The Great Sen Family : 9

Suman noticed there was a couple in the shadows toward the back of the garage, hidden from most everyone else. From his angle, and lack of sufficient light, he wasn’t able to recognize the girl / woman.

However he could guess the female was surely a woman….. noticing her Saree covered bulky figure. But if the woman would move slightly, he was sure that the security light from the neighbors’ would expose her identity. However, there was no mistaking who the guy was. With a tall frame like that, it surely had to be Munmun aunty’s Odisan Cook, Prankrisno Mohanta.

But who the woman was? The Saree-clad woman was now leaning into him, and her searching hands were all over him. It was pretty obvious to both Suman and his father that something juicy was going to happen very soon. Cause, they noticed that the woman’s right hand was busy with the front of his cooking uniform.

Suman couldn’t keep from grinning as he thought about the coming shock when this woman would be identified. He realized that like himself his father too was really enjoying the hot scene going on in front of them. His father was one of those tall young men that nature blessed proportionately. Things on him were attached nicely…… yes, he too was hung.

Glancing toward his father, he now felt interest if his father was going to disturb the couple before they got down to more frisky actions. But instead of interrupting the lovers in the dark, Suman watched his middle aged father take a more secluded yet advantageous position.

Suman, now a voyeur, had succumbed to his own perversion. He was greedy in his leering at the tantalizing silhouette of this Saree-clad woman as she prepared to pull out the Odisan Cook’s penis from his pants. Within seconds she was able to do that as he gasped noticing it’s hugeness…. it reminded him of a Nigro’s cock…. with it’s ebony color, length and girth. Quickly the woman grabbed that massive rod in her hand and rubbing it throughly.

Still then he hadn’t been able to establish the woman’s identity. Meanwhile the woman leaned back to push the Anchal of her Saree from her left shoulder and quickly unhooked her front-open sleeveless blouse. He realized that her actions helped the Cook to get her massive tits.

And that moment, he could recognize the woman’s identity…… he gasped in shock….. Oh My God! How was it possible….. No… no…. It couldn’t be….

The cock hungry woman that had so eagerly been rubbing the Cook’s shaft, the woman that had proudly jerked her half-open blouse up to expose her big, slightly sagging tits…. was his stepmother Aparna….. his father’s 2nd wife Aparna Sen!

Suman continued to gawk as his stepmother placed Prankrisno’s busy hands on her delicious exposed melons. He now realized that his father surely would burst out from his seclusion like an angry bull! Surely he would find this unacceptable! Surely he wouldn’t stand idly by if in next moment Prankrisno would stuff his big cock in his wife’s mouth and release a hot load!

But when he noticed his father still hadn’t moved, he was surprised. He was even more shocked when he noticed his father pulling out his semi-hard cock from his pant’s fly and started rubbing it. How could his father tolerate his wife’s infidelity? Why he was still watching his celebrity wife’s such depravity while stroking himself?

He couldn’t digest….. but decided at last to watch further development of his great actress stepmothe’s lewd actions. So there they were, Suman and his father, standing in the shadows, each massaging their burning erections while Aparna Sen, the famous actress and director of Tollygunge, greedily massaged the horse cock of Munmun’s Odisan Cook.

So, now it was clear that unless the couple was interrupted, soon Aparna would hungrily be devouring some young, hard shaft of a lower class Cook.

Shifting his attention back to his stepmother, Suman too now stared in burning lust. He watched with rapt attention how eagerly his fantasy woman rubbed the flared cockhead on her smooth cheeks….. grabbing the base of the cock.

Meanwhile Prankrisno reached to his top…. and couldn’t say anything. He just emitted a low guttural sound as his hips rocked back and forth in her hands. Few moments later, he pulled her on her feet as she held his rockhard cock till in her hand. He leaned down and kissed her eager mouth. The kiss was heated but still didn’t break the rhythm of thrusting back and forth into her busy hand.

For the two voyeurs, the scene was no doubt erotic, and it was about to get much better with the time. Things were progressing quickly, yet for some peculiar reason, they seemed to be in slow motion.

The mature Tolly celeb then began to tug the pants over Prankrisno’s hips and it all happened in a tantalizingly slow way. First one side of the garment moved down then the other. When the garment moved past the mid-thigh point, the thick, impressive cock unfurled into the cool evening air. Quickly, like a eager hungry baby for a delicious chocolate, Aparna started licking her dried lipstick covered red lips…. in anticipation of sucking the huge cock.

Suman watched in mesmerizing as his stepmother now seized the heated piece of manhood with both hands. All three cocks now started dripping generously with increasing carnal pleasure…… Suman in lust for his fantasy actress and Sanjay in his voyeuristic perversion. But among three, Prankrisno was in peak of anticipation because a famous actress like Aparna Sen was going to fulfill one of his fantasies by sucking his cock.

However, it was the hot wife and sex-bomb actress of Tollygunge who was most pleased and satisfied by the development. Yes, by kneeling triumphantly before the tall Odisan Cook, she was now masturbating him with a great enthu as if she was handling ‘A Royal Phallus’.

Using all her years of experiences on her young donor, Aparna expertly teased the youthful sausage. She continued her ministrations until it was fully engorged and started throbbing from the promise of soon release. She licked her lips….. anticipating to taste the briny elixir.

“Ohhhhhh…. it’s so nice….. mmmmm….. I’m having the best cock in my life. How’s that feel baby? Like that? Do you have something tasty for me?” cooed the excited heroine. But Prankrisno made no sound….. instead he pressed his hips forward presenting her with more cock.

“Ummm, that’s it baby, push that cock to me,” she greedily urged.

“Aughhh,” was all Prankrisno could manage to utter.

Now Prankrisno wasn’t the only one that was hard like steel. Both Suman and his father were now dealing with erections that exceeded anything either had recently experienced. They watched the wanton mature celeb in her unbridled lust….. preparing herself to suck Munmun’s Odisan Cook.

So, on one hand she was a beloved wife of Sanjay and a affectionate mother of Suman and Kamalini but on other hand, she was a respected and renowned lady of Tollygunge. And this dual comprehension of the great personality like her set fire to both the males. Never had they been privy to watch a wife or a fantasy-queen move with such aggressive sexual hunger for a young cock which they were now witnessing.

There was no denying that this renowned celebrity had a great interest in sex. She actually possessed the fertile sexual appetite like a street whore which was now electrifying both the voyeurs. It surely was a lewd spectacle that no one wanted to interrupt.

Now Aparna was on and all over the Odisan Cook’s juicy sausage as if it were a drug to her. If her husband had been more attentive and sensitive about her fantasy, he would have realized her voracious appetite in sex. Yes, now she could have sucked all three of them there in the shadows if they had only proposed for.

Suman, now transfixed, stood stoically as his fantasy heroine sated herself on the house-cook’s young hard cock. In the meantime, Aparna started sucking madly the sweet fruit of the Cook, but all he could do was feverishly hissing and grunting. However his passion was occasionally interrupted by a fleeting thought of conscience.

“Ohhhh!… Goddd!… Yeahhh!… Ummm!… That feels so good Memsaheb! But!… Unnnn!… Really!… Ohh!… Don’t you think… Ummmm, Oh, Memsaheb… Ummmm, Do you think anyone will spot us?” Prankrisno moaned in uncontrollable passion of lust.

Aparna, now over the edge, no longer cared if she was missed from the ongoing party or even noticed by anyone. With a Champion pop, she pulled her mouth off the twitching cylinder.

“You shouldn’t worry about that, Kesto. Besides, ummmm, you feel too good to stop right now. Relax, let me take care of this big Cadbury,” Aparna said keeping her lustful gaze on Prankrisno.

Suman watched the ongoing blue show jealously as his masturbating fantasy item again slipped her mouth eagerly over the Cook’s rigid shaft and resumed her blowjob. That’s when, his mind struck to a wicked planning, yes…. he could easily capture this hot scenario as he hastily turned his camera on and pushed the shutter….. click…. click…. click.

“Suck him, baby. That’s it, suck him good,” suddenly Suman could hear his father mumble who stood in the shadow secretly….. just ten feet away from him.

The odd lovers might have heard too but they were so preoccupied with their own cravings that the soft mumblings of Sanjay would have sounded like their own sucking and grunting. So Sanjay’s emotional gibberish spillover went unnoticed, except by Suman who was too much busy to capture the lewd act of his great stepmother.

What happened next was something that Sanjay had been waiting for, though it shocked another voyeur….. his horny teenage son, Suman. They both watched as Prankrisno grabbed the mature actress by the hair and began to fuck her mouth steadily.

Now Prankrisno had taken control over the situation and was forcefully holding Aparna’s head as he fucked the meaty shaft in and out of her mouth. The two voyeurs listened excitedly as Aparna choked and gagged with the monster cock in her mouth…. being rammed in her mouth by the Odisan Cock.

Suman wondered if his father would now finally step in. Or would he continue to watch the gyrating hips of the young 25 yrs old Cook as he fed his meaty rod to his 38 yrs old wife. He literally staggered at the ongoing sight of his father’s second wife’s depravity who was eagerly griping the Cook’s upper legs to hang on during the thrusting. Never, not even in his foreign porn videos, had he witnessed such a blowjob.

Powerful fantasies started dancing in Suman’s psyche as he suddenly found himself wanting to fuck his stepmother. But how his father was watching like some gleeful pervert was outrageous to him…… had this hot cunt been his wife?

He felt a strong urge to rush there, torn his stepmother from the Cook and inserted his own throbbing cock in her mouth. Yet here both the father and son were highly excited in carnal lust. They were dripping in rapture perversion as they watched Aparna do everything humanly possible….. to blow the cum off from the Cook’s shaft.

“Ohhhh! Memsaheb! Ummnn! Goddd! I can’t hold it…” Prankrisno gasped while his hips now involuntary bucked.

Gagging and choking from the repeated ramming, Suman watched his mature celeb stepmother encourage the Odisan Cook. Pulling off for another breath, she grunted, “Of course you can baby! But I don’t expect you too early!”

Then with a throaty chuckle and cough, still trying to catch a breath, the cock-hungry heroine darted her head under Prankrisno’s waving cock and gave his balls a quick, loud suck.

“You know what I want, Kesto! I want to taste you….. so don’t hold yourself….. feed me the tasty dessert!” Aparna hissed in desperation…… her voice, no longer tender and pleading, now sounded more like a dominating Mistress. And with that, she set to siphoning on the horse-cock.

She was however quite oblivious that just few feet away, her stepson Suman was now in complete awe of her. He had always dreamed to have sex with her since his father brought her here by marrying her second time two yrs ago. But now he could realize that very soon this incident was going to be his burning life’s goal.

He always wanted his fantasy item to suck his cock….. to drink his splashing cum! He wanted to feel her hot, wet pussy swallow his throbbing cock and drench her cervix with his hot spunk….. thereby making her pregnant! He knew that his stepmother was trying hard to be pregnant for second time for the last few months. And he wanted to fulfill her wish….. thereby wanted to be the Master of the Bedroom so that she never again felt the ache of neglect!

It was now evident to him that the stars were properly aligned….. he just would have to systematically utilize the situation. Until then these sizzling pictures, he had taken so far, no doubt helped him to intensify his masturbation fantasies and pass his leisure in great delight. Even if luck favored him, he now could have fulfill his dearest fantasy….. by impregnating his father’s second wife! Hell, she needed it! They both did!

“Unnnn!…Unnn!…Goddd!….” Prankrisno again groaned, his hips bucking into Aparna’s greedy mouth.

Suman glanced again at his worthless father but wasn’t surprised at what he saw. He already had realized that his father was one of those men who enjoyed watching his wife get fucked by another man.

If that was what excited his father, he was now confirmed that his father wouldn’t mind if his wife would suck him now instead of Prankrisno. What none of the three men knew was that if Aparna only had one choice, she would surely prefer to be sucking her young stepson too.

His thoughts of his father were exorcized when Aparna excitedly proclaimed, “Ummmm, that’s my baby. You’re so close, honey. Let it go.”

So tightening her grip, the talented Tolly celeb firmly hurried her strokes. Prankrisno jerked and trembled as she stroked the cock while licking his cockhead. Though she knelt in front of his powerful frame, she controlled him with little effort.

‘Oh, how great a ship is steered by only a small rudder’ Suman thought….. watching her step mother’s creditability. Meanwhile, catching her breath, his stepmother suddenly wrapped her both hands around the Cook’s ass and sucked the swollen head while keeping her steady rhythm.

Suman felt himself softly moaning as he tried to keep quiet and not to be noticed. He tried to focus on the live blue-show as he could now clearly see the outline of the Cook’s mushroom shaped knob bulging through his stepmother’s sunken cheek. Yes, he realized that the Cook was nearing his climax.

Immediately Suman felt that he too was going to ejaculate as he stiffened. He convinced himself through his resolve that someday his stepmother would suck him with the same fervor and need. Someday it would be his cock that she would kiss and lick….. and even someday he could be a proud father of his stepmother’s child.

“Ohhhhh!….Unnnnn!…Aughh!…” Munmun’s Odisan Cook grunted as the tsunami of emotion, pain, pleasure and cum began to churn it’s way upward.

Prankrisno tensed as he tried to fuck his huge cock into the mouth of Tollygunge’s No.1 sex-bomb….. kneeling before him. The briny lava had begun to flow and soon like a scalding geyser would spew. But he stood helpless….. unable to prevent the experienced thirty-eight-year-old slut from harvesting the cream.

Aparna knew exactly what she was doing. She moved her head back and continued to suck on just the head of the pompous erection. With eyes sparkling up into his, she put her tongue back to work. Her tongue was flailing away at the sensitive underside of his swollen knob.

At the same time she jacked the rigid shaft back and forth in scorching rhythm. Smiling, she knew the horny young Cook couldn’t resist the expert stimulation of her for very long. Even she wasn’t a bit surprised when in only moments he involuntarily quivered and jerked. He moaned frantically as the pain and pleasure of ejaculation tore at him.

“Ohhhhhh….. Memshab,” He loudly gasped in alarm, no longer able to whisper. ‘Augh! Oh, my Godddd! Ugggh…!”

Prankrisno hissed in ecastic joy as he tightened his grip on Aparna’s silky hair. He held her head firmly as his body cycled through eruption after eruption of hot musky scented semen. And hungrily the great Bengalee sex-bomb drank her reward, softly purring in pleasure.

‘Ummmm,Ummmm, Munmun is absolutely right….. your cream is so delicious,” Aparna moaned in satisfaction as she firmly held her mouth to his cockhead. She sucked greedily…. then swallowed, again sucked and swallowed the thick, hot tasty cream.

Suman, watching it all, gasped and once again became highly shocked hearing Monadi’s name in his step mother’s mouth. It meant Prankrisno had an illicit relationship and nexus with Monadi too….. he never guessed that.

As he tried to resolve another Tolly heroine’s deprave relationship with a lower-class Cook, he became excited even more. He realized that with one or two rubs of his own cock, he would fill his pants.

But what about his father, he wondered. Why had he stood quietly in the shadows and watched his 38 yrs old beautiful celeb wife hungrily suck a 25 yrs old Cook’s penis? Why had he not interrupted and brought it to a halt?

Why had he stood there….. still stroking himself while the lower-class Cook tightly gripped his wife’s hair….. vigorously fucking and filling her mouth with his viscous semen? Was he really loved to be a cuckold? Is that why his ‘stepmother’ had exposed without any shame? It would seem so!

It would take some time for Suman getting accustomed with this critical sexual relationship, in which there were now five persons….. Monadi, his stepmother, the Odisan Cook, he himself and his father. But it seemed that the Cook was the luckiest one who was able to enjoy both the hot actresses.

And if so, then his father not only would like to watch his wife suck the cock of the Cook, he would surely enjoy while he himself fucked her to orgasm after orgasm.

Suman’s depravity pushed himself further as he thought that his father would surely like to watch his wife while he would push her over the kitchen table and mounted her from behind. His father would then calmly watch and listen to his wife’s wanton screams of delight as she was repeatedly fucked by him in their master bedroom.

His father would listen to the smacking of sweaty flesh against sweaty flesh. He would watch her legs encircle the thin waist of his son. Her pendulous tits would be ravished….. her hips would buck in need as her pussy would squish with juice!

Yes, Suman reasoned himself, he might have to wait for some time to attain his goal.

“Augh, augh, augh!” the big, lanky Cook continued to groan as the geyser now reduced itself to a dripping…… however not a drop was missed by Aparna.

“Ohhhhhh Goddd……,” Suman heard his father moan as he mercilessly whipped his own cock.

Prankrisno, now spent, was reduced to soft grunts and groans. And Suman could watch as his stepmother, the great film-director of Bengal, sucked and milked the Odisan Cook for his final offering.

“Ohhh, Thank you, baby,” Aparna smiled as Suman and his father both heard her say.

Smt. Aparna Sen, ever the kind and gracious lady, the sole attraction of the Party, kissed the drooping cock and hairy balls of Munmun’s Cook for the last time. Thinking he might have produced another drop, the hungry celeb again returned to give the cockhead one final lick.

Prankrisno moaned and leaned weakly over onto the famous Tolly heroine. Still unable to tear his eyes away from her gaze, he stared at the mature actress while she lovingly held and gave his cock a few kisses again.

“I’m going to have some more of this later,” she curtly said.

“OK Memsaheb…. as you wish but another time. Someone may seek drinks….. I must have to go,” Prankrisno supported her.

“Yes, we better get back; I’m sure someone has missed us by now,” Aparna stated.

As she rose to her feet, she pulled up his pants. She observed his stout muscular frame and thought, ‘He was a lovely young man with a sizable amount of fucking rod and sperm filled sack….. he deserved much more of her time.’

“Kesto, next Moday, I’ll be free from my shooting schedule and my husband would be in office….. he wouldn’t get back till 8 pm. I want you to come to my house that time so that we could complete our rest job,” she put her mouth almost to his right ear and whispered.

Sanjay couldn’t understand his wife’s planning clearly but smiled happily as he retraced his steps back to the party. When he realized that no one had missed him, he felt himself relax. And It wasn’t long until his son too appeared in the hall. He noticed that Manish was arguing with Rajat as he thanked him for the great Party.

Soon Aparna was arrived…. adjusting her clothes and mingled with the youngsters. She was feigning embarrassment as they continued to flirt and stare at her now noticable hard nipples. She giggled like a schoolgirl and blamed it on the cool evening air.

Anyway, after passing a respectable amount of time, Aparna slipped into the guest room of Munmun. There she poured for herself a large glass of wine and proceeded to the picnic table….. sitting in the corner of the yard. She felt herself excited… thinking about the next Monday’s illicit meet with Munmun’s Odisan Cook.

To be continued……

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