Hot wife

I spent the full afternoon watching vicki pamper her self in preparation for what we had arranged it had been years in the planning i had finally convinced my wife to enjoy another man.

From delicatley shaving her snatch and moisturising alover her body down to painting he toe nails bright red to helping her select her lingerie a black bra that pushed and lifted her 38c boobs barley hiding her errect nipples matched with the smallest of thongsthat certainly left nothing to the imagination revealing every fold of her swollen lips a pair of lace top hold ups completed the look with a pair of killer heels and far too much make up she looked absolutely amazing ,i couls sence was was as nervous as hell as well as obviously turned on ,i had kept her glass topped up for a bit of dutch courage ,she slipped on a dressing gown and we sat in the living room .

She was chattering nervously, when the door bell went ,we both stood as i went to answer the door ,stood there was rob the guy we had arranged to meet up with he looked younger than his photo ,on seeing vicki he made it obvious he liked what he saw complimenting vicki on how sexy she looked electing to sit on the sofa i took vickis dressing gown as he beckoned her to join him ,over a drink he was really good instantly making vicki feel speacial ,as she relaxed he kissed her several times telling us she was in charge and everthing was upto her she could go as far and fast as she felt comfortable with it was explained i would not get involved and just watch , i tried to help things explaining it was our first time inviting someone else into our bedroom so where both nervous.

Explaining with someone as sexy as vicki the nerves where on him as he stripped down to his underpants revealing he was already hard and to his word rather big ,at this point he began seducing vicki his hands roaming over her body.

Once he had removed her bra She looked ready to explode as he toyed with her nipples he gave the peirced one most attention with his tounge then biting it from time to time making her jump slightly knowing somehow it excited her she then suprised me telling rob to sit back and enjoy the show telling him all men like to watch a girl bring themself off as she began playing with herself until finally pulling her thong to one side and fucking herself with the wine bottle we had just finished until she came l had no idea how hot my wife really was vicki then lifted her arse up from the sofa she peeled off her already soaking thong revealing her gloriously expectant swollen clit surrounded by her fleshy pink lips

Asking if she would leave the hold up and heels on as he enjoyed the look he burried his head between her legs expertly working on her as she soon began to loosen up and lose control her mood had changed with her now looking more confident and enjoying things as her hands freed his hard on wrapping her lips around him delivering one hell of a blowjob, to the point he pulled away to slow things down he climbed on her as he lifted her legs around his waist to ensure he got every last inch inside her at this point i expected her to struggle but she took it all in her stride i confessed to moving closer as i watched him force his way inside my wife the thrill blew me away as i watch another guy fuck my wife sensless for the first time in positions i had no idea existed.

Vicki at times looked like she was takiing the lead and fucking him she was loving it acting like a whore as he brought her to several orgasams something i haven’t managed for years,at one point she was crying wildly with passion as they slowed down then sped up to orchestrate them both cuming together as they collapsed i felt such pride in my wife she had done this for us i was in heaven. vicki was now keen and desperately wanting more cock she started working him back to life .slowly wanking his long shaft as he then began using their juices ousing from her gapping hole to lubricate round her arse poping a finger or two inside.

Not sure how vicki would react to this as she was a anal virgin to my total shock she eagerly rolled over for him pushing her are in the air and parting her cheeks ,rob began teasing his cock against her arse slowly eventually disapearing further and further inside her she rather sexly began building a rythm pushing back on him he was soon full tilt in my wifes virgin arse and she looked deliriously happy as he again brought her to a shuddering climax shooting his load deep inside her previously forbidden fruit .

Rob was ultra confident in himself telling me for a so called novice vicki was an excellent hot fuck and had obviously had a lots of experience with cock , probably more than she was letting me in on ,to my disbelief she openly agreed with him nodding her head as she told me she had been fucking around for years but didnt think i could cope with knowing the truth , blowing my world apart it a goodway

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