inserted a finger into her cunt.

Rylee wasn’t sure where he was going with this, but his finger was speaking to her in a way that she didn’t care.

“Are you on birth control?” He looked into her eyes with the intensity of a businessman.

As the subordinate in this exchange, Rylee answered as bidden. Shaking her head no as she gasped at the feeling of him rubbing the inside of her pussy.

“Good… you are a fertile girl… clearly.” His hand left her slit and explored the rest of her body from hip to tummy to breast. He admired how womanly she was, how she looked to be good at bearing children.

“You see… I have no children.” He looked into her eyes deeply. “Have you both been thinking of having another?” He turned her head slightly to the side, kissing her on the neck.

“Ahhh…” she relished the feeling and was salivating at the prospect of this conversation. “I’ve been trying to convince him.” She whined as he nibbled at her ear.

“Ok…” Gregg came back up to look her in the eyes. “Mrs. Rylee.” He yanked her head backward so she was looking straight up at him. Stiffly he held her gaze as he had the most serious of expressions.

“I am going to cum in you. You better convince Owen it’s time to have another so he doesn’t suspect.” His eyes stared deeply at the girl, knowing he was going to breed her.

“And what of my husband’s career?” She sharply retorted with that same knowing expression. Rylee may be under the dominating spell of Gregg Finch, but she still had ambition.

Gregg smiled, he loved a sharp woman.

“He will be looked after. He is a promising young businessman after all.” Greg reassured her.

Glancing towards their room Rylee thought for a second as she secured her husband’s future. Then her eyes met back with Greggs as she pursed her lips. The two embraced for a long moment before she smiled and nodded her agreement to the arrangement silently.

At that moment his hand released her throat, a disappointing feeling all but for a split second. Losing her grip on his cock, she felt his hands wrap around her body and lift her by the thighs slightly out of the water. The sound of running water down her back trickled into the pool as he looked up at her and slowly guided her down to the tip of his cock. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his back, and she held on to his neck for a time as she felt his tip kiss her sex.

“I don’t think I could keep my hands off you if you were my wife Mrs. Rylee.” He shifted her body slightly to better align their essences. The feeling of her warm motherly slit parting along the head of his cock excited him. So eagerly did he want to slam her down on it and show the young woman a fraction of how he would have fucked her if he were younger.

“Well right now I am yours… so by all means.” Her tone was confident, eagerly sexual, and slightly shaky as she nervously felt his thick manhood at the precipice of her entrance.

He let her shakey breaths be the only noise for a long moment as she gripped him tightly waiting for his first move. The eager wife of an ambitious businessman could hardly wait to be violated for the sake of her husband’s career.

“Well then sweetie, let’s give it a go.” With a huff, he lifted her ever so slightly before bringing her down hard onto his rod. Slamming himself into her with one thrust.

She yelled out an exasperated yet fulfilled moan that shook her to her core. No longer did she lean back holding on to his neck, instead she wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Ohhhh ohhh my god.” She whined so softly in his ear. He was a girthy fellow, his thickness had split her open and filled her side to side in such a new way. The coarse feeling of his grey chest hairs on her tits and his grey pubes on her labia gave her a tingle as he began to move again. Small little thrusts of him squeezing through her lips made them both groan with pleasure.

Rylee held her eyes shut and from time to time throwing back her head while singing in tune to his thrusts. Her mouth was permanently agape as she drew in the air so heavily. Gregg looked at her with admiration and lust as he pushed her against the wall of the pool. Underneath the water he held his position between her younger legs, pushing on her thighs with his own. With each thrust, he tried to reach deeper into Rylee.

Her nails dug into his back as all she could do was accept him. More and more his cock made her boil over with pleasure, rubbing a particular spot that made her go numb to the rest of the world. Where at first she thought a feeble old man would make her do all the work, now she was being dominated. Her womanhood was occupied by another man wishing to fertilize her womb.

Looking towards their room Rylee wondered what Owen thought of all of this. She was holding on to his boss so eagerly and moaning so loudly while being fucked. They had only teased about doing something like this before, and for her it was amazing. Did Owen enjoy watching her get her guts rearranged by his boss?

But as she thought of her husband Gregg would bring her back to the moment, upping the pace as he excitedly began to push deeper. She knew he would cum soon. And as he rubbed her in such a carnal way with the intentions he made her aware of, she knew she would cum soon as well.

The way he had held her throat and told her, not asked, that he would cum in her was nearly enough to send her into orgasm. Now the old man was making good on his promise to conquer her womb. The closer he came to it the closer she was to boiling over.

“I refuse… to believe… you’ve been a mother three times already.” He pushed hard into her, feeling the prickliness of her labia against his balls. “You’re a tight girl. Means you need more.” He shoved inside aggressively as he looked her in the eyes.

Rylee simply melted, there were no words in response, only an increasingly warming cunt.

Gregg for his part could feel this, the contractions of her walls pulling his seed out. For a long few moments, both knew it was happening. Gregg began to slam a very particular way. Rylee held onto his back, eyes, and mouth wide.

She came first, a deep rumbling that was like a wave across the walls of her vagina. She squeezed around him, pussy tightened as her eyes watered and her mouth gaped. There was no scream, she couldn’t draw a breath, she simply came on the older man’s cock with silent respect.

Feeling this was the end, he couldn’t hold back any longer, no matter how long he wanted to possess Owen’s wife. One last slam of his cock found her womb and released ropes of cum. Both finished intense orgasms together. For his part, he filled her slit with millions of sperm, each as eager as he to breed the young female.

Rylee’s favorite feeling was being cummed in. It was partially why she already had three kids, and why she had been begging for a fourth. The feeling that a man desired to impregnate her was so intense. Gregg’s filling of her cunt with warm cum was no less so than her husband’s. Her orgasm lasted longer than his, from triggering his on till the last drop ejaculated from his penis. Ryle quivered with the intensity of her climax till the very end. Her eyes looked towards the slider of their room where she knew Owen watched. There was a bit of guilt in her eyes about how much she enjoyed that so intensely. She knew her face portrayed that fact.

In the room, Whiskey tumbler in hand watching the events in the pool unfold, Owen tsked. He knew that face instantly. The little slut had wanted another baby, and it looked like she was getting one at this very second. It was not to say he was mad, but rather he knew he was going to have to follow through in his own way. Mrs. Rylee sure would be getting the better end of the deal as two men vied to impregnate her first.

After all, there was no way Owen could let that old man’s sperm beat him to the chase.

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