Ambitious husband seeks boss’ favor by offering eager wife

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This story contains themes of hotwife, impregnation, older man/younger woman, and bathing suits.

Owen Spare is an ambitious young associate in Gregg Finch’s firm. After a late night of working at an exclusive hotel, Owen recognizes an opportunity to curry favor with the boss by offering his wife as a midnight snack. Rylee Spade is all to willing to aid in her husband’s ambitions.


Ambitious husband seeks boss’ favor by offering eager wife

“Have you looked at the quarter four numbers for depreciating manufacturing assets?” The question came laden with exhaustion. Sagging eyes and waning energy engulfed a hotel room as two men poured over account books of far-flung investments.

Stroking his bald head, an older greyed man tried to make sense of it all. Across the table a more youthful subordinate clicked his pen, eyes burning with passion despite the hours stretching on.

The days of youthful passion for Gregg Finch had faded into the twilight of his career. Now he relied on the passions of the younger. His partner this evening was nearly 30 years his junior.

“Here, the answer is in the balance sheet under column G, they depreciated the Omaha assets before this quarter, and thus it is throwing off our numbers in column Y.” The younger man clicked his pen again in self-satisfaction. Leaning back, he gave Gregg a sly smile.

But Gregg wasn’t paying attention, he was staring out at the pool beyond the sliding glass doors. Its waters glowed with blue neon lights in the dark of the night. Constantly it captured his weary gaze as they worked through the late evening hours.

“Sir?” The younger man clicked his pen a third time, wondering if the boss had heard him. He was getting old and his attention often wavered. That’s why Owen Spade was brought in to help with the more tedious work of being the CEO of a massive equities firm.

In this assignment, there was also an opportunity for the eager young associate to curry favor for advancement.

“Oh, I heard you, Owen.” Gregg smiled across the coffee table at him. His wrinkled face had a pleased expression to it. It was not that Gregg was all too old, he only just barely reached retirement age. Rather, the long years of this career had begun to wear on him, and he was questioning what it was all for.

“That’s why I bring you in, you’re good people Owen.” He nodded, reflecting on his own time as an ambitious associate and all he did to get where he was. Owen was a lot like him in his youth.

Owen paused his thirst for the numbers a moment to reflect on his boss. As the old man gazed off into the night he seemed so lost and full of regret. No doubt a fulfilling career did not always balance out with a fulfilling life.

Regardless, Owen attempted to press on.

“Well we still need to figure out their numbers in the European sector, and before we leave I want to-”

“Owen, isn’t your wife lonely over there?” Gregg nodded to the wall behind Owen. In the room next door Owen’s wife Rylee Spade was by herself. She tagged along on her husband’s trip, enjoying the perks of an exclusive hotel while he worked.

“Oh, ha… she is just enjoying the peace and quiet away from the kids.” Owen shrugged as he half-heartedly flipped through some financials. His attention distracted by the direction of this conversation.

“Hmmm.” Gregg rubbed his chin, staring down at the papers with little interest.

“If I had a wife like her I’d want to spend some quality time with her.” He chuckled as he looked out towards the water again.

Owen looked up at Gregg with an awkward smile. He felt bad for the old man. His wife left him some time ago because his career was more important. Now he gives Owen unsolicited life advice about how he should focus on his family. Owen certainly was focusing, he had his priorities straight and his wife was supportive of his ambitions. But he always politely nodded and listened to Gregg’s words. It was therapeutic for the old man and gave him an illusion of a fatherly responsibility over Owen.

It also was amusing to hear Gregg’s passing comments about his wife’s body.

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